Best Friends

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I was late again. I am going to be late to my own funeral – I am planning it that way. Always late to work, fortunately I could usually sneak by the boss’s office. My boyfriend had learned to tell me to be somewhere a half hour earlier than was required. I loved him for it.

But this time, I was on my way to my best friend’s house. We had known each other for about 6 years, met at our kids’ elementary school. Would always stand outside and bullshit while waiting for them to come out. Our kids got along well too, so we would hang out at the park around the corner afterwards some days. Things just progressed from there. We had a lot in common, had grown up with no fathers, & our kids’ fathers had taken off also. What a coincidence.

I arrived on her porch, out of breath and holding her bottle of wine and my 6-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. The kids were with their grandmothers. We couldn’t really afford to go out much, so this was our time off.

“Hey, what’s happenin?” She took the packages & led me into the kitchen, where I plopped down into my seat.

“People drive like fucking idiots out there!” I exclaimed, still wired from rushing around. Michelle didn’t drive unless she absolutely had to, & it was scary as hell being in the passenger seat when she did.

She poured herself a glass of wine, and I opened a bottle of my Bud. We relaxed into conversation, talking about everything and nothing. She was always interesting to talk to – especially music. After a couple glasses of wine, she cleared her throat. I knew something was coming…


“Oh shit, what’d I do now?” I joked, trying to ease her sudden tension.

She tried to laugh, but it didn’t come out quite right. I knew it was serious.

“Well…you know that guy I’ve been seeing?” Yeah, I knew him, he canlı bahis was 10 years younger than her, and oh boy was she having fun with him. She’d told me about the veggies she’d check out at the store, turning red when she realized a guy was watching the way she was looking at it. Good for her – she deserved to have some fun.

“Uhmmm, yeahhhh..” I replied, wondering what she was getting to.

“Well, his birthday is next week. And I was thinking…it’s always been his fantasy to have a threesome…”

Wow, I thought. Now there’s a bombshell. I was speechless for a bit, thoughts running in my head…well, he’s cute, nice body. And her – she was pretty hot herself, now that I thought about it that way…I wasn’t too bad, either, I noticed when we were out together, some guys would almost fall over themselves checking us out. What the hell. I had always thought about trying it…You only live once…

“Oh,” I said. “When’s his birthday?”

“Wednesday, but I want to do it Friday night. I told him to expect something special.”

Ahh, she knows me too well, I thought, and smiled. “Okay then. Have you ever done this before?”

“Well, when I lived in California, there was this girl who liked me, and she was a lesbian. So I figured I’d try it out. We were in a garage, and she tried getting me off, but I was too nervous. I sat her up on the work bench, & started fingering her, then I went down on her & got her off.”

Wow. It was getting warm in there…with me imagining her eating another woman out, and her looking at me with a gleam in her eyes, like she wanted to devour me right then.

With my head spinning, I went to get my cigarettes out of my coat. I turn around to find that she has followed me.

“I was thinking,” she says, “Do you want to practice now?”

I look into bahis siteleri her eyes, I am hot and wet by now, but nervous as hell. She is nervous, too, but with that look in her eyes, I know it doesn’t matter. She pushes me against the wall and kisses me softly on the lips, waiting to see what I would do before going any further. Her lips are so soft… I kiss her back slowly, not knowing where it was going, but loving the feeling of her lips, then her soft wet tongue. We begin to kiss harder, with more confidence, the passion in both of us building, both moaning softly into each other’s mouths.

She reached up under my shirt, stroking my stomach softly, slowly, and my body responded, wanting more, the anticipation of where her hand was going causing me to moan louder as I devoured her hot sweet mouth with mine.

Her hand made it’s way to my breast slowly, cupping it, kneading…and finally twirling my hardened nipple in her deft fingers. Both of my hands went under her shirt, to return the favor. We were both gone by then…fuck any inhibitions…I turned her around so her back was against the wall now, lifting her shirt, and began licking her breasts, starting at the bottom, swirling around and around until I met her beautiful, hard nipple. Her breath caught in her throat, and I imagined something else being in there – her boyfriend’s cock…and began sucking on her nipples in earnest, one to the other, flicking my tongue over them teasingly…then sucking. We were both breathing hard by then, like two animals in heat.

She led me over to the couch, where we began kissing again – her mouth was so sweet, still tasting of red wine. We lay together, legs intertwined. I grabbed the back of her head, pulling her in harder for a kiss, and her hand wandered down to caress my ass. We both knew we liked our asses bahis şirketleri touched, and fucked, from previous conversations…

I unbuttoned her shirt slowly, breathing softly on her skin, teasing again, licking softly as she tried to pull my head harder into her. I obeyed, sucking hard again for a little while, as her body moved in response.

She pulled my head up for another kiss, then trailed her lips slowly down the side of my face, down to my neck, where she kissed, licked and sucked it softly. I began to moan again – this was the hottest I had been in a long time…

She pulled my shirt up over my head and covered my eyes with it. I was more than happy to lie back and see what was going to happen next. She began to run her tongue around my nipples, first one and then the other, very softly, teasing me as my body began to squirm in reply. Softly, she kissed her way down my stomach, and I felt one hand on my knee, pushing it out gently, as she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans with the other. I felt her warm breath on my abdomen for a few seconds before she pulled them off, and as I lifted my ass to help out a bit, she covered my pussy with her mouth. A loud moan escaped from deep within me – and even without the shirt over my eyes, I don’t think I would have seen anything. I needed her tongue. NOW. And she was happy to oblige, spreading my lips and licking softly, as my hips moved in response. I felt her hand between my legs, and a finger slip into my wetness. I was in heaven, riding the waves of pleasure. Then she found my hardened clit and began to suck…softly…slowly, while gently fingering my dripping wet pussy. I felt her other finger slip into my ass, and she began to suck harder. My whole body was bucking wildly, feeling the orgasm build into a blissful crescendo. I spread my legs wider, feeling it coming on, screaming, “Ohhhhhh Mmmmmmmmm…..YESSSSSS!” When it did come – and it came HARD…and she kept sucking and licking until it was over.

After my body calmed down from it’s spasms, I returned the favor…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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