A Sister’s Love

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I can still remember the night I got the call.

My sister was in town, she was crying on the phone because her fiancé had just left her for a woman he had met on some ‘retreat’. After crying for several hours she said she was going to be staying some local hotel to which I told her no way. She would come and stay with her big brother.

Although only 27 and moderately paid my house is nice, I bought as a steal from a couple going through divorce who just wanted to get rid of their ‘party’ house and split the cash. The house has a bar with game room (they included the pool table, and I keep the bar stocked). There are three bedrooms, massive master bedroom bathroom… more than enough room for a bachelor, but great for parties.

Another fifteen minutes later my sister is at the door and collapsing in my arms in tears. She’s very slight, 5’4 weighing 105 pounds at most, so I easily picked her up and carried her to one of my spare bedrooms.

I let her cry herself out on my shoulder and then I told her to get some sleep.

The next morning, in fact the next five days she barely said a word, just moped from the bedroom to the bathroom, eating what I gave her, and crying in privacy till she fell asleep.

I let her, figuring she’d snap out of the depression herself, and sure enough day six she seemed more herself.

That evening’s dinner she prepared along with some wine she chose from my bar. After the first bottle she continued having drinks until she was quite drunk.

She verbally abused her ex, describing horrid tortures she’d wish he’d suffer for over an hour before she noticed that wasn’t paying that much attention.

“I’m sorry!” she said sounding overly apologetic. ” I’m boring you, I’m such a stupid boring bitch!”

“No you are not, you are drunk, and angry, and you have every right to be.” I said reasonable from the couch in the bar area.

“I drove him away by being such a self involved bitch.” She said bitterly and angrily.

“I doubt it, he’s just screwed up in the head.”

“You think so? Maybe I wasn’t pretty enough.”

“Not likely.” I responded with a snort of derision. Blonde, athletic and thin, impish face, blue eyes, B sized breasts and small round ass, what guy wouldn’t find that pretty enough?

“Oh yeah? You think your little sister is hot?” She asked as she began a drunken stumbly sultry walk in my direction.

“You’re my sister.” I stated. ” But other than that, any guy would be lucky to have you.”

My sister got to the couch and collapsed against me, sliding her body along mine that forced my cock to respond instinctively. Of course my sister placed her hand against it to up right herself.

“I don’t think it matters that I’m your sister.” She said with a devilish grin as she began to stoke my hard-on through my pants.

“Don’t do that!” I said as I pushed her hand off.

“Why not? You liked it.” She stated.

“You canlı bahis are my sister.” I said firmly, ” Cum’mon, time for bed.”

“Cum on what?” She asked coyly, ” Got do more than that to make your little sister cum.”

“That is not what I meant and you know it.” I said now almost angry in frustration.

“Don’t be mad at me.” She said suddenly giving me puppy eyes. ” I’ll be good.”

“I’m not mad, here put your arms around my neck so I can carry you upstairs to bed.”

My sister put her arms around my neck and I lifted her up with no further protest. I carried her to her room and laid her in the bed. She almost immediately rolled over and fell asleep.

I walked to my own room, got ready for bed, and closed my eyes trying to get the image of my sister doing obscene things out of my head. Some how I finally managed to fall asleep.

I woke up feeling soft lips on my hard cock, in a semi-dark room. Not really thinking about whom it must be I simply ran my fingers through the girl’s hair and as her tongue tease me I approached my orgasm. Sensing my urgency she slid till just the head of my cock was in her mouth. I shot my load into that welcoming mouth with a relief of a hundred orgasms. As I slowly came down from my high and the mouth continued to suck the last of my seed from my cock my mind began to wake up and with a start I realized what had happened.

I threw back to sheets to see my sister’s eyes staring up at me, her mouth smiling around my cock. With a final lick she released my cock from her mouth and crawled up to lay on my shoulder.

“You like it?” She asked.

Caught off guard by the innocence of the question I answered honestly, ” Yes.”

“Good, so did I.” She said as she snuggled against me.

“But you are my sister.” I said quietly.

“Shhhh…. We’ll discuss it in the morning. I’m tired.”

That seemed to be the end of the discussion for now. Despite the guilt and confusion swirling in my head, due to drowsy from being completely sated, I drifted back into sleep.

I woke that morning to another blowjob, this one I realized who it was immediately and I did nothing to stop it, I just looked down into my sister’s eyes and enjoyed the sensations her mouth was providing me.

Seeing me awake she rotated herself around so that she was straddling my face. Knowing it wasn’t polite to receive and not give please I put my tongue to work on my sister’s delicate flower.

I let my tongue glide along her outer lips, and then I slipped just the tip of my tongue into her flaps of love where I collected my first taste of her. She was sweet; my sister always ate a lot of fruit and the sugars showed in her taste. I let my tongue ever deeper into her, but slowly so that by the moment I reached her button she was trying to grind into my tongue.

When I let my tongue stroke her clit finally she came with scream muffled by my cock. bahis siteleri I just let my tongue sit on her clit as her body shook on top of me.

As her vibrations subsided I began licking the length of her again, teasing her hole on the up stroke, and circling her clit on the down. Soon she was fucking my cock with her mouth at the same pace she was fucking my face with her vagina.

As I felt my orgasm approaching I trapped her clit in my lips sucked once hard, and then began circling it with my tongue. As the cum shot out of my cock into her throat the sound vibrations I made with my orgasm traveled directly into her. She began frenzied bucking as she came into my mouth again.

She continued sucking me until I was dry as I continued licking her until I could find no more nectar.

She rolled off of me and curled again against my shoulder.

“You are better than I could have hoped.” My sister whispered. ” My best lover and we haven’t even fucked.”

“We can’t keep doing this.” I tried to reason.

“Why not?” My sister asked.

“Because its wrong, against the law…”

“True, we can’t get married but who says we have to? And definitely we shouldn’t tell anyone especially our family they’d freak. We can’t have kids, but who wants them?”

“You have this all planned out?” I asked.

“Sort of,” My sister said with a shrug. ” When we were kids I used to pretend you were my husband. I even told mom I was going to marry you someday, that was when I was six, and mom said I couldn’t that I’d find someone else…”

“You will, I will.” I said.

“Perhaps, but I’ve been looking for close to 24 years, and you’re still single and 27… I want a guy like you and until I find that guy who isn’t you what can’t I have you?”

I really didn’t have an answer for that. My sister was the perfect sort of woman, she didn’t need to be taken care of, didn’t want to be taken care of, but would let herself be taken care from time to time. She was smart, funny, fun, and sexy as hell. I hadn’t found any woman like that that was interested in me until now. Perhaps it was cruel joke that the woman I wanted happened to also be my sister.

“When we were in High school I even began getting myself in shape for what you really like.” My sister said with a devilish smile.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I saw what kind of porn sites you liked best, and I’ve never given up that cherry, just worked on it with toys until I could handle you without pain.”

Suddenly I understood. I had always been curious about anal sex, no girl I had ever dated had been willing to try. Now here was my sister practically offering my deepest desire on a platter.

As the light dawned in my eyes my cock reached instant hardness. My sister smiled and rolled back on top of me. She slid her vagina back and forth on my cock and closed her eyes in pleasure.

She reached down and placed my bahis şirketleri cock at her vaginal entrance, she lowered herself down on it with a moan. As she completely took me I thought I had misunderstood, but didn’t mind, as her vagina was incredibly tight.

With me still inside she turned around so her ass was facing me.

“Thought you might like this view.” She said.

Then she raised herself up until I popped out. She grabbed my cock now glistening with her juices and re-aimed it for her back door. She held it in place as she pushed herself down until the head popped in. We both gasped simultaneously, and she released my cock. She placed her hands on the in front of her and then continued to slowly lower herself down on my cock.

I watched in amazement as my cock slowly disappeared inside my sister’s tight little ass. The thought almost had me cumming instantly, but with determined will I held back and was able to calm the rush.

With a moan my sister’s ass swallowed the last inch of my cock and felt a flutter along the length of my cock coming from her tight anal passage.

“God, you are fucking huge.” My sister moaned, ” I’m already almost going to fucking cum with your cock in my ass.”

“You ass is very close to be being filled with my cum. Your ass is so fucking hot and tight.”

“You like your little sister’s ass?” My sister said looking back at me over her shoulder. ” You want more?”

“God yes.” I responded excitedly.

My sister began to slowly raise herself off my cock until the head was just in, then she lowered herself back down groaning sexily the entire down thrust making ever so much harder to hold back my orgasm.

I grabbed her waist and lifted her back up, and then I pulled her back down as I lifted my hips to meet her a little faster than she’d lowered herself before.

“Yes!” She moaned. ” Fuck your little sister!”

I lifted her back up, and then pulled her back down faster than before.

“Faster, harder.” She screamed.

With no further urging I began lifting her ass on and off my cock with increasing speed and force with her moans and screams egging me on. Suddenly as I thrust my cock deep inside her, her ass grabbed my cock in a vice like grip for an instant, then she screamed and her whole ass seemed to spasm around my cock. More than I could take at that point my cock shot its load deep into my sister’s bowels as I came with a roar.

For several minutes we lay their, my sister laid face down in the bed between my legs. My arms hung limply in at my sides. My cock and her ass twitched in time with each other as we lay there our bodies too spent to move.

Finally my sister made the crawling move to turn and climb beside me, allowing my softening cock to pop free from her ass’s embrace.

She kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, ” I love you.” Before she laid her head down on my shoulder.

In just a moment her breathing became shallower and the slightest snore issued from her telling me she’d already fallen asleep.

“I love you too.” I said before I too was taken my sleep, with my sister and lover in my arms.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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