Becoming Fuck-Buddies

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Mike and I had met through Swinging. He fucked my Wife, I fucked His Wife, And We both fucked Our Wifes together…Our Wifes even fucked each other. It was good times. Mike was 15years my senior…I’m 42.

My Wife decided to take a different path in life. I stayed Friends with Mike and Deb. Mike had introduced Us to the ABS life…I continued going as a single.

Mike messaged me late one afternoon that He was going to the ABS and asked if I wanted to meet Him there. I replied sure, and We agreed on a time. I got cleaned up after work and dressed in nice, yet comfortable clothes.

I had been bi-curious since I was a teen and started dildoing my ass eventually. As an adult, I was into most types of legal porn, gay being among them. Mike and I had talked about Our bi-curious sides.

I parked where I could in the ABS back lot. Even for a Friday, they were busier than usual. I paid my fee and swiped my ‘key’, entering the straight theater.

Taking a seat and waiting for my eyes to adjust, I watched the porn playing. It was a Mother and Daughter having wild lesbian sex in front of the Daughters Boyfriend who eventually fucked the Mother.

I thought to myself…funny what is considered ‘straight’…as I pulled out my dick and began stroking to the scene.

A Man came from farther back in the theater and sat on the couch a couple feet from me. His dick was out and hard. He was stroking the long, fat black cock and I couldn’t help but watch His cock as much as I watched the porn. I took my free hand and rested it between Us. He stopped stroking, scooted right next to me, I lifted my hand and wrapped it around His cock. I hadn’t realized just how big it was until I could barely wrap my hand around it and touch my fingertips to the tip of my thumb. I slowly stroked Him and myself as We both sat there watching the Mother ride the Boyfriends face as the Daughter rode His cock.

The couches were arranged about 45degrees to each other in most of the theater. The next couch over were 2 Men and a Woman. The Woman being between the Men. She was stroking both cocks while One man was playing with Her ample tits. They had to be at least DD-cup. With a bit of sag, but not baggy. Her hair was shoulder length and definitely looked artificially blonde. Both cocks She was stroking looked to be about the size of mine. Her eyes were fixed on what was happening on the couch I was on. Whether it was a guy stroking a guy, or the sheer size of the cock I was stroking wasn’t clear.

Over the next 15minutes, the Woman stroked off both Men, one of which stayed, and then another. after the 3rd load onto Her hand. She looked me in the eyes and began licking the cum from Her hand. She pointed at me, then the big cock in my hand. I opened my mouth part way. She smiled and nodded.

I’ve had my hand around 3 cocks in my life(other than canlı bahis my own), and my mouth around 1…so I figured it was about time.

I bend over and slid the dark cockhead into my mouth, keeping my hand around the shaft. I did my novice best as I started bobbing and stroking. I could fit little more than the head and a few inches in my mouth. He must have been close because within a minute He was panting. The cockhead began to swell and He began grunting. I’ve never swallowed cum. I’ve seen how Women do it and have gotten a few pointers from the few Women I’ve opened up to about my bi-curiousness. Now was the time!

As He began to erupt into my mouth, I swallowed…and swallowed some more…and still more…and again…it was thick, and hot, and tart…and seemed to be never-ending…thankfully, after a few more swallowed blasts, it stopped. I did as most of the Women have done for me. I milked and sucked Him dry. The twitching and swilling subsided and I removed my mouth from the strangers dark cock.

I looked towards the Woman. A look of excitement on Her face…and the face of over a dozen others who were watching me. I licked my own drool and the cum traces from my lips as I say back. My own cock still raging.

The scene of the movie had changed to Mother sucking Boyfriend and Father fucking Daughter.

‘Incestuous, but straight’…I thought to myself as I began stroking my cock again.

The dark stranger got up and moved farther back in the theater. My eyes had long since adjusted. I noticed Mike sitting on the couch behind the Woman. I could see glimpses of a head bobbing in His lap. He gave me a thumbs up. I remained in the front and most well-lit couch. I hadn’t noticed how well lit the front two couches were until now.

I decided to ‘introduce myself to the Woman who was now stroking the first man again and another. I stepped in front of Her. She looked to the 1st man, who gave Her a nod. Without taking Her hands from either cock, She socked mine into Her mouth and down Her throat. It only took 5 minutes and I was blowing my load down Her throat. She kept stroking them and gulping me until I began to soften.

I stepped back, she gave me a wink, and swallowed down the 1st Mans cock. I looked at Mike. His head was back and His hand was pressing hard down on the back of the head whos mouth held His cock. Having seen His twitching before, it was clear He was cumming.

I decided to check out the ‘gay’ theater. I had only been in there once and it was kinds boring. Maybe tonight was the night I’d see some ‘live gay porn’, I thought to myself.

The first thing I see is a tiny white guy being spit-roasted by 2 built black guys with a bunch more black guys standing around stroking…on the big screen, that is. On the couches were guys of every age and size and color. Most had their cocks out bahis siteleri and were stroking. Some were trying poorly to hide their stroking either within their pants or with something covering. A few were just sitting there watching the screen or watching the cock next to them.

There was an empty couch at the very front…also the most well lit. I took a seat and started stroking. The twink on the screen was roughly railed by one cock after another. Close-ups of both His mouth and asshole being pounded buy black cocks at least the size of the one I stroked and sucked were interrupted by close-up facials or a wide shot of the spit-roast.

I was rock hard stroking away when Mike walked around the couch and knelt down between my knees. He took my cock and sucked it deep into His mouth. He sucked better than most of the Women I’ve been with. A skinny young Man sat down next to me. I reached over for His cock. Small-ish, but nothing to be ashamed of. I stroked Him as Mike sucked me. The Guy didn’t last long. After shooting long, thin strings of cum onto His shirt and face, He got up and left. There was a cock being stroked on either side of my head as they watched me being sucked off. It took Mike nearly 20minutes to get me off. He swallowed every drop. A Guy stepped around the couch and right up to Mike who immediately started sucking Him. I turned and knelt on the couch. One of the Guys behind it grabbed my head and aggressively shoved His cock deep into my mouth. As I sucked Him, I stroked the other. I could gear the sounds of a Guy cumming behind me as Mike swallowed another load. Within a minute, I was swallowing one. Less than a minute after starting to suck the 2nd Guys cock that I had been stroking, I swallowed another from Him.

Before I finished milking the last cum from His cock, someone started pulling my pants down. I hadn’t though about my position until that moment. I was willing, and by the feel of the cockhead that began pressing against my asshole, so was He.

I’d only ever had fake cocks in my ass…among many other things of varying bizarrness…but never a real cock.

A tall, hairy, fat Guy stepped in front of me and offered me His cock as my asshole was being stretched by someone behind me. I took the small fat-mans cock the best I could with His belly in the way. Unlike the cock slowly sliding deeper and out of my ass, the little cock in my mouth never got fully hard. I socked it the best I could anyway.

It was only a few minutes of sucking before the half-hard cock in my mouth oozed and retreated. The cock in my ass, though…that one was long-dicking me like I’d only ever done to myself with a ‘Man-Handler’ dildo. A very toned Guy who barely looked to be out of High-School stepped in front of me. I pulled up His Shirt revealing chiseled abs. I pulled down His shorts revealing one of the largest bahis şirketleri white cocks I’d ever seen. My ass was being relentlessly pounded as this fit, slender Young Man slid His cock into my mouth. Maybe it was from the cum I’d already swallowed, maybe it was from practicing with dildos, maybe it was the angle…but the 3rd thrust of the large white meat had His hairless balls against my chin and His cockhead down my throat. I was now being spit-roasted as roughly as the Guy on the screen.

I don’t know how long it was, but eventually the cock in my ass was driven deep and filled my bowels with cum. The cock down my throat was showing no signs of finishing. Within seconds of the cock withdrawing from my asshole, i felt a tongue eating the cum from my ass. I then felt a mouth around my cock.

The feeling of a cockhead in my throat, a tongue in my cum-filled ass, and a mouth around my cock got me hard and ready to blow again. When the cock finally shot its hot, thick gum into my throat, I filled the hungry mouth around mine with my cum. I held the well-toned ass-cheeks of the Man in my throat until His cock had fully softened. His cum was almost sweet, and very thick.

I had no cock in my mouth and mine wasn’t in a mouth, but the tongue continued to eat my ass. I looked back to see the tongue belonged to the bottle-blonde haired Women from the ‘straight’ theater. Mark was behind Her fucking Her for all He was worth.

I didn’t suck any more cocks that night, But I did fuck the bottle-blonde 3 times…twice in the pussy and once in the ass. While She was on top of me with me deep in Her ass, Mike was fucking Her pussy. 3 other pairs of Guys DPed Her after We did…including the Guy who She was next to when I first showed up. Turns out He is Her Husband of 30+ years and this was their first time having sex outside of their marriage. Mike and I got Their number before They left for the night.

Mike and I went to a restaurant after leaving. It was a different, but very comfortable feeling sitting there with Him. We were joined by the very toned and well-hung young Man from my throat. We had a great dinner and some nice conversation. Turns out, He had just moved to the area and was starting college in the fall. Ralph was His name. He had never done anything outside heterosexuality and felt curious seeing me being butt-fucked when He looked into the ‘gay’ theater.

We left the restaurant together and continued to talk. I commented on me being His first gay blowjob and maybe Mike should be His first gay fuck…which would also be Mikes first gay fuck.

So there We were…3am in the back of the restaurant parking lot…Mike bent over the trunk of His car, Ralphs cock up His ass, and Me under Mike sucking His cock. I guess I did suck one more cock that night. After Ralph blew His load in Mikes ass and before Mike filled my mouth with His cum, a passing stranger buried His cock in Mikes ass.

After Mike got a 2nd load, the Stranger walked off. We exchanged numbers with Ralph and all went Our separate ways…for now.

It was a good night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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