A Son Captures His Mother Pt. 01

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Part two of Mary and Thomas’s affair, with an addition. The story may or may not upset some religious people. There is no intention to do so.


Thomas had been thinking a lot lately and it was about his sister, his torrid, and at first none consensual affair with his mother, had settled into just a torrid affair. Where neither of them could get enough of the other sexually, not least of all Mary. Her son had turned her into a daringly, and and willing, she hated to use the term because of her religious upbringing, Slut.

There was nothing she wouldn’t do for him, and there was nothing he didn’t do to her, even taking her ass, she had begged him not to, but he had brushed her protests aside and taken it. And now Mary loved it, when he was in her ass pillaging it, she squirmed in sheer embarrassing pleasure and delight.

She had a secret wardrobe now, away from her husband’s prying eyes. Thomas had selected most of it but now she was starting to buy her own, all with Thomas in mind. In the day she had started to wear a little make up for him. “Thomas you have saved me,” she told him one day lovingly, “I am finding the real me, the one your father has suppressed all these years. I know I have been weak, and I know he has tried but he has lost his way. And I know him well enough to know that his life is set on the path he has chosen, and he will never be diverted from it, never!”

“I know that mother, and I am planning our future without him,” he told her.

“What do you mean Thomas?” she asked, intrigued.

“Listen to me while I explain some thoughts,” he said, “First we cannot leave Hannah behind in what we do, I want her to make this journey with us, me and you mother.”

“I don’t understand Thomas, take her with us, what do you mean?”

“I want us to take a holiday, you, Hannah and me, into the mountains,” he said, “father has that huge cabin that he rents out, and I have found out it is empty. He goes away next weekend on one of his church trips. You can ask him to let us use the cabin for a spiritual relief for a few days.”

“But Thomas, what can we do there that we can’t do here, and Hannah, she will get in the way maybe?” Mary was thinking purely of her need to be alone with her son.

“Mother don’t question me please, just do as I ask, and hopefully, all will be revealed, now just ask him.” Mary acceded to his request, and she was amazed to learn that Ronald agreed with Thomas’s request, saying he much needed spiritual guidance.

So the scene was set, Thomas packed all he hoped he would need for his deeds and tasks. Hannah would be brought into his world, one she knew nothing of. His beautiful virgin sister, who never even had a boyfriend was not just a sexual virgin, she was a virgin in life too. One that Thomas intended to teach her something of.

He knew she was interested in boys, she had told him of a couple who made her giggle. Thomas had told himself he would make her do more than giggle. But Hannah was intention al on being the virgin bride, but there had been a cloud behind her eyes when she had told him that. “This father talking,” Thomas told himself, “not Hannah.”

Hannah was as tall as her mother and more beautiful in every way, she also had the fabulous body, and soulful needs, of a young woman. She had felt the changes in her, from girl to teenager, to the young confused beauty she now was. She knew something was missing from her life, and she wished with all her heart that she had the confidence and knowledge that her beloved brother had. Although she would be aghast at the carnal life he was leading, and with her mother too!

Through his mother Thomas made the arrangements, Hannah was more than happy to be going along and spending quality time with her older brother. So on the Friday morning they set off in their large SUV. Thomas had double checked his rucksack, nothing could be left to chance. He had been on the internet and located a draft for Hannah, one that had cost a lot of money, but success had been guaranteed.

In it he had that, and eight sets of reasonably thick, but soft pliant rope, each with a formed noose, or slip know on one end, about ten feet long. Duct tape, and blindfolds, he didn’t know yet what would come in handy for his tasks, “but better safe than sorry,” he reminded himself.

The cabin had three large double bedrooms, all en suite, it was very secluded in ten acres of land. It had been fully stocked for them, the rooms aired and ready for use. They arrived in the early afternoon, and carried their things in, Thomas took the room his mother nor Hannah wanted, it didn’t matter to him, he didn’t think he would be using his anyway.

They settled in, he turned the radio on, there was no TV, his father would have none of that. But Thomas had his tablet which was always connected to the net, no matter where he went. They all went for a long walk, and Mary couldn’t stop herself from touching him, her hands would not obey her. By the time they retired Mary was beside herself with canlı bahis the need for him.

After the lights were out Thomas counted to fifty, then his mother slipped through his door and closed it behind her, he smiled. She dropped the latch to keep it locked, she was home free! She dropped her robe to reveal herself, she looked so magnificently sexy. Her heels were high, her stockings eld up on nothing but tiny strips, her miniscule thong hardly covered the now shaved pussy. Thomas made her call it that now.

Her hair was brushed down, swinging around her firm slim shoulders, her tiny bra hardly holding up the wonderful fleshy firm orbs. Her bold nipples were looking out over the top of them at him. She had make up on. And Thomas stared at her in wondrous admiration for her. “My woman,” he said, “who are you Mary?”

“I am your woman Thomas, and I always will be. You have made me whole again darling. God will smile on you for your lifetime, and the hereafter for this I assure you.” Mary’s strongly held beliefs were still there, but she had come to terms with being her son’s slut, (his words) She had prayed to God for his forgiveness and guidance, and he had.

Now Mary went to him, knelt at the side of his bed and said a prayer for them both, and Hannah too. Then she tore the thong and bra off herself, “You have no need for these Thomas have you?” she asked blushingly. He laughed at her, grabbed her, threw her over on to her back and mounted her roughly, this, he knew, was what she wanted. To be shown who he was, as if she didn’t know by now. But Mary did love being treated this way, to her it showed her his love for her.

Thomas used his mother most of the night, he never asked for anything, he made her do everything. He filled all three holes with his cum and he marked her for the first time, leaving bites and hickeys everywhere. He was showing his dominance and control of her. Mary almost died from sheer happiness.

The next day Thomas told his mother of some of his plans, “and I don’t want you to question me mother, this is very important, not only for you and I, but for Hannah too okay?”

“Yes Thomas, what do you want of me?” she asked.

“I have booked you into that motel ten miles back, and I want you to stay there until midday tomorrow please,” he said looking her straight in the eyes. “So get a few things, don’t let Hannah see you and go, now!”

“But Thomas?” she said dismayed, Thomas pointed a finger, and told her , now! Mary did as she was told to do, but her heart was heavy, “what is he up to?” She thought, completely unaware of his plans for her daughter. Fifteen minutes later she had gone, and Thomas was explaining that father had called and she had to leave but she would be back tomorrow. Hannah accepted it after more questions, and they went for a walk.

She liked him having his arm around her waist, she never got much physical contact from anyone really. Soon they were chatting and laughing, hugging, and she playfully splashed him in the river bed they walked through. He chased her all the way back, and they fell in doors laughing and giggling.

It was 6pm, he suggested she showered while he did, knowing she would take ten times longer than he. When she came out wearing the kind of frumpy robe Mary wore, he smiled at her. “Not for much longer Hannah,” he told her in his head. Thomas had made a meal and put a large glass of water there for her. This had the draft he had sought painstakingly for his use.

They chatted, ate and drank, Thomas was carefully watching her, he saw a mild change in her demeanour, and moved to act.

“Let me help you up Hannah,” he offered, “you look a little tired.”

“Mmmmm,” she whispered, “I may be.”

As he helped her up, he slipped a hand inside her robe and cupped a wonderfully firm and large tit, he quickly squeezed the nipple which was also hard, then swiftly withdrew his hand.

“Thomas!” she gasped, “what are you do…?” But the draft had got its hold, only tenuously at the moment, but it was working.

“Sorry Hannah,” he said, “an accident.” But as he helped her to the sofa, he did it again, but this time he squeezed a little longer, and a little harder.

“Thomas please…” she whispered, “I, erm, you, er Thomas, you mustn… Mmmmm, thats nice,” she murmured through pouting, and hot blood filling lips.

He sat with her, and slipped his hand back in, and taking a full hold this time, squeezed and rolled the hugely thick, hard and rigid nub. “Oh Thomas this is so, hmmmm, Oooooh I like… Oooooh Thomas, what would daddy say?” she said, as her head came to rest on her older brother’s shoulder. If this had been any other person on the planet they would not be getting away with this. Drug or no drug, she trusted her brother more than any other, maybe she shouldn’t have, but she did.

What no one knew, and no one could, not even Hannah was that she was a sexual timebomb waiting to be detonated, she was the after burner on a supersonic sexual jet just waiting for the switch bahis siteleri to be pressed. That switch was Thomas when he squeezed her high octane fuelled and ready to go nipple.

Thomas stroked and caressed her, Hannah liked it a lot, and it was opening windows in her heart and mind that had until now been firmly shut. She felt a first pulse of arousal flickering through her, she didn’t know what it was but it was so nice. She was being over taken by the draft completely now, and her brother was another drug she was unable to resist, she gave in to the lovely feelings he was creating within her.

Her vagina felt hot, her breasts ached, her stomach churned and her mind was nowhere to be seen. Thomas worked her like a master, he had had lots of practice on his mother, Hannah was turning out to be an easier fight than he thought it would, in fact there had hardly been a whimper from his gorgeous younger sister.

Thomas undid the robe easily, and gently pulled it aside, and there she was, apart from a pair of tiny panties her father would have frowned upon, she was naked. Thomas went for her breasts now, squeezing one and sucking the other. The fire in Hannah burned brightly, and seconds later it was out of control very quickly, she moaned, she groaned, and her arms went around her brother tightly.

He leaned her back slowly, and slickly ran his hand down to the very thick dark bush where her end was to be. He slid his finger into the folds of skin there, Hannah squeezed her thighs together involuntarily, then they parted and Thomas touched her where no one ever had. The only other person to have touched her anywhere was when she was baby and her mother took care of her.

Now Thomas was stoking her boilers, she was fired up, the draft was keeping her quiet, and supplicant, Thomas was driving her engine, his finger ran over an unknown bump in the road, and Hannah squealed loudly, he had found her secret domain. He pressed downward and he entered her love channel, one she never knew she had.

“Thomas, Oh Thomas, what are you doing to me?” she breathed to him, her voice husky and dripping with inflamed arousal, an arousal she had never had, and had even less idea of how to deal with it. He smiled to himself, he had already undone his jeans, and now he kicked them off, no underwear revealed him in all his manly glory.

Spinning Hannah around he laid her gently down, his fingers and tongue conspiring with him to send his sister to the place he need her to be, and one that Hannah now even wanted to visit. This was too so nice to tell him to stop, it was all magically wonderful.

Thomas moved slowly over her, the litmus test, the acid test, was going to be when he mounted her, when his hot hard flesh claimed her. She might react badly, she might not, he wasn’t that sure of himself. Hannah was mewling, her hips moving from side to side, swaying with the motions of the emotions making the waves of desire in her swell.

Thomas was over her now, his finger told him she was ready, Hannah kissing him back was also a message, she was boiling hot, super wet, and gripping him, as if urging her brother on. Thomas gently prodded his heavy weight to her, Hannah lifted her knees, her primeval knowledge knew what to do, it would guide her with Thomas’s help.

He prodded again and felt the give, the heat, the slippy wet, he was there, so he pushed downward slowly. The head popped in bringing a surprised yelp from his sister. He held himself, letting her settle, he looked at her eyes and they were wide open staring fixedly at his. “Thomas, I am your sister, you must… Oooooh, Oh Thomas that feels so nice, Oooooh Oh yes…” she glugged, “I like that.” He slid more in, then pulled back leaving only the head in.

He repeated his actions and slowly Hannah’s eyes closed, he was there, “a few more moments and she’ll be with me,” he shouted to himself. Hannah’s legs rose to settle over his, now he knew, he pressed forward and she gripped him, her feet tugged downwards, almost pulling him further in to her hot soaking vagina.

“Ooooooh Oh Thomas, be gentle please, be slow, I er, I, you know, I’m, Oooooh Thomas!” He obeyed his sister for the only time, he was as gentle as he could be, but he focussed on getting all of him into her, he succeeded eventually. And the icing on his cake was when his sister climaxed. It blew her out of the water because she didn’t know it was going to happen. She didn’t know that the ‘nice’ feeling was the building of her life defining moment, her very first orgasm.

Thomas kept going until he came, he guessed his sister wouldn’t know about it, and he was right. Thomas blew a humongous amount of his very potent seed right into where it mattered, all into her womb. He lay there for a while pondering his next move. “Bed,” he avised himself, he gently but firmly picked his sisters lifeless body up and carried her to her bed.

There he tucked them both in, and minutes later he was working her up again, his kissing sucking lips, his mysterious unseen fingers bahis şirketleri working their magic, all honed on his mother’s body. But this time she was more aware of events. And before he got his cock in her once more, she whispered softly to him. “Thomas, tomorrow we must talk, but for now my wonderful brother, make me feel so nice again, please, just like you did on the sofa?”

Thomas was stunned, he had at least expected a religious tirade of some sort from her, he had imagined tying her to her bed so he could have his way. What he hadn’t known was, Hannah was ready for adult sex, but never had anyone in mind, there was no one on her horizon, and no one in her life, so she had resigned herself to a sexless life before her marriage.

Thomas was the lucky keepers finders person she had hoped for, he would have no trouble keeping her happy. “If only father could see his wife, son and daughter here in the cabin,” he thought, “he would blow a religious gasket.” And that’s when the idea hit him, he would think about it and embellish it. Thomas sank into his sister’s depth of woman hood, she moaned and groaned, •ooooh’d and aaaaaah’d.” Now she was giving back, digging her heels in, kissing him, holding him so there could be no escape. Though that was the furthest thing from his mind, as he began to fuck his younger sister proper.

They climbed their mountain together, and when they were ready they hurled themselves down the other side, into the abyss of love and lustful youthful climaxes. They lay entangled in each other regaining their breath. Hannah was the first to move, she slid out of bed, went to the bathroom, and sat down.

She started to think, and what she came up with surprised her greatly. “He has planned this,” she reasoned, “he must have, us coming here, mother leaving, him doing whatever it was that he did, it was planned!” She returned to her brother and got into her bed with him.

“So,” she started, “Come on Thomas, let me in on the great secret, what’s going on Hmmm?”

“Going on Hannah?” he replied pulled her to him, Hannah turned her fabulous body to him, and said.

“Thomas, unless you tell me, you won’t get a look in again with me, now come on, out with it!”

“I have no idea what you are on about Hannah,” he told her.

“I’ll ask God in the church tomorrow, and then I’ll ask mother when she gets back,” she said.

Thomas laughed, “Ask mother?” he sniggered.

“You have done the devil’s work here tonight Thomas, he will follow you to the grave. And father won’t be happy when I tell him what you did!”

Thomas laughed again, “The devil will follow me, I am the devil Hannah, and you’ll tell father, we both know you would not do that.” Thomas had called her bluff, she relented,

“Please Thomas tell me, I won’t say a word I promise, please?” she snuggled into him, put her arm around him, “and anyway,” she added, “I liked it didn’t I?”

“Listen to me Hannah, very carefully. I want to take you away from father,” he began, “you and mother have no real life there. He can’t do anything about me, he knows that. But he controls everything you and mother do. I intend to break that hold he has on you both.”

“But how Thomas, what can you do, you have ruined me for my future husband haven’t you?” she said.

“No I haven’t Hannah, you will marry me!” Hannah gaped at him.

“But we ca…” Thomas interrupted her.

“Yes we can, and yes we will, and you, mother and I will have a wonderful life together!” His voice was strident, but caring.

This made Hannah think even more, then she reached a conclusion. “That’s why you sent mother away, so you could get me. Mother is in on this isn’t she?”

Thomas made the mistake of smiling. Hannah thought even more.

“NO NO NO NO, it can’t be true, tell me it’s not true, you and mother, No it you aren’t!” she looked at him, he never said anything. “Yes, yes you are, you and mother, no wonder she has changed so much this last month. I have never seen her so happy!”

Thomas held his sister to him, “I love her Hannah, and I mean I really love her, and I love you too. I can’t stand by any longer and let that animal ruin you both anymore.”

“He is not an animal Thomas, mother and I both know he has lost his way, that’s all,” she grumbled.

“Yes he has, and he’ll never find his way back, you know it, mother knows it, and I know it. There is no redemption for him now. I won’t let him go any further.”

“But Thomas what can you do?”

“I have an idea but nothing concrete yet,” was all he would tell her.

“Now,” he said to her, “come here, I have something for you,” his smile and the glint in his eye made Hannah respond in the only way she could, she went right to him. This night had been her relevation, Thomas might be the sanctuary she had been unknowingly looking for, the resting place she feared she may never find.

Hannah blushed to herself, her face creased in to wonder as she felt her brother’s body tight up against hers. But it was the best feeling she had ever experienced. Her libido gripped her, her hands began to roam his body, up and down his back, over and around his chest. She even kissed his mouth it was a beautiful kiss she admitted.

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