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The following entertainment is for adults only, and anyone not an adult is hereby warned to go away.


Kelsy had a liking for cool upper-class blondes, the long-legged girls from Lake Forest and Winnetka who came into the city to cruise the lesbian bars looking for breathless ecstasies. Kelsy thought of them as icebergs that needed melting, these girls with a quiet demeanor and so much under the surface, girls who hadn’t come out and maybe wouldn’t ever come out because they’d settle for a safe marriage to a safe income in a safe suburb.

Angela was from Lake Forest, but when Kelsy met her Angela was living in the city. Angela was twenty-five, with blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair and the fine bones that some people called “aristocratic”. Kelsy didn’t care about aristocratic one way or the other, all she cared about was melting them down to the essentials.

They met at a raucous political meeting organized by one of the militant lesbian groups, an unlikely place to find women like Angela. At first Kelsy judged Angela to be merely another lipstick dyke, pretty enough as a femme to be intimidating, but maybe not worth the effort because she looked too satisfied with herself. It was no good when they looked too satisfied. There had to be enough uncertainty in the eyes to make the chances of success at least possible. Usually, when they looked too satisfied, it meant they were already with someone, in some kind of relationship no matter how screwed up it might be, and when that was true a seduction became more work than pleasure.

But Kelsy kept looking at Angela, and Kelsy gradually became more and more interested. They made eye contact a few times, the contact enduring enough to give Kelsy the idea this cool looking

blonde might not be that difficult. She had the northern suburbs all over her, from the way she had her hair done to the jewelry and clothes. Only her presence at the meeting meant anything, only her presence revealing a dyke-in-the-closet suburban girl. And the way she stared at Kelsy meant she liked Kelsy’s type, the no nonsense butch look with a mix of denim and black suede that made Kelsy appear risky. Made her appear like she’d call the shots. If they needed a butch who called the shots, Kelsy was definitely what they were looking for.

After a while Kelsy decided to make an approach. You take no chances in this world, you get nothing back from it. So after the meeting finished, she walked over to the tall blonde and she said: “You must be new, I haven’t seen you around.”

As if Kelsy knew every dyke in the city.

The blonde looked impassive. “I haven’t seen you either.”

“My name’s Kelsy.”

“And mine’s Angela.”

They talked casually, but Angela remained as cool as ever. After a while Kelsy thought maybe there was nothing here, no chance for anything, and she said: “Look, I won’t bother you if you don’t want to be bothered.”

But Angela said it was no bother at all, and when Kelsy suggested they have coffee somewhere, Angela looked at her a long moment and then nodded. The eyes told it all, the understanding

between them in the eyes, and an hour later Kelsy was in Angela’s Lake Shore Drive hi-rise apartment.

Angela said: “I just moved in here a few months ago. Would you like some coffee?”

“I’d like a kiss instead.”

The blonde smiled and stepped forward and Kelsy kissed her.

As the kiss ended, Kelsy slid her hands down Angela’s back to stroke Angela’s ass.

Angela leaned backward. “What now?”

“Now the bedroom.”

“All right.”

Kelsy walked behind Angela with her eyes on Angela’s hips and the sleek lines of Angela’s long legs beneath the hem of the short dress.

Angela had a large round bed.

Kelsy said: “I’m impressed.”

Angela showed a thin smile. “I thought you’d like it.”

“Where are you from? You’re not a city girl.”

“Lake Forest.”

“That figures.”

“What does that mean?”

“Nothing at all.”

“Anyway, I’m glad you like the bed.”

Kelsy liked canlı bahis the bed, the room, the building, and above all she liked Angela. She took the blonde in her arms and kissed her, this time closing a hand over one of Angela’s breasts and squeezing it gently through her sweater.

“Why don’t you get undressed while I watch?” Kelsy said.

“I’d like to have a bath first.”

“A bath?”

“Just give me ten minutes.”

Kelsy shrugged. “Is there another bathroom?”

“Down the hall,” Angela said, and then she turned and she walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

Ice cold, Kelsy thought. Now she wondered what it would take to melt Angela down. She looked at the round bed and she wondered how it would go on that bed. She ached to have Angela’s body in her arms again.

In the bathroom down the hall, Kelsy was happy to find a shower. She stripped naked, stepped in and had ten minutes under a steaming spray without getting much of her hair wet. After she dried her body, she wrapped herself in a huge towel and returned to the bedroom where she found Angela was still in the bathroom.

Kelsy was about to climb onto the huge round bed, when the bathroom door suddenly opened and Angela came out. The blonde wore a fluffy white robe. She had her hair tied back, revealing her lovely high cheekbones. She smiled softly and said: “How was the bath?”

Kelsy dropped her towel. “I had a shower.” She stood there while Angela looked at her body.

“You look very athletic,” Angela said finally.

“I do body-building.”


Kelsy laughed. “Maybe you don’t like it. Here, look at this.” And she flexed her biceps, both arms lifted, the muscles bulging.

A flush came to Angela’s face. “You must be very strong.”

“If you get the robe off, you can come over here and find out.”

Angela opened her robe and dropped it. She had a long-boned body, small jutting breasts and sleek hips and thighs. Her love triangle was a wispy blonde tuft that hardly covered anything. Her creamy skin looked as smooth as ivory. When she came forward, Kelsy immediately took her in her arms and kissed her again. “You excite me,” Kelsy whispered.

“I may not be any good at this.”

“We’ll find out, won’t we? Come on, let’s get on the bed.”

But first Angela walked over to the wall to touch a switch that changed the lighting to a soft pink. “Is this all right?”

Kelsy chuckled. “I love it.” She climbed onto the bed and slipped under the covers. “Dreamland. Come on, hurry and get over here.”

Angela came to the bed and leaned forward to lift the covers, her breasts swinging, the perfect pinkish-brown nipples still soft. Kelsy’s excitement increased as she looked at her. After Angela slipped under the covers, they lay on their sides facing each other.

“Hello,” Kelsy said.

Angela smiled. “Hello.”

Kelsy had one of her arms underneath Angela, the other arm outside the cover. The blonde was completely covered, her arms hidden, and then suddenly Kelsy was pleasantly surprised as she felt Angela’s hand on her belly, Angela’s fingers tentatively sliding into the upper part of Kelsy’s pubic triangle.

Angela said: “When I first saw you I thought you’d be shaved.”

Kelsy chuckled. “Why?”

“I don’t know. I suppose you look the type, that’s all.”

“Sorry, if that’s what you like.”

“No, it doesn’t matter.”

Kelsy deliberately avoided touching her. Not yet. Then suddenly Kelsy pushed the covers down, all the way down until both their bodies were exposed.

Kelsy gazed down at Angela’s blonde tuft. “I’m glad you’re not shaved. I like it better this way.”

“I kept it shaved for years.”

“No, it’s better this way.”

Now Kelsy touched Angela’s thigh. She slid her hand up and down, teasing Angela by avoiding her pussy. The ice cool lipstick lez with a blonde pussy. With a sigh, Angela turned to lie on her back.

“Why don’t you make love to me?” Angela said.

Her asking for it like that excited Kelsy immensely. “Sure, baby.”

She bahis siteleri moved down the bed to kneel between Angela’s legs. Again, Kelsy felt a strong urge to melt the ice down. She leaned over Angela and slid her hands up and down Angela’s legs. The pink light made Angela’s creamy skin look even more delicious. Angela’s closed her eyes as Kelsy slowly stroked the insides of her legs. Angela opened her thighs wider, looking at Kelsy now to watch what she did. The blonde’s face was impassive, which annoyed Kelsy because Angela looked as though she were evaluating Kelsy’s performance.

Silly bitch from Lake Forest, Kelsy thought. But with a sweet looking blonde pussy.

Kelsy was hot, feeling her own pussy heating up. She slid her hands up to Angela’s breasts. The nipples were only half- extended. Kelsy jiggled the breasts with her fingers and Angela appeared to breathe more heavily.

What did she like? What did she want? What would it take to make her scream?

Kelsy sensed the blonde’s growing excitement, but it was too slow. She took the nipples between her fingers, rolled them and pulled them outward. She pushed Angela’s breasts together, played with them as Angela lay there inert with her hands at her sides. Angela would obviously remain passive while everything was done to her. Kelsy wasn’t bothered by that, but it made her more determined than ever to get the ice melted. She leaned back now to have a better look at Angela’s crotch. The sparse blonde tuft stood up on the plump little mound. There was very little hair along the outer lips. The inner flaps were still hidden, even with her legs apart. The outer lips were a delicate light brown, almost pink, and not a sign of juice visible. Leaning forward, Kelsy touched the closed slit with her fingertips.

Angela made a sound of pleasure.

Kelsy fondled Angela’s breasts again, and then she bent her head to kiss a nipple. First one nipple and then the other nipple. She kissed downward to Angela’s belly. She skipped over the tuft to kiss Angela’s inner thighs. She moved her lips with deliberate slowness, teasing Angela, grazing her skin to get the ice melted. The blonde’s body smelled of bath powder, a delicious smell that excited Kelsy.

But there was no scent of a hot pussy. Kelsy liked it when she could smell the desire in a girl, that hot smell that confirmed her skill. Kelsy now shifted her face forward to press her lips against the closed slit.

Angela gave a slight jerk, another sound of pleasure in her throat. The blonde moved her legs further apart and drew her knees upward and to each side, her knees bowed out as she offered her cunt to Kelsy.

As Kelsy looked at it, the slit opened a bit, but not much. Some cunts opened easily and some didn’t. Kelsy backed up a little more to have a better look at the delicate coloring. She ran her thumbs along the almost hairless outer lips, rubbing gently up and down, wiggling them open until she could see the first sign of wetness inside. The pink in there seemed darker. Now she opened the outer lips completely to look at everything.

Angela still had her hands at her sides, no movement of her body, no sound from her mouth. She remained the ice blonde, inert and lifeless.

Time for the feast, Kelsy thought.

She dropped her face, extended her tongue and ran it lightly up and down the outer lips, then up and down between the outer lips and the inner lips.

Angela stirred a little and uttered a soft, almost inaudible moan.

Kelsy’s tongue fluttered against the slit between the small lips. She slid her tongue into the groove, twisting her head, opening the small lips by using her tongue as a wedge.

Angela moaned again, this time with a slight lifting of her pelvis. Kelsy liked it better when they made noise and moved around. Such a delicate pussy this one had, a pussy that hardly smelled like a cunt. But Kelsy had known them as passive as this one. An Arctic pussy. Hell, she’d bet Eskimo women were as hot as blazes. Not like blondes from Lake Forest. Her tongue stroked up and down the bahis şirketleri inner groove, teasing Angela’s clitoris, worrying the clit that was like a tiny pink pearl half hidden by its cowl. Kelsy paid more attention to the labia now, her tongue working around the apex and then down to the opening, around the hole and then inside it with her tongue-tip fluttering wildly in the tight pussy. Angela’s hips moved slightly as Kelsy worked her tongue inside, in and out of the opening.

The blonde obviously liked it. She was whimpering now, which made Kelsy use more force. She fastened her lips against Angela’s cunt and sucked hard to pull some of the juice into her mouth. She felt a keen excitement as she swallowed the nectar. She could feel Angela heating up, but only slowly. She swabbed her tongue across Angela’s clitoris again and she thought maybe the clit was swelling a bit. She tongued it now, pressing her lips around it and then sucking it between her teeth. She dug her mouth into the soft flesh and continued sucking.

Angela’s thighs moved, her knees rocking. But it was obvious the ice wasn’t melted yet, and Kelsy was more determined than ever. Now she used her hands to lift Angela’s ass. Angela groaned, breathing hard as Kelsy slid her mouth downward to flap her tongue at Angela’s anus. An instant later the blonde suddenly cried out and shook from head to toe, and Kelsy was amused as she understood she’d reached the magic place, the key to Angela’s arousal.

Lake Forest girl who likes it nasty.

“Roll over,” Kelsy said.

Angela groaned as she bounced out of Kelsy’s hands to lie on her belly. Kelsy took hold of the blonde’s hips and raised them, lifted her pretty ass and then pushed her thighs wide apart so she was now kneeling with her head down and her rear in the air, her sweet cunt pouting, and above that her anus appearing pink and dainty. The groove between Angela’s buttocks looked virginal and perfect. With a low growl, Kelsy leaned forward to push her face into it, her tongue pressing against Angela’s anus as Angela moaned and shook and cried out.

Now the blonde moved her body. She worked her ass, pressing herself back against Kelsy’s face, moaning louder as Kelsy’s tongue broke through the ring and began stroking in and out.

Melting the ice down. Angela went wild as Kelsy tongued and tongued and tongued, working the tight orifice, Angela churning her ass around and around and then suddenly pulling away to roll over with her legs up and wide open.

“Get into me!” Angela cried. “Please get into me!”

“No, not yet. Open it first with your fingers. Come on, let me see you open it.”

Angela groaned, blushed, and then did what Kelsy wanted. She slid a hand down to pry her cunt open.

Kelsy looked at it, the Lake Forest blonde lying there wide open.

“Use both hands,” Kelsy said.

Angela did what she wanted. She used the fingers of both hands to hold the lips apart. Now the pink interior of her cunt was completely revealed to Kelsy’s eyes. The blonde’s clitoris was swollen, visibly larger than previously.

Angela groaned. “Please do something!”

Kelsy crawled up, slid over Angela’s body at the same time as she pushed her fingers inside Angela’s cunt. Two fingers inside Angela’s vagina and her thumb on Angela’s clitoris. Her fingers worked in and out, thrusting into the socket. Angela moaned, wild, hunching her pelvis upward as Kelsy kissed her mouth, possessed her mouth as her fingers possessed Angela’s cunt. She kept her tongue deep in Angela’s mouth as her fingers continued to fuck the now dripping pussy.

Angela cried out as she came. Her heels drummed against Kelsy’s thighs as her body jerked upward to meet Kelsy’s fingers.

“Oh god, don’t stop!” Angela whimpered.

* * *

An hour later Kelsy walked out of the hi-rise into the cold March air and bitter wind on Lake Shore Drive. The doorman asked if she wanted a taxi and she nodded. The lake had some ice on it, but upstairs on the fifteenth floor where she’d come from all the ice was melted. Kelsy chuckled and thought that was fitting. She still had the taste of pussy in her mouth and she thought that was fitting too. She tipped the doorman a dollar and she climbed into the taxi and went home.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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