Amour Fou

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**** Writer’s note: This is my first attempt at writing a third person story. I hope y’all like it even if it’s a bit different than my previous stories. I also agonized over what category to file this story under. At its heart it’s a love story between two women even if it has a lot of BDSM sex and there are a couple of scenes that involve men and male specific sexuality, mainly a character with a foot fetish. Because the love story between these two women is the backbone of the story I filed it under Lesbian.


Amour Fou

Party Night

It’s Friday night and a play party is going on in a large house located on the far edge of town. One either side of the house are large, multiple acre sized, empty fields. This house is well situated for these parties, being secluded but not rural, giving privacy from prying eyes but also close enough to town to settle down any new members nerves. In the basement the owners have set up a fairly elaborate dungeon and the party goers are cycling in and out depending on their mood, experience level and desire. Everyone else is just kind of mingling and chatting on the ground level of the two story house. Two of those people are Haley and Nicole, both are sitting on a couch by themselves. Haley, tall and thin with raven colored hair kept in a wavy and very asymmetrical bob, is wearing a latex dress that is strapless and ends well above her knees. That purple dress is paired with black heels and black latex gloves that run up above her elbows. Her left arm is draped around Nicole’s neck, hand dangling down in front of her girlfriends body. Nicole, curvy and currently sporting lavender hair that falls loosely around her shoulders, has her fingers interlocked with Haley’s. She’s wearing a much simpler red dress that hugs her curves and its neckline plunges deep, cleavage spilling out. Both women are fairly quiet with Haley staring into space and Nicole watching the fireplace. She seems entranced by the dancing flames.

“Here’s two people who look bored,” Harlan, one of the hosts, cheerily states as he walks up with two women. Both are African-American, one has long dreadlocks that she keeps tied with a white hair tie and the other, far butcher, woman has her hair shorn close to the head.

“Hey Harlan,” Nicole breaks from her trance and looks over at them. Haley waves at the thin, graying man with her free hand but doesn’t say anything.

“Haley, how’s that thing?” He knowingly asks, his eyebrows wagging. Haley shrugs her shoulders and gives Harlan a look that only really he can read.

“What thing?” Nicole turns to her lover and asks.

“A surprise,” Haley leans in and huskily whispers into her lovers ear. Nicole’s eyes light up and she has to suppress a giggle, not knowing what Haley has in store for her but the possibilities light up her mind. A smile, the first of the night really, spreads across Haley’s face as she delights in her lover’s joy. “Just waiting for the right time, ‘s’all.”

“It’ll come, and sooner than you think.” Harlan knowingly states. “So, I’d like you two to meet Kendra and her girlfriend Rochelle.”

He points at first the butch woman and then the more feminine one. All four women smile and wave at each other. Harlan points to the chairs in front of the couch and the two women sit down while he remains standing. He hopes that these four will hit it off so he can make his rounds.

“This is their first time at a party and I was thinking that the four of you might like each other’s company. They know Darrell.” His voice is a deep bass that rings out, surprising for such a thin, almost frail looking, man. When he wants to he can make it boom and carry which drives his wife Luanne wild.

“You know Darrell?” Haley sits up and asks.

“Yeah, he’s the cousin of my brother in law.” Rochelle replies.

“We all like Darrell, how is he? Where is he? I haven’t seen him in like six months,” Haley fully joins the conversation now, whatever that had been eating at her receding a bit in her mind.

“Everybody likes Darrell, the only person who doesn’t is my brother in law and we all like the brother in law much less than we do Darrell.” Rochelle says with a chuckle. “His reserve unit got called up so he’s deployed.”

“He’s Army, right?” Nicole asks.

“Yeah, he’s in Afghanistan now.”

“Well, if you get a chance to talk to him tell Darrell we’re all thinking of him and want him to come home safe.” Nicole’s voice has genuine concern in it for her friend.

“Thank you, everyone here has said something nice about him. Y’all must really love him.”

“Well, he’s the life of the party. This one seems quite restrained without him,” Haley wistfully says. They all have a chuckle and then the five of them fall silent.

“These two represent one of my success stories,” Harlan states with pride, trying to prod them into a conversation. He’s driving at something deeper, something hinted at with Haley but he’s trying to be coy about it.

“Y’all met here?” Kendra asks. Her eyes keep darting over to the stairwell, heading downstairs. Even from where they sit they can hear the sounds of flesh getting smacked, moans of pleasure and all sorts of glorious debauchery coming from downstairs. It took her months to get Rochelle canlı bahis şirketleri to come to a party and when her girlfriend finally agreed she about died.

Rochelle meanwhile, is trying to get her footing here. She’s always thought of herself as quite vanilla but also very game. Kendra is the first woman that she’s felt like she could marry and spend her life with so she’s agreed to give it a shot. They’ve done some fairly kinky stuff at home that she’s learned to enjoy but would not be the first thing she would choose on any given night. Her favorite part about submitting to her girlfriend is the joy it brings her girlfriend and seeing her lover loose herself in absolute pleasure. Being in such a public place is something different, though, and she was nervous to be around people who are way more into BDSM than she is. Haley and Nicole though, and Harlan and his wife, have put her at ease. They are all so nice and seem so normal that it takes the edge off this place. That may change should the two of them head downstairs but Harlan has no intention of letting them down there. He truly believes that the first time they need to ease themselves in and then work up to public play.

“Long story short, yes,” Haley says with a smile. She’s a natural storyteller and feels herself getting drawn into one.

“Y’all were single?” Rochelle asks. She very much wants to hear the story of how these two lovely women met.

“That’s the long part,” Nicole cuts in with a laugh. “Do you wanna tell it, babe?”

“Sure,” Hayley says with a small smile. Harlan winks at Hayley and gives a squeeze to Rochelle’s shoulder before walking away.

Inconspicuous Beginnings

Harlan asked his good friend Hayley, who’d been coming to his kink parties and munches since well before her transition and surgery (always in women’s clothing, even before the official transition), to step in for his wife Luanne for a different kind of get together. For not only were Harlan and Luanne kinksters they were also swingers. So while they both ran the kink parties she ran the swinger’s parties. The swinging community tends to be a matriarchy, for it to function the straight women need to feel at ease and a creepy man puts no woman at ease so it just makes sense for Luanne to run the swingers meetings. The two are really the king and queen of the local sex scene. This was a good five years ago when Luanne’s older sister was diagnosed with cancer and she needed to be in Florida to be by her side after surgery. Hayley, never one to have a full social calendar, said yes since she had nothing better going on that night.

Much like the kink parties the upper floor was where people mingled and the lower floor is where couples engaged in both hard and soft swaps. It was a mass of people having very, very vanilla sex surrounded by a mass of other people having sex. People willingly shared their partners and much of what Hayley needed to do was walk around and make sure people were comfortable and no single men wormed their way in.

Nicole’s husband Dave had persuaded her to go even though swinging was not really his thing. He was primarily a cuckold and a foot fetishist and his wife reluctantly agreed to indulge him in both his foot fetish, even thought she let it be known that it gave her no pleasure, while stating that she’d only be comfortable sleeping with a woman outside of her marriage. Dave was hoping that with all the sex in the air that she’d loosen up and he’d get to watch her get fucked hard by a well hung man in Harlan’s basement. Hayley was talking to a middle aged couple whose name’s she couldn’t for the life of her place when she saw Nicole across the room. She was sitting on the very couch she’d find herself on five years later and doing the same thing, staring at the fireplace. This party was in late summer so there was no fire going but she was dreaming of it anyway and of winter, her favorite time of year. Anything to keep her mind off of what her husband wanted her to do. At the time her hair was blonde and it drew Hayley’s attentions immediately.

She’d resigned herself to not finding anything promising at this party but here she was, admiring from afar this busty blonde woman with a beautiful, round face. The woman’s husband was desperately trying to talk this other couple into a soft swap but they weren’t having it. Everyone but him could tell that his wife was NOT into this. The couple eventually politely declines and gets up, leaving the man dejected and the woman to stare off into space. Nicole and Dave got married young, when they were dumb and full of come, and neither one really wanted to admit that they had made a mistake so they were trying just about anything to keep the relationship going. Nicole had long had submissive tendencies but successfully suppressed them while Dave, on the other hand, was always kinky. He developed a cuckold fetish quite early in his life but before Nicole he couldn’t find a woman who he trusted enough to share it with. In his mind her getting fucked hard with either him watching it or her coming home and telling him was the cure for all their troubles. Nicole knew better, deep down she knew that they were just not sexually compatible but couldn’t bring herself to pull the trigger on the marriage. What she wanted canlı kaçak iddaa was a woman, or man, who could dominate her as well as be able to have very good vanilla sex which was something Dave really couldn’t do. His kinks were on the submissive side and was just not all that into vanilla sex.

Hayley decides to step in, it is part of her job after all, and save this couple from a serious mistake. Her heels clack on the wood floors as she cuts her way through the party. When she gets to the couple she finds the man dejected and desperately searching out another couple who hasn’t already told them no. All night he’d been told no, both politely and not so politely, but he never really heard that word. When it fell out of someone’s mouth he usually heard maybe, a habit that got him into a spot of trouble in college. Nicole looks up at the sound of the heels and see’s Hayley for the first time: a tall and slender woman with an angular face, pitch black hair and a warm, generous smile. She’d come to learn that Hayley’s smile could take on many shades and range from warm to silly to sadistic and she’d grow to love every single one of them. The attraction between the two women was immediate and its strength and intensity scared Nicole. Hayley looked her right in the eyes and smiled even wider causing Nicole to blush and nervously tuck a loose hair behind her ear.

“Hi, I’m Hayley,” she says to both and pulls up a chair. She purposefully faces Nicole and not Dave, crossing her legs which causes her tight black dress to ride up her thighs. Nicole blushes even harder.

“Where’s your boyfriend?” Dave impatiently asks, he assumes she’s here for him.

“I don’t date men,” she winks at Nicole who cannot take it anymore, she has to rub the back of her neck with her neck and look away briefly. When she chances a look back she see’s that Hayley is still looking at her, her soft auburn pools burning into her. Hayley see’s that Nicole has the most beautiful, wide, gray eyes she’s ever seen.

“Then why are you here?” Dave asks, incredulous.

“I’m stepping in for Luanne to keep watch over this party.” While she says this Harlan wanders over to see Hayley in action. “I just wanted to see if you were having a good time tonight.”

“We’re great. Later,” he dismissively states.

“How bout you, hun?” Hayley turns from Dave back to Nicole who still hasn’t recovered from the flush of attraction this woman caused her. When they lock eyes again Nicole feels her legs go momentarily weak. “Are you having a good time tonight?”

“Well,” Nicole stammers, hand still rubbing the back of her neck. Hayley’s heart is racing and she’s doing her best to keep it in check. “Not really, I mean, this is really his thing and not mine.”

“What the hell, Nicole?” Dave exclaims, incredulously.

“Well, it’s true. When you said that you wanted us to be open I said I was really only interested in exploring that with other women. I also said I wanted someone who was dominant. You’ve done nothing but throw me at men all night, none of whom were dominants.””Well, Hayley might be your girl then,” Harlan steps up and warmly says. Dave takes notice of him and for the first time in this conversation he isn’t indignant. “Can I ask, do you happen to be a cuckold, by chance?”

“Well, yeah,” Dave nervously looks around. He’d just tried to get any man in this room to fuck his wife in front of him but stating aloud that he was a cuckold makes him self conscious.

“So, I might have a little experience here and it’s my opinion that swinging is not the scene for you two, the kink scene would be much better. I take it that you’d either like to watch or be told about the hot sex your wife is having with a better, more dominant partner, yes?”

“Yes,” Dave’s voice is quiet and timid for the first time that night. He’d been trying to force this and didn’t realize that it was threatening to blow up in his face. Meanwhile Nicole was thinking of this dominant woman, Hayley, and everything she might be able to do to her. Just the thought of it made Nicole wet for the first time in months. She uncomfortably crosses one leg over the other and Hayley takes delight in watching her squirm.

“And you,” Harlan turns to Nicole to find her staring at his old friend. He tries to keep a smile from his face. Eventually Nicole realizes that he’s talking to her now and turns her attention to him with much effort. “You seem to be in search of a competent Domme, yes?”

Nicole goes to open her mouth but finds it dry and her voice unable to work so she just shakes her head up and down. Things are exciting for her in a sexual way for the first time in a long time for Nicole. It’s been three or four years since Dave’s done even half of what this woman has with just her eyes and calm, confident demeanor.

“I don’t always try and play matchmaker but Hayley here is the most competent Domme that I’ve seen in years and she just so happens to be in search of a new sub.” He pauses for effect, stroking his chin hair. “Hey Dave, I need to step outside to have a smoke. Why don’t you step out with me and we can chat more on this?”

Dave nods his head and soon follows the sly Harlan out the front door so Harlan can smoke one of his menthols and give Hayley a chance to canlı kaçak bahis seal the deal with Nicole. He already knows that Dave will readily agree to letting his wife sleep with Hayley and by the look of it Nicole is dying to get fucked by her. He just needed to get the over anxious Dave away from them. He’d seen it many a time, the timid wife and the overeager husband who is doing his best to imitate a bull in a china shop. Harlan was glad he asked Hayley here as she was able to spot it, though he suspected that she really went up to them because Nicole was so her type, and step in to stop them. He saw it as well but Hayley beat him to them and he’s glad she did as she presented an easy out for everyone. Out on the front porch he lights his cigarette and takes a deep drag while Dave starts detailing his ultimate fantasy to him.

Back in the house Hayley gets up and sits down next to Nicole causing the blonde to jump a bit. The raven haired woman reaches out and places her hand on the blonde’s forearm and can feel not only the goosebumps on her arm but also the electricity of their touch. She slowly turns her head to Nicole and see’s her round face in profile. Nicole feels like if she turned to face Hayley right now she’d impulsively kiss this woman and ruin everything. Her arm burns at the touch of this other woman.

“It’s very nice to know ya, Nicole,” Hayley’s voice picks up a drawl, something that pops out of her occasionally. It’s the last remnant of her upbringing in west Texas.

Nicole says something but nerves and arousal causes it to only come out as a jumble. Hayley just smiles and lets her body sink closer to Nicole’s as they sit on the couch. Nicole’s hand reaches out and rests on top of Hayley’s. Her fingers start to softly stroke the dominant woman’s fingers and even though she doesn’t know this stranger if they asked her to go downstairs she would only be able to say yes. The two had that rare thing where they immediately felt like they’d known each other for years and were comfortable in their silence.

“I believe in taking things slow at first. Why don’t me meet for drinks soon, feel each other out and take it from there?” Hayley offers.

“I’d like that,” Nicole’s voice comes out as a squeak. She’d rather this woman feel her up than feel each other out though.


“So, is this your house?” Nicole gets up the composure to ask a personal question.

“Oh, god no! This is Harlan and Luanne’s place. It’s a great house though.” Hayley responds with a laugh. “I live in town. Is that where you are?”

“Yes, Dave and I live off of Main.”

“That’s a nice area, I live on 9th. So, before this goes any further I have to say something.”

“Ok…” Nicole feels a pit form in her stomach, a surprising thing because she just met this woman but she’s now nervous about what she might say.

“I’m a trans woman. Even though I’ve had the surgery I live openly and tell every potential lover.”

“Oh,” Nicole pauses, trying to pick her words carefully and Hayley hopes this doesn’t come crashing to the ground. “Are all trans women as sexy as you?”

“No, I’m a cut above the rest,” the grin returns to Hayley’s lips as even she cannot say that line without a laugh.

It starts as air pushing through her lips but it rolls into a hearty laugh and Nicole, so full of nervous energy, soon joins in. Without realizing it Nicole’s forehead drops to Hayley’s exposed shoulder and they continue to giggle. Dave and Harlan walk in to find them like that, laughing and bodies next to each other. Harlan puts his hand on Dave’s shoulder and gives it a squeeze, his way of saying: see, I told you so. After a disastrous start to the evening Dave and Nicole both leave with huge smiles on their faces. Nicole has a new number in her phone and a date set for the next night and Dave is staring down the prospect of his wife giving him what he feels like he’s been so cruelly deprived of all his life: to have his lover cuckold him. True, he’d rather she get fucked by a man with a giant cock and not a woman but Harlan has talked him into this.

First Date

They meet at the bar of a local restaurant and both wind up being early, finding each other in the parking lot. The butterflies are fluttering heavily in both Hayley and Nicole’s stomachs as they see each other again, the sight just as electric and griping as at the party last night. They share a few drinks and make small talk and soon Hayley’s hand is stroking Nicole’s forearm again. By their third drink the two women are leaning in close, eyes locking in and faces mere inches from each other. Nicole aches for this woman to lean in and kiss her, kiss her with a passion and ferocity that Dave has never had. The talk has died down and it really feels like the moment has clicked. Nicole lets her mouth hang open slightly and gives Hayley her most smoldering look. Hayley, who had been worrying about pushing things too far too fast, takes that look as her sign to go for it. As soon as she starts leaning in she see’s Nicole’s eyes flutter shut and her lips tremble. Anticipation builds up in her too for it’s been some time since Hayley has had a successful date and this is clearly a success. Their lips are tantalizingly close, Hayley can smell the margarita on Nicole’s breath, when a phone buzzes loudly on the bar, startling both of them. Nicole lets out a frustrated sigh, snookered again, and Hayley leans back. She knows she has this woman right where she wants her and will get what she wants either now or later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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