A Mother’s Pride Ch. 02

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In theory the days that followed that first night of fun – by which I mean my introduction to the weird wired world of incestuous fucking – should have been full of guilt and self-recriminations.

What sort of loving mother would delightedly spread her legs to welcome her beloved son’s cock into her hot, wet pussy? How could such a woman climax so much as her boy filled her with his teenage spunk? Why wasn’t she running, screaming to the nearest sexual therapist?

Well, no matter how I tried to conjure up all the negatives, my answers to those three questions were resolutely: a) This sort of mother, b) with intense delight, and c) because she felt that it was right. Wrong but right.

No matter how I attempted to cast the whole incident in a negative light, I just couldn’t. Especially as Matt and I just couldn’t leave each other’s bodies alone and the sex – every time, and there were many, many times – was totally fucking awesome. I climaxed more often in the first forty-eight hours than I had in the previous forty-eight weeks. Possibly the previous four hundred and forty-eight weeks.

My little boy had certainly grown up and yet his lack of knowledge of the finer details of sexual relationships was a surprise on many levels. To be sure, he knew exactly what to do to make my eyes light up and to set off small explosions of ecstasy in all my right (and wrong) places – with a tiny bit of prompting – but some of the basics were a mystery to him.

One example came to light on the very first morning when he limped, naked, into the kitchen to find me at the sink, also naked, washing a pill down my throat.

“Seasick, ma?”

I turned and smiled at him, the very act of letting him see my nudity in daylight sending a shiver through my belly, “Given the amount of rocking that went on last night I should be, but no, that was a morning-after pill.”

“I really want to know what one of them is, but I also want to know if everything we said last night was still true.”

“Second part first, then,” I was rather curious myself, “The answer is yes, as far as I’m concerned, and I rather thought that me standing here letting you gawp at every inch of my naked flesh might have given you the response.”

He breathed an over-dramatic sigh of relief, “I was so hoping that’s what you’d say. Really, though, are you feeling ill?”

I laughed, “Very much not, although a tad sore – and before you ask, yes you can kiss it better – but the tablet? That’s because I’m not actually on the pill and I really don’t want to become the mother of your son – and brother. I somehow think that any protection you might have got laying around didn’t get a chance to be used last night.”

“There wasn’t much time for thinking about condoms,” he nodded, “Should I go get them now?”

“If I say ‘no’, don’t get the wrong idea. They’re pretty much necessary for you in this day and age if you don’t want to get a girl pregnant and don’t want to catch anything. We’re different. I’m going to start taking the pill again which will kick in after a few days so pregnancy is not an issue, and I happen to know the results of our latest blood tests so, since you were still a virgin before last night, and since I’m clean, there’s no worries there.”

“So… you mean we can still… do it again… like last night?”

“You mean, are we going to fuck again – bare-back – then I hope so. Do you still want to?” It was a fear that had been creeping up on me ever since I’d woken with him by my side – the fear that he might not want to carry on.

“Yes! Oh, ma, yes!” He laughed with what I could tell was a relief borne of his own fear about very the same thing, “And I swear I’ll keep my promise! No one else will ever know, I’ll go to uni when I have to and… what was the other one?”

“Trust you to forget about a lesson!”

“Less- Oh, you mean a lesson in love-making rather than just…”

“Fucking, yes.”

He smiled, suddenly sheepish, “Yeah, ma, I want that too.

I held my arms wide to accept a hug and Matt closed the distance between us in a flash, “Oh, Matty, here’s lesson one. For a start, you can’t make love to someone if you don’t love them – properly love them – and I have the strongest feeling that we’ve got that one covered. And before you start on lesson two, you need to know that lesson one has a caveat, so take your hands of my bare butt,” the feel of his hard cock pressed into the flesh of my belly was becoming a serious distraction, “Patience, my Matty.”

He shrugged and stepped back, “I’m not sure I can wait long, but I’ll try.”

“The caveat,” I smiled, “Is that loving someone means you have to get to know their likes and dislikes, and this particular lady – well, female – likes to have a coffee before she does anything else in the morning, okay?”

“I guess I can wait that long, even though you look so good like that, so sexy.”

I’m not sure that a naked woman is supposed to have enough reserve to blush, but I confess I did colour a little at my son’s words of praise. “Sweet,” I managed, canlı bahis “And if you help make the brew, I think that maybe we can soon take care of that gorgeous erection you have there.”

Matt was overjoyed and his eyes flicked around the bright kitchen, before settling back on my nakedness with open desire in his eyes, “Before I grab the coffee maker, can I just say something?”

I really did need the coffee, but I was now intrigued by what my boy might say, “Make it fast.”

“Ma, I was gonna say… in this light it’s almost as exciting as the first time I saw you… saw your body… saw your tits and pussy… And you really are so beautiful.”

“Aesthetics as well as lust,” my mind loved the first of those things, my body adored the second, “Thank you, angel.”

“Are you sure you need that coffee?”

I snorted a laugh, relieved to feel the new tension shatter, “Yes!”

Matt dashed over to the cupboard where we kept the coffee machine when I wasn’t working at home, and then busied himself with the grinder. I fetched two mugs and the sweeteners – I’m not carrying any spare fat and intend to stay that way until Mother Nature decides otherwise regardless of my refusal to add sugar – and was ready long before the machine sat bubbling on the counter.

I stood watching it, my hands either side of its hissing bulk, willing it to get a move on. I needed the coffee, that was true, but as sore as it was, my pussy wanted more. Matthew was struggling to maintain his control as well and before the final hisses told us that the coffee was ready, he moved up behind me, close enough that I could feel the hardness and heat of his engorged cock touching my bare butt.

I didn’t move, but said softly, “Later. Soon. Be patient.” I’m not really sure who I was talking to by then.

“Ma, would you believe me if I told you that I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen?”

“One of the thirstiest,” I said, still not moving, blushing at the compliment, now trying to distract both of us, “And anyway, aren’t I the only woman you’ve seen like this? In the flesh, I mean.”

“I didn’t mean just like that…” His hands rose to cup my bare breasts from behind, “Sure you’re gorgeous this way, but I meant even clothed.” He laughed softly, “Now, though, I can’t find room in my head for anything else but you and me together.”

That was a really big compliment and it was that, more than the delightful hands on my breasts, that completely distracted me, “Oh Matty! That’s so sweet… No, so lovely.”

His hands drifted away and I felt a pang of stupid loss, re-doubled when I felt him take a step back. I was about to protest when I felt the heat of his hard cock return, lower, and then his knees pressed into the backs of my legs. My mind screamed something unintelligible at me as I realised the tip of that hard cock was seeking comfort from my wet womanhood.

I could tell he’d never tried to do anything like that before and his aim was too far away to penetrate me. It should have given me the escape that was right and proper. But my body didn’t want to know.

“Matty! That’s so naughty!” I splayed my legs slightly and reached down and between them grasping his eager cock, “No son should ever try to fuck his mother from behind here in the kitchen…” I positioned him in line with my aching opening, “Like… THIS!”

He pushed forward as I pushed back and the tip of his cock parted me, a moment’s resistance dissipating as my pussy opened to welcome him back inside me.

Even as I wailed my delight, my son grabbed my hips, “I’m sorry, ma, I tried to wait, but… you’re just too hot!” His hips began to rock.

“You’re a bad, bad… gorgeous boy!” I pushed back to meet every one of his thrusts, his cock sliding deeper each time, “Bad… but… oh fuck, yes!”

One of his hands circled under me and he pinched at a nipple, tugging it hard in the way that I had shown him turned me on so much, his heavy balls now slapping the back of my thighs.

My moans grew louder, “Oh, my Matty! I know I shouldn’t let you bend me over and let you bury that fucking gorgeous dick in my hot, wet mummy cunt, shouldn’t let you pull at my mummy tits…” I gasped for air as his pace increased, “But I’m not ever… ever… ever going to say no to you fucking me like this.”

He was already gasping for air as well, “I love fucking your…mummy cunt. My mummy’s cunt.”

“Oh fuck yes,” I pushed back even harder, “And is my baby boy going to fill his mummy’ cunt with his hot cum?”

“Every…” he gasped, “Last…” Both hands now moved to my tits and yanked at them, “Drop!”

I reached down again and grasped the root of his cock as he slammed its length into me again and again. I thought for a second my own climax would desert me this time but I felt that cock start to swell and it fired a million neurones deep in my belly, “Oh fuck, Matty! Cum in me then!”

“I have to! Ma, oh fuck ma!”

The first wave of his cum buried itself deep inside me and I wailed as my own climax thundered through me, bahis siteleri “Matty! YES!”

“Oh, ma, oh mummy, oh fuck! All my cum for you!”

And each time my boy spurted, a brutal wave of orgasm made my muscles spasm uncontrollably, “F… f… fill me!”

It went on and on, and no matter he’d cum in me countless times during the previous twelve hours, and it was now happening all so fast, he really did fill me up all over again.

After however long we took to finish climaxing, Matthew’s cock slipped from me, gravity and circumstance combining to shrink him enough, even as I tried to hold him inside me. I missed his cock immediately – shockingly – but I knew he’d be back very soon. I turned to face him, my legs shaking.

“I thought I said ‘wait’?”

“I tried but I couldn’t.” He shrugged.

“I should tell you off, but honestly? I’m glad you couldn’t wait to fuck me again.”

“Every time I look at you I want to do it again. Is that normal?”

I glanced down at his penis, not quite flaccid but a long way from hard, “At the start of a relationship there’s always more sex, but even so… you’ve been a busy boy.”

He shrugged again, “I just love everything about it. Especially that sound you make when you cum.”

I laughed, “Back in the day – a long way back – one boyfriend called me wolf-girl. You sure your ears can handle that?”

“Yeah, ma. Like I said, I especially love that sound.”

“Well I guess we’ll call that a lesson – my wolf impression means you’ve made me climax, okay?”

“I want to hear that a thousand times.”

I stared into his eyes, “At this rate you’ll reach a thousand howls before the end of the month.”

“I really can keep doing it then?”

I nodded, “We both know it’s not really right, don’t we? But I’m not going to stop you.” Something in my brain tried to shout a warning but I ignored it, “Maybe you’ll hear two thousand howls before you go off to your books.”

“What if I don’t-”

“Matty… Matthew… When this new relationship lasted one second it was already longer than I ever thought possible. Ever thought about, even. But that promise you made – we made – still stands and always will. You will stop this, and you will go off to university when the time comes.”

He offered me a wry smile, “But until then?”

I stood straighter and offered him my open arms, “Until then I think I’m yours.”

Matthew moved into my embrace and we kissed, just like lovers do, “Only ‘think’?”

“Time will tell, my lovely son. But right now, it’s a firm ‘yes’ and I’m just glad we didn’t discover how hard it is not to start in on each other before we went to the supermarket!”

He laughed softly, “Does that mean I get out of shopping duties because you might not be able to trust yourself?”

I swatted his arm playfully, “Nice try, son of mine, but you are still going to help me carry the bags. And,” I added, turning away from him, “I really need that coffee now.”

Behind me he grunted what I took to be assent, then added, “I guess I need a shower now, anyway, but ma? I think it’s gonna be hard being apart from you even for a few minutes.”

I filled a mug with the much-needed coffee, smiling, “That’s a good idea but you’d better get used to a few minutes alone every now and then. Right after this drink I’m heading up for a long soak in my own bath – and before you say it, I mean alone. This time, anyway.”

To my pleasant surprise, Matthew headed out of the room, pausing just long enough to kiss the top of my head as I sat at the kitchen table and say, “Good plan, ma.”

The he was gone up the stairs and I was alone for the first time since my reserve and common sense had shattered into thousands of well-fucked pieces the night before. I sipped at my drink, waiting for the regrets and self-recriminations to start, ready to prepare for a long bath accompanied by self-flagellation and plenty of teeth-gnashing. Nothing.

Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t upset that no sense of total wrongness settled over me, but it surprised me. Last night – pretty much all night long – I had been fucking my own son, and his cum was seeping out of me as I sat there with my coffee right then. Sure, he needed to understand more about the whole sex thing, and sure, I had a duty to make sure he didn’t wander out into the big wide world in ignorance of many things… but what we had done – and were going to continue doing, I guessed – was so bad in so many people’s eyes. So why was my underlying and most insistent reaction one of such deep delight?

You might not believe this, especially after what I’ve told you so far, but I had never thought about Matthew in any sexual way before. Not once. I wasn’t – and am still not – a slutty type, dropping my knickers faster than an Essex girl drops her aitches, and it’s true I can be very intensely sexual (although to be fair on that point, on the vast majority of occasions it had happened to me in the past I’d been alone!). The past few hours was so unlike me.

As much as I almost wanted to bahis şirketleri feel like nature’s worst creation ever, all that sprang to mind was how absolutely fantastic it had been with my son’s cock buried deep in my pussy. And with that self-truth came the knowledge that even the world’s best lover’s cock would not have felt as wonderful as Matthew’s, my son’s. The very fact that we were mother – bad mother, naughty mother – and son heightened the joy.

Bad? Certainly. Fucking brilliant? Definitely.

I didn’t rule out the possibility that feelings of extreme guilt might be waiting for me around some dark future corner – maybe when my fuck-fest hangover cleared as surely it eventually would – but for now I was feeling just fine. Better than fine.

I drained the rest of my coffee and stood gingerly, wincing a little at the soreness between my legs. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had sex-induced delicacy in my female parts but it had been worth it. I set the mug next to the machine in advance preparation for a post-bath refill and headed up to my room.

I have my own little bathroom en suite and as much as I had enjoyed the unexpected intimacy with Matthew, I was grateful to have somewhere I could retreat to for a few minutes alone. As much as I was discovering that I was actually enjoying the new naughtiness with my boy you must remember that I was resolutely single, and had been for many years. Being one half of a sex-mad couple was new to me – almost as new as it was to my boy, come to that. I was used to being alone for long periods every day, even when my erstwhile rather taciturn son was in the house, and that morning I felt especially over-crowded by the one extra person.

I ran the bath and added some apparently ‘soothing and relaxing natural bath oil’, although quite how anyone thought that Sapphire and Rose Petals were relaxing (or a natural combination) was beyond me. Settling into the rather warm bath – very warm in one area – I lay back and tried to clear my mind.

There are no magic relaxation techniques for me, mainly because I can normally switch off from the tensions of a normal day with just a sigh when immersed in bubbly water, but that morning my head remained full of thoughts of son and sex. I wasn’t suddenly dreaming of a whole new future and some Disney-like magic life stretching away ahead of us, and I knew that the summer would pass and he would go off to his new studies and a whole new life of his own. I wanted that for him more than anything else – but I also knew I wanted to share his body and his lusts between now and then.

For the first time, I guess, I was suddenly wondering just how much fun we could have together and what naughty adventures we could share – beyond the sheer naughtiness of the taboo relationship we had started. I was only thirty-seven which might be almost ancient to some – even, maybe, to Matthew himself – but I was in my sexual prime, and not so far ahead of my son in that respect.

I was pretty sure that Matthew wouldn’t yet have a clear idea of what fantasies he might like to try out and perhaps didn’t even know all of the possibilities that lay before him, despite the internet, but I had a few of my own that he might like to share… I almost shot straight out of the bath in shock when I realised that the fantasy idea had brought the heat of arousal to my belly. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. This was going to be a summer filled with fun – and a mother filled with her son.


Whilst neither my bath nor Matthew’s shower seemed to have calmed our lustful nerves, we both felt refreshed – and hungry. I started to make us both a late breakfast and was delighted – and not a little amazed – when Matthew lent a hand.

“I never realised that all I needed to do to get you helping me out here was to let you fuck me,” I told him.

He nearly choked on a slice of toast before bursting out laughing, “Ma!”

I shrugged and grinned, “Don’t worry. It’s worth it.”

“That’s true,” he said when he’d got some control back, “What’s it worth if I wash your car?”

“Now that,” I giggled, “is something we can negotiate. But,” I added, pushing him gently back from where he was trying to cuddle me, “not until after we finish the food!”

I had imagined during my long soak that my appetite might betray my hidden inner turmoil but to judge by the way I wolfed down the food and guzzled more coffee, nothing could be further from the truth of the matter. I put it down to the fact that I had burned more calories in the previous few hours than I had in the past few months – and believe me, although I am not one to boast, I was as fit is the proverbial cliché.

As good as his word, or at least as good as he was told to be, Matthew let me finish my food in peace and even displayed his own heightened appetite by adding a second helping of everything to his already teenage-sized portion.

By the time we had finished and washed up – something I managed to persuade Matthew to help me with despite the fact that we were both now dressed (him in his trademark shorts and t-short and me in a pale blue, rather short, summer dress and panties) – my mood was light to the point of playful. I sat back at the kitchen table and motioned for my son to sit opposite me.

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