A Mother’s Lust

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Shea Garcia stood in front of the mirror admiring her strapless evening dress. The pert mother with porcelain skin and rich, shoulder length chestnut hair puckered her lips and applied a fresh coat of ruby red lipstick.

Her makeup was flawless. Arching an eyebrow, she flashed a mischievous grin at her sexy doppelganger. It had taken a frustrating amount of time finding the perfect outfit, but it was worth it. The 39-year-old housewife looked downright irresistible wrapped in tight maroon satin that molded to her hourglass figure like a second skin. She fussed with her cleavage, struggling to keep her 34C breasts from spilling out.

It had been months since her last date, and even longer since she’d been properly fucked. That was what made tonight important. The heels of her sleek black pumps clicked on the tile as she stepped back and sprayed a mist of her sexiest perfume. A seductively sweet vanilla scent overtook the room. Her pussy moistened. She steadied herself on the counter, suddenly weak in the knees.

“Easy girl,” she murmured.

A bang from downstairs snapped her back to reality. bets10 It was her son Aaron’s 19th birthday, and he was throwing a party. In a moment of stupidity, she had given him permission to invite a raucous group of teens into the house. Lately, her mind had been stuck on autopilot. The cold spell made her irritable, constantly horny and bitchy. Just a couple weeks ago, she spouted off at a neighbor for blocking the driveway with their car. When she realized the vehicle actually belonged to her son’s bimbo girlfriend, Amy, Shea was mortified.

Humiliated and fuming, she marched straight to her son’s room. As she approached, the noise emanating from behind the door stopped her in her tracks. Her stomach lurched as she processed the unmistakable sound of squeaking bedsprings and a cadence of slapping flesh. High-pitched, feminine squeals penetrated the walls.

Nudging the door open a slit, Shea let out a startled gasp as Amy sank onto a massive cock as thick as a security baton. Her son’s hands grabbed the sides of his girlfriend’s waist as Amy bounced and impaled herself.

Shea didn’t know bets10 giriş what to do. Her eyes casually locked onto the manhood trunked between her son’s legs. How had it grown so much since puberty? She couldn’t help but observe with fascination. She’d seen enough penis in her time to recognize the exceptional ones. The thick veiny tube, glistening with precum and cunt juice, disappeared into Amy’s hungry snatch over and over. Shea couldn’t help but admire the vigor of youth. She felt a deep itch in her pussy as it flooded with carnal desire. She blushed but couldn’t look away, nostrils flaring at the masculine musk in the air. She cupped and squeezed a tit through her summer blouse.

“Harder!” Amy screeched startling Shea.

She shut the door to Aaron’s room and sank to her knees. Her panties were soaked, and her clit was on fire. After a breath, she snuck to the master bedroom to finish herself off.

Shea had trouble getting Aaron’s cock out of her mind. She caught herself checking for an indent of bulge through Aaron’s pants or finding reasons to walk into his room without knocking. bets10 güvenilir mi His slutty girlfriend was one lucky skank.

Opening a private browser late at night, Shea was shocked by the internet’s affinity toward incestuous content. She scrolled through hundreds of stories just like hers, reading comments that stoked her wickedest thoughts.

“Remind your son you’re a sexual object and he’ll be hooked.”

“Tease him till he develops a fetish.”

“Make him forget about any other women.”

Shea shut her laptop, slid it across the sheets, and rolled over to finger herself through a mind-numbing orgasm.

The next morning, she ditched her normal wardrobe, and donned sluttier apparel whenever her son was home. Plunging necklines with no bra, short skirts, hot pink nails. She was constantly touching up her hair and makeup, lotioning her legs, and wearing sheer nighties to bed. The concerted effort had an effect. Shea noticed Aaron making less eye contact, sneaking glances at her chest, and blushing whenever she kissed him on the cheek, which she did a lot.

Sara descended the staircase. It was time for cake. That night, when his friends left, she would fulfill Aaron’s wish… Kissing him through any doubts, she imagined him fully seduced, face stained with his mother’s love and lipstick as he pumped her full of his seed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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