A Mother’s First Spanking

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“Leave me the hell alone!” Joey thought as he listened to his mother bitch about him not having his room picked up and his dirty clothes ready for the wash.

“Do you hear me? are you even listening to what I’m saying?” Nancy yelled as she entered his room again and started grabbing his shirts and jeans that had been strewn everywhere.

“Yes, I hear you.” He answered not looking away from his computer monitor.

“Turn that stupid game off and look at me when I’m talking to you.” She said throwing a dirty t-shirt at her son.

“Damn it mom!” Joey yelled facing her now. “I’m not playing a game, I’m studying for finals.”

“Well, look at me when I’m talking to you.” she repeated.

“I’m trying to study. I’m 21 years old. Stop throwing shit at me.” Joey said becoming frustrated.

“This may be your apartment but I’m still your mother.” Nancy told her son as she tossed his boxers at him.

“I’ve had enough of this shit.” Joey bellowed snatching up the underwear as he stood from his chair.

Nancy recoiled a little then lifted her chin and tossed back her shoulders to face her much taller son.

“I don’t care about the god damn laundry right now, I’m trying to pass finals here damn it!” He shouted as he stood over her.

At that moment, and without even realising what she was doing, Nancy slapped her son hard across his face.

“You bitch!” Joey yelled as he grabbed her wrist and pushed her back onto his bed. “I’ll teach you to hit me.” he told her as he twisted her arm behind her back and shoved his boxers into her face.

“Let me go damn you!” His mother screamed as she squirmed to free herself.

“You need to learn some manners bitch.” Joey said releasing her arm and grabbing a hand full of his mothers long brown hair.

Realising his mother was well beyond reason now he leaned forward onto her to pin her to the bed in order to keep her from getting up.

“Let me up you mother fucker.” Nancy ordered as she wriggled beneath her sons weight.

She could smell her sons scent as he pressed the boxers into her face and was surprised by the realisation that even in this state of heightened anger she could still be aroused by a mans scent, even that of her own sons.

“I know what you need bitch.” Joey said canlı bahis as he slid around to one side, hooking his leg behind hers and pinning them beneath his thigh as he continued to hold her head down by the hand full of hair he’d grabbed.

“Let me up!” Nancy yelled as she struggled to no avail beneath her strong son.

“You need a good spanking.” he told her as he tugged her shorts down to expose her firm round ass.

“What are you doing? Stop it!” Nancy screamed as her son ran his hand over her ass. “You’re gonna learn a lesson here.” Joey said as he pulled her thin panties from her ass. “I’m your mother, you can’t do this!” Nancy said as she squirmed in an effort to free herself.

“No, it’s time you learned your place.”Joey told her as he ran his palm over her smooth ass cheek.

Nancy gasp as she felt the first stinging smack from her sons big hand.

“Owe! Damn it Joey!” She cried as the second smack stung her even more than the first.

“You’ll learn-wont-you?” He asked as he delivered the next three smacks.

“Ungh! please!” Nancy cried out.

“Are you starting to get the message?” Joey asked as his hand rested against his mothers now reddened ass cheek.

“Damn you” Nancy growled through gritted teeth.

“Not yet huh?” Joey said as his palm slammed down on his mothers bare ass once more.

“You mother fucker!” Nancy screamed as the pain shot through her.

Joey pulled her up so she was now on her knees with her face and chest pinned to the bed. Thus giving himself access to her other ass cheek.

“It may take a while but you’ll learn your place.” He told her as he began to smack her ass, first one cheek then the other.

A loud cry escaped Nancy’s mouth with each slap. On the tenth slap Joey let his hand rest on his mothers reddened ass cheek.

“Are you ready to apologise yet?” He asked.

“Fuck you!” His mother retorted renewing her struggle to free herself.

‘Not yet huh?” Joey said as he tightened his grip on her hair.

“Let me up damn it!” Nancy yelled. Whap, whap, whap came the next three smacks.

Nancy moaned with each slap and bit into the pillow to try to keep from crying.

“Now, you will apologise and promise to not throw things at me again.” Joey said as he gently bahis siteleri caressed his mothers now very red ass cheeks.

“You were ignoring me.” Nancy whimpered softly.

“I was trying to study Mom. And you’ve been getting a little crazy lately.” he told her as he continued to caress her sore ass.

“well maybe so but that gives you no right to spank me. I’m your mother.” she said quietly.

“Yes, you are my mother. But I am the man of this house and I make the rules here. You need to learn to be a good girl. Do you understand that now?” Joey asked her.

Nancy nodded.

“Good. Now lay flat on your stomach and I’ll rub some lotion on you. You will be sore for a while but the lotion will help.” He told her.

Nancy did as her son told her. As she lay there waiting for him to return with the lotion she realised to her utter amazement that she was soaking wet. “Oh my god! She thought. “How did I get so wet?” she asked herself. She’d never been spanked before and had not believed the stories about it being an arousing experience.

“Was it really the spanking? It had to be. But from her own son?!” Nancy thought.

“Oh god, am I some kind of immoral slut?” she wondered.

“I’m sorry I had to do that Mom but It’s time we set things straight and you learned how things are gonna be around here.” Joey said as he sat next to her on the bed and began to apply the lotion to her firm ass cheeks.

“Do you understand mom?” He asked when she hadn’t responded.

“Uh huh” she murmured nodding her head.

Nancy was in a bit of a fog. She could not believe what had just happened. Her son, Her own son had just pulled her shorts and panties down and had given her a spanking. A serious spanking!On her bare ass! Not only that but she thought she kinda liked it.

No one had ever spanked her before. Not as an adult. Her head was awash with different emotions now as she lay on her sons bed, her shorts and panties still down around her her knees as he rubbed lotion into her burning ass cheeks.

“Oh god! What’s wrong with me?” She asked herself realising she was enjoying her sons strong hands as they massaged her rear end.

She felt the warmth growing from deep within her body. Somewhere she’d long forgotten existed. She’d never realised bahis şirketleri she could get so wet.

As his hands kneaded her flesh Nancy felt his finger tips slip between her ass crack occasionally and shivers would run up her spine. Joey’s hands felt heavenly Nancy thought as she melted beneath his caress.

“I could get used to this” she thought as she involuntarily spread her thighs a little, hoping he’d move his attention to other parts of her anatomy.

Joey noticed his mothers legs part ever so slightly. “Ahah, I’ve got you now, just a matter of time.” He though to himself.

“Are you ready to apologise now?” Joey asked.

“Mmmm, huh? What?” Nancy muttered as her sons voice brought her back to the here and now.

“I said, are you ready to apologise now?”

“Oh, yes. Yes I am.” Nancy answered, snuggling his pillow and inhaling his sent from it.

“Well?” Joey said, lifting his hand from her ass.

“I’m…I’m sorry for throwing things at you. It wont happen again.” She told him.

“Good. Now, you finish getting the laundry together and I’ll finish this paper I’m working on. Then we’ll go out to dinner.” Joey said seating himself back at his computer.

“That sounds like a plan.” Nancy answered as she pulled her panties and shorts up, having waited till her son had his back to her to get up from his bed, afraid her wetness would be obvious to the world.

As she walked out of the room, Nancy felt her juices running down her inner thigh.

“I can’t believe I almost had an orgasm.” She thought.

Once she’d gotten the laundry going Nancy freshened up and began to dig through her closet for her little black dress, the one she was usually nervous about wearing as it seemed to be a bit too revealing. For some reason she felt she needed to look her best tonight. She wanted to look her best…for her son.

“Oh, panties” she thought, realising she’d forgotten to put on any underwear. She dug through her dresser drawer and found her sexy black lace french cut panties. “Not that he’ll see them but I’ll feel more attractive” she told herself. Looking at herself in the mirror Nancy decided she wasn’t all that bad for her age.

“He’s your son Nancy!” She reminded herself as she checked herself out in the mirror. Trying to imagine how Joey would respond if he saw her naked like this.

“No, he’s much more than just my son.” She thought as she pressed her fingers firmly against her pouty pussy lips.

(To be continued.)

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