All For Mary Ch. 2

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Jill and I occasionally go to a club in the next town, it’s not exactly a gay club, but if people are seen with a same sex partner it doesn’t cause a scene. We often saw men dancing together and kissing, same with women, so Jill and I were able to have a night out dancing and carrying on with out bringing to much attention to ourselves.

We talked about going this one Saturday, Mary heard us talking and asked if she could come too. Well, Jill and I thought she might spoil our fun, but we said okay. Mary came round to my house that Saturday afternoon, Jill came round soon after, we all began getting ready to go out.

“What do you think I should wear?” Mary asked. “Well, there’s that new pink skirt you bought last time we were in town, you will look good in that,” I answered.

“That’s a good idea,” she said, “I can wear white stockings, shoes and blouse with it”.

We, as always, took ages before we were ready to go, what with the make-up and everything else. I had a short black dress with black stockings and shoes, Jill wore a short light blue dress no stockings or tights. Wendy looked a picture in her pink pleated skirt, white blouse and stockings. Jill had called us a taxi and we were soon leaving the house, we got to the club about 8 o’clock.

We went in and got some drinks at the bar and went to the far end of the club, like always. We found we were able to enjoy ourselves better, with out being too conspicuous. We sat along the seats against the back wall, with a table in front of us and watched a few people dancing. Jill went to the bar and got some more drinks, when she returned she and I got up and had a dance. We stayed on the dance floor for the next record, Mary came and joined us, and we were all dancing and getting into the swing of things.

As the night wore on the club filled up and we had some other people sat at the tables around us. Jill, Mary and myself got up to dance quite often, we were getting a little drunk and having a good time. Jill and I went and had a slow smooch together to a slow record we kissed a few times holding each other close. We went and sat down afterwards, we were getting a few looks from the three women sat to our right. They were all a bit older than me, perhaps getting near to forty, two had dark hair both were a dressed in trousers and shirts, the other one was fair-haired and wore tight fitting jeans and a tee-shirt. One of the dark-haired women got up and came towards us as we were all dancing and asked if she could join us.

We nodded, and she sort of danced looking at Mary most of the time. Jill and I exchanged glances and smiled at each other as we saw what was happening. Jill and I went and sat down, we left Mary and the other women on the dance floor. A slow record came on and the women took Mary’s hands and began to dance close to her. Mary was unsure a first, but soon joined in and they danced quite close. Then they parted, and Mary came and sat back down with us.

I looked at Mary and threw the noise of the music I asked, “Well, did you enjoy dancing with her.”

She smiled and nodded her head. A short while later the other dark-haired women came over and whispered something in Mary’s ear, she got up and they danced together. We watched the women put her arms around Mary and pull her in close, she was nuzzling onto Mary’s neck, she didn’t seem to object. Jill leaned over towards me, “What do you think of those two?” she asked.

“Oh, let them get on with it, we can watch and see what happens,” I answered. I pulled Jill towards me and we had a long kiss, mouth to mouth. When we parted I looked up to see what was happening with Mary. The women had a arm around behind Mary I could see her hand was placed on Mary’s ass as they continued dancing. Mary seemed to be enjoying herself, I watch and the women’s hand would occasionally squeeze Mary’s ass, she did have a fantastic ass. I saw them talking a fair bit.

Mary canlı bahis and her dance partner eventually parted and she came and sat with us again. “She has asked if we would all like to go to a party they are have after the club shuts a 12 o’clock, what do you think?” she asked me.

“Yes, I’m game for a party,” I answered. I asked Jill and she nodded enthusiastically. So Mary went to the next table and sat by the women she had just been dancing with. She was on the far side so it was difficult to see them as this end of the club was always quite dark. I kept watching them from time to time. Mary had a another drink, bought her by the women, I saw her hand on Mary’s thigh pushing her shirt up, in the darkness I could see Mary’s white stocking tops and white suspenders. The women turned to the other dark-haired women and said something, she to looked at Mary, and then watched as the first women slid Mary’s skirt up even higher.

They both looked at Mary’s white panties, I watched and was getting quite turned on by what I saw. The women leaned in towards Mary and kissed her full on the lips, Mary didn’t seem to mind at all, in fact the opposite, she seemed to be returning the kiss. The women’s hand was sliding up between Mary’s thighs and I watched as she opened her legs a little and was stroking the front of Mary’s panties. I was enjoying watching them when the big lights in the club came on to signify it was kicking out time. I looked over to see Mary hastily pulling her skirt down to hide her stocking tops. We all left the club and met up outside. We got introduced to each other, the dark-haired women were Tina and Carol, the fair-haired one was Amanda. They lived quite near so we walked to their house, it was a big terraced place with three floors, they all shared it, apparently. We went in and we were soon all drinking more lager, Tina had put on some music and was dancing with a can in one hand.

Carol took Mary’s hand and led her to the middle of the room and they began dancing as well. Amanda went and joined them, then Tina to joined in. Jill and I watched as Mary seemed to be the centre of attention. Jill put her arm around me and we were soon kissing passionately, Jill placed a hand on me left tit and squeezed it gently pinching the nipple, I looked up to see if anyone was watching us, they were all still dancing and taking no notice of us at all. Jill led us over to the far corner of the room and we sat on the floor. Jill slid a hand into the top of my dress and started play with my tits, I had no bra on, we were kissing again our tongues entwined. She soon had me lying on my back and she was lying beside me. I looked up to see what was happening, Tina was dancing close up to Mary, her arms were around her, one hand was in the middle of her back and the other had slid up under her skirt and was rubbing Mary’s panty-covered ass.

With Jill and I lying on the floor we had a good view of Carol who was dancing behind Mary, she took hold of Mary’s skirt at the back and lifted it up high and she too was rubbing and kneading Mary’s ass. Tina and Carol left to go and get more Lager and beer, Amanda, in the tight jeans sat Mary down on the sofa, in the middle and she sat next to her. Mary looked quite drunk but no doubt happy. Amanda put her arm around Mary and leaned towards her, she was talking but in a low voice, I was not able to hear what she was saying. Her hand went to Mary lips and traced the line of her bottom lip then down her chin and rested on the top button of Mary’s white blouse. We watched as Amanda undid the first button, Mary placed her hand on top of Amanda’s, to try and stop her but it was a feeble effort. Amanda kissed Mary long and hard on the lips and continued unbuttoning the blouse. She opened it wide exposing Mary’s very full white bra. Carol and Tina came back with the drinks, Tina came over to us and gave us a can each, “Are you all right down there, we seem bahis siteleri to have been ignoring you both,” she said.

“We are fine,” Jill answered, “You seem to be having fun with Mary, she is rather sexy isn’t she.” We all looked around, Amanda had managed to get Mary’s blouse of and was sliding her shoulder straps of her bra down off her arms. The top of the bra cups became loose and Carol, who was now sat on the other side of Mary, reached over and hooked the bra cups down. Mary ample tits were exposed to admiring looks from everyone, Carol took one and Amanda the other and were soon squeezing them and pinching the nipples.

Mary’s head was tipped back over the back of the sofa, her eyes shut moaning softly. Tina left us and went over to join in playing with Mary. Jill and I were very turned on by what we were watching and we went back to kissing. Jill soon had my dress up around my neck she was sucking on my tits and her hand was inside my panties doing delightful things to my pussy and clit. She got onto her hands and knees and straddled my head, she was soon positioned with one knee either side of my head and I was looking up her dress. She had no panties on, her lovely pussy glistened with moisture as she lowered herself down and I loving licked up and down her pussy savoring her sweet juices. Her head was between my thighs, I felt her hook my panties to one side, I could feel her hot breath on my pussy, then she licked my clit and sent delightful shock waves through my body.

We were oblivious to the others and we were soon giving each other fantastic orgasms, after a while we had to have a break. We sat up and looked over to see what was happening, Mary’s blouse and bra were lying on the floor, her panties were nearby Amanda, on Mary’s left, had her left leg tucked up behind her, Carol had done the same on the other side of Mary. Her legs that wide apart, her pussy lips were gaping open, Tina was licking her lips, sat on the floor in front of Mary. She lowered her head and licked and sucked on Mary’s pussy. Mary was soon writhing around as Tina’s tongue drove her wild with pleasure, Carol and Amanda were playing with her tits, Amanda was kissing her wildly shoving her tongue down Mary’s throat.

With all the attention she was getting, Mary was having numerous and very noisy orgasms. It seemed the more she got the more she wanted. We watched as they changed over a few times taking it in turns eating Mary’s pussy. One by one they all got undressed, Amanda was the first to stand on the sofa in front of Mary, She held her pussy lips open and slowly sat on Mary’s face. She soon got the hang of it, we heard Amanda reach a noisy orgasm her legs shuddering as she came over Mary’s face. She got down and we could see Mary’s face was covered in juice, Carol was next to sit an her face to get the treatment, she raised and lowered herself onto Mary’s mouth and tongue.

Tina was eating Mary’s pussy her tongue was flicking across Mary’s ass, making Mary sigh heavily, Tina seemed to realize how sensitive Mary’s asshole was and concentrated on it. Jill got between my legs pushing them wide apart and over on top of me, lifting my ass off the floor a little. Jill then began tonguing my asshole just like Tina was doing to Mary, it was gorgeous, she had her tongue as far up me as it would go, the feeling was delightful as she flicked it around inside me. She removed her tongue and replaced it with a few fingers skipping them in and out fucking my ass as she resumed her assault on my clit, god she was good. I was on another planet.

After a while we changed positions, Jill lay on her back and as I pushed her legs apart I looked up as Tine came into the room with an enormous rubber dildo in her hands. It was about 14 inches long and very thick with quite a domed head on it, we watched, fascinated, as she smeared cream around the head a down the shaft it was flopping about a bit as she rubbed it bahis şirketleri up and down Mary’s pussy then she slowly started to push it in. Mary shrieked as the head stretched her pussy lips wide then slowly entered her, inch by inch she slid it in Mary hips were gyrating as it’s head reached her womb, way over half it’s length was inside. Tina then slid it slowly in and out fucking Mary with it. The huge dildo was soon sliding in and out smoothly, we could hear the squelching noise as it went backwards and forwards.

I buried my head in Jill’s sweet pussy and sucked her clit, she was gone, I brought her to many heights, before we rested again. Mary had now moved Carol was sat on the sofa Mary was kneeling on the floor with her head buried in Carol’s pussy. Amanda was behind Mary shoving the dildo up and down Mary’s stretched pussy. Tina was pushing two cream covered fingers up Mary’s ass. Then Amanda pulled the dildo out of Mary’s pussy, I could see the gaping hole it left, then I saw her push the head against Mary’s asshole, she twisted and pushed it at the same time, Mary screamed as it stretched her ass wider and wider. Jill and I thought she would not be able to take it, but we were surprised as Amanda slowly worked it inside, Mary’s ass lips were stretched tightly around the shaft of the dildo as it was pulled back out and then pushed slowly back in. Mary was sucking in large amounts of air as Amanda began moving it faster in and out.

The lubricated monster was sliding in and out quite easily now Mary’s ass had expanded to the enormous size. Jill and I continued to watch as Amanda continued to ram it in and out, giving Mary’s ass the mother of all fuckings. Amanda was alternating between shoving it up Mary’s ass then her pussy, Mary was giving Carol pussy a tongue lashing, ever so often shrieking as another orgasm over took her. Jill and I dozed off in each others arms.

When I woke, the sun was streaming through a gap in the curtains, Jill was still asleep her head on my shoulder. I glanced over Mary was curled up on the floor her knees under her chin sleeping soundly, Amanda and the others were nowhere to be seen, I surmised that they must have gone up to bed. I woke Jill slowly and then I pulled the curtains, Mary’s ass was lit up by the morning sun. Both Jill and I looked in amazement – Mary’s pussy and ass had been stretched that much it was impossible to tell were her pussy ended and her ass began. It looked like one long, clean shaven, bright red gash, she will be sore when she wakes up, I thought.

I shook her gently, she stirred and opened her eyes, it took a little while for her to realize where she was. “Oh! my head,” she said, “I think I have a hang over, OW! other parts seem to be sore as well”. She gingerly rubbed her pussy and ass. All she had on was her white suspenders and stockings, and they were all twisted and dirty at the knees. We helped round up Mary’s clothes that were scattered about the room, we watched her slowly get dressed. She put her bra on and tucked in her lovely tits, then her blouse. She straightened her stockings and pulled on her panties, her pussy looked very swollen and red, then she fastened her pink skirt. Then we left the house, I watched as Mary slowly walked along the street. “Did I get a fucking last night from those girls? I seem to remember a big dildo,” she asked.

Jill answered, “Mary dear, you got fucked in pussy and ass by the biggest dildo, we didn’t think you could take it, but you did. You seemed to love it too.”

Mary looked a little sheepish, “Did I make a fool of myself last night?” she asked.

“No,” I answered, “You just had a good night out that ended in you getting a good shagging, that is what a good night out should be”. We managed to get a taxi back home, it was about 9 o’clock when we got to my street.

Mary walked slowly up the road to my house. “I can’t go home like this, my mum will kill me, can I stay for a while, have a bath maybe?” Mary asked.

“Of course you can,” I said putting my arm around her and guiding her into the house. Mary smiled and said thanks, well she needed a good rest after all that, didn’t she?

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