After-party at Angelo’s

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I lit a cigarette and opened the zipper on my leather jacket. The April evening was warmer than I had thought. The street was busy with cars going back and forth and several of my student buddies walked by and waved at me.

“Hey good looking, do you want a ride?”

I turned to the soft voice and saw my girlfriend inside the convertible Audi. Liza was what every man wants, or at least what the men on campus wanted. Smart, rich, good looking and she had the personality of a saint. Add a pair of beautiful boobs and an ass that could crack a walnut and you had yourself a dream girl.

“Hi, baby,” I said as I jumped over the car door and landed perfectly in the seat.

“Show off, you should use the door like normal people do.”

“Just drive, honey.”

She put the car in gear and it shot forward like a racehorse. It was the S4 model and it was a dream of a car. My own shitty Chevy was parked outside my dorm. Liza’s dad had bought her the car when she turned twenty-five and she loved it.

“Where are we going I asked?”

“Everyone is going to be a Ding’s.”

“Okay, Ding’s it is,” I said and leaned back in the soft leather car seat. Liza wasn’t much of a drinker so she often was the designated driver when we went out, which was great for me because I liked my beers and shots.

Liza and I had been dating for over a year. We had met in a class we took together. I don’t have much going for me except for my looks. I come from a poor part of a Chicago neighborhood and the only reason I could go to college was because I had a wrestling scholarship. My grandparents emigrated from Yugoslavia sometime in the late twenties. After skipping a few generations their DNA came out in me, making me well over six feet tall, broad-shouldered with a strong face and a slightly too big nose. Women love it and me, but ones they find out where I come from and that I ate with my elbows on the table and talked with my mouth full they quickly dump me, but not Liza. She took it upon herself to teach me table manners, how to sit and walk right, how not to use swear words as adjectives and how to dress.

She basically invented a new and improved Dragan, which is my name. I liked the new me but my family thought I had become a sissy. I laughed it off and ignored them. They were not in college and didn’t have to deal with the people that I had to. I had only met her parent’s ones, and that went pretty well considering. Liza introduced me as her special friend and her dad gave me a look like if he wanted to place a doubled-barrel shotgun up my ass and pull the trigger. Her mom, a very good looking woman in her late fifties gave me one look and said to her daughter that I was the best-looking man she had ever had the pleasure to meet. So, fuck her dad, I had mommy on my side.

When we walked into Ding’s heads turned. We make quite the couple. I am dark and big, she is blonde and slim. I wore my leather jacket, a white t-shirt and designer jeans with boots on my feet. Liza had a red dress that some would call too short for polite company but which I loved. It hugged her body like a second skin and showed off all the curves she had.

“Get us a drink, I’ll say hi to some of the girls,” she said and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Liza only drank one thing, Mimosa’s and only two per night. I didn’t like them but who was I to complain. I ordered one for her and a vodka tonic for myself. As I waited for the drinks I spotted a guy who I knew on the other side of the bar.

I waved and he came over. “What’s up Dragan?”

“Nothing much, I came here with Liza but she is over there talking to some friends.”

You lucky bastard, I still don’t know how a poor slob like you could land a woman like her.”

I patted his shoulder and said, “Gregg, my friend, you will never understand because you don’t understand women. It’s not about the money or the pedigree, it’s how you treat them.”

“Right, and you are the perfect gentleman?”

I laughed and drank from my drink before saying, “I don’t kiss and tell.”

Gregg smiled and then said, “Are you going to the after-party?”

“Who’s holding it?”

“Who do you think, Angelo of course?”

“Fuck, I wouldn’t miss that, I’ll let Liza know.”

“Cool,” he said and wandered off to see some friends at a table.

I looked over to where Liza was standing with her friends talking and laughing. I still had her drink next to me but I didn’t feel like going over there and have to listen to the latest gossip. Instead, I ordered another drink and sat down on a bar stool.

And that’s when he entered. I swear to God when Angelo walked through the door the world stopped and everyone stared at him. He has that kind of effect on people. He had shown up on campus the previous fall and no one knew much about him. The rumors went from him being an Italian princeling to being the son of a mafia don. All we knew was that he was Italian, had a shit load of money and threw the best after parties the campus had ever seen.

He was adored by the women and respected by the guys. He drove a red Ducati casino siteleri Monster and you could hear him miles away when he was coming. He dressed impeccably, and even though he was over thirty he could party with the best of us. No one had ever seen him drunk, but we all knew he drank a lot, especially red wine, that was his thing.

“Hello, everyone,” he said and opened his arms.

There was a collective “Hello Angelo,” from the crowd.

He spotted me at the bar and walked over to where I sat. “Dragan, my big Yugoslavian, how are you? I expect to see you and that lovely Liza back at my place later on.”

I shook his hand and said, “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“Good, that way I can get a chance to steal your woman,” he laughed and gave me a hug.

“Bartender, a glass from my bottle,” he told the barman who took down a wine bottle from a shelf.

“You have to stop with the vodka, Dragan. Wine is much better for you.”

“I can’t stand the stuff, it gives me headaches.”

“That’s because you drink the cheap shit. This bottle is only four hundred and it will not give you any hangovers.” He poured himself a large glass and slowly sipped from it.

“Ah, that is good,” he said and smiled at me. Then he continued, “I think the lovely Liza wants your attention.”

I turned and saw her waving at me and making signs that she was thirsty.

“Got to go, Angelo, I’ll see you later.”


“He has an after-party at his place,” I told Liza after giving her the Mimosa.

“Cool, I am up for it.”

“What’s the latest gossip?” I asked her when we had walked away from her friends.

“Oh, the usual, mostly about Angelo.”

I laughed. “That doesn’t surprise me, what is it with that guy and women.”

She closed her eyes and said, “You would never understand.”

“Try me.”

“It’s hard to explain. He isn’t very good looking, his hair is thinning and he is a lot older than most guys on campus. I think it is the mystery of who he is mixed with the way he is so nice to everyone. Did you know he gave a guy five thousand so he could fix his car? He just gave it to him, no questions asked and it’s not the first time I hear that kind of story. Amy just told me that one of the professor’s in the art department needed some things for his classes. The Dean refused to buy it so Angelo gave the professor a check.”

“Wow, and that makes him so wanted by women because he gives money away?”

“No stupid, it’s that he doesn’t think about himself first, he worries about others and that makes him a good person which is a turn on.

I couldn’t help myself when I said, “so, you would sleep with him?”

Liza gave me a sideway look. “Well, if I was single, I would.”

“Lucky me you aren’t.”

She looked around and when she saw that no one was watching us she stepped closer and grabbed my cock through the jeans. “Yes, lucky you, I also happen to love the way you fuck me and how your cock tastes in my mouth.”

“I love it when you talk dirty, baby.”

“I know,” she said and kissed me while letting go of my now erect dick.

As the evening moved into night Liza and I we sat at Angelo’s table where the whiskey shots and vodka shots ran wild.

There were about ten of us around two tables and most of us were drunk. Only Liza was sober and Angelo, even though I knew he had done several shots seemed untouched by the alcohol.

“Shall we retire to my place?” he said.

“Sure,” we all answered as one.

“Are you okay, honey?” Liz asked me as we walked to the exit.

“Yeah, why shouldn’t I be?”

“You are drunk.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll be fine. Anyway, ones we are at Angelo’s I will lay off the booze and drink water.”

She raised an eyebrow and said, “Are you sure? I want you to fuck me when we get back and if you are wasted then your cock don’t work.”

I laughed and kissed her on the cheek as I opened the car door. “Don’t worry, baby, I will fuck you the way you like it.”

“You better, because I am really horny.”

I got into the car and before she turned on the ignition I said, “would you prefer that we went back to my place and we got in bed?”

She thought for a second and then said, “No, I can wait. I want to see Angelo’s place again.”

I leaned back in the seat as the car shot forward. My head was spinning a little, and I promised myself to drink only water.


Angelo lived five blocks from the bar in a small house by himself. It had a neat garden and a brown wood fence around it.

When we arrived his bike was already parked in front and a few other students were getting out of their cars.

I had been to Angelo’s place twice before and it never stopped to impress me. The guy was so fucking neat. Everything was in its place and the house didn’t have a speck of dust on any flat surfaces.

The living room, which was the largest room in the house had a black leather sofa and several comfortable chairs around a low table in some expensive looking wood. The kitchen had new canlı casino modern appliances including a double door, floor to ceiling fridge and freezer.

I opened it and gave Liz a soft drink and took one for myself. Angelo came up behind us and when he saw what I was drinking he said, “Dragan, why don’t you have a real drink or some wine?”

“Sorry, I promised Liz no more alcohol.”

He turned to her and gave her a harsh stare. “You are his master? Is he your bitch?”

Liz laughed and put an arm around me. “Sometimes, maybe, but don’t tell the others.”

Angelo laughed and left us alone. When he was gone, I said, “Wow, thanks for that. Tomorrow the entire campus will know that you boss me around.”

She kissed me on my cheek and said, “well, I do sometimes, don’t I?”

I couldn’t help laughing, she was right, but she never bossed me around in bed. She would let me know what she liked but never tried to be in charge, she was quite submissive which I liked.


A few hours later it was only Angelo, Liza, me and one other guy left. The others had gone home. I decided to have one more soda before leaving but needed to visit the bathroom first.

When I came back the guy had left and it was only Liz and Angelo left. They sat next to each other giggling and whispering. I smiled and went into the kitchen and brought back two cans for me and Liz.

“What are you whispering about?” I said.

Liza looked up at me and said, “Angelo has told me his biggest secret.”

I sat down and opened the two cans and after giving one to Liza said, “and what is that?”

It was Angelo who answered while spreading his arms wide. “I am bisexual.”

I coughed and some of my drink ran down my chin. Using the back of my hand I wiped it off and then put down the can.

“You are kidding, right?” I said.

“No, my Yugoslavian friend, I like to suck cock, just like a woman.”

“Bullshit, I don’t believe you.”

“Ah, you want proof, take yours out and I will show Liza how it’s done.”

“I don’t think so; I am as straight as an arrow.”

My blue collar family did not like gays and I had been told since a young age that gays and lesbians were not God’s children but a blasphemy. As I grew up I learned that it was all bullshit, and I had several people that I called my friends who were openly gay. Of course, I never told my parents or siblings about this, or they would have denounced me as their brother and son.

Angelo drank from his wine and then said, “It has nothing to do with being straight or gay. It is like wine, sometimes I like white and sometimes red, it depends on the day.”

“C’mon, Angelo, it can’t be that easy. You can’t turn off and on your feeling like a switch,” said Liza.

“It has nothing to do with feelings, pretty girl; it has to do with sex. Sometimes I like the softness of a woman and sometimes the hardness and roughness of a man, it is that simple.”

I sighed, this was huge. Everyone on campus looked up at Angelo as the biggest conqueror of women since Casanova and here he was telling Liza and me he liked cock. It was hard to accept.

“When did you realize you liked men?” I asked.

“I don’t really know. It all happened after I was watching a porn movie a few years back. I sat there with my wine glass watching a girl sucking a guy and I found myself wondering what it would be like, so I decided to try. I knew a guy who was bisexual so I called him and told him what I wanted. He was at my house in no time and let me suck him off.”

“And you liked it?” said Liza with doubt in her voice.

Angelo looked at her. “You should know, or don’t you go down on Dragan?”

Liza flushed. “Sure, I do.”

“I thought so, with lips like yours, it would be a waste if you didn’t. Anyway, after that time I was hooked, so whenever I feel like it I go to a gay bar and pick up a guy.”

Ah, that explains it, you don’t meet guys from around here,” I said.

“Never, I have an image to keep up,” he said with a grin.

“Well, I think it’s great that you followed your curiosity, and I am sure there are many guys who would like to but don’t dare,” said Liza

“What about women, don’t they have the same curiosity,” I said.

Liza nodded. “Yes they do; in fact, I know several here on campus who has tried it.”

“Really, who?” I said. What normal guy doesn’t like hot chicks getting it on?

“I won’t tell you, but you know some of them.”

I began to rattle off names but Liza sat there shaking her head so I gave up.

“What about you Dragan, have you never thought about trying cock,” said Angelo.

“Never! I love pussy too much.”

“But you do realize that a cock is much more fun to play with than a pussy.”

Liza leaned forward. “How do you mean?”

Angelo drank from his glass before he spoke. “Think about it, what does a pussy actually do? Nothing really, it becomes wet, and that’s about it. A cock, on the other hand, it becomes hard, it goes flaccid, the cock head comes out from the foreskin, you got the balls kaçak casino to play with and when that juicy pre-cum appear you can lick it off.”

“Oh God, stop, you are making me horny,” said Liza and laughed, then continued, “but I see your point.”

“I don’t, pussies are soft, warm, they taste good, and you can suck on the clit,” I said.

“It’s not the same thing, Dragan, you will never understand until you try,” said Angelo.

“Which I never will,” I answered.

We all laughed and then I saw how Liza became serious. She sat in thoughts for a minute and then said, “Honey, how much do you love me?”

Angelo looked at her and then at me and shrugged his shoulders.

“You know how much I love you, baby. I would kill for you,” I said.

“No need for that, but you could give Angelo a blowjob.”

My jaw dropped and Angelo had a big grin on his face. “Sounds wonderful,” he said.

“Liza, what is wrong with you? Have you been drinking?”

She shook her head, “no, but hearing how Angelo explains it and having sucked cock myself, I think you should try it.”

“I am not gay, or bisexual.”

“I know, stupid, I meant it as a life experience.”

“No, I won’t.”

Liza sighed. “Listen to me, all I am asking is that you open your mind a little, okay. It is not the worst thing in the world.”

“What if asked you to be with a girl, and lick her pussy, would you?” I said.

“Yeah, maybe I would.”

Oh shit, I thought. That was not the answer I had expected. This was becoming complicated. I had no intention of sucking Angelo’s dick, but the idea of watching Liza being with another woman, that was something I would love to see and join in.

I had sobered up since we had arrived and as I sat there my mind began to flash images of Liza with another woman and I couldn’t really deny the fact that watching Liza licking pussy would be the best thing in my life. Was it worth going against everything I believed in? I didn’t think so, but on the other hand, who would know? Angelo wouldn’t say anything.

“Can I get that in writing?” I said.

“What thing?” she said.

“That you will eat pussy if I suck cock.”

Angelo laughed so much that he spilled some wine on his shirt. “You two are funny; you sound like you are negotiating a business deal. C’mon, it’s only sex, don’t take it so serious.”

Liza took a pen from her purse and ripped a piece of paper from a pad. Then she scribbled something and gave it to me. “Read that.”

I cleared my throat. “I Liza promise to lick pussy if my boyfriend sucks cock.”

“Wow, that is so romantic,” said Angelo and laughed again.

“So? Do we have a deal?” asked Liza.

I squirmed a bit and then sighed. “Fine, but I get to pick the girl, all right.”

“Sure, if you know any hot bisexual or lesbian girls.”

“Shit, I don’t.”

Liza laughed and said, “Don’t worry; I am sure I can find one when the time comes.”

“Stop with the talking, and let’s have some fun,” said Angelo and stood up.

Before I had a chance to stop him he had pulled down his pants and stepped over to where I sat, his semi hard cock dangling between his legs.

“I got to see this,” said Liza and moved so she was sitting sideway next to me. Then she looked at me and raised her eyebrows. “There it is, get to it, baby,” she said.

I stared at the cock in front of me and felt little pearls of sweat form on my brow, my hands were clammy and my mouth was dry.

“C’mon, it was a joke, let’s go home,” I said.

“No, no, you agreed to do this if I was with a woman, so man up and suck his dick,” she said, her voice had that horny sound to it I knew so well.

“Yes, Dragan, it’s easy. Just open your mouth and slide it in,” said Angelo looking down at me.

While he had spoken his dick had grown hard and it was quite a big one. The veins protruded along the shaft and I saw that he shaved his pubic hair. The balls hung heavy at the base and the cock head gleamed in the soft light.

To my surprise, it was Liza that made the next move. She put her left hand on my neck and then she grabbed Angelo’s cock in her right. She pushed me down until my lips touched it.

“Now open wide,” she said.

I have jerked off since my teens and I know how it feels like to hold my own cock in my hand, but I had no idea the cock head was so soft. Not only that, it was so warm when it touched my lips.

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, Liza pushed down and before I had a chance to change my mind Angelo slid all the way inside.

“Wow, that looks so hot,” said Liza next to me.

She had let go of my neck and I could see from the corner of my eye how she leaned in for a better look.

“What do I do now,” I said, my voice muffled by the shaft.

“Move your head up and down to start with.”

“Like this?”

I bobbed my head up and down a few times.

“Careful with the teeth,” mumbled Angelo.

“Yeah, just like that. If you jaws begin to ache, just suck on his head, and lick it.”

To my surprise, there was really no taste, but Liza had been right, it didn’t take long before my jaws were hurting and I had to stop going down so deep. Instead, I did what she had suggested and sucked on the head while twirling my tongue around it, like she did on me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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