After All These Years

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This is a fictional story involving a fantasy, which needs to be shared with others. I love the idea of exciting people with words and erotic thoughts. If you feel the need to touch yourself while reading this, please do and enjoy it. Know that my thoughts are with you when you release. If you feel like communicating with me, please do, please share your own fantasies with me.


Earlier in the year, my wife and I separated and I moved back east to start over again. One of the things I had wanted to do for so many years is get back in touch with my old friends. I arrived in my hometown, got a good paying job, bought my house and reestablished old acquaintances.

One night, while out at a club with some friends, I ran into a person I had not seen since junior high. Marshall and I had been friends from the third grade up thru the eighth, and after a brief experimentation with him, we avoided each other and had never spoke another word.

I had just ordered a drink at the bar and turned to my right to catch a glimpse of a gorgeous woman walking passed me. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Marshall. At first, I did not recognize him, and just passed it off as someone I thought I knew. I got my drink and headed back to the table. All of the sudden I heard “William?”

I turned and finally figured it out, “Marshall!” We shook hands and stood speechless for a few seconds. I broke the silence first.

“It’s been . . . what, seventeen years?”

“I don’t know how long it’s been, all I know is I can’t believe this!” He said.

We both laughed, and I invited him to join my friends and me at our table. He quickly agreed and we made our way to the group. I introduced Marshall to my work friends, and sitting in the corner of our two tables, Marshall and I quickly began catching each other up on our lives. Within twenty or thirty minutes of me ignoring everyone else at the table, they all began to check out, chiding me for ignoring them.

Marshall and I stayed at the bar until closing; we didn’t do as much drinking as we did talking and laughing about the old times. When all the lights were turned up, we decided to head to a nearby restaurant to have some coffee and continue catching up.

“It’s wild,” he said, after we sat at the table. “A few years ago, I heard that you were married, and living out west.”

“I was married and living out west. The problem, was that my wife was living out west with me; but she wasn’t married . . . at least you wouldn’t think.”

I told him of my failed marriage, and that my ex-wife had been sleeping around. I admitted that I had not been the most attentive husband; and that I needed the slap in the face of a busted marriage to grow up. “I figure being back home and living alone would help me to figure out who I am; and help me change what needs to change.” I added. Marshall and I continued talking in the restaurant until the morning sun began to crest on the horizon. It was Saturday morning, and neither of us had to work.

“Do you have any plans for the weekend?” I asked.

“No plans but sleeping the day away, since I’ve been up about twenty-four hours now,” was his reply.

“Well, my house is only about two miles away from here. If you want, you could crash there. I have an extra room set up for visitors.” I offered, “You’ll have your own shower and it will give us a chance to continue this.”

“Hmmm, sounds like a plan.” Then, “Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do this weekend. We could get some beer, and steaks to cook on the gill. I’ve got a pool table, and lots of excellent music.”

With that, we left the place and he followed me to my house. Once inside, I showed him his room and the bathroom. I got some clothes for him to wear, as we are pretty much the same size, I left him, and heard the shower turn on within seconds of shutting his door.

I headed to my room, took a shower myself and was soundly a sleep within minutes of my head hitting my pillow.

At about 3:00, I was slightly startled by a movement on my bed. I opened my eyes to find Marshall sitting on the side of the bed with two cups of steaming, hot coffee in his hands. I also noticed that he was only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of MY boxer briefs.

“I hope you don’t mind me wearing your underwear, but I didn’t want to put my own back on,” he said boldly.

I replied, “Are the clean?” We both laughed as I took a cup of coffee from his hand.

Marshall left the room as I got up and got dressed. I walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen to find him facing away from me at the stove. canlı bahis He was cooking something, and the whole house smelled of onions and other good things.

I could not help but stand at the doorway and watch him as he prepared the food. Marshall and I are the same age, 32, he stands about six feet; his brown hair is cut medium-short, and sports a serious tan. Like me, Marshall is in decent shape; but neither of us are gym rats. His long legs are covered dark hair, and he looked positively sexy wearing my boxer briefs and t-shirt. This is where I break from the story, to tell you about me, and the story of Marshall and I, and what happened between us some seventeen years ago.

I am a normal man, brown hair, medium build with sparse body hair and, well . . . just a normal person. I am not gay, and the idea of being bisexual is not new to my thoughts, but I have never really been worried about what my sexual orientation was. I guess, if I were presented the opportunity to have sex with a man, I would probably act on it. However, that opportunity had never presented its self, and like I said, was not too worried about it.

We had been fifteen years old, and were spending the night together, as we did so often. While we were in our sleeping bags, we began talking about the girls we knew, and our stories (or lies) about our sexual activities with those girls.

Mostly, we were getting horny and trying to torment each other. Well, one thing led to another and we soon found ourselves outside our sleeping bags, naked and stroking each other.

At one point, my mouth ended up on his erection and we eventually found ourselves in a sixty-nine. We reached orgasm, only to squirt onto each other; we cleaned up, got back into our bags, and went to sleep.

After that night, we never spoke again. It was sad, but at that age, and the taboo surrounding gay sex, I know I was feeling very regretful and guilty about what we had done. I could only guess that Marshall had the same feelings.

However, standing at the door and gazing upon my friend’s body years later, I found that I had no regrets at all, about what we experienced. I just did not know if we would ever take that chance again, but I was beginning to understand that I wanted to!

“Are you staring at me?” Marshall asked, and I was shaken from my thoughts to find him leaning against the counter, arms folded and a great big grin on his face. I think I blushed for a second or seven.

“Ummm, well . . . I was just thinking that I was glad we ran into each other last night, and that I’m glad we have a chance to regain our friendship.” I weakly replied, and then, “So . . . yeah, I guess I was.”

“That’s okay I kind of stared at you from your bedroom door while you were sleeping.”

We caught each other’s stare and held it for a few uncomfortable seconds before I spoke, “I’m really hungry.”

His reply had us both snickering “Then you’d better fix yourself something to eat, I’m almost done with my breakfast.” He turned around and went back to cooking.

I grabbed a nearby towel, “oh really?” I asked.

“Yeah really,” he said.

I smacked his ass with the towel, and then we had a towel war for a few seconds.

We ate a fantastic brunch, lunch thingy. I don’t know what it was since it was so late. After eating, we went to the store for some steaks and the fixings for dinner. We bought some beer and a bottle of expensive Scotch. We stopped for a movie and then went back to my house.

I couldn’t believe how quickly we rekindled our friendship. Neither of us could stop talking about things that have happened in our life, good and bad. We went from serious, to joking, to seriously joking all the time. We were really enjoying the afternoon and evening.

Around 8:30 or so, I fired up the grill for the steaks, and sat down at the bar just inside the walkout basement of my house. We had a football game on at the bar.

Marshall was playing bartender and poured me a neat Scotch, he excused himself for the restroom and I sat there watching the game, sipping on my drink. I heard him reenter the room from the restroom, and was completely shocked when he stepped up behind me and wrapped his arms around my neck.

“I’m really glad that I’m here,” he said into my ear. His mouth was so close that I could feel his breath on my skin.

Instinctively, my hand lightly grasped his arm, “I am too, Marshall, we lost so much time for something so insignificant. I’m happy I found you last night.”

He stayed behind me, upper body pressed against my back and arms wrapped around my neck. His head was against mine, and I didn’t bahis siteleri mind at all. In fact, our closeness was making me flush, and I found myself wishing he would never let go. Then we smelled the steaks burning.

I jumped up, laughing, and went out to the grill. Marshall followed, and poured beer over the steaks as I turned them. We were silently staring at the steaks, and I spoke.

“What happened between us all those years ago, Marshall?”

“We had fifteen year old sex, and couldn’t handle it.” He said.

“What is happening between us now?”

“I don’t know, but I think I like it,” he replied.

I put the spatula onto the sideboard, looked at my friend and said, “no matter what happens we can’t stop our friendship this time.”

Marshall stepped closer to me, slid his arms around my neck and kissed me gently on the lips. “I want to be friends, and more for a long, long time.” His lips joined mine again, and this time, I kissed him back. My hands grasped his hips, my mouth parted I began kissing him as if we had been lovers forever.

We stood on the patio for a long time, kissing and whispering to each other. My hands wandered over his back and to the top of his ass. His fingers sliding in my hair, at times he brushed his fingers over my eyes, and my cheeks. Our bodies pressed together, our groins grinding, and our breathing getting more excited by the second.

He was the first to break our embrace, “I’m really hungry.” He said.

“I am too,” and with that, I stepped back into him. This time, my arms were around his shoulders, my hands on the back of his neck. I was kissing his cheeks, his eyes, and his forehead. He almost silently groaned with each touch of my lips on his face.

Marshall began giggling, “You’re really going to burn the steaks if you don’t stop.”

I released him and went back to the grill. The steaks were just slightly charred, but overall they were just fine. I took them off the grill, put them on plates and we went back into the house.

We sat mostly in silence, enjoying our food and stealing glances at each other. Every once in a while, one of us would reach out to touch the other’s hand, or tickle each other’s arm. We flirted a lot during dinner by eye contact and smiles. I guess we did not have to say anything. We both knew where we were headed, and both of us were more than okay with it.

After dinner, we cleaned up and went into the kitchen to do the dishes. I have to say, that was quite the chore! We stood side by side at the sink, our hands in the water, our lips together more often than not. During the entire time at the sink, I was more erect than I can ever imagine! I just knew that I was leaking and that my underwear was wet.

We finished the dishes in about 45 minutes, and went into the living room to watch a movie we had rented. Marshall put the DVD in the player, while I got us both a glass of wine.

When I returned, he was sitting on the couch with his legs crossed and smiling so sweetly at me. I sat next to him and handed his glass to him. As we watched the movie and talked about what was going on, we held hands and drank our wine.

I felt like I had been with Marshall for years, I felt natural and that we were experiencing a comfortable moment in a life long relationship. It seemed as though every few minutes, one of us was stealing a kiss from the other. However, about half way through the movie, the kisses became longer and more passionate.

After one particularly hot kiss, I took Marshall’s glass from him, sat it on the table along with mine and really attacked him. I turned on the couch and swung my left leg over him to sit facing him in his lap. My arms were once again, around his neck and my lips were on his. Our tongues danced, we moaned into the other’s mouth, and we both had difficulty breathing.

I felt Marshall’s hands all over my back and my ass as he grinded his crotch up into mine, I couldn’t help myself any longer. I moved my body back toward his knees to put some distance between us, and I reached down to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants.

As I reached into his pants and then into my boxer briefs that he was wearing, I looked into his eyes. “I am so happy to be doing this with you,” I said. His response was so sweet, “And I can’t believe that you’re finally doing this with me, in person and not just in my fantasies!”

I was so touched by his words, and as my fingers wrapped around his growing erection, I leaned in for yet another soft kiss from him. We broke our kiss, and his head went back to the couch as I fondled his manhood. I reveled in the softness of his skin, bahis şirketleri and the slipperiness of his pre come as my thumb slid repeatedly across the head of his penis.

We both knew we were past the point of return, and as I stood, Marshall followed me. We walked hand in hand to my bedroom. Once passed the door to the room, we were facing each other and taking turns removing the other’s clothing. Finally, we were naked, hard and standing there for the other to gaze upon.

Marshall was fully erect, and the head of his penis was even with his belly button. His shaft is thick and smooth, the head of his penis is wonderfully shaped, and I would say very large and he is cut. His balls are normal in size, and hang low from his body. He has a dense patch of pubic hair and I just loved everything I saw!

My penis is as long as his is, and cut, but not as thick. I leak a lot, so I was visibly wet while standing there for his inspection. I also have a lot of pubic hair, and my balls had drawn up close to my body, as I was cold in the air-conditioned room.

Marshall spoke to me very quietly as he reached for my waist to draw me near, “I can’t wait to feel your naked body against me.”

My only reply was to step closer and press my body to his as we began kissing. I loved his tongue in my mouth, as I felt his penis slide next to mine, and his pre come spreading across my belly I felt as though I never wanted his closeness to end. It felt so right to be in his arms, to give in to our passion for each other.

We were soon sprawled across the bed, our arms and legs tangled together, our body fluids mixing, our moans filling the quiet night air. Marshall laid on his back, and I on top of him. My legs were spread and our erections sliding together, grinding against each other with wanton desire.

I began kissing Marshall’s neck, licking my way over his shoulders and down to his nipples. My tongue circled his large nipple before I sucked it into my mouth. His hands were alternating between the back of my head, my shoulders and under my chest to pinch and pull on my nipples.

I continued kissing down the front of his body, and dipping my tongue into his navel elicited a coo from my lover and a smile from me. The tip of his penis was under my chin, and it seemed almost natural to dip my tongue into its slit, as I grasped his shaft, and lifted the head to my mouth.

I circled the head of his cock with my tongue, my saliva and his pre come coating his skin. I enjoyed the taste of that clear fluid very much, as my mouth opened and I slid him inside. Closing my lips and still circling his penis with my wet tongue caused his hips to slowly thrust upward, pushing himself into my mouth further.

His balls were in my left hand as my right hand stroked his shaft with every movement of my mouth. When I made my way up to suck on the head of his erection, I glanced into his eyes to find him watching me. He smiled and ran his fingers through my hair as I slid back down onto his shaft.

Within minutes, my lover was releasing himself into my mouth. I had never, until that moment, tasted another man’s orgasm, but I knew instantly that I would take as much of Marshall’s love as I could, and wherever I could.

We lay there, hand in hand for a long while. We chatted about everything, as we lie naked together. We had both gone flaccid, and it never donned on me to feel self-conscious in my nakedness. The only thing I felt was complete comfort and relaxation beside him.

When Marshall regained some strength, he released my hand and began to fondle my soft penis. His fingers played with the fluid that had leaked from me in my excitement, and within seconds I was hard again.

Marshall propped his body on his elbow, and took my erection into his mouth. He lifted his head a few times to drool his saliva onto my cock, and used his hand to smoothly cover my shaft with his spit.

“I’ve fantasized about doing this for years. I want to masturbate you first; we’ll explore other things later, if that is okay with you?”

“How could it not be okay?” I said, “That’s how we started, and if that’s what you want to do, I love it already.”

His mouth found its way to mine once again, and with his tongue dancing with mine, he proceeded to stroke me. Marshall kissed my lips, my neck and my nipples as he gave me the most incredibly seductive hand job. It didn’t take long at all for me to explode onto my stomach. After my orgasm, Marshall used his mouth to clean me, and we finished with another kiss.

We fell asleep under the covers. All night, we slept in various positions, but each position involved touching each other. In the morning, we awoke and made love, but that story will appear shortly. Suffice it to say, Marshall and I are falling in love, and are beginning another chapter in life together.

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