A Woman’s Decision Ch. 01

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I live happily in Queensland, Australia with my little puppy dog. My partner lives in New Zealand and will be coming to live with me in the near future. I recently disclosed my bi-sexual tendencies to him and he encouraged me to explore them, so I created a profile and advertised on the Internet for a female lover. The story of my first time can be found here entitled “My First Woman” Since then, there have been a few adventures………


A Woman’s Decision: Part one

“Are you so bloody stupid and blind that you can’t see she makes a play for you?” Peter yelled at me as he stormed out the door, “Go to hell” I yelled back. Yet again, we’d had another one of our arguments about Paula.

I sat back wearily and wondered how had this gotten so out of hand? Peter had always been an insanely jealous man, directing his jealousy at anyone that paid any sort of attention to me, but he was especially jealous of my best friend and confidant Paula.

I had always admired Paula, she was a woman in her own right, knew what she wanted to do in her life and got on with it. Sure, Paula had problems in her life, who doesn’t? I thought to myself, but Paula always seemed to come out on top of it all with a smile for everyone. How I wish I were more like her I mused with a sigh.

Several months ago, Paula had told me that she was an active bi-sexual, and had been for the previous twelve months or so. Paula’s partner Jack was very supportive in her quest to discover her sexuality, which made her life a lot easier for her. Paula had explained to me that Jack was very much a part of her other life, sometimes he just sits back and watches, other times he takes part, she said it had enhanced their sex life immensely.

I had made the big mistake of telling Peter. Oh yes, Peter was fine with watching porn movies with two women making love, canlı bahis şirketleri looking at magazines of naked women in various positions, threesomes, in fact he is very much like every other man out there, finding it very erotic and getting turned on by it all, but heaven forbid if his wife had a friend that participated in any of that stuff! Fucking whores he calls them.

I sat back and started to wonder if Peter was right? Has Paula been making a play for me all this time and I haven’t noticed it? Until today, that is. Wasn’t it Paula’s idea that we went into the lingerie shop and try on some of that stuff?

I was looking through the racks of the nightwear selection, seriously considering buying something daring and sexy. Our third anniversary is coming up soon, I thought, this could make for a good night with Peter.

I heard Paula behind me saying, “Come with me, I have found some good stuff for us to try on” “Yea ok, let’s see what you’ve found” I replied heading off to the changing rooms with her.

“You have got to be joking,” I laughed. Paula was holding up a little black thong with a black bra and, with some coaxing from Paula, I thought, why not?

I automatically removed my clothes, including my underwear; Paula had seen me naked before so I wasn’t embarrassed at doing this in front of her. She handed me the thong first, “Hmmm not too sure about having a small piece of material up the crack of my ass” I said, trying to adjust the little piece of sheer material that was covering my bare pussy. Paula never said a word to me as she handed me what I would loosely call a bra. I slipped it on; I was trying to adjust my breasts to fit into the small amount of material as Paula hooked up the back.

Standing back a step I looked into the mirror. I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. There was a small tuft of hair escaping canlı kaçak iddaa over the top of the thong and the sheer material of the bra just covered my nipples, giving my breasts the appearance of being full and firm again, reminding me of when I was 18.

Still looking in the mirror, I glanced over my left shoulder and looked at Paula. Her eyes were transfixed on my pussy, “You right there, you old perv” I laughed, “Why don’t you just shave off that little bit of pussy hair you have there, there is nothing nicer than munching on a cleanly shaved pussy” she said.

I could feel myself getting slightly embarrassed at the thought of another woman eyeing up my pussy so, as casually as I could, I just replied with, “I wouldn’t know, would I?” “Ever thought about it?” she asked very casually, “Yea once or twice over the years, especially watching some of those movies that Peter brings home occasionally, but to be honest, I have never thought about it very seriously.”

Paula took a few steps closer to me, her hands gently cupping my ass cheeks. Leaving her right hand where it was, her left hand worked forward, around and down to my pussy, down in between my slightly open legs. I just stood there dumbfounded; eyes fixed on the mirror watching her fingers slowly disappear.

As she pulled her fingers up again, I felt her fingernail scrape through the sheer material all the way along my pussy lips. She did this several times before she slipped her fingers inside my thong, slowly parting my pussy lips and finding my clit. Very slowly she ran her finger around my hard clit and then down to my very wet opening. Without thinking I opened my legs a little wider to give her fingers more access to my hot cunt.

When Paula inserted several fingers, I could feel my inner muscles grab them tightly as she finger fucked me briefly. I rested my head back canlı kaçak bahis on her shoulders, turned my face towards her and she kissed me very gently on the lips. This felt wonderful, I was lost in a world of my own enjoying the feeling of Paula’s fingers; the smell of her perfume mixed with the smell of my juices was filling the little cubicle.

Time had stopped still for me momentarily, then without warning she removed her fingers. I was jolted back into this world without warning only to see Paula lick her fingers clean of my juices. Paula then whispered in my ear, “Give it some thought, I bet you will love it” and walked out of the dressing room.

I just stood there in total disbelief, not at what Paula had done, as nothing she does surprises me anymore, but at myself, and how I had re acted to the touch of another woman and for allowing myself to get so carried away.

Peter! Shit! What would he say if he knew what I had just allowed to happen? I saw the dark wet patch on the thong between my legs; my nipples had hardened and were pushing their way through the material. At that moment I actually loved what I was feeling and I knew I wanted more.

I removed the underwear knowing I had to buy it now; I couldn’t put a stained pair of panties back on the rack. I paid and met Paula outside. “Sorry love,” she said “I shouldn’t have done that to you, but you looked so bloody sexy in that outfit” I smiled at her and I could feel myself blush, wondering what she would say if I told her how I really felt.

Well lady, what now? I thought to myself. Just thinking about today’s events had made me wet again, was it the touch of another woman that had turned me on or was it because she was my best friend Paula?

Then there is Peter, how will he react to this? One thing for sure, I was not going to tell him what had happened today, and I know I couldn’t tell him what I was seriously considering doing, or could I? If I went ahead with this, without his consent, was I cheating on him? Or do I keep a secret life apart from my husband? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

To be continued………

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