A Valentine’s Date Ch. 01

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This is my entry into the Valentine’s Day story contest. It is a tale that takes place in the high fashion industry, and how love sometimes finds people in places and ways they never expected.


Sally Hemmings sat looking at the Valentine card that had been left on her desk before she arrived at work that morning. It was very beautiful and ornate, and smelled of La Vie Est Belle, her favorite fragrance. The envelope was pale lavender in color, and ‘Sally’ was written in darker lavender ink on the front in a feminine hand. On the front of the card inside, was the image of a single lavender rose, and inside, there was a verse by Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, printed in French script, ‘Entre deux qui s’aiment, nul besoin de paroles’, and in the same lavender ink that was on the outside of the envelope, written in the same feminine hand on the bottom of the card was, ‘l’amour est pour toujours’, and was signed ‘J’.

Even though her understanding of French was limited to two semesters in high school, she was familiar with the verse, and knew that it said, ‘Two hearts in love need no words’, and the handwritten note said, ‘Love is forever’. Her first thought was ‘It’s only February 8th, that’s a little early for Valentine’s day’. Her second was, ‘Wait, what kind of sick joke is this?’

You see Broderick, the man she had been in a relationship with for the last seven years, had just told her yesterday when he was removing his belongings from the apartment they had shared for five years, that he was going to ‘marry’ Albert, who had been his best friend since college. To say that she was heartbroken was an understatement. Just when she thought she had found the love of her life, she had discovered him in bed with the ‘other man’, walking in on them after a particularly stressful day at work, the previous week.

She looked at the card again, and held it up to her nose and thought, ‘This can’t be from a man. No man would spray expensive perfume on a card and send it to a woman with a romantic message’. Then she thought, ‘It must be from a woman, but why would a woman send me a Valentine’s Day card? Does someone have a girl crush on me?’

Then she looked at the ‘J’ at the end, and pondered, ‘Julia? Judy? Jennifer? Juanita?’ She shook her head and realized that none of those ladies wore the fragrance on the card.

Just then she caught a whiff of the very same fragrance as her boss walked past her desk. ‘It can’t be, she normally wears Joy’ Sally thought. You see, Jacqueline was the ultimate power-hungry business woman. Sally knew that she was in her late forties, but appeared to be in her early thirties. She was a blue-eyed blonde, tall and stately, at 5′ 11″, dressed to the nines, and always walked like she as on the runway of a fashion show. She acted like Meryl Streep’s character from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, and always referred to herself in the third person.

No one in the office had any idea what the big boss’ full name was. She always signed everything with ‘Jacqueline’ or just ‘J’.

About an hour later Sally was ‘summoned’ by her boss’s personal secretary. When she walked into the large office at the end of the hall, the secretary (and her friend Beth), motioned for her to enter the ‘Inner Sanctum’.

As she walked through the door to the inner office, Jacqueline motioned to a Chesterfield in front of her desk, without even looking up from the pile of papers in front of her. Sally complied, and finally, the older woman looked up, and addressed her, “Ms. Hemmings, do you have any pressing plans for the next three weeks?”

“Other than working for you Madame, nothing,” Sally replied.

Her boss smiled, looked directly into Sally’s eyes and said, “Wonderful, since our personal assistant has decided to abandon us at this inopportune time, we need to replace her.”

Pointing to a garment bag hanging on the coatrack by the office door, she continued, “You will be accompanying us on a three-week business trip to London, Paris, Barcelona, and Milan. You will only need to pack the essentials, because you will be wearing what is in the bag tomorrow at six when our driver picks you up at your apartment. The rest of your wardrobe will be provided for you, and be waiting at JFK tomorrow morning. Now please go home immediately, and make whatever arrangements you need to, because you will not be returning home until the first week of March.”

She picked up the receiver of her desk phone, punched a blinking button, and started talking to someone in French, as she motioned to the younger woman that she had been dismissed. Sally grabbed the garment bag and walked out of into the outer office. As she passed the secretary’s desk in the outer office, she stopped and asked, “What just happened Beth?”

Her friend Beth smiled at her and said, “It looks like you just won the lottery, Sally. Daphne got knocked up, decided to marry the baby’s father, and moved to California. By the way, you aren’t ‘involved’ with anyone, are you?”

When güvenilir bahis Sally told her she wasn’t, Beth stood, walked around the desk and whispered to her friend, “Have you ever been intimate with a woman?”

Sally blushed and whispered back, “Not since college, why?”

Beth whispered, “I don’t know how true this is, but last year at the office Christmas party when she was very drunk, Daphne let it slip that the boss had been a little ‘hands on’ with her on several occasions when they were alone together. Since you are going to be sharing a suite with her for three weeks, and if that sort of thing interests you, it might be a good career move for you to let her ‘have her way’ with you.”

Sally’s blushed, and excused herself, because she realized that her panties had just become very wet thinking about what Beth shared with her. After she dropped the garment bag off at her desk, she went to the bathroom, and took off her completely soaked bikini panties as soon as she was safely locked in the stall.

She held them up to her nose and fingered herself to an orgasm, thinking about what it would be like to be ‘ravished’ by the incredibly beautiful ‘Jacqueline’. She put her soiled panties in her purse when she calmed down, wiped herself as dry as she could with toilet paper, and went back to her desk.

Once there, she packed up her things, grabbed her coat and garment bag, left the office, and headed for the subway. When she got home to her apartment, she put her things away, went back into the hallway, and knocked on the next-door neighbor’s door. The building manager, Mrs. Wilson answered the door, and after Sally told the elderly lady about her upcoming trip, she was assured that her things would be looked after while she was gone.

When Sally got back to her apartment, she opened the garment bag, and admired the contents. There was a tailored charcoal grey business suit, a cream-colored silk blouse, a brightly colored silk scarf, and finally, an Agent Provocateur black lace bra, thong panties, garter belt, and silk hose. Next, she opened the shoe box in the bottom of the bag, and tried on the Michael Kors black pumps. She realized just then why her employment application had included so many personal questions that included her personal measurements and shoe size, as well as her favorite color, fragrance, and any food allergies.

She hung up the suit and blouse in her closet, put the lingerie and hose on her nightstand, and put the shoes on the floor next to her bed. She stripped out of her J. C. Penney’s suit, blouse, thigh high hose and bra, and took a shower. While in the tub, she got out her razor, and shaved her legs, underarms, vulva, and around her pucker.

When she was sure she had removed every offending bit of body hair, she dried herself, and spent the next half hour moisturizing every square inch of her body. As she looked at her nude self in the full-length mirror on the back of her bedroom door, she thought, ‘I look pretty good for twenty-nine’.

At 5′ 5″, and 118lbs, she was in excellent shape with her firm 34B boobs that barely needed a bra, 21″ waist, and 35″ hips. Her regular gym regimen, and weekly Yoga classes helped her keep her tummy flat, her legs toned, and her bubble butt noticeably firm. Her curly strawberry blonde hair that reached the bottom of her shoulder blades, green eyes, ghostly fair skin with a light dusting of freckles across the bridge of her nose, made her stand out in a crowd. However, most men would not even approach her because her shyness was seen as aloofness.

She put on an oversized tee shirt, fixed herself dinner, and ate while drinking the last of the bottle of Moscato she had in her refrigerator.

She set her alarm for 4AM, and climbed into her bed with her trusty vibrator, turned off the lights, and pleasured herself to sleep, as she imaged what her boss looked like under her beautiful clothes. She wondered, ‘I wonder how big her nipples are. I can tell her boobs are about C cups. She has a perfect round ass, but what does her pussy look like; hell, what does it taste like?’

As she was coming down from her second self-induced orgasm, Sally thought, ‘Why am I thinking about fucking my boss? I’m not a lesbian. Why am I assuming that she is? What if Beth is just messing with me and I embarrass myself by coming on to her? If I play this wrong, I could not only lose my job, but I would ruin my life. I need to play it cool and wait for her to make the first move.’

The wine finally helped Sally drop into a deep dreamless sleep, and when the alarm roused her at four, she was as confused as she was when she fell asleep. She made a pot of coffee, and ate two pieces of toast while she waited for the percolator to do its magic. When it was finished, she drank her morning caffeine fix.

After Sally washed the smell of sex from her body, she did her morning routine, teeth, nails, hair, makeup, before she dressed in the amazing outfit her boss had provided her with.

She türkçe bahis loaded her essentials and toiletries into her carryon, along with her phone, tablet, and chargers for both. She placed her driver’s license, work ID, and passport into the special side pocket of the carry-on bag she had purchased with her first paycheck from Jacqueline Inc.

She had only been standing at the curb in front of her apartment on 8th Avenue in Brooklyn for five minutes, when the big black Lexus pulled up in front of her. She recognized the company car by the crest painted on the door, and immediately climbed into the back seat.

Within an hour, Sally had been dropped off at the airport, checked in and received her ticket, cleared through security, and was sitting in a First-Class window seat next to her boss, who was sitting in the aisle seat, on a British Airways 787 Dreamliner, that was waiting in line for its turn to take-off.

Sally had flown many times in her life, and was completely at ease with air travel, in fact she was really enjoying the opulence of First Class (she had only flown coach or business class before). As the plane reached the end of the taxiway, and readied for take-off, Sally noticed her seatmate’s nervousness. When the engines revved up, and the plane started to move, her boss grasped her hand, tensed up, and started breathing rapidly.

As the plane’s speed increased, the grip on her hand tightened, and when the wheels left the runway, her boss let go of her hand, reached down under Sally’s skirt, and grasped her thigh just above the top of her stockings. She didn’t let go of her death grip on Sally until the plane leveled off when it reached cruising altitude.

Then the older woman seemed to relax and breathe more slowly. Sally noticed that the hand on her thigh was now gently caressing her bare skin, and moving closer to her thong covered vulva that was beginning to dampen. Sally felt a single finger slide under the tiny garment, and slip into her slit. Then it disappeared along with the hand it was attached to.

When Sally turned to look at her seatmate, she saw her boss with her right index finger in her mouth. Jacqueline had her eyes closed and was making a quiet purring sound as she sucked Sally’s juices from her finger.

Just as Sally was about to say something, the pretty blonde flight attendant appeared with a chilled bottle of champagne and two flutes. The young lady filled the two flutes and handed them to Jacqueline and Sally without saying a word.

After the flight attendant left, Jacqueline touched her glass to Sally’s and said, “Entre deus qui s’aiment nul besoin de paroles.” Jacqueline drank the bubbly down in one long swallow and smiled at her new ‘assistant’. Sally tried to do the same, but it took her two gulps. Before she could process what had just happened, the boss took her new assistant’s face in her hands and kissed her sweetly, teasing the young woman’s lips with her tongue.

Sally opened her mouth and her tongue joined the older woman’s as they enjoyed a passionate kiss. As quickly as it started however, the kiss ended, and Jacqueline became the stoic boss again, leaving Sally more confused than before. Just then the flight attendant returned to refill their flutes. After she left, Jacqueline whispered to Sally, “Sorry dear, we really shouldn’t do that in public.”

Sally was now beginning to understand what had just happened, and remained the quiet attentive assistant for the rest of the flight. Several hours later, as the plane started to descend, Sally noticed her boss was getting anxious again. She covered both of their laps with the blanket the flight attendant had been given them earlier. She reached under the blanket and grabbed her boss’ hand and pulled it between her legs.

When Jacqueline looked at her strangely, Sally whispered in her ear, “Relax, just slide your fingers inside. It will help you relax and make me feel good at the same time.”

The older woman smiled and silently mouthed, “Thank You.”

Jacqueline closed her eyes and did as Sally had suggested, expertly keeping Sally on the edge of an orgasm with her fingers, until the plane’s wheels touched the tarmac at Heathrow, when she finally gave the younger woman her sweet release. Sally used every bit of her self-control not to scream out loud, biting down on the corner of the blanket that was covering them.

Both women pulled themselves together, fixing their clothing and makeup as the plane taxied to the gate. They turned back into the straight-laced businesswomen they were when they boarded the plane at JFK. Neither said a word to each other as they deplaned, and after they cleared through customs, they were met by Leslie, Jacqueline’s London office manager, on the other side.

Two Skycaps had retrieved their bags, and followed the three women through the terminal and to the street where a black perfectly restored classic 1956 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith limousine with the same crest on the door as the Lexus güvenilir bahis siteleri that picked up Sally in New York, was parked at the curb. The chauffeur opened the rear door, and the three ladies got in as the skycaps loaded the bags into the lorry parked behind the Rolls (there were more than a dozen suitcases and garment bags).

As soon as he closed the door, the driver rushed around the limo and got behind the wheel without saying a word. As the classic luxury vehicle made its way out of the terminal area, onto the motorway, and into London proper, Leslie was talking faster than Sally had ever heard anyone speak. Partially because of her London accent, Sally had trouble understanding what she was telling her boss, but understood enough to know that everything had been taken care of pertaining to their arrival and the meetings that were scheduled for that afternoon, and dinner that evening.

Soon the limo stopped in front of a large modern office building. The driver opened the door, and Jacqueline, Leslie, and Sally stepped out onto the sidewalk in front of the European corporate headquarters of Jacqueline International Inc. She motioned for Sally to follow her, as Leslie was explaining to the driver what to do with their bags.

As they approached the massive bronze doors, they were opened by a doorman wearing a tux, and as they walked into the formal lobby, Leslie was walking immediately behind them. There were two long lines of people on either side of the long lobby, and everyone they passed either bowed and curtseyed saying, “Welcome to London, Ms. J.”

Her boss smiled and nodded to them as if she were royalty, and soon they were in a large opulently decorated elevator, which took them to what Sally would find out was the penthouse/office. They walked out of the elevator, and into a large meeting room with an immense conference table. Jacqueline took her seat at the head of the table, and her two assistants took their places on either side of her.

For the next three hours, Jacqueline ‘held court’, as the various department heads gave their reports. Leslie furiously took notes of everything that was said, Sally busily tried to take her own notes on the pad that was in front of her, barely understanding what was being said.

After anhour and a half, there was a lul in the presentations. Jacqueline finally asked, “Is there anything else that needs our attention?” When there was no response, she said, “Fine, this meeting is adjourned.” She stood, and when Sally saw Leslie stand, she did as well.

Leslie escorted her boss and Sally to the lobby, where they said their goodbyes, and Sally followed her boss to the waiting limo outdoors. After Jacqueline and Sally were seated together on the back of the limo, and it was making its way through London traffic to the private penthouse apartment that overlooked Hyde Park, her boss took Sally’s hands in hers and said, “Dear sweet Sally, you needn’t worry about all this ‘business’, that is Leslie’s job. Your job is to keep us happy, relaxed and distracted so we can be at our best.”

Sally looked at her boss confused, and before she could say anything, the older woman leaned forward and kissed her passionately, driving her tongue deep into Sally’s mouth. The young assistant responded, wrapping her arms around Jacqueline’s body, and eagerly thrust her tongue into her boss’s mouth.

Their tongues tangled as they kissed like a couple of teenagers until the limo started to slow down. Jacqueline immediately broke their embrace, and opening her purse, fastidiously fixed her makeup. Sally understood, and followed suit, so that when the limo stopped in front of what looked like a seventeenth century castle, they both looked as though nothing had transpired between the two. Just before the chauffeur opened the door, her boss whispered, “You catch on fast my dear, we must keep up appearances.”

Sally said nothing, only smiling sweetly and thinking, ‘I can do this, and it will really be fun.’

The two women exited the limo, and headed to the doors of the opulent, historic looking building. A doorman dressed like a Palace Guard, opened the door, and they walked across the modern looking lobby that belied the building’s outward appearance. They walked into the modern looking elevators, and were taken to a luxury suite, that occupied the entire top floor.

Once again, it also had modern appointments, and Sally soon realized that the main room was surrounded by four other rooms. The first was an office filled with the latest electronic devices. Next was a bathroom, complete with twin sinks, a toilet and bidet, a glass walled shower with multiple shower heads, and a clawfoot tub, more than large enough for two. Next to that was a ‘workout’ room that almost resembled a medieval torture chamber.

Lastly, there was the bedroom, which had a four poster, king-sized bed at its center. The walls were covered with beautiful tapestries, and it was lit by ornate crystal chandeliers.

At the far end of the bedroom was a balcony that Jacqueline had stepped out onto, and was motioning for Sally to join her. When the young ‘personal assistant’ stepped through the doorway, she saw a view of London that looked like a postcard photo.

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