A Straight Ride

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My air conditioner had stopped working last week. I know I should have had it serviced but as it turned out I was stuck driving on one of the hottest days of the summer. I was lucky to have chosen my clothes correctly though. I dressed coolly in a white sports shirt and matching shorts. At least that was some relief from the heat.

I was a little aggravated though; my girlfriend and I had just gotten into another argument. It was nothing new however; we seemed to be getting more and more on each other’s nerves. If it wasn’t one thing- it was inevitably something else.

I swear it was over 100. All I could do was crank down the window and hope to catch a cool breeze once in a while from the breeze.

I turned off the interstate and noticed a teenager hitchhiking off the side of the road. The poor guy couldn’t have been anymore than 20 years old. There he stood- thumb up in the air hoping to catch a ride with the first car that past. At first I past by him but my guilt soon got the better of me. I circled back around and found him dabbing the sweat away from his brow.

“Where ya’ going?” I questioned the young blonde.

“Just across town to the shop and stop.” He said as he anticipated the ride and approached my car.

“It’s awful hot to be out hitchhiking- come on get in.”

His sad blue eyes clinched the deal. There was no way I could just leave this guy out here to suffer. After all, I was in his place many, many times when I was his age.

“What’s your name?” I questioned as he jumped in on the passenger side.

“Jerry- I am so glad you came around man. I felt like I was going to drop from heat exhaustion or something.”

“Hi Jerry, I’m Kenny- nice to meet you.”

I stuck out my hand for the customary handshake and gave him a quick once over. He looked like a pretty safe guy to me. He seemed to be the boy “next door” type. He had short blonde hair, blue eyes and a few freckles dotted the tip of his nose and the sides of his cheeks His typical surfer boy tan and build made it easy for me to give the guy a ride.

We turned back on the main road and headed across town. I never really picked up hitchhikers before and I never realized how uncomfortable the first few minutes were during the drive. For some unknown reason I was at a loss for words.

“Where are you headed?” Jerry asked.

“I just needed to get out, my girlfriend and I had an argument. So I didn’t feel much like sitting home if you know what I mean.”

“Well at least you have a girlfriend.” He kind of snapped back at me. “I haven’t had a date in three months. You know what that could do to a guy my age.” He laughed canlı bahis and then tossed his head back against the headrest.

The next few minutes were strange for me. I mean all of a sudden, and trust me when I say this, I found myself admiring this guy. Up until that moment, never in my thirty-three years have I ever experienced anything like the feelings I was having. For the second time in the span of a few minutes I found myself checking him out.

From his eyes to his shoulders then down over his chest to his crotch. I found myself mesmerized by him. I wanted to shake off the stare- really I did, but I found my eyes locked on the center of his crotch.

“Oh man.” He groaned. “You aren’t one of those guys that like to go around picking up other guys are you?” He said as he caught me looking.

I felt my face turning flush but managed to break away from the stare. “I- um,” I stammered, “never- I mean I have a girlfriend. I’m straight really.”

I had never been so embarrassed in my whole life. I decided to turn my attention to the road and forget the whole incident ever happened.

“Good because I’m not gay either.” He laughed.

Strange thing happened though, even though I had shrugged the incident off, the image of his outlined cock seemed to be ingrained in my mind. The more I tried to push the boy and his cock from my mind the more it flaunted itself in my mind.

I found myself getting slightly aroused with no obvious way to hide my predicament. All I could do was rest my hand on my growing bulge and hope that Jerry didn’t notice.

I’m not sure if he noticed or not but he did seem to relax a little more.

“So do you and your girlfriend have sex a lot?” He questioned.

“Not so much anymore. I’m lucky to get a blowjob once a month. After she moved in with me it seemed like she got what she wanted and that meant she didn’t need to put out as much as anymore if you know what I mean.”

“Actually I don’t.” he grumbled. “I think I would be satisfied with once a month. I have been so horny lately I would do anything for a blowjob.” He said as he placed his hand over his crotch.

I couldn’t help but notice when he gave it a slight squeeze. I think we both became a little embarrassed- he quickly moved his hand as soon as caught me looking. “I’m sorry.” I apologized. “I don’t know what has gotten into me today.

“It’s the heat- I think- no sweat.”

The next few minutes were spent staring straight ahead not speaking. However Jerry seemed to relax even more by leaning a little further back in his seat and gradually moving his hand back toward his crotch. He moaned a little as he gave himself bahis siteleri another squeeze. “Must be the heat.”

If I had been mesmerized before- I was a complete zombie now. Every nerve ending in my body seemed to be on fire. My cock was straining and peeking out the edge of my shorts. I mean what the hell was wrong with me- I was straight god damn it.

Jerry must have known what his good looks did to people. He used them well- ever so gradually he unzipped his jeans and pushed a finger inside. Even at that early of a stage I was tempted to reach for him but somehow I maintained.

He maneuvered himself so that his little cock head was poking out from his zipper and gently teased the tip with his finger. During this time Jerry never spoke or made eye contact with me but I knew, he knew, I was watching me.

With every moment that passed Jerry became more and more comfortable and brave. His hardening cock slipped easily from the zipper and after a few strokes he unbuckled his belt and undid the button. He was free to masturbate more openly.

My arm and hand ached from the restraints I had put on them. I was losing the will to fight my urges. Unwillingly I allowed my hand to creep closer to the boy’s thigh.

As I placed my hand on his knee I expected a harsh and unwelcome reaction from Jerry but all I got was a soft purr. I knew that at that point what he wanted and strangely enough I wanted to oblige him.

I tried to concentrate on the road but it was difficult. But what I found more pressing was the urge to find a place to pull off the road.

Jerry reached down and took my hand and led it toward his member. Forcefully he wrapped my fingers around his hot five-inches and then he let go- fully expecting me to continue to service him.

Reluctantly I pulled into the shop and stop- the place he had asked to be dropped off. Except I didn’t stop as my car came to a halt. Actually I couldn’t stop. I was exploring a new world and feeling new feelings I was completely entranced.

He moaned again and then pushed his hips slightly forward like he was offering himself up to me. I leaned in slowly and took him into my mouth. I remember how warm it was and how his slick and almost hairless cock easily slid all the way into my mouth. I remember how he cried out slowly saying, “Yeah suck it.” I also remember how he pushed gently on the back of my head like he wanted me to take it all.

At that point it didn’t matter to me that I was in the parking lot of a busy convenience store and that anyone could recognize who I was or what I was doing. The only thing that mattered was that beautifully hard cock that bahis şirketleri continued to poke away at my throat.

Jerry reached down and slid his hand into my shorts. That was the very moment that I realized I could get more. I’m not sure where the idea came from but I wanted to please him completely. I would do anything! He softly slapped my ass, coaxing me to take more.

I pulled my moth from his dripping cock and looked him in his eyes. “I want it in me.” I groaned as I sat up and moved a little closer to him.

He looked at me a little strange and then glanced around the busy parking lot. I knew what he was thinking but I had already formulated a plan in my mind.

“Watch.” I said as I moved over his lap and positioned myself for penetration.

I moved the shorts a little to the side and then pushed my underwear in a different direction. That left a little opening to where my backside was exposed. Then with my other hand I supported and directed his cock toward my awaiting hole. I could see by the look in his eyes that he understood what I was doing. I eased my virgin hole down toward his cock. Centimeter by centimeter his rod moved closer to me. I could still feel his warmth against my now exposed skin.

I eased myself on to his cock and with the combination of my saliva and his less than average endowment; my virgin ass swallowed him easily.

We were like wild animals, pumping and grinding. Our sweat covered bodies slid and slipped against each other. On several occasions I noticed passerby’s slowing down to peek into the window but all the could see was me sitting and rocking back and forth on Jerry’s lap hungrily.

Now I felt like I was the one in control. The one that had complete control over HIS orgasm. I moved within an inch of his mouth and whispered to him. “Do you like that? Does your cock feel good baby?” I had no idea what had come over me.

He wrapped his arms around my back and thrust his hips upward into me. I took it all.

“Kiss me.” I demanded.

Without hesitation he pulled my face to his and drove his tongue into my mouth. I bounced up and down on his rod with everything I had. “Fuck me.” I screamed.

The windows had become a haze of sweat and fog- yet people could see, I was sure they knew I was Jerry was doing me right there in the parking lot.

With one massive surge Jerry emptied his semen into my ass. It burned and dripped onto his penetrating cock. I reached for my dick and gave a stroke or two and shot bucket loads of cum into my shorts.

It only took us a moment to gather our composure and dress ourselves. We never made eye contact as he opened the car door. Two straight guys going for a ride- one actually going for a little longer ride.

“Thanks for the ride.” Jerry said as he stepped out of the car.

“No man- thank you.” I replied and then drove away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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