A Tale of Two Switches Ch. 09

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California Nights

Zabina watched Alex closely. She knew her well enough to spot that she was excited about something. They had been having a quiet afternoon just chilling in the apartment, Zabi had been playing an online first person shooter game. Which in reality meant she spent a lot of time shouting at the TV, and blaming internet lag every time her character died, whilst Alex was having a quiet read.

In between matches Zabina glanced at Alex, loving the way she looked stretched out on the couch. It was then she spotted the tell tail signs that Alex was becoming aroused. It had started when Zabi saw her curling her toes up as she read. At first she dismissed it as a reflex movement, but then as she watched Alex began to chew her bottom lip. That cute little action that Zabi loved watching her do, she knew Alex was getting turned on by what she was reading.

With her curiosity provoked, Zabi began to pay less attention to her game and more to watching Alex. Whatever she was reading was certainly having an obvious effect on her. And if there was one thing Zabina couldn’t resist was a mystery. There was obviously something going through Alex’s mind that she hadn’t confessed to Zabi. Something that she was finding very exciting.

Feigning a sighing she put down the game controller. “That’s it I give up with this game. Everyone’s using lag switches and exploits.”

Alex looked up from her kindle, a non-coherent look on her face. “What’s that babe?”

If there had been any doubts about Alex being overly interested in her story, they were just wiped away.

“Nothing sugar. I need something to drink, can I get you anything?”

“Hmm?” Alex asked again, barely looking up.

A smile spread across Zabi’s lips. Definitely aroused. “Can I borrow your laptop for five minutes? Mine’s on charge.” She asked innocently.

“Yeah, it’s over there.” Alex replied, her eyes not leaving the eBook that held her attention.

It took around five minutes to look through Alex’s browser history and pull up her kindle download information. It took another ten minutes to scan through the list of titles and contents. Some of which made her eyebrows raise. Which wasn’t something Zabi considered and easy feat.

Dots began to join up in Zabina’s mind as she replayed past conversations and incidents. They usually discussed their fantasies quiet openly, and it was a small revelation that Alex had kept this hidden from her.

Judging by the amount of attention Alex was paying to the story, this new line of interest may be very important to herm, Zabi surmised. The problem she was faced with was if Alex actually wanted to act it out or leave it as a fantasy. And that was not an easy subject to broach without Alex making the first move.

Zabi glanced over to her lover once more, watching how she was playing with her hair as she read. To Zabina, Alex was the most important person in the world and there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for her. She knew that Alex could be very shy about her fantasies as it usually took a little pushing to get her to open up. This situation however was quiet delicate and would require subtlety and tact.

Silently she stood up and went to collect a couple of things from the bedroom.

When she returned she turned the brightness right down so the screen went blank.

“Alex honey.” Zabi called out as “You may want to look as this. I think you’ve got a virus.”

This got Alex’s attention.

“I hope you aren’t doing porn on my work laptop again.” Alex replied getting up from the couch.

“The screen just went blank.” Zabi told her, acting innocent.

“Scoot.” Alex instructed as she motioned for Zabi to get out of the chair.

As Alex sat down Zabina slipped around behind her and bent down so she could rest her chin on Alex’s shoulder. As Alex tried to bring up the task manager, Zabi slipped a belt from around her waist.

“Crap.” Alex swore. “What did you do?”

“Honest. I didn’t break it.” Zabi replied as she carefully slipped the belt through a loop on Alex’s jeans and around the back of the chair. “Maybe it needs plugging in?”

“Could be.” Alex said as she attempted to stand then realised there was something amiss. “What..?”

Alex reached her hands behind her to feel what was stopping her from standing.

There was a double click as Zabina snapped a set of cuffs over her wrists.

“Ha ha. Very funny Zabi.” Alex half scolded. “Would you mind taking those off so I can sort out the laptop?”

Grinning for ear to ear, Zabina turned the brightness back up to show the cover of an eBook depicting a nude woman try to cover her modesty with a magazine.

Alex went very still.

“It seems as though you’ve been doing some light reading.” Zabi said gleefully as Alex’s face turned bright red.

“Apparently this book you’ve been so engrossed in, is a collection of stories about women ending up naked in inappropriate situations.”

“I just found it interesting.” bets10 Alex replied quietly, trying to sound convincing.

Sighing, Zabina perched herself on the edge of the desk and crossed her arms. “Alex, I know you better than you think I do. You don’t have to be shy about it.”

“Okay, I found the stories more than a little sexy.” Alex admitted, “But that doesn’t mean anything.”

“That’s okay then.” Zabi said happily, as she shifted around on the desk. “I just don’t want you to be too shy to ask me to do something for you that you may enjoy.” Idly she picked up the kindle sitting on the desk.

“Can you put that down and please take the cuffs off?” Alex asked a slight quiver in her voice.

“In a minute babe.” Zabina said as she swiped through the index of the eBook. “This one sounds interesting. A woman in a bank is handcuffed to a chair then stripped by a female thief and teased until she gives her the combination to the safe.”

By now Zabi could almost feel the heat radiating off Alex’s embarrassment.

“I think we should role play this one.” Zabi said relishing in Alex’s shyness. “Especially as we’re half way there.”

Alex sat as upright as her restraints would allow. “Don’t you dare Zabina Vitelli.” There was a slight tremor in her voice which betrayed the lack of conviction in the threat.

This was all Zabi needed for encouragement. If Alex had shown any sign of anything but submission she would have backed off immediately, but the waver in her voice revealed the true feelings behind the shyness.

“Now then.” Zabi said as she swiped through a few pages. “Here we are, the attractive young blonde manageress is handcuffed to the chair.”

She paused to peer past the book at Alex. “Attractive blonde. Check. Handcuffed to chair. Check”

As she returned her attention to the book she heard a slight increase in Alex’s breathing. Another good sign.

“Now where were we? Ah yes, the naughty thief clad in black leather.” Another pause as she looked at her plain white t-shirt and jeans. “Close enough.” She decided.

“Now according to this the naught thief. That’s me by the way.” She informed the stricken Alex. “Firstly removes the helpless manageress’s blouse by unbuttoning it then sliding it off her shoulders and down her arms.”

Zabi’s gaze ran over Alex’s vest top frowning. “Hm. No buttons. We’re going to have to improvise.”

Impishly she slipped off the desk and skipped out of the room. Then after a few seconds rummaging through some draws returned brandishing a set of EMT shears.

“I knew these would come in useful one day.” She said as she placed herself behind Alex. “These are awesome things they cut through material so easily.” She demonstrated by slipping the leading edge of the shears in to Alex’s cleavage and sliced through the material.

“Oops I seem to have accidently cut through your bra as well.” Zabi informed Alex. “Not to worry, we can skip that part of the story. Now to remove the top garments.”

Zabina felt Alex’s body stiffen under her hands as they eased the ruined vest top and bra apart to reveal her smooth rounded breasts. Taking great care not to actually touch skin, Zabina folded the scraps of material back so they were hanging off the back of the chair. A couple of snips with the shears and they were free to be pulled away from her body.

Very slowly Zabina pulled at the strands of clothing from between Alex’s skin and the chair, noting how Alex arched her back as the cloth slipped away from her body.

For a moment Zabina just looked at Alex as she sat back in the chair. A slight gasp escaped her lips as the cushioned leather of the chair came in to contact with her skin and immediately the small pink tips of her breasts hardened in to points.

If Alex hadn’t wanted to role play this, the last few seconds argued against it.

“Now back to the instructions.” Zabina said picking the eBook up once more. “The leather clad thief now removes the manageress’s skirt, which is conveniently just a wrap around.”

Zabi’s gaze ran down Alex’s body, lingering for a few seconds on the naked half, before moving on to the comfortable jeans on her bottom half. “Well this we can work around.”

Soft hands reached out and carefully undid the top button, looking deeply in to Alex’s eyes as she did so and seeing nothing but desire staring back. The next button popped followed by the third. Alex’s thighs clenched together as she tensed her muscles. Two more buttons came undone and Alex was whimpering. Slowly Zabi tugged on the jeans feeling them slip over Alex’s hips and noting that Alex lifted slightly to allow the garment to slip under her behind.

Zabi stood up and held the jeans up for Alex to see, as if she needed proof that she was now nearly naked, then they were dropped in to an untidy pile of denim on the desk.

With the eBook in her hands again Zabi read a few more paragraphs.

“Now according to this the thief asks what the combination bets10 giriş to the safe is before starting on the underwear.” Her eyes drifted from the book to the ruined bra on the floor to Alex sitting in the chair trying to control her breathing. “Well we haven’t got a safe so that pointless. But I do know what I can ask you.”

Softly she ran a fingertip from Alex’s neck down her chest and between the quivering breasts, pausing slightly to circle her navel before continuing on to the elastic of Alex’s panties, which she plucked at. There was another whimper as Zabi let the elastic snap back.

“Now do you want to tell me which of these stories excite you the most?” Zabina asked softly.

Alex remained silent as she bit her bottom lip again.

“You really want to go all the way don’t you?” Zabi asked rhetorically. She turned and picked up the shears again.

“Last chance to tell me your favourite story.” The shears advanced and slipped under the material on Alex’s hip.

Alex shuddered as the metal brushed her skin, then moaned slightly as the cotton went slack.

The shears moved to the opposite side. Again inciting a shudder as metal touched skin.

Now the only thing that covered Alex’s modesty was a small triangle of material that lay against her mound.

“This could be interesting.” Zabi whispered in Alex’s ear as she ran her hands down Alex’s sides and took hold of the thin cotton. Alex’s body just went ridged as her last item of clothing slipped out from under her.

Zabi had seen Alex in a state of high arousal many times before, but this was entirely different. It looked raw. Every beautifully toned muscle tensed as the bare skin of her behind touched the leather chair and shudders began to rip through her.

“Please touch me.” Alex begged.

A lightbulb clicked on in Zabi’s head. It wasn’t just the thought of being naked, they had been in that state many times. Or being restrained. It was more how she was undressed and being powerless to stop it from happening, then brought to climax whilst in the same predicament.

“Do you want me to touch your skin?” She asked, as she let a finger run across Alex’s shoulders.

“Yes, yes, please I need you to touch me.”

“I’ll do that for you beautiful.” She told Alex as she brushed her hand over a very proud nipple. “Just tell me you favourite story.”

“Chapters three and seven.” Alex managed to pant through clenched teeth.

“See how easy that was.” Zabi said as she sat back down on the desk and lifted the eBook once more. “Now let’s see, chapters three and seven.”

Alex continued to squirm on the seat, as she scrolled through the pages until she found the correct page, and quickly scan read the stories.

“Zabi… “Alex whimpered her breathing laboured.

“Shush.” Zabina instructed, then as an afterthought reached out her bare foot and began to stroke the inside of Alex’s thigh, inciting more whimpers.

“Wow.” Zabina commented as she finished reading. “That’s quite something. I honestly didn’t know you were this outgoing.”

Deftly she moved her foot further up Alex’s thigh, loving how her breasts quivered every time she panted. “So what brought all this on?”

Alex shifted in the chair again as she began to blush again.

Dainty painted toes brushed over the moist lips between Alex’s legs and a long moan burst from her mouth.

“It was when you were telling me about that fantasy where you were tied to the bench. All the time you were talking about it, I just kept imagining you doing it to me.”

Finally the last piece of the puzzle fell in to place. Zabina had always know Alex enjoyed the risk of being caught nude, but she had never pushed the scenario in the fear it would dull the edge of her stimulation. As it transpired things had swung the opposite way and now Alex craved the risk.

Part of Zabina was glad she had gone to these extreme lengths to get to the bottom of the mystery, and part of her was a little sad that she hadn’t realised earlier.

She vowed to make this up to Alex, and if possible give her what she craved.

She knelt down in front of the chair and ran her hands up Alex’s thighs. Loving how her back arched away from the chair as she tried to move closer.

Zabi lent forwards and flicked her tongue across the skin of Alex’s stomach as she gently pushed her legs open.

“Oh please Zabi.” Alex begged again. “Stop teasing.”

“Only if you agree to read those chapters to me later and if you want to, let me help you live your fantasy.”

Zabi knew this was a little unfair. Alex was so aroused she would probably agree to anything at this moment in time. But even an eagle has to learn to fly she mused.

“Yes we can do that. I want you to do it to me.”

Smiling Zabina lowered her head letting her hair fall on to Alex’s thighs, fully aware that the sensation would drive Alex higher. She breathed in deeply, taking in the scent of Alex’s musk, and placed bets10 güvenilir mi a light kiss on the skin just above her wet mound. The restrained body beneath her squirm again.

Softly her small pink tongue traced a path from navel downwards, skirting the moist lips that beckoned her to tease. She paused drinking in the tangy wetness that was coating Alex’s skin. Briefly she let the pink morsel dance across the edges of Alex’s arousal. Then relished as bare legs wrapped around her dragging her in closer begging to be taken further.

Alternately kissing a licking at Alex’s tender nub, Zabi felt Alex shudder beneath her, signalling her climax was broaching. All it would take now was the tiniest push to send her over the edge. But Zabi wanted this to be special so she buried her face in the soft flesh of the groaning woman and let lose all her impulsiveness. She lapped, kissed, nibbled and even bit at one point enjoying the bucking ride that she was initiating. At the height of Alex’s torment Zabi placed her lips over Alex’s nub and sucked deeply then flicked again with her tongue, she thought Alex would have jumped out of the chair if she could the reaction was so intense. Zabi continued to repeat the action over and over until Alex was actually screaming. In the end it was Zabi’s stamina that failed before Alex’s and she relented.

Eventually Alex’s convulsions subsided in to small twitches and she slumped back gasping softly.

Zabina withdrew, the muscles around her jaw burned with the effort and she could taste coppery blood from a slight cut to her lip where things had gone a little far. She unlocked the cuffs, dropping them on the floor. Alex’s arms hung loose, a faint smile on her face.

“If I had known it was going to be that good, I would have told you ages ago.” She managed to whisper.

Zabi placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and ruffled the tangled blonde hair. “I can promise better things than that my angel, you just need to trust me.”


Alex stood in the middle of the dressing room. The normal butterflies were pulling aerobatics in her stomach and her legs trembled. She had no idea what Zabina had planned, just that it was along the lines of the stories she had been fantasising about.

The evening had begun with Zabi giving her a warm shower then wrapped in a nice soft dressing gown while Zabi got ready.

Zabi had been very firm that she was going to dress Alex up, as only she knew what was about to happen. She eased the gown away from Alex’s body and discarded it to one side. Then she sprayed perfume on to Alex’s naked body.

Alex breathed in the scent. Gucci Rush. Zabina’s personal favourite and not one Alex would normally wear.

“Now you have my scent on you.” Zabina told her. “That marks you as belonging to me.”

The butterflies decided to take that moment to begin kamikaze runs in to Alex’s insides.

Zabi slipped a pair of ankle boots with a two inch heels on Alex’s feet. These looked very similar to her favourite pair, only in deep red with a slightly longer heel. Looking at her body, naked apart from the boots, the slightly longer heel altered her stance to emphasise the shape of her legs and behind. Alex felt her arousal stir.

Underwear followed. Alex was surprised to see delicate red lace panties and a matching strapless bra. Again not something she would normally choose, but she wasn’t doing the choosing.

The dress that followed was another surprise, only for different reasons. The thin material that reached to mid-thigh was white, very figure hugging, and strapless to match the bra. Alex gave a slight sigh as Zabi pulled the zipper up. It was an odd feeling being dressed by Zabi, it was almost as sensual as being undressed.

“Nearly done.” Zabina said as she slipped white silk gloves that extended half way up her arms. “What do you think?”

Alex looked at herself in the full length mirror. She look fairly conservative in comparison to how they normally dressed. The only reckless thing about the outfit was that she could make out the red of the underwear through the white of the dress.

“It’s different.” Alex managed, trying not to sound disheartened.

“Not what you expected.” Zabi finished for her. “Don’t worry we have a few more items yet.”

Zabina positioned her arms by her sides then came the unmistakable feel of unyielding leather through the material of the gloves and a slight pressure against her behind.

“And now?” Zabi asked.

Alex looked to the mirror again. From the front it looked as though she had black wristbands over the gloves, but when she turned she could see a slightly curved metal bar with a hole in the centre just at the base of her spine. The metal was finished in black powder coat and joined the two leather cuffs together. Briefly Alex wonder what the point of the hole was, but dismissed it as Zabina’s hand ran over her bare shoulder.

“I had it made especially for you.” Zabi told her. “The perfect width and curve so it looks as though your arms are by your sides, but you’re unable to move them.”

Flexing her arms Alex realised the truth of Zabi’s words. With how the bar was shaped it was impossible to move her arms more than a few inches left or right.

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