A New Life

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I first met Kevin in Morrisons supermarket, he was just another till cashier, but it seemed most every time I did my weekly shop I saw him there, happily doing his work.

At the time I thought nothing of it that I liked him, I guess because of his cheerful and spirited manner, and so every time I shopped at Morrisons I mad sure I was on the queue to be checked out by Kevin.

It came to the point where he started to greet me by my Christian name rather than just plain “Sir” but of course our chats, he was a great conversationalist, were always limited because of “Tut-Tut’s ” from another shopper behind waiting to be served.

Before very long I felt I was getting frustrated, simply because I could not get the opportunity to talk with him properly. In fact I found myself attracted to him. Nothing unusual about that I told myself, he is just another guy you like and want to make friends with.

But I slowly realised it was more than that. It was something that had not happened to me since I was at high school and had a crush on my male teacher. It happens I discovered, nothing unusual about that, doesn’t mean you are “that way inclined” so to speak. So I shrugged it off and soon forgot him when I left school.

So could this be the same, with Kevin I mean. Lately he had seemed to take more of a personal interest, asking me what I did, and all that sort of thing. I decided I would try and ask him if he would like to come surfing with me down at Newquay one weekend. With nothing more in mind than just a simple friendship. But who was I kidding, only myself – because it was something else I felt, but I was confused and could not understand. If it had been a girl cashier that would have seemed more natural, but a Guy?

However, disappointed I could not see Kevin at any of the check outs for weeks, had he given up the job, got sacked (which I doubted, he was such a keen worker) – I just had to ask at the information desk.

“Kevin? do you mean Kevin Thomas?”

“Don’t know his second name,” I replied.

“Well if you mean Kevin Thomas, he was promoted to Manager and it now at out Totnes store, it has to be him because he was the only cashier with that name.”

Totnes wasn’t far from Paignton so I decided to shop there instead, with the hope of meeting Kevin again. As if it was meant to be I saw him talking to some shelf fillers. I hovered around to see if he noticed me, I was not confident enough to interrupt but I noticed, although he was firm, he still had that wonderful cheerful disposition about him and he did look so smart and good in his manager’s outfit. Then a thought flashed though my mind which made me hesitate in approaching Kevin. I realised my feelings for this guy were more than just casual, I felt it was much more than that, I felt sort of physically attracted, like I wanted to be with him – which really took me back. So confused was I that I decided to back off before he saw me and quickly went to continue my shopping.

But as if by destiny I heard this shout behind me, calling my name, swung around and it was Kevin. “Aren’t you going to talk to me then?”

My heart fluttered, what was happening to me. I was so thrilled that he had noticed me and wanted to chat again. He asked how I found him at Totnes and how he wanted to tell me about his promotion and everything but it had happened so quickly as the former manager had been sacked for misconduct..

“Look, come up to my office, Pete. It is my break time, come and have a coffee with me.”

Of course I submitted. It was how it all started really, we hit it off straight away and gradually we grew to know each other more intimately when we spent time together a lot, surfing, at the cinema and at his place.

But what really sparked off something deeper than being simply buddies was when he complimented me on my casual way of dressing. It was when he said I looked divine that made me come out of myself and accept that I was as much inclined as he was to the alternative sexual leaning – as Kevin liked to call it.

“It is just somehow I have never quite understood myself that way” I confided. We were having a real close conversation, he sat next to me on the sofa in his flat.

“In which way do you mean. Pete, can I call you Pete rather than Peter?”

I paused but he prompted me to come out with my thoughts, not to be shy, to just let them flow. In fact that was Kevin all over, his great Charisma was so comforting.

“I have always thought tit is unnatural that’s all” I submitted in a very guarded way.

“If it is right for you, it is natural for you, Pete” he reassured, touching my hand with his for the very first time, except that when we shook hands when we departed.

Now was different because his fingers gently stroked mine in a way which was most stimulating. I felt so very much drawn to this lovely guy, it was like a new life had come for me, he made me feel so wonderful and at peace with the world.

“So, Pete, just let it flow güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Huh? You are what you are, simply that. Let us get more acquainted I would I’d like that, are you for it?”

I gulped. Lost for words immediately. Kevin said if I wanted time to think about it, that would be fine.

But I found myself at perfect ease with Kevin, He was such a wonderful guy. I knew than out relationship was about to grow to a new and thrilling crescendo, when we would be so much more than just simply new friends.

I felt his hand tighten over mine as he so gently lifted my chin up, so that his lips were level with mine, then I felt the touch of his lips, just a touch, on mine. Closing my eyes to this new and strange sensation I felt my whole being stir, and all at once I felt just like putty in his arms as we embraced and kissed.

But I guess Kevin could tell from my body language I was nervous. It was ala happening at once and I was hardily prepared for something which had been waiting to burst out of my system, I knew this and apologised to Kevin for my apprehension, saying it was nothing at all to do with him – but myself, that I had to come to terms with myself and what was happening to me, all the new and unknown stirrings I had always imagined could only occur with a member of the opposite sex and not with a guy of the same genre.

He placed a finger against his lips and beckoned me to say no more, that he understood entirely, He went on to tell me how it was for him first time he came out, when he realised he had fell for another guy, Jeffrey who was killed in a road accident, “o please do not concern yourself, and anyway as far as I am concerned there is no pressure, so please don’t think you have to do anything right now, it may spoil it if you did, if you tried to force it, far better to wait for the right moment and you will know when that is, Pete. Just let me know if and when you want to go further.”

I felt so calm about Kevin, he was so very nice and considerate, and understanding. After his kiss, something that would have made me feel very uncomfortable before I met Kevin, I felt submerged in his being, that I wanted physical contact, and yet Kevin was right, to start anything then would have created a feeling that maybe I was expected to do it, and that was the wrong reason.

Kevin slid his palm along the top of my thigh which was erotic enough and we left it there, that it had been a very nice evening which we agreed would be repeated soon, if not sooner – “and then we shall see” he said before he saw me to the front door , gave me another sweet kiss, this time ion the cheek, held my hand tight and whispered goodnight.

That night I couldn’t sleep thinking of Kevin. I was fantasising of how it might be, something I had never ever done before, except maybe when I had thought of girls in my early teens, but now the emphasis was on Kevin.

I found myself massaging myself until I was very hard and stiff. What would it be like doing it with Kevin. I’d read about how guys do it together, how some like to give and others take, some both. And I found the thought of oral sex very stimulating and imagined how I would be with Kevin, I was keen to try it with Kevin, keen to try anal too, I wondered what it would feel like, how it would be – and he with much more experience, what he would do to me or with me.

During the night I had twice reached a very strong ejaculation, each time with a naked Kevin in mind, by morning I knew I was absolutely ready to ‘go further’ with him, I texted him and arranged to meet him at his place the same evening.

All day my heart, my mind was obsessed in the thought of being with Kevin again, I found it difficult to concentrate on my work, in fact I was so obsessed I just had to take the afternoon off and drive over to Morrisons Totnes, in the hope that I may just see Kevin that all, I was that immersed in him.

I felt the urge to text him when I got there, He appeared straight away and I was quickly prompted into his office.

“I am so pleased you came, Pete – it is as off you read my mind, I feel I just can’t live with out you, I feel I love you, Pete.”

I replied that I felt just the same, told him about taking the afternoon off so I could see him before the time we arranged.

It was as if we were both thinking the same thoughts completely, and when, in the confines of his office, I felt his warm kiss mould against mine, I knew than I was ready for the off and whatever that meant!

“You know something, Pete – you really turn me on, I feel good and at one with you.”

He smiled so generously, I was still in the magic of his kiss, and the way he tipped up my chin. His hand went down to me – but then he took it away, telling himself the office was not the place.

I smiled at him and longed for that sweet touch again.

“Later” he whispered as if reading my thoughts.

“I so look forward to that, Kevin” we were strong and resisted our güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri temptations but now I knew was the time to go that bit further into our relationship, and as Kevin said, we would have quality time together without the fear of disturbances, out first time should not be in the confines of the office but at home because it was something to be cherished and nurtured.

I guess I was falling deeper and deeper for him, admiring his consideration in waiting for that really special time for us to at last be together. After his break I left reluctantly but felt somehow that I had stolen a bit more of the guy I loved, the guy I wanted to be with more than ever now.

Driving home I felt the swell come again, like it had done several times in the night, I was feeling an aching hunger that I had not quite experienced in the same way before. It was so overwhelming I just had to pull into a quiet siding and sooth my ache away. I closed my eyes, leaned back and imagined it was Kevin undoing my trouser zip. Would he be pleased with what he saw, I hoped so, I was well equipped in that direction and as I hooked my erection out from the confines of my boxer shorts and through the gap in my trousers I made for a nice slow squeeze and massage at first, gradually building and building into a crescendo, I soon felt the indescribable feeling of release and jumped as I reached the climax, which seemed to spurt and spurt more then ever before. Me feeling that if this is what Kevin did to me, just the thought of being with him and feeling his fuck for the first time, what will it be like live, not long to wait, I looked at my watch, time for a shower when I got home and a ready meal, then I’d spruce up to see my new guy, my inimitable Kevin at 7 o’clock.

It seemed ages waiting, but I was home having a crafty afternoon off but Kevin was still working, and then he’d have to get home, have a bite to eat before I called on him at seven.

All the time I felt my carnal instinct was working overtime – I had done it twice to relieve myself to some degree but still the pumping was there like it wasn’t going to go away until a real time bonding with Kevin was achieved.

Hooray, the time had come and there was I stood on his doorstep ringing the bell. Me thinking I hoped I would ring his bell later. And when he answered, there he was, looking divine, so casual in his beige chino’s and loose hanging Hawaiian style shirt

He looked delighted to see me, his cheeks flushed I noticed, we soon got into conversation after he had planted his kiss once more on my waiting lips.

He came and sat next to me on the leather clad settee, warming to me, whispering that perhaps now was the time to ‘go further’ – his after shave was divine and really created the perfect atmosphere

“You know something, Pete? You wouldn’t believe just how much I have had the hots for you since you left the office.”

“Me too! I replied.

He looked at me. “At least you could do something about it in the privacy of your home. For me stuck in the office which had been like a tube station with office girls coming and going, I had no chance, and imagine how they may have reacted if they had caught me.”

I laughed and commented they may have liked.

But he then said the sweetest thing, “Now I have met you I have no inkling towards girls at all, you have been on my mind constantly, it has been hard to carry on and it seems I have constantly had a hard-on, which I have had to hide behind the shield of the desk would you believe?”

I liked Kevin, I really did. Never before had I felt so amorously inclined with another guy, to me he was heaven in a bundle of masculine joy and I was his coupling.

“I have been looking forward to this so much, the thought of our coupling send me crackers”

But there was Kevin roaring with laughter.

“What’s up” I said confused.

“You sound so posh, ‘coupling’ indeed.”

“Just the way I have been brought up I guess Kevin, I am the innocent, I will need your guidance.”

“Oh! You poor wonderful being, Pete, Where have you been all my life. Baby, when we get together you will want to create sexual a real kick , I just cant wait for your fuck, I imagine you are so tight and exiting, There I’ve said it, that word you seem reluctant to use. In the act of loving Baby, it really helps, you will see.”

“Just me I guess, Kevin. It seems so unromantic that’s all.”

He said just to relax, his right arm enfolding me around the waist as I enjoyed the wonderful sensual touch of his lips once more tantalise my soul, brushing his lips along the curve of my neck. My whole being was in a state of suspension it seemed as I felt his hand slowly brush down the side of my arm, touch my hand, then his fingers pressing teasingly into the palm making me feel so very ripe for him.

“Just let it go, Pete” Kevin murmured as I heard his breathing stronger now. God! I was so vet hard, so stiff like I was bulging güvenilir bahis şirketleri down below. Kevin making sounds of pleasure commenting on “what have we here” and the like, I stretched right back now, relaxing as Kevin asked, my eyes closed in anticipation of what was to come.

I watched him roll his hand over me, feel me over my blue jeans, squeezing me there, It was heavenly.

“You feel so good, Pete. I have longed for this moment. The time when we can really share our longings, our deep passion.”

“I really think we ought to let him have his freedom don’t you, look he must be so uncomfortable trapped in there, you agree?”

It was the way he was calling it ‘him’ – made me feel so warm and wanted and as he slowly unzipped me I knew we were really on the road to a deep and lasting relationship. I felt my whole body stirring to his touch, although I still had this feeling of bashfulness I just let Kevin do whet he wanted, that’s what he wanted, telling me how good I was to touch and to feel, that he would want to seek me all over, that later we would bed completely naked and discover every sinew about each other, that was real intimacy, we would develop a true harmony as we enjoyed each other to the full.

“Can I taste you. Pete. You are so inviting.” he whispered teasing me out though the opening of my boxer shorts and jeans, “That is so very nice, just how I imagined,” I must have looked awkward as he started to sniff me there. “Don’t be embarrassed, it is simply lovely, I dearly love it, want to taste you through and through, you will love it, I promise.”

I nodded knowing I wanted him to do it, but still unsettled, But then I felt this so wonderful sensation as I watched him take me slowly but deliberately into his mouth, his right hand gently cupping my vesicles and his left holding tight the base of my now full erect on. Then he opened his eyes, came away from me there and looked up at me, appearing very satisfied and flushed.

“There you are, Baby that wasn’t really so bad was it?”

“I found some words which sort of meant yes, but I was in a state of pure ecstasy as he started to stretch my tightness back exposing what was beneath, something that I had never shown to anybody before, he was moaning as he sniffed me once more saying I was so good, and then took my swollen knob end into his mouth once more and I saw him rolling it with his tongue wrapped around, and it did feel so good, the more he sucked the more I felt the palpitations, I laid there eyes closed then and simply enjoyed the moment, his fingers so wonderfully pampering all of me down there, his tongue licking and – as he described between his doings, savouring me.

I heard him take a quick sip from a glass of lemonade and resume to suck me deeper, the sound of his sucking made it all the more stimulating and I was in a state of something I cannot give a proper expansion, simply that I wanted just to be submissive to whatever he wanted so when I felt his fingers begins to explore my hind I had no more reservations, they had gone and we were both in the state of ecstasy, feeling now the way his small fingers were teasing and teasing me between my balls and anal region as he prompted me to remove my jeans and boxer shorts completely and just lay down and spread wide open, “as wide as you can, Baby” he eagerly asked and I was putty in his hands, enjoying whatever he was doing, closing my eyes to the sensations, that tinge that shot up and down my spine as I felt his finger anoint me with some lotion, I think it was baby oil, and begin to work it so wonderfully gently into me, manoeuvring it around and around, saying just to let him know if it hurts, but this was the best way to prepare me for his fuck, and now he was using that word as we enjoyed foreplay it seemed to blend perfectly with our enjoyment.

The heavy breathing mellowed somewhat as he paused _ I guess to ask me how it felt, if he wanted me still to continue, and then, if I would like to taste him, like he had tasted me. “I am all ready for you and it will be so nice, and when you get used to it perhaps we can both do it simultaneously, That which a month ago would have seemed repugnant to me, with Kevin seemed the natural thing to do, I had imagined how it would be. The feeling of oral sex divine, to feel the swell of him inside my mouth as a prelim to feeling him inside my anus was something very erotic and wonderful.

His finger still inside me, made me feel warm and wonderful, I went down to feel him through his chino’s, he was very full and I could even feel it throbbing in my palm as I continued to rub him there.

I went ahead and unzipped which gave me more of a thrill than I could ever have imagined, the head of his erection pushing out , as if asking for attention, he smothered it into my face, with his black briefs still in place, I sniffed his scent, very earthy and pungent, it was so endearing and seemed to be just yearning for my attention, The best part was to come as he momentarily stood up and lowered his chino’s and underwear, his heavy and very swollen cock standing to attention.

“How’s that, Pete, you like?”

“I like, very much, Kevin. In fact I adore everything about you.”

“How about I stand here, legs apart like this, and then you can have your fill of me, Pete?”

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