A Naughty Shopping Trip

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It is Valentine’s Day and my husband called me on the phone to tell me that he has a surprise for me, and to dress sexily this evening.

“I always dress sexy for you Baby, ” I answered “but, I will pay extra attention tonight!” I could hear him smile as he told me he loved me and would see me when he got home.

I decided to go out and see just what sexy delights I could find and I went to a lingerie shop near home. I walked in and was hit in the face by the smell of leather. There were several different leather outfits, along with harnesses, boots and shoes. I had never been here before so I was surprised by all the leather, even though I had seen some leather garments in the store front window as I walked in.

The woman who worked there came out from the back and asked if she could help me with anything or was I looking for anything in particular? She was very beautiful, long red hair and green eyes, and the outfit she had on was exquisite and fit her like a glove. It was a very shiny leather corset, pulled tight, encasing her breasts and making her waist very tiny. It was strapless but around the edges were very tiny rivets. There were also garters hanging from it, holding up a pair of black fishnet stockings and there was a tiny black thong and black boots made from the same shiny leather as the corset. She was wearing a shiny black collar that had several rings around it. Chains attached to two of the rings had clamps on them that were fastened to the zipper pulls of two zippers on the front of the corset, where her nipples would be if they were open. This woman was stunning, a very sexy woman and the black leather against her pale skin was breathtaking. I was awestruck and could not talk right away. Embarrassed, I could only nod my head.

She smiled and took my hand and began walking me around the store, showing me several delicate articles of clothing… lace, gauze, netting… all sorts of materials along with the leather garments.

Finding my tongue, I told her that I was looking for something special to wear for my husband that evening. She asked me again if I had anything particular in mind and I told her “No, but I will know it when I see it. “

After looking around the shop, I finally saw IT… the special outfit I was looking for. It was a red leather corset similar to the one that the saleslady was wearing with just a few differences. The difference I liked most had heart-shaped cutouts where nipples poke out and cutouts in different places all over it also. It too, had garters attached for stockings.

The saleslady, whose canlı bahis name was Naomi, looked at me for a guesstimate on my size, took a corset off the rack in one hand and my hand in the other, “Well, let’s go see how this fits. “

In the fitting room, I undressed and Naomi told me that she thought I was a very beautiful woman and this corset would look very sexy on me. I wrapped it around me and fastened it in the front, while Naomi tugged on the strings in the back to tighten it. It fit perfectly with my nipples poking out of the heart shaped holes, and Naomi said, “I have a few things that I think will be perfect for this. “

She left the fitting room and returned a few minutes later with a few items that she laid on the table, except for red leather thong that matched the corset perfectly. She held them as I stepped into them and then pulled them up, adjusting the straps, so they would not pinch. I felt her hand linger on my backside and I turned to look at her out of the corner of my eye. She was looking at me for my reaction and again told me how beautiful she thought I was.

Naomi then turned to the table, picked up a pair of red silk stockings and handed them to me. I sat down, and asked her “Would you like to help me put them on?” Her smile said it all as she knelt in front of me, gathered one stocking up and held it out for me to put my foot into. She pulled it up my leg, asking me to stand while she fastened it to the garter. Feeling her hands on my leg as she fastened it, was making me cream my pussy in the thong, and I knew she could smell my scent. After she helped me with the other one, she ran her hand between my legs and said, “I think this outfit is making you wet… you look very sexy and delicious in it. ” With that said, she leaned forward and kissed me. Her mouth was so soft and she tasted like cinnamon, just like I thought she would… hot and sweet.

Naomi pulled me closer and placed her hand on my breast, leaning and kissing the tops where they spilled out of the cup and also pinched my nipple throught the cutouts. “I have just the thing for this, ” she said as she picked something red up from the table. She leaned down, took my nipple into her mouth, making it harder and I could see the red as she placed it over my nipple and tightened it, sending twinges to my cunt… a nipple noose. Mmmmm. Feeling it pull as she sucked on my other nipple and fastened the other end around it. She let the chain dangle down, pulling my nipples and really sending thrills of pleasure all the way to my clit.

“Mmmm, you smell so good, ” Naomi said bahis siteleri to me as her hand moved down my stomach and entered the top of the thong panties. Slipping one finger inside, she rubbed my hard clit, causing my knees to shake and I moaned as I climaxed on her hand. She knelt down before me and pulled the thong to my knees, at the same time telling me to sit down on the bench behind me. Pulling my ass to the edge she leaned forward and slid her tongue inside my slit, just barely touching my clit. Licking harder and harder until I began to quiver and jerk under her ministrations and my juices began pouring out of me, soaking the bench seat under me. “Oh, my God, that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. ” I told her, but she didn’t stop. Her tongue lapping wildly trying to suck my juices out, and inserting one finger then another, moving them in and out, in and out, until once again I exploded into her mouth with another jerking, spasming orgasm on my part.

“Yes, you taste as wonderful as you smell, ” Naomi said, as she sat back on her heels.

I leaned forward and kissed her, tasting my juices on her tongue, and tentatively touched her breast. The zipper over her nipple felt cold against my palm, but her skin was soft and warm as was the leather. I unzipped the zipper over her nipple, and flicked my fingernail over it, causing it to pebble and harden. Turning my attention to the other one, I did the same thing, only this time I unfastened one of the clamps from the zipper pull and fastened it onto her nipple. She threw her head back and moaned and told me how good the pressure felt on her sensitive nipple. Emboldened, I unfastened the other clamp and let it clamp on the nipple between my fingers. I pulled her to me as I wrapped my fingers in her hair and kissed her again, flicking the clamps with my thumb. I could feel her shudder under me. I asked her to trade places with me and as soon as she sat on the bench, I buried my face in her thong, inhaling her scent. I pulled the thong to one side and licked her hot slit, tasting another woman for the first time. I loved it. The tangy saltiness, the slickness, the softness of this beautiful woman was very arousing. I put two fingers inside of her while flicking her clit with my thumb, then crossed my fingers inside of her and rotated my wrist, causing her to groan and tell me how good it feels. I could feel the sensitive area inside of her swelling even more under my moving digits, as she moved closer and closer to the Big O… the walls of her pussy squeezing my fingers, and then the spasms began and she trembled bahis şirketleri as she creamed on my fingers and my tongue. I reached up and took off the clamp from her right nipple and then the left, listening to her sexy sounds as she came again, feeling the blood rush back into her nipples. Her cunt was so hot and wet, and I wanted to leave them there because I loved the silky feeling and the hardness of her clit.

Eventually she pushed my hand away, saying “Honey, that is just too intense, you need to stop. “

I pulled my hand away, and leaned up to kiss her again, and she took my fingers and licked them clean, telling me how much she enjoyed the taste.

We sat there, just talking for awhile, and then we heard the bell as a customer came through the door. She stood up, straightened her clothing and then walked on wobbly legs to the front of the store.

I stayed in the fitting room, and just looked at myself in the mirror at how hot and sexy I looked in the red leather outfit and red stockings. I noticed a shoebox on the table and when I opened it I gasped. There was a pair of red stiletto heels with ankle straps inside. I put them on, and walked unsteadily around the room, learning how to walk on the 4 inch heels.

Naomi had come back and was standing in the doorway. She startled me when she said how wonderful I looked all encased in leather, the red making my pale skin glow, and my blonde hair appear even lighter.

I decided to leave the outfit on and putting the black wraparound dress I had worn into the store over top, I picked up my old shoes and undies and put them in the shoebox. Picking up my purse, I took out a credit card to pay for my purchases. Naomi took it, put it back into my purse and kissed me. “This one is on the house, Darling. Just seeing my creation on your sexy body and then loving you while you are wearing it is payment enough for me. ” I thanked her and told her, “No, it was my pleasure, and you must accept something for it. “

Naomi said, “Please give me a call if you ever need a personal fitting again. Here is my number. ” She handed me a business card for the store with her number on the back and kissed me as she did so. I should have realized who she was when she told me her name, as the store was called “Naomi’s Naughties”. I told her I would be sure to do just that and I left, thinking about her while walking home.

As I was walking through the door at home, the phone was ringing. It was my husband, reminding me to wear something sexy tonight.

“Dear, don’t worry about that, it has already been taken care of, You will enjoy hearing about my day, I am sure. ” I could not help smiling to myself as I remembered my trip to the lingerie shop. “My surprise may even surpass yours. “

Copyright Carrie On 9-19-2001

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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