A Hot Summer Night

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I laid there bare chested as he slowly began to slide my shorts off revealing my stiff hard 7 inch thick sweaty cock.

It was hot sultry night downstairs on his mother’s couch. Sweat was pouring off his naked body. His cock was long, stiff and hard pointing in my direction. He was kneeled down in between my legs that were spread as I was on my back. My cock was pulsing with attention.

We’ve been here before, the two of us. But what we do is because of the lack of the presence of any women in our lives. There is no romance, just a hot desire to satisfy a sexual arousal that can’t be met otherwise. We are young, our whole lives ahead of us, but our strict religious upbringing stifles our desire to run wild amongst the vast sea of women that await us.

Oh yeah, both of us know what it’s like to pleasure ourselves until the juice flows uncontrollably, only this time, the pleasure will come from each other. I have no desire for him sexually, just the idea of touching his body doesn’t canlı bahis şirketleri fill me with desire, but knowing full well that he would be doing that to me makes me feel obligated to return the favor.

His hands slowly caress my shaft down to my testicles almost as if he is drawing an outline in the air over my cock. Then he grabs it with one hand and lowers his mouth. The warm, wet sensation of his tongue sliding up and down my hot rod is making me fill with ecstasy. I don’t know how long this can last.

Circling his tongue around the tip and then back down he takes it all the way in his mouth slowly. It’s getting wetter. He moves up and down faster and faster. His hand works my stiff pole like a companion to his tongue. I can barely contain myself.

My legs become restless, my body begins to quake as he moves faster and faster. Spewing my load in his warm mouth, he doesn’t stop. He continues to work his tongue up my shaft while slurping in the load leaving very canlı kaçak iddaa little mess. I’m moaning out uncontrollably.

As I lay there catching my breath, he lays next to me on his side then turns over on his back. It’s my turn.

I see his big sweaty cock staring at me with enticement. Closing my eyes I lower my mouth onto it. I am fully engulfed and I let my tongue circle slowly up his shaft. I slowly lift my mouth upwards, with my tongue following the even flow of wet juicy saliva as I go back down hard before I get to the top. Faster and faster, wetter and wetter it gets. Caressing his inner thigh with my finger with each slurp of his shaft, it gets harder in my mouth. Like it’s about to burst wide open.

The juices of his white river explode in my mouth and I take in each burst like gulping down a bottle of water.

I lay next to him sweating, he lays next to me panting. Reaching over we grab each other’s stiff cock and slowly start to stroke again. We’re both canlı kaçak bahis still hard, wet and sweaty.

I climb on top of him not looking him in the eye as I feel his shaft on mine. Slipping and sliding up and down, I grab both of his legs, raising them high I slide faster and faster. I can feel the rush through our cocks getting ready to explode like a geyser but wait!

I lower my member throbbing, and pulsating to the point where it’s almost out of control. I find the hidden doorway below. It’s sweaty and wet. It slides through carefully and it penetrates him quickly. He moans out in total shock ‘Don’t Stop! Don’t Stop!’ as he get up quickly, spins me around on my knees and bends me over. He breaks down my back door slowly but effortlessly. The sensation is new, it’s mentally challenging but it feels so good. He thrusts harder and harder. His hands are on my cock, sliding up and down. He shakes, I shake I feel the twitch in my rear and he feels the twitch in his hands and ‘Uhhh!’ we both explode!

There is wetness everywhere. We lay on our backs trying to catch our breath. He tells me he’s going to shower. I watch him leave ‘We must never speak of this to anyone’ he says walking away, as I lay down on my back and fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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