One Red Shoe

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It was 4 o’clock and I’d been sitting at my desk for the past 3 hours. I’d gone shopping at lunch and been working in my little office since and for some reason, I was horny as hell. Maybe it was the trashy novel I’d fallen asleep reading the night before. Maybe it was the sexy message ‘Z—‘ left for me in my voicemail detailing exactly what he wanted to do to a certain part of my body with a certain part of his body whenever I gave him the chance, that I checked while my secretary was getting some paperwork out of my filing cabinets. Maybe it was the thought that I could draw the blinds to my window and shut my door and play with my pussy and the boss or anyone else in my office for that matter, could walk in and catch me in the act. It certainly would make my office life more interesting. Except, with all of my co-workers being at least 3 inches shorter and 50 pounds heavier than me, the prospects were not so enticing. However, for once, the sad athletic condition and poor gene pool of my office didn’t turn me off. I was horny and my clit was desperately in need of some serious attention.

Luckily I happened to be wearing one of my more accessible outfits: a charcoal grey miniskirt suit with a green silk blouse, thigh high stockings, black pumps and no panties…perfect for the activities I was planning.

I drew the blinds and locked my door and got ready for my next ‘assignment’.

I slipped out of my shoes and walked across my office to sit down on the small couch I canlı bahis kept there for informal meetings. I pulled my skirt up around my waist carefully so as not to wrinkle it and set myself down on the smooth and soft leather. It felt so cold against my bare ass and made my pussy heat up a little more. I lay down on the sofa and began to massage my 36c breasts thru the green lace bra and silk blouse having left my jacket on the back of my chair. I reached over and flipped the switch on the extra air conditioning unit that was present in my office (in addition to the central air throughout the building. The extra unit was a result of my predecessor being a frigid bitch). I moved the vents on the unit so they were blowing directly over my chest and soon my nipples were like little pebbles sticking out thru my blouse. I unbuttoned my blouse a bit and pulled my tits out over my bra. I licked the tips of my fingers and then ran them over my nipples and the moisture, combined with the cool air made my nipples harder than I’d thought possible. All I could think of was how air so cold was making me so incredibly hot!

I let my hands wander further south along my flat belly and I ran my fingers through my trimmed dark brown bush. I could feel the heat and moisture seeping out through my already swollen pussy lips. I ran my middle finger up my slit and was shocked to feel how wet and slick and hot I was. I scanned my office looking for some implements to assist me in this endeavor. A bottle of ‘white bahis siteleri out’…too puny…a stapler…ouch…pens, pencils…no…and then I rested my eyes on one of my shopping bags. In particular, the bag from the shoe store I’d stopped in. The shoe store where I’d purchased a pair of red pumps with thin, 5 inch high pencil heels for my extremely hot date with Z—later that week. Inspiration struck as the possible potential of these shoes suddenly jumped into my head. I ran, nearly naked from the waist down with tits bouncing out of my blouse, across the room to get the bag. I reached into my purse and withdrew my emergency condom (the one I save for the day Pierce Brosnan walks into my office for a quickie). I ran back to the sofa, sat down and opened the box. Mmmm…I knew I was going to have fun with these. I took the right shoe out of the box and rolled the condom over the heel pulling it further over the back of the shoe. I ran back to get a rubber band to hold the condom securely over the heel. Quick thinking for someone with hot juices running down her naked thighs. Finally, I set the shoe aside on the coffee table and went back to my pussy.

Surprise, surprise, the idea of the red shoe had only made me wetter. I ran my middle finger up and down my slit and ran little circles around my clit. As I ran my finger down my slit my pussy was so hot that it practically sucked my finger in…and then seemed to demand another. I reached across and brought the prepared shoe in front of my pussy. bahis şirketleri I spread my pussy lips and ran the condom covered heel up and down my hot slit. Gently I began to push the heel inside my hole. It sent shivers up my spine and made me wetter. With one strong push I pushed it all the way inside me. Mmm…definitely not the same as an 8 and a half inch long cock attached to a terrifically sexy Z–, but pretty damned good otherwise. I pushed it as much into my hot wet opening as I could, until the flat part of the sole of the shoe was resting on my pussy and the heel was deep inside my body, hard and long. I started to move the shoe in and out, using it to fuck myself when I made a wonderful discovery. The flat sole resting on my pussy provided the perfect touch to my throbbing clit as I fucked myself with the heel. In and out and massaging my clit…that one red shoe was driving me out of control. I began to arch my hips against it and fucked myself even harder….and faster…and harder…faster…as the heel massaged the inner walls of my pussy, just grazing my g-spot, as the sole hit my clit with the same rhythm and as my bare ass slapped against the leather of the couch.

I felt the walls of my pussy begin to clench on the heel and with one last, hard thrust, I pushed it in as far it could go and pressed the sole hard against my clit and my whole body shivered as I came.

My hands let go of the shoe but my pussy didn’t seem to want to give it up. I lay back on the sofa, barely clothed, one red shoe rammed deep in my pussy with a terribly content smile on my face as the exhaustion of that incredible fuck overcame me and I slipped away into a sweet dream…

(to be continued…?)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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