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Two online lovers get a chance to finally meet. She replied to an offer for free movie tickets and the tickets were much more than expected.

Free movie tickets, hmmmm……

What if…….

We could get these free tickets but they magically transported us to the movie but in any theater we wanted. So you email and tell me to pick Movies12 in Minneapolis, 7:30 show, Thursday night. The tickets are for a movie that neither Paul nor my wife wants to see. We know that ahead of time and they both say “If you don’t mind going alone, go ahead and see the movie.”

So we take hold of the tickets and find ourselves walking in through the door way of theater 11 for a movie we don’t care about either.

You are there already when I walk into the theater. As my eyes adjust I look at the back few rows and find you sitting in the last row, in the middle, with just a wall behind you. The theater has about 12 to 15 others scatters about the seats. You sure picked a lousy movie!

I walk over and before I sit down, I lean over and give you a big kiss. I thought it would be just a little peck, and you sort of did too, but when our lips met, the electricity was there immediately and you grabbed me by the back of my head to press me into you. Due to the angle, our bodies can’t meet, but my hands, which were on the seat arms to brace me, move from the arms to your waist and then smoothly up to your breasts. I can feel your nipples harden as I pinch them. You moan and we open our mouths to allow our tongues to meet and play with each other. You slip a hand from the back of my head down to my crotch and find me rock hard. You stroke my length on the outside of my pants. I take another squeeze of your breast and then push away. I sit down next to you and take a deep breath and exhale.

“Hi, Arlene.”

“Hi Dennis. I think this is going to be a memorable movie.”

“Me too.”

With that I take off my coat and lay it on the chair next to me. You had already done the same. As we adjust we find the arm between our seats pivots up and out of the way. This row was made for lovers.

With the arm back we have a double seat, or as it will soon become, a love-seat.

You are on my left and I lean over and place my left hand behind your head. My right hand slips comfortably around your waist canlı bahis and I lean in for another kiss. You lean back allowing me to press against your right boob. You enjoy the pressure against it. My right hand moves to cup your left breast. You moan into my mouth as we kiss. I kiss your lips and then your chin. I kiss your lips again and then trail my kisses across your right cheek to your right earlobe. I nibble it for a moment and then kiss you softly just below your ear. You are nearly limp in the seat with the sensuous pleasure you feel. I move my kisses around to the front of your neck and back up to your mouth where our lips open and we try to insert ourselves into each other, tongue first.

I lean harder on you and pick myself up onto you, with my right leg going between you legs. I move it up and the top of my knee begins to rub your crotch. I can feel the warmth of your pussy through your pants and mine. I don’t feel it, but your panties are soaked. As best you can, you try rubbing your clit against my knee. You are insane with desire, but no more than me.

You lean to your left and I find that I can now fit comfortable between your legs. We start humping like two animals in heat, which we now are. We look around and the nearly empty theater is so dark. Everyone is facing forward. It is as if we don’t exist.

You pull me up and a little backward to allow you access to the front of my pants. In a moment, my belt is undone, my pants opened and you have pulled my pants and underpants down. You pause to look at the center of your desire, and then take it into your mouth. I nearly cum with the pleasure of that first moment you engulf me. You seem to like the feeling of my cock in your mouth, so I let you control the action for a while. You suck and blow on me, you roll your tongue around me. You kiss the length of my member. I have never had anyone give me so much pleasure.

I pull back and out of your mouth. You give me a sad look with your eyes.

“My turn”, I say, as I open your blouse and unhook your bra. I knee before you and cup your breasts in my hands. I stare at them, and then begin to suckle from each one. You close your eyes and enjoy the intense pleasure of having your breasts lovingly sucked.

I continue, one and then the other, forever it seems. I am fondling bahis siteleri one while I suck on the other. I can feel your stomach and hips beginning to ungulate under me. Finally, I kiss the middle of your chest and then move the kisses lower. As my tongue rims and then reams your belly button, I undo your pants and you lift your hips, allowing me to guide them to your ankles. You slip your right foot out of them and raise it on to the seat.

My mouth drops to your pussy. You are soaked. I taste your sweet juices and almost cum from the sheer joy of tasting you. I lick, I suck, and I nibble at your twat. Your hips are moving back and forth. I start sucking on your clit and stick my two fingers into your pussy. I slide them in right up to my knuckle. You press hard again them. I begin to move them in and out of you and you move to the tempo. I pull back and add a third finger. Then the fourth one. You are stretched and loving it. You push hard against my hand as you feel the fullness inside you. The sucking on your clit drives you wild as it is coupled to the stretching your pussy is getting. I press on your g-spot and I can feel your juices flowing on, around and out past my hand.

I slowly remove my hand and you feel the emptiness left without it. I move my head back up to kiss you, but I get distracted and decide to suck your tits for a while longer. You could tell I was going to kiss you and you smile at the fact that in spite of it all, I am an irrepressible tit man.

A few minutes of sucking and you are as horny as you have ever been. I tell myself that there is more to life than tits, yet it takes another several minutes before I can bear to part with your beautiful and sexy nipples.

I look into your eyes and see you looking into mine. Our eyes do all the speaking as to how we fee. My lips meet yours and you can taste your juices on them. The taste reminds you of the pleasure just experienced. Your arms wrap around me and my hips sink slowly. My dick finds the gateway and slips inside of you. I press hard and the head is in deep inside you. A new feeling of fullness begins to radiate from your pussy.

You lift your legs and lock them around my buttocks, driving me even further into you. Your arms are holding me against you. Even with all the pressure you are applying to bahis şirketleri hold me against you, I manage to begin bucking my hips. You don’t put up too much of a fight against it. My hands manage to find your boobs and I start by pressing them against your chest and then squeezing them in my hands.

My hips are pounding like a piston as I feel myself getting closer to the inevitable. You are biting your lip to try and stifle the sounds you are making. I roll your nipple between my thumb and index finger. I can feel the hardness of them. I pull them slightly away from you and then pinch them and push them into you as I make a final hard thrust into your pussy.

You felt me building and you were hold back as best you could. Now you know by my pushing on your pussy that I am cumming and as you feel me explode inside of you, the feelings overwhelm you and you feel your orgasm welling up and taking over your entire being, starting at your pussy and moving out over your entire body. The moment lingers, neither of us wanting it to ever stop. We are frozen, enjoying the moment, the pleasure and the overpowering feelings we have for each other.

Again, we look into each others’ eyes and we can see the feelings we are experiencing. We both smile and then we kiss again.

I begin to straighten up and out of you as we both become aware of our surroundings again. The movie is still running, fortunately, and everyone still seems oblivious to what has just occurred. We both pull up our pants and begin trying to make the clothing look normal. You are starting to gather your bra and blouse to the front of you and I lean over and say “Wait. Just one more.” With that, I reach over and caress your boob in my hand. I smile at the sheer joy of holding your breast in my hand. You smile at the sheer simple-mindedness of a genuine tit man. I remove my hand and you hook your bra and close your blouse.

We face forward and notice that the movie seems to be about over, as best we can tell. We put the arm down between the seats and rest our arms on it, holding hands.

The movie ends and we stand up, turn toward each other and embrace in one long ,deep and close kiss. Hand in hand we walk out the aisle and out to the lobby. The bright lights blind up momentarily, and when our eyes adjust, we find ourselves alone, in the parking lot by our own car.

As we arrive home, we each are greeted by the same question and we each give the same response.

“How was the movie?”

“Fine, but you wouldn’t have liked it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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