Hot, Wet and High

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She pulled off her bra and stood bare in the bathroom. The bra fell into the pile of jeans and t-shirt on the floor. She looked at her face in the medicine cabinet mirror above the sink. The bags under her eyes were just starting to droop—the marijuana was kicking in—but the sparkle in them hadn’t dulled yet.

The cool air from the room of tile gave her goosebumps. She felt them rise suddenly all over her body. Her light brown nipples hardened—pushing out away from her body until they were limited by the stretch of her skin. She could feel every detail about her body. The dampness between her legs was gliding downwards along the strands of her black coarse pubic hair. It left a cool wet, slime on her upper thigh. She brushed a hand against her other arm to feel the nearly invisible hair standing at attention. Her fingers too were cold, her blood circulation slowing with the coursing marijuana, and she grasped her nipples between her thumb and index finger. The chills sent another bubble of warmth out of her and onto her thigh. She lost herself in these self-absorbed, tactile sensations until she remembered why it was she was standing canlı bahis naked in the bathroom.

She turned the metal dial towards the red H. She loved hot, hot showers when she was high. Cold offshoots from the showerhead sputtered onto her, reawakening her body with pinpoint tingles. The water turned warm then hot and she let the steam build in the room. The translucent clouds wrapped her from her ankles to her thin calves and pale thighs, around her curvy hips and baby pouch, up her stomach and ribs, cradling her hefty breasts and around her neck like a snake tempting Eve and when the steam finally wrapped itself around her brown curly hair, she thought she was wading in a mountain hot spring during a morning fog.

She stepped into the shower and it was a jolt. Almost painful and sobering. But as her body’s temperature rose to the shower’s heat, she calmed and faded back into her high.

Dropping her head back, she let the water soak her hair. The water jutted hard from the shower head, it was in massage mode. Her skin was turning pink above her round breasts from the blast. She rubbed her stomach and breasts, pushing them bahis siteleri up into her neck, pulling on her tits. Her round ass clenched and tingled. Her hands slide with the wetness downward; down along her hips and under to her pussy. She slid her fingers under, cupping her mound. Her finger tips met a different wetness, so much was there had been building. She kept the palm of her hand hard against her clit as her fingers motioned in a wave. She smiled. Her pussy was aching. She felt sexy and lustful.

She imagined someone watching her. Perhaps her landlord had a secret camera and was jerking off to her at this very moment. She wasn’t particularly attracted to her landlord, but she liked the idea of her privacy being invaded, spied on. She arched her ass out and spread her cheeks to let the water run along her asshole. Wetting her lips, she let out a small moan. She lifted her foot onto the side of the tub. Her toes were wrinkling, but she didn’t care. She wasn’t getting out of that shower yet. She wanted him to see everything, how good her fat pussy lips looked. She pulled the showerhead down and pointed it right into her asshole. bahis şirketleri It felt so good to her, she clenched her hole repeatedly. Her pussy was wet in its own right by now. She nestled the showerhead back into its holder, pointed at her ass.

She wanted to be fucked by a dick so badly, she kept imagining it inside her, pumping in her tight pussy. She plunged two fingers into her pussy from behind her but her fingers couldn’t quite do her desire justice. She kept bent over and used her other hand to stroke her clit. She knew this would make her landlord cum, and she thought about that. The cum spurting from his dick on his jeans, onto the small black and white security TV her eyes were locked with. Her face and shoulder were pushing against the side of the shower, stray drops trickled down along the wall. The water splattering against her ass cheek. Some hair fell in front of her face and it only made her feel sexier and wilder. She arched harder against her fingers, trying to get them deep inside her. Her clit was swollen and hot with blood. It began to tingle and as her fingers kept rubbing along its side. She jerked and the tingle became a tight burst that exploded and spread into her ass and thighs and her knees gave just a little as her head got dizzy. When she opened her eyes, her body was still pulsating but the steamy cloud in her eyes had cleared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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