Erin and the Shoe Store

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Erin wrapped her cum-covered bare feet around Samantha’s enormous cock and began thrusting the huge dick in between her soft wrinkle and gooey soles. Erin had finished giving Samantha an intense foot job. Samantha plastered every inch of Erin’s feet, with her creamy liquids.

Rich stood over Erin and rubbed his massive cock and balls in her flushed face, after an intense blowjob. Rich and Samantha had just finished fucking the shit out of their favorite new toy, which happens to be Erin.

Erin’s entire body was weak and bruise from the hard couple of hours of non-stop sex with her two best friends. Her gigantic J cups were covered in cum, sweat, and breast milk.

“Hmmm Erin! You look so hot right now,” moaned Samantha, as she pulled her fat cock from between Erin’s feet and bended down to lick and suck Erin’s breasts clean of all the tasty fluids.

Samantha squeezed Erin’s jumbo hooters into cone shapes and stuffed as much of the wet, fluffy breast flesh into her hungry mouth as possible. Rich bended down and took Erin’s other breast into his mouth and followed Samantha’s sucking.

“Ohhhhh!” moaned Erin, as her pussy juices ran down her thick thighs and her breast milk spurted from her enlarge nipples, into her friends’ mouths.

Erin had several orgasms during the half an hour Rich and Samantha spend on sucking her huge titties. Afterwards, all 3 took a nice warm shower and fucked for another half an hour.

Samantha and Rich had tickets for the Opera and Erin didn’t want to go. The two of them went by themselves, while Erin headed to a local shoe store to by some new sandals. She felt her feet had gotten bigger since last summer. The local shoe store was called Footers. It had just opened up 2 days ago and Erin has been dying to buy a new pair of sandals from the store.

Erin entered the store and saw thousands of different pairs of shoes, boots, sandals, and other foot wear. Surprisingly, the huge store was empty.

“HELLO!” Erin shouted and heard her own echo.

Just then, Erin saw a long shadowy figure coming her way. As the shadow got closer, it reduced in size and a little person or midget, appeared in front of her.

“Hi there,” Erin said to the little person.

The midget had his eyes glued to Erin’s sock-covered feet in a pair of sandals.

“Nice feet lady. I love the way the arches curve in,” the midget spoke.

“Why thank you!” Erin replied surprised.

The little person’s eyes strolled up Erin’s body and stopped at her enormous tits, which looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra under her XXL white tee from the way her tits hung down to her chest and jutted out like basketballs. They also bounced and wobbled during any movements she caused and her nipples poked through the fabric. The midget’s cock grew hard inside his tight green pants.

“Excuse me…Sir! I’m looking for some sandals,” Erin spoke softly.

“Oh yes! We’ve been expecting you,” the midget said with a huge grin across his chubby and bearded face. “Follow me please.”

Erin followed the little fat guy to the huge back room. The room had tons of shelves, filled with many different types of shoes and foot wear. The room was dark and cold and only a few lights, which flickered on and off. Four more bahis firmaları little guys, who looked exactly like the first midget, appeared in front of Erin. Their eyes also roamed up and down Erin’s voluptuous body.

“Please! Have a seat in this chair,” one of the other midgets spoke.

Erin looked at the chair and it reminded her of the Electric Chair.

“O…ok,” Erin spoke with a little bit of hesitation.

Erin slowly sat down in the chair and moved her body around so she could get comfortable in it. The little men smiled and licked their large lips at the sight of Erin. One midget got close to Erin’s feet and started smelling her clean socks.

“O….k. I see someone has a foot fetish,” Erin said.

Suddenly, leather straps buckled around Erin’s wrist, ankles, waist, and forehead, and the chair declined down.

“HEY! What the hell!” Erin said angrily.

“Don’t worry child. We just want to have a look at those big feet of yours,” the little person Erin met first said.

One of the midgets stood in front of Erin’s feet, while the other 4 stood behind him. He pulled off Erin’s sandals and started smelling the inside of it. His long, bumpy tongue began licking away at the sole of the sandal. He passed the other sandal to the back, where each little person took a turn smelling and licking Erin’s second sandal.

“Ok! You fuckers are gross!” Erin complained.

The same midget who took off Erin’s sandals, then removed her long tube socks from her bare feet. All the midgets’ cocks grew huge inside their tight pants, as Erin’s bare feet and toes came into view.

The first midget passed the socks to the back, where each midget took a turn smelling the inside of her clean socks.

“Hmmm! Your feet have a beautiful aroma to them,” commented one of the midgets.

“Thank you… I guess,” Erin said unsure.

The midget by her feet began to rub his large pointy nose up and down the bare smooth soles of Erin’s feet.

“Hey Ha Ha Ha Ha! That tickles!” Erin exclaimed.

The midget planted his face against Erin’s feet and rubbed his entire face up and down the soles. His hairy beard continued to tickle away at Erin’s feet. Erin moved and wedged her body around, trying to fight off the midget.

The other midgets watched, as Erin’s monstrous braless J cups bounced and wobbled up and down inside her tee shirt.

“Look at those things move. They’re just as incredible as her feet,” one midget commented.

Erin had a midget on each side of her, while the midget at her feet sucked and licked her toes, soles, arches, and heels. Both midgets had a pair of scissors and cut holes in her shirt, holes centered over the middle Erin’s breasts. The center of her huge areolas and large swollen nipples, were exposed for the midgets’ viewing pleasure. The midgets on her sides each began to suckle and nibble at her nipples.

“Hey! Her nipples taste kind of weird,” said the midget teasing her left nipple.

A milky fluid began leaking out of Erin’s huge nips.

“MILK!” shouted the midget on her right nipple.

Both midgets slurped and sucked down on Erin’s nipples hard. They swallowed and drank as much of Erin’s breast milk, their little stomachs could hold.

“Ohhhhhh GOD!” kaçak iddaa moaned Erin, as her first orgasm hit.

The midget at her feet had shinned up her feet with his saliva and pulled out his incredible 9 1/2-inch cock. He slapped his big dick up against the soles of Erin’s feet. He dragged his balls across her toes and then smacked up against her shinny wet soles. He then grabbed both of Erin’s soak feet in his hands and thrusted his huge member between the arches.

“Oh yeah! Your feet feel fantastic around my big dick,” moaned the little guy, as he thrusted hard and fast between the arches of Erin’s feet.

The two midgets whom weren’t doing anything, finally unbuckled their pants and each one stood on opposite sides of Erin’s head. The midget on Erin’s left forcefully turned her head and shoved his thick 8-inch cock down her throat. The midget on her right, rubbed his huge, heavy sack of balls across her face, while he jerked his 9-inch thick meat over her forehead.

The two midgets at Erin’s giant tits, ripped open the holes in her shirt wider, so that both of her big tits hung over the open holes and got worked over by the midgets’ mouths and hands. Their hands were tiny compared to Erin’s basketball size hooters. Each midget cradled a massive orb in their tiny hands and nursed from it savagely. They traced their bumpy tongues all around the humongous knockers. Leaving no inch of her breast dry.

The midget at Erin’s feet, wedged his fingers between her toes and rubbed his cockhead up and down her soles.

Erin twisted and turned her body, as the midgets were abusing it. Erin moaned and screamed with pain and pleasure around one of the midget’s meaty cock in her mouth.

“Ohhhhhh! You are a good cocksucker,” teased the midget, as he buried Erin’s face deep into his hairy pubes.

Erin throated on the fat cock down her throat.

“My turn!” said the other midget by her face.

The midget pulled his saliva-covered dick from Erin’s wide mouth and the other midget shoved his big juicy dick down her throat.

“You can have her mouth. I want to see her wet pussy,” grinned the midget.

The midget grabbed the top of Erin’s shorts and pulled them over her large ass and down to her ankles. The front of Erin’s white cotton panties were soaked. All the midgets could smell Erin’s pussy juices and cum.

“Hmmmm! Smells so delicious,” moaned the midget.

The midget ripped Erin’s panties off and buried his face deep into her drenching pussy. He wiggled his large, nasty tongue deep inside her cunt. He wrapped his small chubby arms around Erin’s thick thighs and used them for leverage, as he drilled his tongue deep inside her pussy hole.

Erin couldn’t believe that 5 midgets were raping her. All she wanted to do was bring some sandals and now she is in the middle of a midget gangbang.

The two midgets that sucked on her milk-filled balloons for a long time, finally unleashed their huge dicks and began slapping them against Erin’s breasts. They began fucking Erin’s leaky nipples with the head of their cocks, while they squeezed and fondled her huge bags of flesh.

“OH Fuck! These titties feel so fucking good,” moaned one of the titty-fucking midgets.

Both midgets placed their cocks kaçak bahis in Erin’s sweaty cleavage. Her massive tits managed to wrap around both of their big dicks, as they fucked the shit out of them. Their balls bounced and slapped against the bottoms of Erin’s huge breasts. Their cockheads poked out from between her breasts and poked her neck and chin. Erin’s nipples started spurting out breast milk onto the thrusting midgets, as her enormous jugs bounced and wobbled up and down their cock wildly.

Erin had orgasm after orgasm as the midgets had their way with her. The midget that ate her pussy, now had his giant cock squeezed between her shaved pussy lips, and began pounding her hard.

Erin cried and moaned around the midget’s heavy balls, which he dunked in and out of her mouth. Erin had no choice but to enjoy the fucking. She used her tongue and licked each ball sack and then suckled both huge sacks between her lips.

The midget at Erin’s feet, pounded away between her arches and his large hairy balls slapped against her soft soles.

“Ahhhhhh! Here I CUM!” shouted the midget fucking her feet.

A huge blast of cum spurted from his pee hole and trailed across Erin’s legs and her shorts around her ankles. The midget hovered over her slippery feet and blasted his reminding load onto her wiggling toes.

The two midgets that double-titty fucked Erin started giving her a pearl necklace. They milked the rest of their cum against her enlarge nipples and mixed their cum into her warm breast milk.

“Take the straps off her ankles. I want to fuck her good and hard,” demanded the midget pounding his cock into Erin’s snatch.

The midgets unlocked the straps around Erin’s ankles and the midget order the other midgets to put Erin’s legs on his shoulders. The midget wrapped his arms around Erin’s legs, as her cum-covered toes curled at the hard pounding her pussy was receiving.

Erin’s thighs quivered and her pussy crumbled around the midget’s thrusting cock. Her cum poured all over the midget’s pounding cock and slapping balls, but the midget continued to fuck her wet cunt.

The midget that had his cock lodged in Erin’s mouth, pulled it out and stood over her head. He grabbed Erin’s ankles and bended her feet close to her head. The midget pounding her pussy helped by pushing down on the back of her calves. He wrapped her wet feet around his wet cock and began fucking her feet.

The midget fucking Erin’s pussy watched as her colossal J cups rippled with the fast pace pounding he was giving her.

“I can’t hold it anymore!” cried the midget, as he pulled his cock from Erin’s swollen cunt and aim his cock at her feet.

The midget fucking her big feet, released one of them so the other midget could have one. Both midgets blasted the soles of Erin’s feet with their gooey milk and drenched her toes once again.

The midgets watching had gotten hard again and jerked their cocks inside Erin’s socks. Each midget spurted his cum inside her socks and then one of the midgets’ placed Erin’s already cum-soaked feet back into her socks and slid a new pair of sandals over them.

Minutes later, Erin came out of the shoe store. Her once straighten hair was now puffy and her face was beet face. The smell of cum still leaked off her body and Erin had her tore shirt wrapped around her gargantuan tits and wore it like a tube top. Of course, Erin had many eyes staring at her, as she headed home from her exciting day of shoe shopping…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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