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God, I love that feeling.


Your mouth changes strategy again and again-at one moment pulling the tender flesh of my swollen nipples in, and in the next releasing the suction completely. The resulting sounds become a symphony of pleasure in my mind.

I look down to watch you, sitting on the bed and feasting on me. Our eyes lock over the swell of my tits and my clit hardens as I imagine that beautiful mouth applying its efforts a little lower.

My hands busy themselves with memorizing the soft fullness of your breasts, at times roughly taking control, kneading and slapping, and then softly just following the curves, running the tip of my thumb over the soft areolas to the hard tips.

Your focus is on me, however. You move in an unchoreographed display of desire. You alternate between focusing on my sensitive nipples and taking in more of the surrounding skin. Your teeth sometimes rake over me; your tongue shows its appreciation, sweeping across my tits in long, firm strokes.

By now, I am soaked. My clit is full and wanting. My pussy is hungry. You reach over and pick up the harness. I help you into it, unable to resist shaping my hands around your amazing ass, dragging my fingers up the back of your thighs. You have little patience for my illegal bahis distractions, though. You position me where you want me on the edge of the bed. In order to ensure I am ready, you lightly play with my clit-even deigning to suck it lightly for just a moment-before slipping your finger inside of me. You finger-fuck me until two fingers encounter little resistance, then slap the toy against my clit and apply the warmed lube.

You sink into me, slowly. As the resistance builds, you gently guide your hips forward and back, taking me a little more with each stroke. Soon, you are completely engulfed by my pussy. I revel in the feeling of fullness, of the closeness of our bodies, and the heat of your hips and pussy as they rest on top of mine.

You don’t wait long. In no time, your hips have begun a steady assault, fucking me with that great, deep, slow rhythm. By the time you are ready to really fuck me, my thighs are splayed as wide as they can be, my pussy shamelessly taking everything you’re giving, begging for even more. Coherent speech is impossible at this point; “Fuck”, “God,” “Please,” and moans/grunts are all that I can manage. There is nothing else like this, nothing else that satisfies as well as your dick buried in me.

You position yourself to where you can have more illegal bahis siteleri leverage and really fuck me in earnest now. Your hands grip the back of my thighs, pushing my feet closer to my head, and you hit that deep spot. God damn, it feels amazing. You slam your clit into me with every thrust and as you pound into my hot, slutty pussy, sweat collects on your skin in small beads. My hands are everywhere-your tits, your back, your ass, wrapped in the softness of the blankets… My eyes shut tightly, but you’ll have none of that. You slow your pace. You slap me gently and tell me to open my eyes. I hesitate, but once you threaten to stop fucking me, I force them open and they lock onto yours once more.

Your eyes tell me what I already know. You want to possess me. To remove any notion that I am anything other than your wanton bitch, built solely for your pleasure. You fuck me. Long. Deep. Slow. You twist and pinch my sensitive nipples. It takes everything I have to maintain eye contact as you remove every shred of propriety from me. I suffer through a small orgasm as you grind into my clit, but you don’t even change your pace. You would normally slow and let me regroup, but today you fuck me right through every tremor.

You’ve made it clear: I am your plaything and just canlı bahis siteleri along for the ride. Your fucking feels divine, though, and that sexy little smile confirms that you know it. You hand me the lube and tell me to pour a little more over my clit and your cock. I know you’re going to make me touch myself and I am resistant, embarrassed and unsure. But your eyes narrow and I know that if I don’t comply, I won’t get what I need.

The lube is colder now and after I spread some on the exposed part of your dick, I lightly stroke myself, trying to mimic the movements you make when you make me feel so goddamn good. My fingers slide slowly up and down my shaft, ending at my clit. Your rhythm has slowed now and your movements are confined to short, shallow strokes, allowing the natural tightening of my pussy to set in as my clit takes charge. I watch as the fire in your eyes grows as I increase the intensity of my stroking and really begin to jerk myself off for you. I can tell that you’re at the edge and you’re losing control of your hips.

You only require this display for a moment. As much as it drives you wild, It is meant as a lesson in self discovery, not as a lesson in embarrassment. You hand me the vibrator and, with a smile, tell me that I better get to it. I immediately apply it to my needy clit. It does not take long. The feeling of your body over mine, so close and warm. The fullness of your cock inside me. You take what you need from me and I can’t take any more. My orgasm explodes over me minutes after yours takes you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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