A Fantasy Come True

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I first met Carl through an online dating service in the male seeking male category. Having never been with a man before, I was apprehensive about getting together. I kept debating in my mind if I should. Finally turning my longtime fantasy into reality had won out.

Nervous, I went to his place of business where he had suggested in an earlier e-mail we get together. Meeting him for the first time, I saw Carl was a big man. Stocky, with thinning hair and in his mid-sixties, he wore glasses and had a huge pot belly. He struck me as an old football lineman long gone to seed. I knew he was gay from our online chats.

I’m older, too, but years younger than Carl. I realize it was late in life for a man-to-man encounter, but, as I said, it was a longtime fantasy. I’m slender with a bubble butt. I have hair on my head but nearly none on my body. Over time, I’ve learned most people view me as above average in looks.

At the time, it was early spring weather so I was wearing a pullover sweater with jeans and Carl was dressed in jogger’s sweatpants with a tee-shirt beneath a light jacket.

Carl was an upholsterer. He used his shop for his business. Walk-in customers were infrequent, with most of his jobs being done by appointment. Retired from a longtime career with a big company, his self-employment appeared to me to be more hobby than business to me.

He confirmed my thoughts by telling me a main purpose of his shop was to serve as a meeting place for sexual encounters. He never invited anyone to his home. He repeated a comment from his online profile. “I’m looking for casual sex, not a long term relationship.” His profile had also noted he was strictly a top wanting a bottom.

We were the only two people in his out-of-the-way building and after a few moments of conversation, Carl invited me into the back. After following him through a cluttered workshop area, I stepped into a small room. A pair of bare bulbs hung from the ceiling and the floor was concrete with a small carpet square fronting a rolled arm couch and matching chair.

The couch and chair looked like castaways; their well worn fabric was ripped and soiled. The carpet was filthy. A stack of male porn movies sat on a fold-out table. A television canlı bahis and its disc player sat on a wooden side table across the room.

A tiny washroom with sink and stool was inset in the back wall. The room’s front wall held an old door with an upper window glass leading out to a four car parking lot. Blinds over the door glass were open, allowing Carl sight of anyone approaching his business. The armchair was positioned so an occupant could watch a movie and the lot at the same time.

Shutting the door to the workshop behind me as I entered the back room, Carl grabbed me by the arm and twirled me into a bear hug of an embrace. Then, lowering his face to mine, he kissed me fully on the lips, his tongue probing past them into my mouth. Although surprised by Carl’s sudden contact, I reacted by dueling his tongue with my own, swapping and tasting him. There was a different feel to kissing a man, I thought. With my lack of resistance, he let his hands slip down to cup my ass cheeks grinding his pelvis into mine. I could feel the length of his stiff cock pressing against me.

He broke our embrace, stepping back and breathing hard. “Let’s get naked. Take off those clothes.” Carl shucked off his jacket, tee shirt, and sweatpants easily. Because he was not wearing underwear, he stood buck naked. Almost. He’d left on his athletic shoes and black socks. It took longer for me to remove my clothes. I not only wore more clothing but felt a bit self-conscious. Even so, as I did it, my eyes roamed over the naked older man.

He was a self-described bear. He was hairy all over. His back, shoulders, and buttocks were covered with it along with the normal places like arms and legs. Beneath the overhang of his huge pot belly a long thick circumcised cock sprang from a thicket of pubic hair. A big hairy ball sac dangled below it between his fleshy thighs.

Carl’s stiffly bobbing cock was far bigger than mine. I’d always considered my size slightly better than normal, but it didn’t come close to comparing with his. Still, he said, “Nice,” with a grin, reaching out to rub my hard cock as it sprang free from the waistband of my underwear being stripped-off.

He briefly kissed me again while fondling my cock. He put a thick-fingered bahis siteleri hand on my bare shoulder, pressing me down. “Suck me,” he commanded.

I dropped to my knees on the carpet, my face close and near level with his heavy-veined cock. I hesitated, arriving at a point of no return. Second-guessing him, I silently questioned if I truly wanted my fantasy to be real. Carl took the decision from me. Putting his hands to the back of my head, Carl prodded my closed lips with the mushroom-like cap of his cockhead. I started to speak, telling him my reservations, but with a buck of his hips Carl drove his big cock past my parted lips into my mouth. My lips barely stretched around its thickness.

Carl began working his cock in and out of my wet mouth, but never deep enough to choke me. He was so big I could do little beyond simply holding my mouth wide open, letting him use it for his pleasure. Reaching up to his large drooping balls, I began rolling them like marbles in one hand, feeling their weight and knowing his nut sac was filled with cum. Using my other hand, I rubbed his hairy ass.

Quickly pulling his cock out of my mouth, he backed himself into sitting in the armchair. “Waddle over here on your knees and suck my cock,” he demanded.

Doing as I was told, I duck-walked between his spread knees and dipped my head down to lick and suck his big cock while he settled himself comfortably in the arm chair. “That’s it, nibble my cock.” He instructed me again and again about how he wanted to be pleased. “Lick the head,” he said. “Lap my balls with your tongue. Suck them into your mouth.”

All the time, my nerves were buzzing. I felt a thrill surge through me as I was casually used by another man. To me, it was nasty and hot. Finally, he said, “Just suck the cockhead. Flick the underside with your tongue.”

Complying, I cupped his hairy balls while he jacked-off in my mouth. He worked his hand up and down faster and faster, his balls jouncing wildly in my palm. Then, he went still with a groan.

A hard jet of cum spurted into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat and laying down a sticky line onto my tongue. A sudden wetness came into my mouth. Spurting a second jet of cum, Carl coated my tongue bahis şirketleri again. I could taste his gooey wad and smell its musky odor. Again, I was surprised that I found it pleasurable. I swallowed it.

Above me, Carl muttered, “Oh, yeah, take it all. Gobble it down, cocksucker.” A weak spurt drooled from the slit of his cockhead and oozed down into my mouth. Using the tip of my tongue, I licked the sticky juice still welling from the slit.

“Milk it dry,” he urged.

I mouthed his deflating cock until it was limp. Pushing my face aside, Carl told me to stand. When I did, he remained seated in his chair. Taking my cock in hand, he brought his mouth to it and began sucking me. His hot mouth felt good. I was getting ready to cum, when he backed me off with his hands, letting my cock slip from his mouth.

Rising from his chair, he turned me to face away from him. Reaching around my body with one arm, Carl began jacking me off. “I don’t swallow cum. You do, bitch,” he said, while pressing his hairy damp skin against me. The limp length of his cock aligned with my ass-crack.

Within a minute of being jacked-off by him, my cock was spewing cum. I watched my initial spurt arc into the air and fall to the carpet. Leaning my head back, I kissed his lower jaw, my eyes closed, reveling in the splendid sensation of my cock’s ejaculation. Carl whispered down to me, “That’s it, baby. Cum for me.”

After I stopped shooting, Carl stepped back. He cleaned his fingers of cum dribbled from my cock by wiping them on one of my ass-cheeks. Scrutinizing the carpet where I’d deposited cum, I noticed other dried cum spots nearby. It made me wonder how often the filthy carpet had been used by other men standing in my place.

Telling me to turn so he could study my bubble butt, Carl eyed it critically before saying, “You’ll do. I want to fuck that ass, but it’ll have to wait. Next time you come, wear flimsy women’s panties. I like that. I don’t care what color, surprise me.”

Slipping on his sweatpants, he added, “By the way, never bring a rubber. I don’t wear them. I enjoy going bareback, dumping my load into a bottom. I like the idea of it still seeping out of their ass days later, reminding them of me.”

His words had me concerned. I knew going bareback wasn’t practicing safe sex. But realistically, I knew lust would prevail and I’d be back, taking my chances with Carl. Or, the thought arose, any man who wanted me.

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