A Change in Direction

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Being female I always approach writing about gay sex (two men) with a degree of fear and trepidation. Hopefully, I have got it right but in case I haven’t please be gentle (and constructive) with your feedback


The Miramar hotel was certainly huge and almost sterile in its appearance but oozed American hospitality. The girl on check-in greeted me a smile that was so bright it almost hurt my eyes, “you are in suite 1276 Mr Jones, the bellhop will show you the way and if there is anything else I can help you with you just have to ask.”

I nearly blurted out,’ I suppose a blow job is out of the question,’ but thought better of it as I am not sure that’s what she meant. My balls were aching a bit as since my wife left me for her personal trainer a few months ago, action had been a little short. I guess a 45-year-old balding businessman with a slight paunch isn’t at the top of the desirable list, though to be honest, I was avoiding women for a while, once bitten twice shy as they say.

The bellhop showed me to my room and I took a long shower then grabbed a bite from room service before trying to unwind but with no real success. My body clock was a mess with the 8 hour time difference and the clock was telling me it was five in the afternoon but my body was screaming at me it was one in the morning. I lay down on the huge bigger than a king-sized bed and decided to close my eyes for a few minutes.

When I woke I rolled over and looked at the clock which was showing 02:14 and it took me a moment to register that was in the morning, not the afternoon. Cursing softly I stared at the ceiling for a short while trying to decide what to do, when a plan hit me. The hotel boasted of its gym & spa facilities so maybe if I hit the weight machines for a while I could burn some energy and then get a few hours sleep before breakfast.

10 minutes later I was wandering around the basement softly cursing, sure they had a huge gym but the darn thing was closed until 5 in the morning. At least the sauna looked to be open as there was a soft glow coming from that area and as the rest of the place seemed deserted I just stripped outside and strolled in.

To my horror I saw straight away that the sauna wasn’t empty, as sitting on a bench was a young Latino guy. I say young, he was young to me but he was probably in his late 20’s and clearly kept himself in good condition. Realising I just had to brazen it out I sat on the wooden bench and nodded to him in what I hoped was a friendly, but not too friendly manner.

He smiled back at me as he spoke, “Hi my name is Antonio and welcome to my little world” I realised he must work here and was taking advantage of the facilities while the guests weren’t about. “Technically we are closed,” he said with a smile, “but I won’t tell if you don’t and I am very good at keeping secrets.”

“The name is Harry and I just need to try to unwind,” I said feeling a little uncomfortable at my nakedness though he was in a similar state.

“You are English, how wonderful,” he exclaimed “and where is your wife?”

I realised as he said it that I was still wearing my wedding ring from force of habit but it broke the ice as I told him of the long hours I worked and how my wife had left me for her bahis firmaları personal trainer.

“I am a personal trainer as well,” he laughed.

“Yes but you are not female like she is” I quipped back though it still stung a little at the memory of my wife screaming at me how her new lover always made her cum. The final cutting remark was when she told me how her lover’s strap on remained hard all night yet I couldn’t remain hard for 5 minutes. It was true that I wasn’t blessed in the downstairs department being just a little shy of six inches though it didn’t help to be with a woman who was more concerned about getting her hair messed up than having fun.

It was at that point I glanced between Antonio’s legs and saw it hanging down, I say ‘it’ as it was a monster of a cock. I am no cock expert having only ever touched my own but his was magnificent and I felt a twinge of envy and to my surprise, I felt my own cock twitch a little. ‘What the hell,’ I thought to myself, now was not the time to be getting a random stiffie, and certainly not from looking at another guy’s tackle.

I admired the way Antonio looked, his body taut and lean and tried to suck my own paunch in a little. He had hardly a hair on his body and to try to distract my mind from his cock and the weird thoughts I was having I asked. “You are so smooth, not a hairy bear like me,” waving a hand at myself.

“I like my men to be hairy.” He said smiling and as the words sank in, slowly registering in my brain he went on, “and a little older is so sexy.”

I was stunned there was no doubt this hunk of a man was flirting with me and I had no idea what to do. I couldn’t decide whether to run away in fear or stay and see where things went, in the end, I mumbled something and continued to stare at his meat that was slowly starting to harden.

“Do you mind if I turn up the heat?” Antonio asked as he moved across the small floor to look at some dials above my head. I was sweating, not just from the heat but from the fact that his cock was just inches from my face and as I watched it twitched a little. He was semi-hard and a small pearl of pre-cum had appeared in the slit of the circumcised head.

“You can touch it if you want.” Antonio’s words rang through my head. Here was another man inviting me to touch his cock and I found myself actually considering it. “It is OK,” he said softly, “sometimes a change of direction is good.”

“But I have never done this and…” I paused trying to find the words, “…and I don’t know what to do.”

“Just do what you want, what you would like done to you.”

I reached out, pausing a hairbreadth away from touching when I felt his hand stroke my hair in a tender loving way and I knew then my life was about to change. Grasping the monster firmly I felt it twitch as I lifted it to my mouth and kissed the pearl of pre-cum tasting the saltiness of another man’s seed for the first time. I had tasted myself before but that was back in the day with my soon to be ex-wife when in the heat of passion I had gone down on her after fucking her. Then it was mixed with copious amounts of her juices, this was different in that if nothing else it was not mine.

Opening my mouth I sucked in the head letting it slide as deep as I could kaçak iddaa without choking and to my joy a deep groan of pleasure came from Antonio. Holding the base I started to work my head back and forward, straining my jaw to open my mouth wide enough as Antonio grew in size. Letting go with my mouth I ran my tongue along the underside of his cock before sucking him back in, to more groans of pleasure from Antonio.

“You are a wonderful cock sucker, Harry,” said Antonio as he started to move his hips towards me.

I knew deep down what was about to happen as I felt his balls tighten, but I was so enraptured with the total pleasure I was giving I didn’t give it any further thought. I felt Antonio grip my head and with a string of foreign words spurted his seed into my mouth. Choking slightly, I swallowed just before another jet hit my throat which I swallowed again as I sucked deeply, milking his cock with my hand and mouth until I had drained every drop.

Antonio let go of my head and did something I didn’t expect and took me by total surprise, he kissed me. It was different from kissing a woman as it was rougher and more forceful but still erotic all the same.

“I want to fuck you,” He said softly.

“But haven’t you just cum… won’t you need time.” The words died in my throat as when I looked down to see he was still rock hard.

“The blue pills are wonderful, yes.” He said as he winked at me smiling broadly. “Have you ever been fucked before?” I shook my head and wondered how I would take that monster inside. “Come we must get you ready first.” And with those words walked out of the sauna and I meekly followed him.

He fumbled in the locker before grabbing a towel and leading me to the bathroom where he lay the towel on the tiled floor. “Lie on your back Harry and I will prepare you.” Nervously I did as he instructed and allowed him to guide my knees up to my chest before I felt the cold dab of gel on my anal star before something hard and thin slid inside. Then I felt the flood of warmth into my intestines flowing up inside my body towards my belly.

“You must hold for as long as you can to make yourself clean inside.” Nodding nervously I felt my belly cramp before I made a couple of little squeaks and with Antonio’s help, I managed to make it to the stalls in time.

I opened the stall door to see a smiling Antonio with his cock pointing not at me but more towards the ceiling as it stood their proudly. Guiding me to a massage table he laid me on my back again and lifted my legs to my chest. This time instead of the warm flood of water I felt the softness of his tongue probing my ass and the slight roughness of his stubble against my cheeks as he rimmed me.

His mouth moved to my cock which was as hard as steel and as he clamped his mouth over it I felt a cold dab of gel on my ass. There was a sharp pain as his finger entered me and he broke from his sucking to murmur, “just relax Harry it will be OK”

I knew there was no going back and breathing deeply I felt him working a second finger in moving them in and out, opening me ready. I was panting and felt ready to explode when the third finger went in and sensing I was close Antonio stopped sucking and whispered, “you will cum with my cock in you kaçak bahis and I think you are ready for that.”

I admit freely my body was on fire and at that moment all I wanted was to be fucked, a thought I would never have even considered a few hours ago. I felt empty for a brief moment then the head of his cock pressed against my well-lubricated ring before popping inside. The pain was unbelievable and Antonio paused, poised above me with the only connection between us being the head of his cock an inch inside.

“Breath deeply Harry, let me in.”

Taking a deep breath I felt him slide a little deeper, filling me with his cock. If it had looked big it felt a hundred times larger as he entered me inch by inch until he paused and looked down between our bodies. “You are doing well baby,” he said softly, “it is halfway in now.”

‘Halfway’ my brain screamed at me, surely he would tear me in two and then I felt the pressure ease a little as he pulled back before starting to move his hips forward and back in a series of deliberate thrusts until I felt our bellies touch. “Bravo Harry it is all in,” he said softly, “now I can fuck you properly.”

Grasping my ankles he started to drive in and out fucking me with deep steady strokes that got gradually faster. He pulled my legs up until I was bent double and as I locked my ankles around his neck he grabbed my shoulders to pull me onto his cock. I felt so full and as he touched something deep inside a jet of seed spurted up from my cock between our bodies and landed on my chest. He bent his head to lick a dollop of seed and this seemed to send him into a frenzy. He started to fuck me harder and faster, the sound of my ass squelching as he thrust in and out until suddenly with a loud yell he spurted deep into my bowels. His thrusts were jerky as he shot inside filling me with his sperm until he collapsed on my chest, with my legs still around his neck, both of us breathing heavily. I could feel his cock still hard in my ass and it felt so good I never wanted it to end.

“How long does the little blue pill last?” I asked as I squeezed his cock with my ass.

“Long enough to make sure you never forget this change of direction, now get on all fours so I can fuck you again.”

I rolled over and moved to all fours feeling him climb onto the table behind me. Laying my chest on the sheet I reached round in a wanton display of lust and pulled my ass cheeks apart. “Fuck me Antonio,” I gasped, “Fuck me until I can’t stand.”

I sighed contentedly as his large cock slid home with ease into my open ass using his seed as lube. I felt his strong hands grip my hips as he started to fuck me slowly, almost pulling out before sliding all the way in. “Does my cock feel good in your ass?” Antonio said as he pulled fully out of me leaving a void inside.

“Yes, yes…oh fucking yes,” I heard myself cry as I pushed back onto his member.

“That’s it Harry, fuck your self on my cock, like a bitch in heat.”

He stood totally still and turning my head I could see myself in the mirror as I rocked back and forward letting him almost leave before taking him so deep his belly slapped loudly against my ass.

“Milk my cock…faster you slut,” Antonio shouted as he drove forward hard to meet my thrusts and spurted deep inside me three or four times until he was spent.

As I felt his cum dribble from my throbbing and ravaged ass I knew that this was a change of direction that I might never change away from.

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