Rest Stop, Out of Options

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The 1961 Ford Falcon that had been hopped up, but burned more gas on the highway. Benny said to his wife, “there is a Rest Stop right up there.”

Patty said, “It better have a restroom.”

They had been driving most of the day going to her Uncle’s Farm to earn money in harvest. Fresh dirt smell, wild flower smells drifted in with the breeze. Off in the distance they could hear a coyote.

Patty asked, “How much gas do we have left?”

Benny said, “Not enough.”

They pulled in to the small turn out rest stop with several picnic tables, and a small orange-brownish brick bathroom with men’s and women’s on opposite sides, and gaps in the bricks at ground level to let water drain. There were high windows to let fresh air through, and the windows had expanded metal screens, too high for most people to see through.

Patty whizzed wiped off the remaining pee drops, and came back out to the car. “Well now what are you going to do?”

“Me?” came the reply.

“Yes you planned the trip and now we are miles away from a gas station.”

It had turned dark outside, and cooled down. There were no street lights but there was some moonlight.

“I have an idea Patty said,” in a tone that was more like a demand than an offer.

“What?” Benny was curious how she had a solution to an impossible predicament.

“I know how you can make us some money. See that car over there?”

Benny saw a car in the gathering darkness, pulled over to the farthest side away from the main part of the small rest area. There was a tree over the car obscuring some of the moon light.

“He is looking for action,” Patty said.

“What does that have to do with me?”

Patty said, “Don’t you see, you can lend him a hand.”

Benny was confused. “What are you talking about?”

“He is looking for someone to give him a hand job.”

“Oh sure, just like that huh? What makes you think so?”

Patty replied, “Just look how he is parked.”

“How would you know Patty?”

She parlayed his question, “Isn’t it obvious? Look just saunter up and act like two passersby and say Hi. See how he responds, be talkative and say you need some money and just asking if he needs some help. Start off saying you would be willing to give him a hand job for 10 dollars. Look it is easy, and you can wash your hands afterward. As you slowly work him harder and harder say for an extra 5 dollars you will massage his balls at the same time. After a couple minutes say you will tease the hair hiding his ass hole for another couple bucks.”

Benny said, “Are you crazy I have never touched another man.”

“Does this get you excited?” she shot back.

Benny mulled over his options.

Patty saw him go over and stand by the car window undecidedly. Soon she could see him nonchalantly leaning into the window. She got distracted and started looking around to see if there was any other activity.

Benny started out walking as if he were just passing by, “Hi, it sure is warm out tonight isn’t it?”

Answering back, the guy said, “My name is Joe. Yes it is warm alright. It almost makes you want to take off your T-shirt and shoes, doesn’t it? What is your name?”

“Oh I’m sorry, my name is Benny. I’m just taking a walk and thinking.”

Joe asked, “So what are you thinking about?”

“I am about out of gas and am trying to come up with a way to get some money.” Ben tried not to look nervous.

Joe said, “I think I can come up with some ideas. How much do you need? Why don’t you come a little closer so you don’t look suspicious?”

“Ok. I am interested.” Benny came closer to the open window of Joe’s car. He could see Joe’s zipper was undone, and saw a sizable lump in his shorts.

Joe went on, “I’ve seen people make a lot of money here at night. How much money do you need to make?”

Afraid of what this might lead to Benny answered, “Ten dollars.”

“Oh that will be easy.” Joe was getting the idea already that Benny was inexperienced.

“What do I do?”

Joe smiled, “Let’s have a little test first and you will have a demonstration. Do you see my shorts?”


“What do you notice about my shorts?”

“Well,” Benny began, “I see your zipper is down.” Benny noticed the fly was open enough he could see pubic hair. While this wasn’t a turn on, it certainly caused him to feel more personal with Joe.

“What else?”

“I see a lump.” Benny said.

“Is it hard?” Joe asked in a gentle voice.

Benny reached in and felt over the shorts. “Yes it feels like it is firm.” Now he was feeling another man’s cock in public.

“Hold it and see for sure.”

Benny wrapped his fingers around it through the material of the shorts. He could feel it was firm but getting harder. “It is getting hard. I need ten dollars now.”

Joe was soothing in the voice, “Well take it out of the shorts and make it harder and you will earn ten dollars. Just pump it.”

Benny said, “for 5 dollars more I will fondle your balls.”

Joe replied, “Go for it.”

Benny reached in and unfastened the shorts feeling the pubic hair against internet casino his hand and fingers. Joe wasn’t wearing underwear and at Joe’s beckoning Benny lowered the shorts to reveal the full extent of his cock and balls.

Benny felt of another man’s cock for the first time. It was warm and he could feel it throb as he started to gently stroke it. Benny felt it all along the shaft and cum vein up to the top where he felt of the flange and the head of the cock. It had a fascinating softness to the skin and spongy firmness. Benny felt of it all the way down to the balls and felt his balls all the way down to the ass crack and the pubic hair hiding the asshole.

Joe said, “Wet your fingers so I will feel the cool air on it.”

Without thinking about it, Benny wet his fingers in his mouth and wetted the cock.

“Oh that feels so good,” Joe gasped. “Now wet it again and blow on it.”

Benny did that and was amazed he could feel the heat coming off the cock as he blew on it. Benny could taste a little bit of the cock from his fingers when he wet them.

Caressing the cock all the way back to the top and getting the fascinating feeling of the cockhead again he felt it was slippery and saw a droplet at the top.

“Wet your fingers again and wet the top again,” said Joe.

Benny brought his fingers to his mouth and they had a slightly salty taste. He savored it while he noticed a wet string from his lips to the cockhead.

“Move your head closer so your fingers will be closer and more wet.”

As Joe urged, Benny moved his lips closer and closer until finally when he wet his fingers again the tip of his tongue brushed the cockhead. The Joe pushed closer and the cockhead rubbed against his lips.

Benny was now on his knees in the darkness and open car door.

“Go ahead and lick the top.”

Benny licked and wet his lips and the cockhead together.

Joe said, “You are good at this.”

That little bit of encouragement made Benny feel better about what he was doing.

“Come around to the other side of the car so you can lay across the seat.”

Benny came around, laid across the seat and took the cockhead to his lips again.

“Put the head in your mouth so you can keep the head wet, and lick it inside your mouth. Seal your lips around the flange while you tickle the pee hole with the tip of your tongue. Now you can suck the head while licking it.

Benny was enjoying the playful interaction, and reached a kept his right hand feeling crotch and balls while his left hand was holding and pumping the shaft.

Benny was enjoying tasting and sucking the cock and realized this was his first time sucking a cock and feeling another man’s crotch and balls. He let his hand travel and could feel the firm ass cheeks and the tight ass crack. He let a finger explore the jungle of pubic hair hiding the asshole until he could feel the soft wrinkles and the tightly closed opening. He found he could still massage the balls while teasing the asshole with his finger.

Benny could feel the pulsing and throbbing of the cock, and pushed his head all the way down it until he could feel the cockhead at the back of his throat. He wondered if the spongy head could squeeze into his throat. Suddenly he could feel the ass clench on his right hand and Joes hand was caressing his hair and pushing his head firmly in place. There came a gushing of cum into his mouth and he could hear Joe grunt.

There seemed to be a lot of cum and it splashed all around in the back of his mouth.

Joe said, “Seal your lips tight. Don’t let any out.”

Benny could feel the cum pooling in the back of his throat and dripping from the roof of his mouth around the cock and onto his tongue. Soon there was a good amount on his tongue and he could taste and feel it. Benny was fascinated by the taste and feel of the cum in his mouth and how it spread all around inside his mouth as he moved his tongue around and squished it with his tongue. He wanted to feel and taste it in every part of his mouth.

Joe asked, “Can you taste it?”

Reflexively Benny swallowed as if to clear his throat to answer. He felt the creamy slick flow going down his throat.

“Relax and keep it in your mouth for awhile, I love your warm mouth and your lovely tongue moves.”

Benny kept the warm cock in his mouth thrilled at how it got softer in his mouth. He could taste the cum vein, and if he made a swallowing motion it seemed the head of the cock was almost sliding in with the help of the coating of slick cum. He could feel the wrinkly and smooth areas with his tongue. He could put more of the cock in his mouth and could now feel pubic hair against his lips and face. It was a pleasant feeling.

Joe used his other hand to caress down Benny’s spine to the small of his back. He could feel the top of Benny’s ass crack. He could tell this was Benny’s first experience and then noticed the wedding band on his finger as he looked down. He realized he just let a married man give him a first time blow job. He pushed his hand further pushing down the band of Benny’s shorts until his hand was canlı poker oyna traveling Benny’s ass crack through the underwear, and he cupped and squeezed Benny’s ass cheeks. He felt Benny respond with a few more rubbing touches of his asshole. He could tell Benny was enjoying this play. Joe slipped a hand under the band of the underwear and felt skin to skin contact with his hand to Benny’s ass. He let his hand travel the warmth of the ass crack and caressed the bare and firm butt cheeks. He pushed the underwear down past the crotch.

Benny could feel the night air traveling up and down his ass crack. He felt the wonderful caressing of Joe’s hand and fingers all up and down his crack and butt cheeks. He felt Joe’s hand caress his crotch, perineum, and back side of his balls. It felt great. Benny wondered if Joe was going to touch his asshole.

With his cock still in Benny’s mouth he turned Benny’s head slightly to look up at him. Just the look on Benny’s face made his cock get hard again.

“Kiss and suck my balls for a few minutes, why don’t you.”

Benny was fascinated by the feel of the pubic hair from the balls inside his mouth. They tasted a little different than the cock but tasted good. He reached his face below the balls as far as he could and licked the ass crack and cheeks, and with Joe hunching up was just able to find the asshole with the tip of his tongue traveling through the pubic hair jungle to the asshole. He rimmed the asshole. The ass hairs felt good on his tongue. He kissed the bottom of the ass cheeks and the firmness felt good against his lips.

Joe said, “Stay in that position, I am going to join you on the other side of the car. I want to look at your sexy ass.” Joe left his shorts in the floorboard, and came around the car with his hard-on pointing the way.

From the other side Benny’s ass crack was facing the darkness of the countryside. Joe could see the lovely shape. He caressed Benny’s ass for a few minutes, as his cock seemed to get harder and harder. He felt all the way down Benny’s ball sack until he was feeling Benny’s cock base and the skin and hair around it. He could feel Benny’s shaft was hard. Reaching further he gathered a drop of pre-cum from Benny’s cockhead, and brought it to his virgin asshole.

Benny felt a tingly coolness on his asshole as Joe’s finger touched it for the first time. Benny felt Joe push his ass crack open from the sides and let them bounce back. He felt Joe lightly smack them to see if they jiggled. Soon he felt something sliding up and down his ass crack. It became obvious this was Joe’s cock. He wondered if Joe was going to touch his asshole with the cockhead.

Soon the answer was obvious, as Joe slid his shaft up and down the crack for a few minutes, and then firmly slid his cockhead up and down it. A few times Joe pushed his cock head into the sides of the butt crack to feel the firmness. He pushed it into Benny’s butt cheeks, and then went back to the butt crack.

Benny soon felt the cockhead press firmly on his asshole. He knew it would not go in because it was tight and dry. Then he became surprised with an eye opening feeling as he felt Joe squirt something on his asshole and ass crack. It was slick.

Then he felt a massaging of the slick fluid on his asshole. Joe was massaging his ass hole with it. It was a finger touch and it felt good as he could feel the coolness and the night air. He felt Joe’s finger working it all around the asshole wrinkles, and into the crack. He felt the tip of Joe’s finger barely sliding into the opening as he worked the cool slick lubricant. He could feel Joe’s finger was sliding in to the first knuckle and out again repeatedly. After a while it seemed to go in further. Then he realized Joe’s finger was in to the third knuckle and wiggling inside him.

After awhile of this amazing feeling he felt Joe’s cock head against it again.

Joe watched as the pre-cum on his cockhead dripped into place on Benny’s asshole. He spread the asshole open to let it drip in. Then he placed the nozzle of the lube to the opening and squeezed filling up the indention but then he pushed the nozzle in a little bit and squeezed the tube until he knew it had squirted thoroughly inside.

Now Joe placed the head of his cock on the asshole again and said, “Relax. Open it up and push back.”

Astonished by such talk, Benny tried to open it up and push back at the same time, with a pulsing movement.

Joe was pushing the head in small incremental pumping movements keeping the pressure on as Benny’s opening adapted.

It didn’t take too long and the head of his cock was in, but he didn’t tell Benny.

Benny felt the tip of the cock at his asshole, and felt the pushing a little at a time. He did not realize the head of the cock had gone in and now the shaft was sneaking in.

Benny felt the warmth, and the fullness and realized he had Joe’s cock in him.

Joe said, “Squeeze it.”

Benny squeezed the cock with his asshole. He could feel the throbbing in his asshole.

In slow motion, Joe pulled his cock out to the head, and pushed it back in. This gave the poker oyna lube a chance to work in the whole length of the asshole, and also work into the skin of his cock. I gave Benny’s asshole time to adapt.

After a while with his cock harder than ever and feeling as if it would explode, Joe started fucking harder. He loved the feelings of the warm asshole tightening and sliding the length of his cock.

Benny could hear Joe’s stomach slapping against his ass.

Joe spanked Benny’s ass cheeks. He then gripped both ass cheeks pulling back on them as he shoved his cock in, and squeezing them together as he was pulling out.

Benny felt good as he could feel Joe was enjoying his ass.

Joe said, “Jack your self off and cum into the cup of your hand so it doesn’t get on my car seat.”

Benny felt Joe tensing up, and it felt so sexy that he came in his own hand.

Joe said, “Eat the cum from your hand.”

Benny greedily ate his own cum, as he felt Joe’s cock sliding in and out easily while he was fondling Benny’s ass.

Benny could feel the throbbing in his asshole and the cock seemed to feel bigger. He felt Joe clench hard, and felt the cum vein pumping and pulsing with his asshole. He felt a squirt and a gush inside his rectum. Suddenly Benny felt satisfaction.

Benny felt the cock jerk and relax in him. He could feel it starting to soften. They stayed in that position until the cock naturally slid out on its own. Joe positioned the softening and slick cock deep in Benny’s ass crack and continued to lay on top.

They could feel the night air on their bodies.

Benny could tell Joe was relaxed. But soon he heard some snoring.

After about 30 minutes Benny woke him up. “I need my money now.”

Joe woke up feeling wonderfully refreshed and satisfied. “Hand me the shorts.” He took out 50 dollars, then 20 more and gave it to Benny.

They didn’t realize they had a voyeur until a voice spoke up. It was another young man. “Hey, I want some of that.”

“50 dollars, said Benny.”

Joe had already gotten up.

Benny had already hidden his money in his clothes, but received another 50 and he put it up not even moving out of position.

Joe was standing there naked in exhibition and looked on as the stranger pulled down his pants, appeared to squirt some lube and bent over Benny. His cock slid in easily.

Joe watched the man’s ass as he started to hump and pump. It didn’t take long at all until Joe saw the man’s ass clench tightly and heard a gasp.

A young lady in a short skirt pulled up nearby in a red Mustang. She turned on her night vision cameras. As she turned off the motor she looked over and saw the action. She pulled off her panties laying them in the seat and kicked off her shoes. She casually walked over to see the naked ass of the man fucking Benny. She looked over at Joe’s naked body. He was smoking a cigarette and offered her a toke which she took. She gave Joe a thank you hug so she could feel his ass, as his cock bounced against her. She walked over and put a hand on the side of the man fucking Benny. He didn’t flinch so she let her hand travel all over his tight fucking ass. She let her hand go between his cheeks and felt them clinch strongly as he was fucking Benny. Then she let the ridge of her hand slide down over his asshole and down across his balls. She caressed his balls and Benny’s too.

She pulled Benny’s shorts and shoes off from his feet and ankles leaving him naked. She stuffed his underwear in her skirt pocket.

She came around to the other side of the car and slid into the driver’s seat lifting her skirt above her waist. She stroked her fingers through Benny’s hair then pushed his face to her hairy crotch. Once again Benny felt his face in pubic hair and it felt good tingling his face and teasing his nose and lips. She pushed his mouth to her clit and said, “Suck it bitch.”

Benny sucked her clit.

She said, “Lick my lips.” After a minute, she said, “That’s it. Now lick my pussy all the way to my asshole and don’t miss anything. Tickle my kinky asshole with your tongue.”

She scooted up and turned her hips toward his face and hunched up. “Now stick your tongue in my pussy. Open your mouth wide to cover the whole pussy.”

Benny felt her crotch clinch a little and then felt a trickle then a squirt in his mouth. She was holding his face in place by his hair. He realized she had just peed in his mouth. He had to swallow it. He shook his head as he grimaced causing his lips to move around on her pussy. She seemed to embrace the wonders of his lips in her pussy.

“Wait a minute she said.” She then lifted up and crawled over Benny’s back even as the other guy, with stamina, was still fucking Benny. She turned around and dragged her pussy down his back.

Benny could feel her cunt hair dragging down his spine to the top of his butt crack, and down his crack. He could feel her cunt hair on both sides of his crack. Scooting back against the stomach of the other guy she suddenly froze in place, kind of grunted and then let a stream of pee out which ran down Benny’s crack around the guys cock and down over both sets of balls. The other guy let up for a minute partially pulling his cock out leaving a gap and the rest of her pee drained right into his gaping asshole before the guy replaced his cock in the wet slippery asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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