After Hours Ch. 02

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Things to do:

1. Call Sofia re: mailings

2. Talk to boss about taking next Monday off

3. Find my mug

4. Clean desk if it will help me find my mug

5. Review quarterly reports

6. Review quarterly reports

7. Review quarterly reports

8. Jerk off in the bathroom….?

That’s it. That’s when I know I’ve reached my limit. I’m making lists for myself of what I need to do instead of actually doing it. This is how I procrastinate, now that I’ve realized that the boss knows I tend to play FreeCell and chew on my hair when I’m bored and I don’t feel like doing any work.

Earlier today, I was in the middle of one of my very intimate FreeCell sessions, making sure that each card went where it was supposed to go and pressing F2 to start a new game whenever I got frustrated. All of a sudden I felt a warm hand on my back. It belonged to El Bosso.

“Miranda,” he said. “When will you get those reports in to me?”

I swiveled in my desk chair to look up at him. “Ummm…. I’m working on it.”

“I see you’re working on a pretty intense string of FreeCell games right now.”

“Indeed,” I said. I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“I want them by 3. I have client meetings the rest of the afternoon and I don’t want to have to stay any later than I have to. I want to give them a once-over before I go home to the wife and kids. Got it?”

“Got it,” I said.

Matt Hutchins, my boss, struck me as exactly that—a wife and kids kind of guy. He wasn’t particularly handsome—wide-shouldered, yes, but his hairline had receded like a sea at low tide and his whole head of hair was thinning. My friends and I always judged dick length based on both width of shoulders and amount of hair, and, in Matt’s case, I was not sure if the two cancelled each other out or if one was more overpowering than the other.

But today was not the kind of day to think about such things. Today was, in fact, a terrible day. An awful day. A terrible, horrible, no-good very-bad day, to steal a title from one of my favorite children’s books. Hannah was continuing to act as though I was invisible. I saw her making copies earlier today, and, as I went to get myself some coffee, made a quick grab at her breasts. She gave me a look like I was death myself.

“Come on,” I said. “Nobody saw.”

Hannah continued to stare at me for a few more shameful seconds, and then proceeded to look down at the Xerox machine.

“What’s up with you and Hannah?” my coworker Andrew asked later on.

“Nothing, nothing,” I said, but it was clear from the tone of my voice that that wasn’t true.

“Really. Something I should know about?”

“Just guy stuff, Andrew. It will take care of itself.”

Technically, it wasn’t a lie. Hannah and I did share Jared with each other only a few days ago, and I did believe the matter would take care of itself. Just like there are people who can stop smoking for a few days and can’t really ever quit, Hannah, I believed, is human, and though she might be angry at herself or at me now she’ll eventually come back around, on her knees, begging for more.

I was in the middle of this fantasy, this Hannah, at my knees, powerless, begging, and my pussy started to quiver the slightest bit. Shit, I thought to myself. Not now. Work time. Gotta work. And that’s bahis firmaları when I started making the to-do list.


When I work, and I actually sit down and do it, I’m actually very expedient, because I was able to get done what I wanted to get done, or at least most of it. I had been able to get the reports that Matt wanted in by 3, and even though he claimed to have client meetings the rest of the day he was still able to come over and dump another pile of stuff on my desk. It was already 4:30, near quitting time, and I was planning for a date with my vibrator.

“I want these done,” Matt said to me. “And I want them done tonight.”

“But Matt…”

“I don’t care. You were fooling around for the first three hours of work today, certainly you can’t expect to leave here without making those last three hours tonight.”

I looked at him with the most pleading eyes I could make. “Please? I mean…”

“No excuses,” Matt said, and walked away.

“He sure is a shitbag, that one,” said my deskmate Chloe. “I didn’t think he was going to be that hard on ya.”

“It’s okay, I’ll get it done,” I said. “Shit happens, but if I put up too much of a fight, it will only get worse.”


I watched all of my friends leave the office, one by one. There’s this office-leaving ritual: first, you shut down your computer. Then, you breath a sigh of relief, because you won’t have to stare at a screen any more for the rest of the day. Then, you kind of shuffle whatever papers you still have on your desk into your briefcase, and then you make your way to the coatrack to get your things together. As you’re about to walk out of the office’s glass doors, you make an informal wave goodbye at the rest of the crew still there.

Hannah left first. Then Jim and Robert left together, then Chloe, then Andrew. Our office is small, but mighty.

Andrew did us the favor of turning off the overhead lights, so now only a dim of the fluorescent was left. Working with all of my co-workers is nice, but working in an empty office, a darkened, empty office, and a darkened, empty office against a night sky is just unbearable.

I began to make myself some tea to cope with the night ahead (I had cleaned my desk, so I was able to find my mug), when I saw Matt appear at his doorway, his toned ass up against the frame of the door. “Can I see you in my office for a minute?” he said.

“Sure, Matt, I actually had a question for you anyways.”

“Absolutely, come in and take a seat. What is it you wanted to ask me?”

Matt went around to his side of the desk and sat down too, just to show me who was boss, and he put his elbows on his leather inkblotter and laced his fingers together. His office décor was sparse, his having recently transferred, but I did note some little league trophies on his bookshelf. No pictures, as far as I could see.

“I just wanted to know…. If I could take Monday off?”

“For what reason?”

“A family reunion in Memphis.”

“We’ll see,” Matt said. “We are a very very busy company this time of year and I don’t know if I can do that.”

“But Matt, I’m already working late tonight and I’d be willing to work other late nights to get ahead so I can give myself Monday….”

“I don’t know,” Matt said, sounding entirely unconvinced. “We’ll see,” he said.

I sighed. kaçak iddaa There’s nothing I hate more than a bureaucratic dope.

“Anyway, now that that—issue—was covered, I do have an issue of my own.”

“What is it?”

“One of our staff members informed me that you use the bathrooms here for… inappropriate uses.”

I went beet red. Hannah must have snitched! Not only had I lost a friend, I now was also dangerously close to losing a job, or at least causing myself humiliation! I was red and trembling and about to cry. My teeth were chattering and I couldn’t even look at my hands, they were trembling so much.

“At least it’s true,” Matt said, and laughed.

He went on: “You must know that what you’re doing is highly inappropriate for the workplace and that I must ask you to stop. I don’t care about the nature of what you are doing in there, what I care about, as your supervisor, is that when you’re working, you are working, and I don’t want excess distraction from the tasks at hand. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes,” I said.

“If my boss were here right now, watching this scenario, this is what he would want to hear me say. Yes?”

“Yes,” I said again, and began to get up from my seat.

“Not so fast, I’m not done with this conversation yet. One more thing.”

“What is it?”

Matt closed the blinds. “I want you to take your pants off.”

And all of a sudden the thrill returned.

“I want you to take your panties off, and I want you to lie on my desk, ass up, facing the window. You’ve been a bad girl, and now you’re gonna get spanked like no other.”

I did as told, and laid myself down on his desk. I had been jerking off in the bathroom the whole time at work, I didn’t imagine that real-life office sex would be what I dreamed of.

Matt opened his desk drawer and took out a whip. I was surprised that he kept one handy.

“I gotta ask one question before we start, though.”

“What is it.”

“Tell me that you want it.”

“I want it,” I said. And I meant it.

“Do you?”

“I want it!”

“I don’t believe you.

“I WANT IT!!!!!!!” I shrieked. And I really did. My pussy was about to explode with temptation.

The first few whacks were soft and sexy, just like a little pinch. He alternated butt cheek to butt cheek, just playing with me.

“How much do you like this?”

“I like it a lot.”

“Really?” The whipping stopped.

“Really,” I said.

“If you like this, I’m going to come around to the other side, and you’re going to lift up your head and kiss my cock. You’re going to fucking worship it.”

He came around to the other side and I found that my head met his cock nicely. I put his head in my mouth, gave it a soft lick and a kiss, and found that he had a cock to be worshipped. Not too big, not too small, but well-tended, and, if I may say so, handsome and smooth. His pubes were golden.

“How much do you like this cock?” he asked.

“I love it,” I said.

“You do?”

“Love it.”

“Show me that love and deep throat me. Now, bitch!”

I did what I was told and found such pleasure from consuming his manhood and suckling it that I began to wriggle a little on the table.

“You’re liking it?”

I purred in agreement/

“From now on, you call me Boss, bitch, and kaçak bahis you’re to do whatever I tell you to do.”

I nodded my head, which started me bobbing up and down on his dick.

“You’re too good at this. You’re killing me,” he said softly, and out of character.

He hadn’t yet come before he put his hand on my forehead, motioning me to stop.

“You look flexible,” he said.

“I was a gymnast.”

“In that case I want you to sit on my desk and spread yourself nice and wide.”

I did what I was told; I pushed myself forward on the desk and spread myself out at the edge facing his chair, being sure not to knock into his computer monitor. He sat down in his office chair.

“And next time, fucking wear sexy panties. These cotton ones remind me of the ones my wife wears.”

I was a bit ashamed. My panties were thongs, after all, and they were pink and cotton. Not bad, could be sexier, but come on, who expects this on a normal day of work?

My anger didn’t stop me from putting my legs together so that he could take them off of me.

I spread my legs again, and my warm and pulsating clit felt a few moments of cool air before Matt buried his entire face into me. Most guys try to be gentlemanly when they’re eating downtown—but not Matt, Matt went after me like a lion after its food. If he could have stuck his whole head inside of me, he would have. His tongue on its way up to my g-spot and his nose against my clit, he began to fuck my with the slithering of his tongue and also buck his head into me while drawing me forward by slipping his hands underneath my butt cheeks and pressing me in.

The feeling was too much… his fingers splayed again my butt cheeks, pinching them, bringing them forward seemed almost like childish play, while his tongue was as knowledgeable about my pussy as a college professor. It kept on finding what I liked and it kept on doing it. Occasionally it would draw out to slurp on the rest of me—my lips and my flesh. Matt slurped like a dog, but mine began to smell like one.

More and more I felt the heat, the pulse, intensify. It was brewing upwards into my belly, controlling my hearbeat, making my toes tingle. I got hotter and hotter and still felt nowhere near close to orgasm. All of a sudden Matt bit me, and not gently, either, and the pain from the bite was enough to send waves of pleasure into every cell of my body.

I made this choking noise, somewhere between a groan, a sigh, and a scream. My body was in his hands and he had all the control of it in the world.

He moved his hands away from my butt cheeks and began to lightly pinch my inner thigs. He started pinching at the outermost extremes and worked his way in, each time the pinches got a little bit harder, and the hardest pinch of all were my lips. Then he worked his way out, his hardest pinch my lips and the lightest pinch my knees. He did this a few times. It seemed cheesy, a little, like something he picked up in a magazine, but that he was able to do it while keeping his head buried inside of me was amazing, to say the least.

All of a sudden he slurped me again, and it is with that that I finally orgasmed. The heat that was inside of me was finally let out, and it was so intense that I had to lie down on his desk, my pussy in his face, for me to calm down. As I calmed down he blew on it lightly and traced his fingers around my lips and my abdomen.

I guess I had calmed down quite visibly, because the next words out of his mouth were, “Get back to work.”

And he was serious.

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