Adventures With Rose Ch. 01

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I walked into English class of my sophomore year of college, and I sat in the back row; which I had all to myself. A few minutes later, my girlfriend Rose walked in, and stared at me as she was walking down the aisle. She had a naughty smirk on her face that made me perk up a little to figure out what she was up to. As soon as she turned around to sit down, it hit me that I knew exactly what she was smiling about. She bought a new pair of white yoga pants that were nice and tight to show off her beautiful ass, immediately I was able to tell that she had to be wearing some kind of thong because there were no underwear lines. My mouth dropped, my heart started to pound fast, and my cock began to stiffen.

Class began, it seemed like every 10 seconds I was glancing at her to see if I could notice anything that would give away what she was wearing under those hot pants. Suddenly, she looked back and caught my eyes staring at her back side before I could look up at her face. She smirked at me again knowing exactly what was going through my mind as she reached around and slowly pulled up her sexy Victoria’s Secret white thong for me to see. She showed a slight amount of pleasure with her eyes closed and her mouth letting out a silent moan. I could tell that it made her thong press tight against her ass which teased her ever so slightly. I put my hand in my pocket and grabbed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my cock and started rubbing it slowly. My heart was going a million miles an hour, before I knew it, I could start to feel the pre-cum from my cock soak through my underwear and the fabric of my pocket. After about 45 minutes, the class took a 15-minute break.

We all left to go hang out around the hallways and I met up with Rose and she said: “Aren’t we a little excited today?!”

“God that was amazing.” I replied.

You have to understand; we’ve only been dating for a few months at this time and we hadn’t gone all the way yet. We decided to enjoy the little teases and fun that can come before we get to the big night. It seemed like every day Rose was figuring out new ways to heat things up and I was really enjoying every moment of being along for the ride.

She looked at me and handed me an open condom and said, “if you really enjoy the view, I want you to prove it by cumming during class.”

I was stunned at this unexpected task and remarked “ooo you’re naughty!” and grabbed the condom.

At this point I was dying for a release, I loved the adventurous dare. I casually went into the bathroom and found an open stall. I noticed a guy from class was in the bathroom as well. I couldn’t just slip on a condom and leave. So, I had to take a güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri minute to pretend I was actually going to the bathroom. I unzipped my pants and discovered how drenched my underwear was from all the pre-cum. I took out my cock and slowly slipped on the condom. I couldn’t help but take a minute and stroke myself, fuck it felt so good. I heard my classmate finish washing his hands, so I got everything back in its place, washed up, and ran back to class.

Right before class began again, my girlfriend reached over and handed me something. I opened my palm and took whatever it was from her. I looked at it quickly and realized it was a small remote with a note that said, “don’t go too crazy, I don’t want people to notice.”

I was shocked to discover the remote controlled her vibrating beads. I had discovered them in her nightstand the previous week. Class began and I already had my hand back in my pocket slowly rubbing my cock over and over. I looked over and saw the top of her thong just teasing above her pants. I turned on her remote, making sure to start things slowly. I could see her mouth immediately drop as she discreetly moved her hand down to the front of her pussy. I mixed it up from low; to off then back to low, up to medium, and back down to low. I could tell she was dying with pleasure because her free hand was güvenilir bahis şirketleri gripping the desk tightly. I observed her biting her lip with anticipation of the next big wave of vibration.

I didn’t want to cum too early and be stuck with a condom full of cum the rest of class. So, I stroked my shaft at a steady pace enjoying every moment. Rose put a jacket over her lap pretending to be cold. Then, she put one hand under it so she could continue rubbing herself a little harder without anyone noticing. After a while, I glanced at the clock and saw that we only had about 5 more minutes remaining of class. Rose grabbed the back of her thong, she pulled it as high as it could go without anyone noticing. I could feel my load getting closer to exploding. I turned up the control for the vibrator little by little, higher and higher and higher. She was breathing deeply at this point; I was getting very excited watching her squirm around as I played with the vibrations in her pussy. The view was so hot that I couldn’t hold my orgasm back any longer. I felt my shaft pulse and then explode with bursts of cum spilling into the condom. I saw Rose hold up her hand to motion me to turn off the vibrator. I turned it off and could see her body begin to shake as her orgasm overwhelmed her senses. She had to be fighting back the urge to make noise from her big orgasm I could see she was having.

With just a minute or so to recover, the bell rang, and Rose took her time to gather her things up, still in shock from what she just experienced. We exited the class together both with satisfied reactions clearly visible on our faces. Neither of us had ever had so much fun in an English class.

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