A Good Girl Does Her Chores

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Home at last, he thought with a sigh; it had been a long couple weeks, and he was happy to leave the ship behind for a night.

This past few days had been especially tiresome, with duty and a long overnight watch the day they pulled in, a day of inspections to follow, and then another day of minor annoyances after that one, it felt good to finally be alone in his flat again.

After shedding all the belongings he’d brought inside, he sank into the couch and powered on the computer, to find a show and just veg out. Soon the sun began to set outside, the light filtered out of the flat, as his thoughts began to drift away from the images on the screen. He checked his watch, 5:30pm, that makes it 10:30am her time, he thought.

She’d been on his mind a lot this week. She had made some new changes lately that had him a little unsettled, she had taken to wearing makeup suddenly, dressing differently, and especially her decision to join a new community of people she said were “like her”…

She assured him right away there was nothing to worry about, and explained the appearance changes were because she had felt insecure lately, about her perceived flaws in her appearance.. She just didn’t feel “pretty” anymore, and it made her feel better to don the security of the makeup, she was now using on a semi-regular basis.

The new group was what made him most uncomfortable, though. She had come out early in their relationship as being kinky, and not just the ‘now and then, lets use handcuffs’ variety either, she was the real deal, the kind of woman who actually strives on domestic servitude.

A couple of weeks ago she almost hugged him through the phone, when he said he liked the idea of her having her own chore chart to follow, with marks for completion, rewards, and the dreaded consequences for unfinished work.

Once he’d given his blessing, she quickly purchased and compiled her list of chores, ones she hoped to complete, and proudly messaged him pictures of her new accomplishments, in hopes of his approval.

He knew she was submissive, the real life version, but he just never really imagined she’d be out there meeting a whole group of people just like her.

To be honest, she never did either. She had been a member of online communities most of her internet-savvy adult life, lurking and reading forums on Fet-life, and subreditts galore, but she never had been courageous enough to step out of the shadows and meet real life people. People who would be able to nod their head when she spoke, and say I Understand You.

It’s a great feeling, one she’d never experienced, and one he could completely understand from interacting within his own specialized circles of like-minded friends. He wanted to support and trust her, he wants to see her happy, because he really does love her, but there was still that bit of worry edging him to look deeper at her desires… and that is when the plan began to develop.

He grabbed his keyboard and began to type in the address bar, grabbed a nearby notepad, and jotted down the info he needed before reclining back with a smile. This should be a fun experiment he thought, and the tightening sensation in his jeans signified agreement with himself.


She pulled into the driveway at her first stop of the day, turned off the ignition, and grabbed her phone from her purse.

“Good morning, baby”, glowed on her screen, and a smile lit up her face as she typed out her reply.

“Good Morning, My Love, how was your day?”

She made her way up the path, and let herself in to her customer’s home, letting their dogs free from their cages and guiding them outside, before stepping out onto the deck herself.

“It was okay, I’m home tonight.” chimed a new message

“That’s great, I’m sure you could use the rest! ;)” she replied.

“Yep, I’m actually going to take a nap now. You’re by yourself later, right?” came his next response.

“Yeah, I drop him off at his dad’s at 5, why?” she asked him, curiosity clear on her expressive face.

“I might get back on later, Goodnight ;-*” he answered quickly

“Goodnight, My Love, sweet dreams” she typed back, before slipping her phone into her pocket and getting back to work.

The rest of her workday went by rather quickly, at 3pm they had knocked out all their stops for the day, and made it back home from work. It had been a nice easy day, and luckily the weather had been pretty too.

She walked into the kitchen and made up a quick snack for herself and the kiddo, then washed the dishes she had used and tucked them into the rack to dry.

She smiled to herself, turning to her chart, as she glanced at the row labeled Wash Dishes, knowing today would have another nice check-mark. Her smile faded though, as her eyes drifted down the column, to the nearly barren row below, labeled Workout.

It had been 10 days since she had made up her own special list of chores to complete. She had half-jokingly confessed her desire to have her boyfriend keep accountability for her housekeeping bahis firmaları duties, a couple of weeks prior, after a painstakingly large catch-up night in the kitchen. One that had left her feeling the desire for a “Good girl”, and a loving head-stroke as a reward, but alas 8000 miles is such a long way.

To her giddy surprise, her amazing Love had actually expressed interest in the idea!! She bubbled over with joy, and her mind had raced with all the delicious possibilities of being recognized for being domesticated, and caring for their home.

She couldn’t wait to start, and had rushed out to find materials to make a chart. The little honeybee themed one had practically jumped off the shelf at the dollar store, and she smiled to herself as the words “Honey-Do” came to mind.

Unfortunately, her execution of the tasks had only been half as enthusiastic. She had been a bit slow to start, but had finally gotten a fairly reliant system going for the downstairs portion of the house, proudly messaging pictures of their pristine kitchen off for approval.

She had kept the small TV room neat and orderly too, especially since rearranging the layout, and was regularly sweeping out their middle room and entryways. She had even finally tackled the upstairs portion of the house yesterday afternoon, cleaning and organizing the bedroom, cleaning the bathroom, and sweeping, swiffering, and vacuuming all the rooms in their second floor, to a sparkling finish.

Yet there it sat, shamefully nude except for one questionable check-mark last Saturday, the workout row…

She had meant to do it, and in fact she had even begun to notice the evidence of her failure to do so, along the less flattering curves of her body, as of late.

Even the pictures she took, to try to keep her far away love enticed, had left her feeling unattractive and less satisfied, and she attached promises he’d return home to a more attractive mate by spring.

She made her way toward the TV room and sat down on the couch, just in time to hear the *DING* of her messenger chime, she glanced at the time – 4:05pm, as she read his message.

“How was work?” He inquired

“Hi, My Love, you’re early 🙂 it was good, how did you sleep?” she typed, as she tucked her feet underneath her.

“I slept well, what time did you get home?” he asked

“We got in about 3, I made us a snack and we were about to relax a bit before I have to drop him off.” she replied

“Do you have any plans when he goes?” he typed back.

She smiled down at the phone, “I was just going to talk to you =-*”

The phone chimed back at her, “have you done all your chores???”

“Yep!” she replied triumphantly, “I did all the upstairs stuff yesterday, and have even washed all our dishes from breakfast and lunch =D”

Then came the message that made her heart flutter, “Show me your chart, please.”

An excited little exclamation escaped her lips as she sprung up from her seat and pranced to the kitchen, practically skipping in anticipation of his praise.

She uncapped her marker, and quickly checked off all the chores she had completed over the past two days, steadied the camera on her phone, captured the chart in all its glory, and smiled proudly as she hit Send.


The image that popped into view confirmed exactly what his research had already told him… despite the fact she had diligently been placing loving little check-marks beside all her cleaning tasks, over the past 10 days,her online Fitbit profile, and her chart had both shown evidence that his girlfriend had been a very bad girl…

Ten whole days had passed, and other than an increase in steps, here and there, there had been zero workouts at all. This was exactly what he expected to see, and really it explained a lot about how she had felt lately, things were going to make a change today though.

He typed out his message, shifted in his seat, and sent it through.

“Great job baby! There’s just one thing though, you didn’t tell me the truth.”

… the ellipses danced on the screen, he knew they were both fully aware of what he meant, but he waited to see how she would respond.

“You mean my workouts, huh :'( ” she typed back, her emoji conveying her guilt electronically.

He smiled in satisfaction, “yes, and you know what happens when you don’t do chores right?”

… the little dots danced again,

“I get punished? 🙁 ” she punctuated with a pout he could almost envision on her own lips.

“Yes sweetie, I’m afraid so, this is what you asked me to do, so this is what must be done.”


She chewed nervously on her bottom lip as the instructions came across her screen. She was to walk to her son’s fathers house, instead of the typical drive, and upon leaving there, immediately begin her penance.

She changed into proper attire, enjoyed the last of her free time, walked the three blocks to her ex’es home, saying her goodbyes, then walked back down the block out of sight. At the next intersection kaçak iddaa she stretched quickly, depressed the timer on her fitbit and began to jog.

He had gone easy on her today, stating that because this was the first time he ever had to punish her, they would start gentle.

She had been instructed to jog from where she started, all the way to the railroad tracks, and back home, resting only if she absolutely must, and maintaining at least a slow jog the entire way, about a 2 mile run in all.

She was not soon to forget this lesson


It was about 12:38am in his timezone when his phone chimed again, and she had followed his instructions well. That early nap he had taken was going to come in handy now.

“Done, My Love” she had replied, including a photo of his exhausted pet, glistening in sweat from her run.

“That’s a good girl,” he typed in reply “take a shower, and tell me when you are done.”

“Yes, sir” she responded, and he set forth to checking out how she did on her run, online. She had done as he asked, and pushed through the whole way with very little variation in her pace.


Once clean and dry, she walked to her room, sprawled out naked on the bed and typed out her message.

“I’m all clean!” she hit send, and laid back in exhaustion on the comforter, of their queen sized bed. God this mattress feels amazing right now, she thought with a sigh.

The sudden ring of her ringtone snapped her to attention, it was him calling her!!

“Hi baby!” she chimed into the receiver.

“Hi you,” he said back in her ear, “where are you at right now?”

“I’m in the bedroom, I just laid down on the bed”

“Perfect, still naked?” he asked, in a clearly rhetorical tone “where is the laptop?”

“Um….. Its on the dresser?” she replied suspiciously

“Good, go turn it on, and log in, leave it on the dresser, I’ll call you right back. Love you!” the line disconnected.

She stared at the phone for a second confused, before getting up and walking to the dresser, to turn on the laptop. As she was logging into the laptop, her phone chimed again. “Get ear buds for your phone too :-* “


As soon as she messaged him again, with “Okay”, he set into action. He dialed her phone number from his MagicJack number, and heard her voice come on the line.


“Do you have your ear buds in?”


“Are you logged in on the laptop?”


He hit the video button on the chat box, and it began to ring. “Answer it” he said smoothly.


Her eyes go wide with realization, and her fingers begin to shake, as the laptop screen flashes impatiently at her

“Answer it, baby” he says again softly, and her fingers move the cursor to click accept.

The feed connects, and there he is before her, his gorgeous presence fills the screen, he is clothed, wearing a tee and pajama pants, and in the small viewer screen she can see herself as he does, completely nude… she feels suddenly shy and moves to cover herself

He mutes the video connection on his end of the laptop, before speaking.

“Hi beautiful” he says in her ears, “put your hands at your sides, be a good girl.”

She lowers her arms back to her sides, holding the phone in one hand, her body unblocked from his inspection, save for the cover of the thin headphones cord.

“How was your run?” he asks, and now she can see his amused smile on the screen.

She smirks back at him, “gruesome.”

“Aw,” he replies in mild sympathy, “I’m sorry baby, I don’t like having to punish you.” he smiles and leans towards her, on the screen, “In fact, I was calling to give you your reward.”


He can see her expression turn to a nervous mix of excitement and quizzical suspicion as she absorbs his words. “Reward?”

“Of course,” he replies, “you completed your punishment, and have done all your cleaning after all.”

She beams at him, and he can see a blush of pride wash over her naked body

“So here’s what we are going to do,” he begins, “do you still have a blindfold?”

“Yes?” she replies with a pout, “but wh-“

“I want you to wear it so you don’t feel shy about the rest.” he stops her from finishing her argument. “Get the blindfold, and your egg vibrator”

She moves to the nightstand, and fishes them from the top drawer

“And one more thing” he says as she begins to close the drawer. She glances at him in the laptop, “get a dildo too.”

Her whole body flushes bright pink, and she suddenly understands why she will need the blindfold.


He instructs her to place the items on the bed, to carry the laptop to the nightstand at the head of the bed, angling it to view the diagonal length of the mattress, to the opposite foot, and to assemble the pillows so she will be in an upright reclined position, facing the laptop, her legs open for him to view.

He also instructs her to place the vibrator and dildo beside her, put on the blindfold, check kaçak bahis the fit of the ear buds are secure, and lay the phone on her chest as she relaxes back onto the pillows where he can see.

“Are you comfortable?” he whispers to her, as he begins to stroke his stiffening erection through his pajama pants

She nods nervously, before remembering to speak, “yes” she replies softly

“Good girl.” he smiles at her through the video connection, and the blindfold hiding her view, she can feel the smile on his words, “Now…. I want you to touch yourself…exactly like I would…nice and slow… start by touching your lips, kiss your fingertips”

She licks her lips nervously and brings her left hand up to her face, the tips of her index and middle fingers grazing over her bottom lip. She gently kisses one and then the other, lightly parting her mouth and tasting them with the very tip of her tongue, as though she were kissing his lips. The sensation of being watched and commanded already making her pulse quicken, as her fingers begin to travel over her chin and neck, down toward her breasts.

“Very good” he says, and removes his shirt, before stroking his erection gently again. There’s still much to be done


She can feel her heart racing, and her breathing is already becoming more erratic as he praises her obedience.

“Lightly trace circles over your breasts…good…use your nails to gently scratch them…yes, like that, doesn’t that feel good….now trace your nipple, but don’t touch them yet… I want to watch you tease yourself”

Her skin feels electric with sensations, and her nipples feel like they are straining to be touched, but she wants so badly to be a good girl for him, so she obeys.

“Now stroke your nipples with your palms, and pinch them between your fingers…. good girl… I bet you can feel that all the way in your pussy can’t you?”

She nods drunkenly into the darkness of her blindfold, as she massages and caresses her breasts, for his pleasure as much as hers.

“Do you want to touch your pussy now? Do you want to make yourself cum while I watch?” he says to her with the confidence that makes it clear he already knows her answer

She nods again

“Speak up sweetie” he smiles mischievously at her image on the screen.

“Yes….please” she sighs to him, in desire

“Run your nails over your stomach,” he commands, and her nails trace the skin quickly southward,

“Ah ah ah, not yet!” he stops her just as her fingers head toward her beckoning wet lips. “Gently scratch your inner thighs… spread your legs wider, touch every inch of your thighs, gently now, slower…good”


He could tell she was enjoying herself, as her fingers played over her skin, he could he her struggling against herself to obey, her hips arching in the direction of either hand as it skirted close to the place she so desired their contact.

“Ask my permission” he whispered strongly to her.

“Please” she whimpered in response, causing his straining cock to twitch

“Please What, Sweetie? Ask for what you want.”

She whimpered again as another shade of pink washed over her skin, “Please can I touch my pussy.” she begged.

“Yes, good girl, spread your lips, and stroke your pussy the way you wish I was licking you right now.”


She wasted no time at his command. She raised her left hand to her mouth, slicking two fingers, as the index and middle fingers of her right spread apart the lips of her pussy, exposing glistening wetness inside, and then quickly began stroking her throbbing clit with her wetted fingertips.

At this, he finally allowed himself the freedom of removing his pants, and beginning to stroke the shaft of his hard cock, being especially diligent to avoid touching the sensitive head, as he teased himself, and instructed her in how to bring herself pleasure.

“Slide your fingers inside, and slick them over your clit, I want to see how wet you are.” he commanded.

Reveling in the satisfaction of her surrender, he watched the ecstasy wash over her face as her fingers sank deep inside, and then how she shivered as they reemerged wet with her lust, and slid feverishly over her clit.

“Again.” he instructed, and after each deep thrust and swipe, “Again.”


She was a swelling mixture of lust and agony, her emotions and physical sensations swirling together to torture and tantalize all her senses, as he commanded her “Again. Again. Again”

She felt her body trembling when he finally said “Stop. Place your hands at your sides.” she didn’t want to stop, touching herself had never felt so amazing, but she also wanted to keep playing this sweet game of surrender, so she begrudgingly brought her hands down by her hips

“Reach out, and find your toy cock.” he instructed

She slid her hand along her comforter until her fingers found and wrapped around its shaft

“Now, show me how my good girl likes to suck my cock.” he growled

She felt a smile break across her lips, as she brought the pink silicone member to her mouth. Sucking his cock has been one of the things she has missed the most since he has been away, and she was eager to demonstrate that fact

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