Starting the Year with Bad Choices

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My boyfriend was upstairs puking his guts out and my friend Emily and her boyfriend were sitting on the couch together. Emily and I had just turned 21 and we both had older boyfriends at the time so we were excited to drink with them legally. She was still mad because she hadn’t been happy about coming to her boyfriend’s house instead of going out in the first place and refused to get over it the whole time even though she could have been having fun. This was fine, and I probably should have expected it. Her boyfriend Brad hadn’t told her yet, but he planned on breaking up with her soon, and for some reason instead of just telling her I think he was subconsciously leading her into it by being an asshole. He wasn’t trying to be and he felt bad for it but it was tough not being nicer without giving her false hope.

I was mad because my boyfriend, Todd, was upstairs puking because he’d managed to drink that much before 11:00 and was now going to miss everything: New Years, the ball dropping, kissing me like he is supposed to be, drinking more, and then falling asleep on the basement floor etc.

What could I say? This was a great way to start off the New Year…

Meanwhile, Brad is happy and he is trying to get us all to cheer up. I appreciate that since he was fighting a losing battle and I respected him for that after the fact. I just couldn’t get myself to let go and drink or anything because I felt like the night was already ruined and Emily was being such a bitch about it all.

Eventually, she calmed down and we drank some more and I was actually starting to feel a little better. Todd was still passed out/puking upstairs but I was ignoring that for now. Then Brad fucks it up even worse than it was by going upstairs to do who knows what right before midnight and then totally missing the whole New Years , ball dropping, kissing Emily like he is supposed to be, drinking more, then falling asleep on the basement floor, thing.

So now Emily is totally pissed off and crying so I’m trying to comfort her, Todd is completely passed out, and Brad is all…

“What? I didn’t mean to. It’s just a kiss.”

…which I sort of agree with, but you can’t tell a girl that if she doesn’t want to hear it, you know?

Alright, so now Emily wants to leave but she can’t because she doesn’t have her own car here and also she’s pretty drunk so she can’t drive. She knows this, so instead of leaving she puts together a bed using the couch cushions, a bean bag, a bunch of pillows, and a mattress, and lays down to go to sleep.

Brad is checking on Todd and cleaning stuff up. I think he was just avoiding Emily at this point so he doesn’t fuck anything else up. This means that I am all alone and cold and bored so I start playing drunkenly on my phone and what not. I even drink more eventually because I’m so bored and it seems like a good idea at the time.

I’m still playing on my phone when Brad comes back down the stairs. He is pretty drunk too and stumbles a bit when he gets down there and then starts talking really loudly.

“Where is Emily?” he asks.

“Shhh… stop yelling, she’s asleep.” I whisper back at him.

He walks around the basement and cleans up some more cans and bottles.

“Are you ready to sleep?” He asks me eventually, “looks like everyone else wants to.”

I don’t want to sleep but he’s right, there is nothing else to do and I’m pretty drunk so I nod my head yes.

“I’m going to go use the bathroom first,” I say, after realizing I had to pee pretty badly. “I’ll be right back.”

The funny part about this is that I have to go use the bathroom that Todd is half passed out in so I can’t close the door or anything. I’m still on the toilet when he wakes up.

“Hey there sexy.” He grumbles.

“Shut up.” I say as if I’m mad even though I’m really not anymore.

He rolls over and goes back to sleep. He’s a good looking guy in general, few extra pounds, but not bad. Right now though, he looks like a hobo who got tranquilized and dragged through a ditch.

I wipe myself and then brush my teeth. I study myself in the mirror for a while because that’s always fun when you are drunk. My long brown hair is messy. I don’t care. My make-up is smeared all over my face. I don’t care. My cheek has a scratch on it from something I don’t remember. I don’t care.

I’m wearing a cute little white tank top and a normal white push-up bra. I was trying to look cute for New Years but it turns out there was nobody to notice anyhow. My boobs look nice and I don’t want to sleep without a bra since Emily and Brad will be there, so I leave my bra on. I do exchange my jeans for some black sweatpants however. I check to see if anyone is outside the door before I change my pants even though I don’t really care if anyone saw me in my oh-so-scandalous blue cotton panties…

I head back down stairs and make sure to kick Todd on the way. He grunts again. Stupid boys.

It’s dark when I get to the bottom of the stairs güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri so I stand there for a second and let my eyes adjust. I can see the outline of the makeshift bed in the middle of the floor where Emily had made it earlier. Emily is on one end where she originally laid down and Brad is sprawled out in the middle. Not really a surprise that they aren’t cuddling or anything. I lay down on the other end, not even bothering to leave room for Todd. He can stay on the floor upstairs for all I care.

I fall asleep quickly. Well, I assume I do because I don’t remember not falling asleep or anything.

I wake up and I’m still drunk and it’s still dark. I can see a clock blinking somewhere far away. It’s 2:10. I’ve only been asleep for 20 minutes or so. Why am I awake again then?

Then I know why. I feel fingers on my back touching me ever so gently. They are man fingers, so they must be Brad’s because I didn’t hear my boyfriend stumble down the stairs yet. At first I think he rolled over and his hand hit me by accident but then I realize they are moving so he must be awake. That or he is dreaming of petting some small animal.

I don’t move. I just lay there and keep breathing heavy like I was before. I probably should be concerned that he’s touching my back but I’m drunk and half asleep so I just lay there instead.

Slowly, he moves his fingers along my back and then around to my stomach. He’s not really doing anything, just lightly touching me. He rubs my stomach and it actually feels pretty good.

At this point it occurs to me that he’s probably not just trying to rub my stomach and if I let it go any longer he’s likely to either go upwards or downwards. I figure there is only one way to find out which way he’s going, so I lay there and pretend I’m asleep.

He moves his hand higher and higher until his finger tips find the edge of my bra. I feel slightly proud that I have stopped him for a second. He moves his hand back and forth slowly inching his fingertips under the seam on the edge of my bra until he’s touching the bottoms of my boobs. I expect this to keep going for a while until he gets the whole thing but I guess he got anxious because he suddenly just slides his entire hand into my C-cup and cups his fingers around my boob.

“Well that was subtle…” I think to myself, still pretending I’m asleep for whatever reason.

He massages my boob for a while and then sort of lets my nipple go between his fingers and pinches it a little. It feels great and every time I get the urge to get his hand out of my clothing he does something that feels particularly good so I just keep on pretending I don’t notice.

I somehow fall asleep at some point during my uninvited boob massage and wake up to a new sensation, this time much lower. I realize he has now got his hand out of my bra and down my pants and is now cupping my right butt cheek and doing the same sort of massage-ish thing he was doing to my boob. If possible, this feels even better than the first part so I let him continue.

He squeezes that cheek for a while and then tries to get the other one but he can’t quite bend his arm the right way so I hear him roll over a bit. I think he’s essentially spooning me but without touching me at all apart from his hand in my pants. Anyhow, he finally gets to the other cheek and squeezes on that for a while before I guess he gets bored with it or something. Next he decides he wants his hand on my skin instead of my panties so he pulls his hand back up and sticks one finger under the band around the top of my underwear and then slips his whole hand down inside again cupping my right ass cheek. He isn’t very subtle about doing this and I laugh a little in my head at his recklessness. Around that same time I realize that he undid my bra at some point, so I guess he deserves a little more credit than I’d been giving him.

He rubs my butt for a while and it feels great. I think about asking him to do it on a daily basis but then realize that’d be weird. He lets his finger get closer and closer to… uh… falling in the crack but avoids it for a while. I’m not sure how his patience lasts as long as it does but eventually he gets his middle finger nestled down right on my butthole. I think he’s content with himself for the time being and he just leaves it there for a while, wiggling it every so often to remind himself of his accomplishment. It feels good to me and I think I’m pretty wet at this point and I hope he doesn’t notice.

After a few minutes of sitting there with his finger up against my asshole I start falling asleep again and I’m wet and I have to pee. I wonder why he’s not doing anything else. I can’t imagine anyone has that big of an asshole infatuation, butt you never know.

Then I realize he fell asleep.

I’m annoyed, which is funny because I should be annoyed that he was doing it in the first place not that he stopped. I’m drunk though, and I’m interested still, so I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri try to wake him up.

My first instinct is to fart, as that is the only thing I can think of that would directly move his finger but I realize that wouldn’t be a very attractive thing to write in a story at a later time so I don’t.

Instead, I roll slowly from my side to my back. He wakes up when I move but doesn’t pull out his hand in hopes that I somehow haven’t noticed it yet. When I’m completely on my back and more comfortable now I resume my heavy breathing and then I feel him slowly pull his hand out of my pants.

The End.

Not really…

He is awake now and seems happy that I have now rolled over as it gives him access to new areas.

At this point I reflect on my life. I’m lying half asleep and drunk on a pile of cushions in someone’s basement letting my boyfriend’s best friend feel my asshole while my boyfriend lies on the bathroom floor upstairs. I’d probably done worse but I couldn’t think of anything at the time.

As predicted, he waited for a few minutes and then his hand returned to my stomach. He was less subtle this time and it quickly descends below my waistline. Suddenly I’d wished I’d shaved more recently as I had a short stubble going on down there. I wasn’t expecting anyone but Todd to be feeling down there any time soon so I hadn’t been keeping on it very well, but he didn’t seem deterred in the least.

He felt around a bit and then went straight for the jackpot. He used two fingers to spread my lips apart and then let another one slide easily along my clit and down towards the awaiting wetness. If I hadn’t been awake already this would have done it. It was exhilarating to have someone else feeling me down there and for some reason I was very aroused that he thought I was asleep.

He let his finger rub against my clit and the outside of my pussy for a little bit and then let it fall into me effortlessly. It was hard not to move at this point but I resisted the best I could. He fingered me and I got even wetter and eventually he let a second finger slide inside of me. I was happy he was drunk or he surely would have noticed that my breathing matched with him fingering me and was in no way the normal breathing of a sleeping girl.

He fingered me for quite a while, which I really appreciated. It was always a struggle to get Todd to finger me for that long. He then pulled his hand out and I heard him put his fingers in his mouth and suck off my cum. If I hadn’t been wet I think that alone would have done it. He seemed excited now and stuck his hand back in my panties only to cover his fingers with cum and pull his hand back out again. I had my eyes closed and everything but other than that I hadn’t been putting much effort into looking like I was asleep until I felt his breath on my cheek.

“Oh shit.” I thought to myself. I tried to act like I was asleep again and wondered what he was going to do next.

I felt his knuckle graze my chin and then I figured out what he was going for as his cum covered finger rubbed against my lips one at a time. I could taste my cum when I breathed in and it was horrible not being able to lick it off. Not because I wanted to taste my cum that bad, but more so because it’s hard not to lick your lips when you know you can’t.

It’s ok because my problem was solved shortly after that when Brad bent down and licked my lips for me. I think he was afraid to kiss me full on because it would interfere with my breathing but licking my lips was apparently acceptable.

He stopped paying attention to me for a little after that and I laid there in my soaked panties, cum/saliva covered lips, bra half on, wishing that he’d keep going before I fell asleep again. I realized that I could have just let myself wake up, but I was really enjoying the extra attraction that it gave me pretending to be asleep.

It turns out he was undoing himself because the next thing I felt was his dick against my side. He was stroking it and rubbing the tip along my side at the same time. I wanted to take it in my hand and jerk him off but I couldn’t without blowing my cover.

He couldn’t do much else interesting without waking me up so he sat there with one hand in my pants and one on his cock for a while. I was happy to have fingers in me again but I was getting really horny and wanted more. I don’t think even he was drunk enough to think he could take my pants off and mount me without waking me. Occasionally, he would take his hand out of my pants and coat his cock in my cum before stroking it some more.

Eventually, he took my hand and placed his cock in it and then kind of humped my hand, forcing me to give him a hand job of some sort. It was hot but I’d finally reached my limit. I tightened my grip slowly until I was wrapped around his shaft and then let him pump away for a while. When he finally stopped, I kept going a little just to give him some hint that I was güvenilir bahis şirketleri awake but I kept my eyes closed. He enjoyed this for a while but then I let go and rolled over onto my other side so that I was facing him and pretended I was going back to sleep now and had merely been dreaming of stroking something.

He was quite hard now and grabbed my hand back insisting that I keep going. He placed his dick in my hand and began pumping some more. I gradually took hold of his erection again and began stroking him and this time he let me go for a few minutes. My arm was getting sore and I was horny so I pulled him up to my face and put as much of him in my mouth as I could fit. He seemed surprised as if his cover was blown but then of course he let me keep going. I laid on my side and he laid on his and I sucked him as far down my throat as I could and wiggled my tongue around his shaft.

“Mmmm.” He moaned quietly as if he couldn’t help himself.

Just to be a jerk, I stopped sucking him after a few minutes and rolled completely over and curled up, pretending to go back to sleep again. I wish I could have seen his face at that moment. He didn’t say a word though, just sat there and rubbed himself. My ass was sticking out towards him and it didn’t take long before he had his dick nuzzled up against it and was rubbing it on me. I let him tease himself for a little bit but then I felt bad so I pulled my pants down to my knees and laid there waiting. Surely this was as much of an invitation as I could have given him but it took him a while. Perhaps he felt bad or was having second thoughts?

Whatever it was, he got over it fast enough and felt around my soaking crotch. He used his wet fingers to lubricate himself and then stuck his cock towards me. I say “towards me” because he didn’t really aim well at first but eventually he got it in me and it filled me up really well. It felt great and I couldn’t remember the last time I was so horny. He pumped a few times and then stopped as if it was too much for him and he didn’t want to let it end too quickly. I was fine savoring it and let him take his time. He pumped some more and I was going crazy. I wanted him to tie me up and fuck me as hard as he could but that wasn’t very realistic at the time. Instead, he fucked me slowly and gently making as little noise as he could.

Not even two minutes later I could feel my first orgasm coming and it was coming hard. I tensed and clamped my pussy around him and felt the orgasm shutter through my body. He pulled out of me, I assume for fear of finishing in me so I laid there shivering by myself for a second. At this point I didn’t really care if he knew I was awake so I rolled over and grabbed him and whispered in his ear.

“Thank you for that.” I said seductively/drunkenly.

He just smiled back. I decided I should suck on him as a thank you so I curled around and sucked on him as he ran his fingers through my hair. Then I popped back up by his face.

“Thank you for that.” He said mocking me from before.

“You’re bad.” I said to him, smiling.

“You’re worse.” He said back.

I made my “I’m offended” face. He must have liked my “I’m offended” face, because he took that moment to kiss me right on my lips. I liked that he kissed me even though the last thing my lips had touched was his dick.

“Do you like anal?” He asked me this as if it was a casual conversation.

“Um… I don’t know. I’ve never done it before.” I wasn’t prepared for a question like that. Todd always tried to get me to do it but I never seriously considered it before. I was horny enough at the moment that I think I would have done anything and I figured I had already fucked up everything. Oh and I was still drunk.

He looked at me longingly.

“Let’s find out.” I said as I rolled over onto my side so that my ass was facing him again.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

I didn’t want it to hurt more than it had to so I reached between my legs and used my cum to lubricate my asshole to prepare for his dick. I had enough cum to lubricate it really well so that was nice. After it was wet and ready, I pushed my ass towards him giving him the go ahead.

He used a finger first. It went in easy and felt odd but really hot at the same time. I had stuck my finger up my own ass once because I was curious but that’s another story.

After he fingered my ass for a second, he coated his dick in lube and attempted to penetrate my tight little butthole. It took some work because I was not used to having such large objects go in that way, or out for that matter. Once it was in though it felt relatively good for having something stuck up your butt. After a few strokes I was getting used to the feeling but then he stopped. I clinched my ass cheeks around him and he moaned again. I turned my head as much as I could…

“Cum in my asshole, fill me up!” I whispered a little too loudly.

His eyes lit up and I think he could have came immediately without moving or anything but he pumped his cock into me a few more times and then forced it in deeper than ever before and I could feel streams of warm cum bursting inside of me. This was way too much for me to take and I had one of the craziest orgasms of my life without even having to touch myself at all.

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