Doctor’s Visit

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“The doctor will be right in to see you shortly, sir; just have a seat up there, please.”

Eric nodded as he stepped up onto the exam table and sat down, the crinkle of the tissue paper filling the room. He rolled down the sleeve of his shirt as the nurse closed the door behind her, sighing. It had taken a lot of convincing to get himself to go to a doctor for this, but he had finally had enough and been fed up. Not to mention frustrated by his own body. It seemed to take some time before the door opened again, but when the young woman finally stepped in, breaking Eric’s wandering mind, he determined it was well worth the wait.

“Hello, Mister Sullivan, I’m sorry for the wait. I’ve had an ocean of patients I’ve had to wade through today.”

“Doubtless all of them have been finding some reason to come see you, Doc, I know I certainly would!”

Her eyes-a gorgeous shade of blue he felt like he could go swimming in-lifted up from her clipboard to meet his, a smile tugging at the edges of her lips. Very, very shapely lips.

“Are you trying to tell me you came in today to waste my time, Mister Sullivan?”

He chuckled.

“Far from it, sadly, Doctor Peterson. I’m afraid I have a very real problem, though you’re the first person I’ve come to see about it.”

She looked down at his clipboard as she sat at the little desk, crossing her legs. She was a shorter woman, but her bare legs seemed to go on for miles. Eric found himself wishing that pencil skirt didn’t end just above her knees.

“It says here you declined to discuss with the nurse the exact nature of your visit, Mr. Sullivan, so…speak fast, before I move on.”

Eric’s shoulders sagged a bit, having hoped to engage this woman in some conversation before they cut to the purpose of his visit, but…he supposed she needed to make sure he wasn’t just some hypochondriac who had read too much on the internet.

“I uh…well, I seem to be having some…ongoing, continual issues in the bedroom.”

She arched one of her dark, perfect eyebrows, and he couldn’t deny he didn’t have a bit of a thrill as her eyes swept over him appraisingly.

“You seem to be a relatively young man in….well, great physical condition, Mr. Sullivan. Before we go into more details about your issues, tell me. Why did you choose to come here? I’ve a relatively new practice, and I know I’ve never had anyone come in here before with that issue, so how were you recommended?”

“Well, to be honest, Doc, I don’t normally go to doctors-no need, really-and for this particular issue, I…didn’t really feel comfortable going to a male doctor to talk about this kind of stuff.”

She smiled fully, this time, sitting the clipboard down as she turned towards him directly, clasping her hands around her upper knee.

“Two things, Mister Sullivan. First, either call me Miss Peterson, or Emily. Secondly, I think we’d better establish right now we’re both going to be completely honest and straightforward with each other, okay? This is obviously a delicate situation, but I think it’s important we treat this seriously and without judgment, as we’re going to be delving into some pretty personal grounds. Would you agree?”

“Absolutely, Emily. Please call me Eric.”

She nodded.

“Very well, Eric. So tell me; exactly what kind of problems do you mean. Premature ejaculation? Difficulties developing an erection?”

Eric felt his cheeks fill with heat, but shuffled on the table to the sounds of tissue paper rustling and answered.

“Well, never had an issue with prematurely, not even my first time. But…I guess I do have difficulties with getting and staying hard? The big thing is, I haven’t been able to orgasm in over a year.”

“God, a whole year; I think I’d die. Do you have any thoughts as to why this may have started happening? Some changes or bad things happening in your life, an experience with a lover? Loss of interest in your wife?”

“Oh, I’m most certainly not married; if I were, I doubt she’d feel comfortable me coming to you, because she’d know you’re right up my alley.”

Emily smiled shyly, but gestured for him to continue encouragingly when he paused to think.

“I can’t really think of anything. I’ve lived in the same house for a few years, now. Never married, haven’t been in a relationship for a couple of years, either.”

“Would you say you normally lead an active sex life? Did it change around the time this started happening?”

Eric shrugged.

“It’s certainly changed since this started happening, but other than that? I mean I have some friends I like to have sex with, but we have a mutual understanding. Occasionally I meet a woman there seems to be something more than friendship with, but no one who has just…made all others disappear, I guess.”

“And these friends of yours-do the girls you enter into relationships with know about them, are they okay with them? Or do you keep them secret?”

Eric shook his head. Emily was leaning forward as she spoke, and he noticed her top, while not low cut, seemed to have wide gaps between buttons. The stethoscope she güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri had draped around her neck was caught on one of them, and it seemed to offer just a hint of something purple underneath as she changed posture and it pulled on the fabric.

“If I’m in a committed relationship, I don’t engage with them in that way. I don’t hide a thing; I make sure she knows the different girls are my friends, and also so happen to be friends I have sex with usually. If we’re moving to exclusiveness, though, of course I wouldn’t continue to do so. The reactions are…mixed, but a lot of the time that tells me a lot about that girl than anything else could.”

“Hmm. And would you say you could never stop having sex with those friends?”

“Not at all; once, I was even dating a girl where we progressed to that point, where I stopped seeing them and was prepared to be exclusive to her alone.”

“And what happened?”

“She, apparently, forgot about that little detail we had agreed upon.”

“I see. Tell me; would you say you’re polyamorous, or have polyamorous tendencies?”

Eric frowned a bit, a little confused how this related to his problem, but willing to go with it.

“I would say I’m open to that, without necessarily needing it. I feel like as long as a couple are open and honest with what they want and expect of each others behavior, then sex should be whatever they want it to be together. Exclusive? Sure. Together, but open to experiences with others-whether it be both partners, or one, together or separately-as long as both are honest and agree. I’ve certainly been in relationships where we shared one of my friends, or her friends, and so on. As I mentioned, the opposite, too.”

“But only one?”

“Others wanted to move to exclusiveness right away, but…that seems silly to me.”

Eric shrugged, but Emily frowned.

“Why is that?”

“Well if we were to start seeing each other, for instance. I don’t know you, but certainly find you attractive. If we started dating, I’d assume you found me attractive, as well; so what’s the harm in enjoying each other sexually, if we’re responsible?”

“So what’s the difference between dating and friends with benefits, then?”

“The whole purpose of dating is to find someone you want to share your life with, right? Ideally for a long period of time, if not forever when it comes to marriage. Friends, though…you may like each other, or enjoy sex with each other, but you’ve come to find-together, or separately-that you don’t work well as a couple. For long term, or daily togetherness. Doesn’t mean you can’t have some good sex and make each other feel good, though.”

Emily chuckled.

“That’s a pretty healthy outlook, honestly. I wish I had some friends with benefits in my life, I need a lot of de-stressing, lately.”

Emily sat up, almost as if resuming a professional demeanor character.

“Ahem. Anyways, okay; so…there weren’t any events, sexually, professionally, or personally, that may have…put you down, or added a lot of stress, stuff like that?”

“Not that I can think of.”

“And you can’t cum even from masturbating? Or from having sex with some of these lady friends of yours you’ve had no problems cumming with before?”

“Not at all. I’ve never had problem getting myself off, either; that’s really frustrating.”

“And you say you have trouble getting and maintaining an erection.”

“Yeah; I mean I’ll get excited; I’ll get stiff, but still a bit um…floppy, if you will. Makes it difficult for penetration, you know? And to be blunt, since we’ve stated we’re going to be, a couple of my friends REALLY love to give head-part of the reason we became such good friends-and are REALLY good at it. But even still. They can get me close-probably closer than anything else, even my own hands-but I can’t quite climax.”

“They can’t get you fully hard, either?”

Eric shook his head.

Emily frowned, her lips pursing in thought. She drummed her fingers against her knee, and Eric had trouble not fantasizing about what it would feel like to have those lips wrapped around his cock. He’d been aroused as soon as she’d walked in, but he could actually feel his dick getting stiff as he glanced again at that convenient little peek in her blouse. Abruptly, she stood up.

“Well, Eric, I think we’re going to have to do a physical examination so I can make sure to rule certain things out. Would you mind disrobing for me?”

Eric immediately reached up to start unbuttoning his shirt.

“Well normally, Emily, I’d insist on a nice dinner, first, at least, but for you…”

Emily blushed a little and bit her lower lip, clasping her hands in front of her.

“Uh…normally, the patient waits while the doctor exits, so they can take off their clothes and get into a medical robe. Then the doctor knocks on the door and comes back in at the patient’s request.”

Eric shrugged, continuing to unbutton his shirt to expose his hairy chest.

“What’s the point? You’re going to be examining my genitals, and you could see me shirtless güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri outside on a hot summer day easily. Besides, you’re in a hurry and I don’t care. I’m not shy. Definitely nothing you haven’t seen before.”

Emily chuckled, her eyes dropping to roam over Eric’s torso as he slipped his shirt off.

“Well I definitely haven’t seen YOU before, but…if you’re okay with it, I suppose there’s no harm. And you know, you’re obviously not stopping anyways.”

Eric laughed, standing up and reaching down to start unbuttoning his pants.

“Hey, you’re certainly not leaving, either.”

She grinned up at him as she shook her head, stepping back a little as he stepped off of the exam table step to stand on the floor. Eric’s pants hit the floor and he stepped out of them, looking up at her with a playful smirk as he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his boxer briefs.

“Should I face you for the big reveal, or would you rather I turn around and moon you?”

She laughed, returning his playful expression, her hands gripping her stethoscope.

“Just face me; I’m not sure I’d be able to resist smacking your butt if you turned around.”

“Well in that case…!”

Eric promptly turned around and bent over as he pulled his boxer briefs down, wiggling his now-bare ass in Emily’s direction and turning his head to look over his shoulder at her. She had a hand covering her mouth, giggling quietly.

“You are BAD, Eric Sullivan. That is very improper behavior in a doctor/patient relationship!”

“I won’t tell if you won’t, Emily Peterson.”

She rolled her eyes as she dropped her hand, but Eric noticed her eyes traveling over his entire body as he turned around to face her, resting his hands on hips.

“So uh…now what?”

Emily looked down pointedly, raising an eyebrow with a smirk.

“Well it certainly looks like you’re not having much difficulty…!”

Eric followed her gaze; he was stiff, for sure. Emily was a very attractive woman, and he was having fun flirting with her.

“Well a corpse would get a stiffy being naked in the same room with you, Emily; it’s not the same as a full blown erection, though!”

She rolled her eyes and smiled a bit, but genuinely seemed to attempt some continued professionalism. She reached up to remove her stethoscope, but in doing so popped a couple of buttons on her blouse. Eric’s eyes widened as she turned around to pull open a drawer.

“Hop back up on the table and I’ll get some gloves…”

Eric did as she asked, wondering if the popped buttons would lead to a better view. He admired the backside of Emily as she had her back turned, his mind drifting to multiple sordid scenarios.

“Well that’s inconvenient.”

She turned around to hold up a single blue medical glove in one hand, and an empty box in the other.

“I’ll have to go get a new box. Maybe you should put a…”

“Pshh; please! You’ve got one; you’re not investigating open wounds or anything invasive. I’m not oozing anything anywhere. I’m okay with it if you’re okay with it.”

Emily shook her head.

“Absolutely not, it violates I don’t even know how many rules, let alone the sterilization break, and…”

“Doc. Emily. You need to do a physical examination of the area to ensure there aren’t any anomalies, right? It’s not like you’re ingesting anything or have any open wounds on your hand, right? You’re not sticking those fingers inside me anywhere.”

She looked at him levelly.

“It’s quite possible I may need to examine your prostate, honestly.”

“Well, you have the one glove.”

“I could have literally walked down the hall to grab a new box and been back by now.”

Eric smirked, holding his hands up, shrugging, and tilting his head to one side.

“And yet you didn’t…?”

Emily rolled her eyes with exasperation and quickly snapped the glove onto her left hand, shaking her head at him. He could see the faintest tug of a smile to her lips and crinkling at the edges of her eyes, though.

“You’re impossible! Spread your legs, mister!”

Trying not to let his own anticipation show, Eric immediately spread his legs to give Emily as much access as possible. He struggled not to sigh with enjoyment as he felt the warm, soft, bare flesh of Emily’s right hand curl around his shaft, followed by the dry, cool glove of her left cupping his balls. Her fingers began to carefully probe his length as she manipulated his ballsack, her brow furrowing in concentration and looking insanely sexy as she bent over slightly. His eyes widened as her shirt fell down to reveal a luscious, creamy expanse of soft breasts, cupped and supported by a frilly purple bra. He felt his pulse quicken, felt his cock surging with arousal and excitement from both the contact and the view.

“I’m not feeling any sort of anomalous bumps or breaks, so that’s good. In fact, I can actually…oh! Well, then…someone is certainly being awfully responsive all of the sudden…”

She raised her face to look up at him, and Eric felt another cresting wave güvenilir bahis şirketleri of desire and sexual tension ratchet up; what would it feel like to sink his cock into that partly open mouth and feel the talents of her tongue on his craving dick? He averted his eyes nervously, afraid she’d see the naked, raw lust in them.

“I uh…well, Emily, um….to be perfectly honest…”

Was that a…stroke, not just a purely clinical examination technique? Eric couldn’t be sure; he felt the nearly overwhelming urge to start thrusting against her grip, however.

“Eric, remember; we stated we were going to be straightforward and honest with each other. No judgments.”

Eric reluctantly turned to look down at her; her face was calm, but…there seemed to be some glint in her eyes. Some…specific way she was pursing her lips. Anticipation? The sight of her hands on him, the nearness of her face to his crotch. If she turned her head, he’d probably be able to feel the brush of her breathing against his skin. The view of her rather amazing looking breasts was spectacular, too; the way he had this unconscious glimpse of her in that way-unintentional, innocent, but clearly intimate and private-was intoxicating. He felt his cock twitch in her hands, his arousal seeming to spiral out of control.

“Then honestly, Emily, it’s been a very, very long time since I’ve had a woman as clearly intelligent, funny, charming, and simply stunning as you captivate and arouse me so effortlessly. You have your hand on my cock, I’ve got an amazing view down your shirt that is making me realize how long it’s been since I’ve seen a great pair of breasts, and frankly I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so damn horny and dying to get off.

Emily’s eyes widened, her gloved hand dropping down to touch the gap in her shirt as she glanced down, her cheeks immediately flushing a deep, bright scarlet. She looked up at him, biting her lower lip, but-he noticed-not removing her bare hand from his shaft as she lowered her gloved hand- simply darting her eyes to his raging hardon, then back to his face. Their gazes locked. It took Eric’s breath away.

“I…I can’t even…I’ve nev…you’re rock hard. You’re not soft at all!”

“For the first time in over a year. Because of you. I promise, I’m not making it up.”

The sudden warmth of Emily’s lips as they eagerly wrapped around Eric’s swollen head made them both groan. Eric’s hands gripped the edges of the exam table as he watched Emily’s mouth descend over his cock, felt her soft tongue licking, rubbing, and stimulating the underside of his erection as she inhaled him into her mouth. She purred around his throbbing dick, suckling him as her fingers took on a whole different kind of touching and caressing of his balls. Her eyes-burning with an intense need that seemed to mirror his own-watched his reaction as she started fellating him, as her head started sliding up and down over him. He was entranced by her actions-the rhythmic motions over his aching cock-and the raw sexuality he felt in her gaze as she bore witness to the pleasure she was giving him, the delight she so obviously took in being the source of it. His eyes drifted down to the brief, jolting glimpses of her bra-encased cleavage, and she abruptly pulled off of him, panting softly, looking down at the undone buttons before grinning.

“You want to see more…?”

He nodded, trying not to fixate on the slowly stretching string of saliva that went from her moist lips to the glistening head of his dick. She was unbuttoning her blouse for him, letting it fall to the floor behind her and immediately reaching back to unhook the clasps on her bra. She watched his reaction as she slowly pulled it off of her body, grinning playfully at him as her beautifully pale breasts bounced free of their confinement. Eric moaned quietly at the sight, not hesitating in reaching a hand out to cup her naked left breast; fondle the warm, deliciously soft anatomy of one Emily Peterson.

“Oh god…Emily…!”

Her eyes narrowed, a shiver visibly making her tremble against him; she lifted her hand, placing a finger to his lips.

“It’s been so long since I’ve had a man touch me…I’ve been so busy, I never get out anymore…! We….we can’t make too much noise…”

He kissed her digit, trailing his tongue over her fingertip and playfully sucking on it slowly as he gazed at her. He squeezed her breast in his hand, making her whimper quietly as he murmured to her.

“This shouldn’t be…all about me. I want you, Emily. All of you; not just your mouth, not even just your amazing chest. We can both enjoy each other, make each other feel good.”

Her face was flushed with arousal-her chest a rosy hue, even-and he could feel her nipple hard and jutting against his palm. He felt her hand trail down his chest and reach back down to grasp his cock; giving it a squeeze, a very deliberate stroke, this time.

“You’re clean…? No…?”

“Yes. You?”

She answered him by stepping back and reaching around to grasp the zipper on her skirt; she licked her lips as she looked down at his erection swaying in the air. Her skirt slid down her legs effortlessly, followed closely by a pair of silky purple panties, cut flatteringly. The scent of her excitement was strong, and Eric could see the glistening wetness that twinkled on Emily’s inner thighs, that literally beaded up along her smooth labia.

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