Ankles, Arches, Heels and Toes

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I watched her athletic legs, leading down to her gorgeous toes that were painted bright aqua. Her clear sandals flip-flopping against her soft soles as she walked along the empty hallway. I lumbered behind her, my eyes fixed on the sexy gold anklet she wore around her tanned right ankle. She didn’t really walk; she glided with ease along the blue hallways of Silver Oak College. My lustful gaze traced up her tanned legs until my stare met her denim short shorts, encasing her round, firm behind. She wore a baby pink top through which the outlines of her bra were visible.

Nicole Collins had brought me here at 8PM on a Monday night. Nicole, one the most beautiful girls in the university, from head to toe. As mentioned before, the hallways of Silver Oak College were completely empty, unlike in the day when the college was a loud yet sophisticated educational institute attended by students ranging from ages nineteen to twenty five. This gorgeous, intelligent young woman in front of me shared an English class with me, where I would spend most of my time with my stare fixed to her long, shapely legs and her beautiful feet, which despite the cool autumn weather, were always encased in her clear sandals, cork wedges or her purple Havaianas.

As my eyes were still focused on her sandaled feet, she abruptly stopped and I nearly walked into her, hypnotised by the perfect woman in front of me. She held out her hand and stopped me, tilting up my chin so I looked her straight in her brown eyes. Nicole sighed.

“Get in there,” she commanded, opening the door to the English classroom which we shared three times a week. This beautiful girl grabbed me by my t-shirt collar and shoved me into the room, then leading me to her usual desk she occupied during lessons. As she sat down, she forced me down by my shoulders. I was now kneeling in front of this magnificent figure, her legs crossed as she sat on her seat as if it was her throne. Like a beautiful queen towering over her kneeling servant.

“Jason,” she said, clearing her throat. My eyes traveled up from her sandals to her pretty face. “Three days a week we occupy this class for an hour. And I’ve noticed something that you can’t help but doing for at least 45 minutes of this three-weekly hour.”

She tapped with her left foot on the floor as she spoke, but I was locked into her gaze as a slight smile traveled across her face.

“Let me phrase it like this,” she continued. “Jason, are you into… feet?”

“Err… well,” I mumbled, debating on whether or not to tell her the truth.

“Actually, that was a stupid question,” she said, adjusting her soft, dark brown hair. “Of course you are. I saw you today, the previous day, the day before that. It’s been more than two months now, Jason.”

I blushed profusely as this pretty girl spoke down to me; my heart sank as she exposed my foot fetish, just like that.

“I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass this easily,” she explained. “That’s why I brought you here. Right to this spot, where I’m sat every English period, mindlessly playing with my sandals, or my wedges, or my Havaianas. You think I don’t realise it, but I love playing with you like this. I love seeing that lustful gaze locked onto my tootsies in the reflection of my phone screen.”

My head fell and I sighed as she continued to humiliate me. She laughed.

“So,” she continued, pushing my chin up again, before bending forward to remove her sandals. She placed them up on her desk. Nicole Collins raised her delightful right foot so it was inches from my face.

“I thought I would give you a little anatomy lesson,” she said. “It’ll be quite basic, but it’ll be important to you in the future.”

I looked into her eyes once more, my body language questioning her strange suggestion. She was now running her right foot up and down my right foot.

“I thought I would teach you a little bit about the foot today,” she said, her tone changing to that of a teacher. “Since you seem to be so interested in it. But, don’t worry; it won’t be a very complicated class to pass.”

She winked at me, as she fixed my hair.

“Would you like that?” she asked, raising her foot to my face once more. I deeply inhaled the hot scent of her soft soles.

“Yes,” I managed to exhale, lost in her magnificent scent.

“Jason, canlı bahis tell me, you know the nursery rhyme ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’, right?”

“Err… yes?” I said, questioningly, still swimming in the fumes of her right foot.

“Well, it’s quite an easy way to learn the parts of the foot,” she explained. I was really curious as to where she was going with this. Nicole took her foot from my face and forced me down to a kneeling position in front of her, when she placed her manicured index finger on her ankle. “Do you know what this part is called, Jason?”

“The ankle,” I answered, my eyes fixed in a trance.

“Very good,” she said, lifting her foot up once more as my eyes followed her movements. She this time pointed at the high arch of her right foot. “How about this part?”

“Arch,” I replied directly, as another whiff of her lovely scent sailed into my nostrils.

“Nice,” her finger now moved down to the bottom of her soles, where she pointed at her shapely heel.

“Heel,” I said before she could even ask me anything.

“Mhmmm,” she replied as her head engaged in an impressed nod. Nicole’s finger traced along her sole seductively and she now pointed at her pretty big toe. “Yes?”

“Big toe.”

“Well done,” she congratulated me. “Can you kind of see where I’m going with this?”

I shook my head, confused.

“Head, shoulders, knees and toes,” she sang on the tune of the nursery rhyme. “Ankles, arches…”

“Heels and toes?” I finished, in a questioning tone.

“Good boy,” she took my by the chin and kissed me on the forehead. I blushed as this huge crush of mine congratulated me in the tone of a teacher. A bit of a strange lesson, but I loved every moment of it. She wiggled her toes in my face as I took in every bit of her foot fumes possible.

“Kiss my feet,” commanded Nicole, placing her foot back next to the other on the floor in front of me. I kneeled in front of this beautiful woman and laid plenty of small kisses along the top of her soft left foot before I moved on to her right foot. This continued for a few minutes, I switched between feet several times, taking in the scent of her tootsies by taking deep breaths through my nose. Eventually, Nicole shoved my face from her feet and I returned to my kneeling position, looking up at her.

“You remember that little rhyme I taught you earlier?” she asked, raising one eyebrow. I replied with a quick nod. “Good. I want you to recite it as you kiss my cute little feet. On ‘ankles’ you kiss my ankle, on ‘arches’ you kiss my arches, and so forth. You got that?”

I answered her exciting question with a simple ‘yes’ before she returned to smothering my face with her right foot.

“Five times on each foot. Continue.”

And so I took her calves in my hands and turned them so I could access her ankles. Nicole broke her leg free and kicked me in the crotch. I gasped for air before falling down on the floor in front of her. She used me as a footrest as she spoke.

“Did I ever give permission for anything but your mouth to touch my feet?” she asked, disgusted with my actions. “If you dare do that again, you’ll pay, for real this time.”

I felt her feet release me from my brief job as her footstool and quickly lifted myself back so I was on my knees in front of this goddess. She smiled down at me, raising her right foot back to my face.

“Let’s try again, shall we?” she asked. I nodded excitedly.

“Ankles,” I said, as I turned my head around her foot to kiss her right ankle, encased in the beautiful gold anklet.

“Arches,” I once again turned around her foot, moving to kiss her arch quickly.

“Heels,” my mouth moved onto her shapely heels, as I laid a passionate yet abrupt kiss on it.

“Toes,” I laid many small kisses on each of her five cute toes.

“Well done,” she said. “Now try doing it a little quicker.”

“Ankles,” I quickly rotated my head around the central axis of her foot as I pecked at her ankle.

“Arches,” I kissed the beautiful high arch of her right foot, sniffing her foot scent once more.

“Heels,” her slim heels received another quick peck.

“Toes,” as I kissed all five of her toes separately once more.

“Do you like it, Jason?” she asked, crossing her arms as she bahis siteleri smiled at me.

“Yes, thank you so much, Nicole,” I thanked her, before once again continuing on with my love-making session with my sexy captor’s delicious feet. I repeated the process three more times on her right foot before moving onto her left foot.

Throughout this entire exercise, my cock remained standing at attention for Nicole. Not just her feet, but her entire physique, her dominance over me. I felt something real for her, and it wasn’t lust as usual, it was love. True love.

Five repeats of the rhyme later, I was in a completely new state of arousal. Her left foot was shining after all my wet kisses I had applied to it.

“What a good boy,” she remarked, her beautiful bright smile shimmering in the lights of the English classroom. “Lay down on your back, head pointing to me.”

I obeyed Nicole’s orders immediately, and I lay down in front of her, looking up at her from under her chair. She lowered her soft soles to my face and started smothering me with them.

“Lick, Jason,” she commanded.

My mouth opened and started to slither around her salty soles, as I savoured the lovely taste of her sweaty feet.

“Hold out your tongue for me.”

I stuck out my tongue as Nicole ran her delectable soles back and forth across it, the savoury flavour of her gorgeous tootsies soon filling my mouth; I lusted for it like a hungry man who hadn’t eaten for many days. My cock jumped in my jeans as she started to rub it with her other foot, alternating a few times between her left and right.

“Do my little feet taste nice, Jason?” she asked me in a teasing tone. I quickly replied with a nod, she giggled as she looked down at me. “Your little friend seems to like it too,” she added, obviously talking about my cock, fully erect and jumping as her feet rubbed across it.

After an eternity under Nicole Collins’s soles, she helped me sit up and I turned to face her. She gestured at me to get up.

“Take off your clothes,” I hesitated at first. “Now.”

I hesitantly started to take off my white t-shirt, as Nicole opened my fly and unbuttoned my jeans before sliding them down and revealing the white briefs I was wearing. She played with my cock through the material of my briefs for a few seconds, a sexy and seductive look on her face. Slowly I watched as she took the white Calvin Kleins down my legs and licked her lips when my erect eight inch cock jumped out like a wild animal.

“Hello there,” she said, looking lecherously at my penis, before she suddenly took it into her mouth and sucked on it for a few seconds, making me weak in the knees. I grunted as I received my first blowjob and just when I felt the urge to cum, she spat out my cock and slapped it. “Thought it would be that easy, did you?”

I sighed disappointedly as she laughed at me in my extremely aroused state.

“I think a good foot massage is in order first, don’t you?” she teased me. I kneeled in front of her once more.

“May I please touch your feet, Nicole?” I requested.

“Oh, you’ll have to ask nicer than that.”

“Please let me touch your feet, you goddess of a woman, may I please lay my hands on your gorgeous feet?” I begged, playfully yet seriously.

“Of course you may!” she laughed and put her feet in my lap as I picked up her right foot.

My hands worked around her gorgeous feet, from the bottom up to the top. I worked firmly as to not tickle this goddess of a woman who had control over me. Admiring the great scent of her foot, I worked up to the arches and started to firmly rub them as she started to relax and lay back in her seat.

Her feet were so flawless. From the long, aqua toes to her athletic ankles, there was not a single imperfection. She had me in a trance as I continued working to please her; I was mesmerized by her slim feet, which connected to her long, tanned legs. I felt so lucky. Jason Smith, a lowlife foot fucker, servicing this beautiful woman who everyone wanted so dearly. So what if she was using me? I could already imagine the countless nights and the countless tissues used up in memory of this one night. Hell, even if she did keep her word of it being a “study date”, I would’ve still been thankful.

“You know I have two feet, right?” bahis şirketleri her voice snapped me back to reality for a moment, I realised that I was massaging her right foot for quite a long period of time. This is why I worked so hard to do an even better job on the left one. She groaned as I loosened her toes by twisting them separately, then again when I very firmly rubbed her arch. I watched as Nicole’s toes curled in front of me, her right foot now rubbing up and down my right inner thigh, sending sparks of electric arousal running through me.

I circled with my fingers up the sides of her foot, before once again focusing on the toes for a few seconds. Her heel soon followed, as I vigorously massaged it with my two thumbs and I felt my cock grow even harder than before.

“Oh, you are good at that,” she said, relaxed, her head laid back and her eyes closed as she fully gave in to the pleasure she was receiving from my firm massage of her tootsies.

A few more minutes of alternating between her feet continued before she finally allowed me to stop.

“That was amazing, Jason,” she said, coming out of her relaxed state and sitting up in her chair again to look me in the eyes. “I think someone deserves to cum now.”

My eyes lit up with sparks and my head spun as I heard these words leave her mouth.

“You can’t have my pussy… yet,” she said with a wink. “But I’ll allow you to fuck my feet if that would suit you.”

“Please, Nicole,” I begged. “Anything.”

I got up at her command and she climbed up onto the desk.

“Hey, Jason, would you like to smell my sandals while you fuck my feet?”

“Of course I would,” I replied with a smile as she handed me her right, clear sandal. I brought it up to my nose and took a good whiff of her, now familiar, foot scent. My eyes followed her every movement as she lay back on the desk and held out her feet to me. She spat on her fingers and spread it on the insides of her high arches. “Go on then, they’re all yours.”

I didn’t hesitate for a second as I slipped my erect cock in between her two magnificent feet. She started to rub my cock slowly with her arches and I moaned at the lovely sensation of my first footjob.

“You like that, don’t you?” she seduced me.

“Oh, you don’t understand,” I replied with the largest smile I had ever had.

I started to take action and pump my cock into her feet, starting to groan with pleasure as I went on. She looked me in the eyes as I fucked her gorgeous feet, her hand traveling into her short shorts as she started to touch herself. I continued deeply inhaling the scent of her sweaty sandal deep into my nose.

“Good boy, fuck these feet,” she encouraged me, her words spurring me on to thrust harder and faster. “Faster.”

Eventually, I picked up pace so I was launching a full on attack on the crevasse between her two delightful feet. Her hand was still buried deep in her short shorts and she was also now moaning as she played with herself. She started to stroke my cock fast with her tootsies and I moaned louder than before as I felt my balls start to tighten.

“I’m gonna cum, Nicole,” I moaned.

“Cum on my feet, baby,” she encouraged as I shot five huge spurts of cum onto her perfect soles and we hit simultaneous climaxes. I watched as my cum dripped from her feet onto the desk below.

I remained standing there, recovering from the best orgasm of my life. Her right sandal fell from my hand onto the floor as my cock continued to drip small drips of cum. Nicole was panting as she lay, her feet still in the air and her hand still in her panties. Soon, she recovered and licked her hand off, before looking up at me, panting above her.

“Look at the mess you made, you naughty boy,” she laughed, sitting upright. “Why don’t you get down and clean up this nasty mess. Come on then.”

I happily complied with her suggestion, kneeling once again in front of her, taking her toes deep into my mouth as I sucked off my own salty cum. My tongue then moved down to her soles, covered in thicker layers than her toes. She also made me lap up the cum on the floor and on the desk, before sticking a freshly soaked finger of female juices into my mouth. But I didn’t complain. I loved it.

“I love you, Jason,” she said, getting up and locking my lips in hers as we engaged in a deep, passionate kiss.

After I had finished dressing once again, we walked out of the classroom as if nothing had happened, walking hand in hand down the empty hallways of Silver Oak College.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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