An Appointment With Doctor Wells

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy, which depicts explicit, somewhat kinky, sex between consenting monogamous adults. If this subject matter offends you in any way, please do not read further.

The fantasy had been floating around in Theresa’s mind for quite a while. It started out as a series of mental images when she was masturbating in the bath, but unlike most fleeting fantasies, this one captured her imagination completely. It found it’s way into her dreams, and kept revisiting her in her waking hours. Gradually, her mind fabricated an elaborate role play fantasy, and it wouldn’t let her go.

Eventually, she decided to act out the fantasy with her husband, Gary. She gathered the costume and supplies she needed and waited until Friday morning. She and Gary had no plans for the evening – at least as far as he knew. They had all evening to play with no interruptions. Theresa slipped a card into Gary’s briefcase while he was pouring his morning coffee. He wouldn’t find it until he got to work this morning.

Gary managed to survive his morning commute once again, and settled down at his desk. He opened up his briefcase and found an appointment card. He didn’t remember making a doctor’s appointment, but it had today’s date and an appointment time of 5:30 PM. He looked more closely at the card and noticed his “appointment” was with Doctor Theresa Wells – his wife’s maiden name. The office address listed was their home. He wondered briefly what was going on, but figured Theresa had some little game planned. Her role plays usually turned into mind-blowing sex sessions, so he tucked the card into his pocket and looked forward to the end of the work day.

Theresa had been fantasizing about acting out a scene as Gary’s doctor and examining him intimately. Gary was somewhat shy about his body. He didn’t really like going to the doctor; he said he was always uncomfortable stripped of his clothes in a cold examining room while a stranger poked and prodded his body. He said it felt so impersonal and humiliating. This evening, she would be the doctor and she would be in complete control of their “appointment.”

Theresa cleared the dining room table and moved most of the chairs to another room. She gathered the supplies she had collected and transformed the dining room in to a “doctor’s office.” She didn’t go overboard with medical charts and such, but she covered the table with a pad and sheet and laid out her medical supplies on a tray. As the final touch, she set up their card table as her “desk.”

Once the “doctor’s office” was set up, Theresa tried to keep herself busy for the rest of the day. If she allowed herself to too much time to think about her plans for the evening, she would wind up spending the entire day in bed masturbating. She tried to concentrate on her everyday mundane chores to save her sexual energy for later.

Halfway through the morning, Gary began to get distracted. He had been sitting in a meeting for a half hour and realized he really had no idea what was being discussed. His mind kept wandering to the appointment card in his pocket. He was picturing Theresa in a “naughty nurse” costume, fawning over her “patient” and couldn’t wait to get home and get started. He was pretty sure this was going to feel like the the longest work day ever.

At 3:00, Gary’s desk phone rang. He answered and a familiar voice on the other end asked “Is this Mister Gary Neal?” “Yes,” Gary answered, “this is Mister Neal.” Apparently, Theresa was already in character to start her role play.

“This is Doctor Wells’ office. I’m calling to confirm your appointment for 5:30 this afternoon,” he heard. “Will you be able to make it, Mister Neal?”

“Yes, I’ll be there,” Gary answered.

“Good,” the voice on the line said. “We’ll see you at 5:30 then Mister Neal. Have a good day in the meantime.”

If anything, after the phone call Gary had an even harder time concentrating on work. It was a good thing he didn’t have anything important due before next week, or he would never be able to get it done.

Meanwhile, Theresa drew a hot bath and settled in to relax. She lay back in the hot water and allowed her fantasy to take over her thoughts. She let her hands roam over her body as her fantasy played out in her mind. Her touch felt electric. Her fingers barely brushed her labia and clit before she shuddered in her first orgasm of the day. Any other day she might have allowed herself the luxury of another climax, but this time she decided to save it until after Gary came home.

She climbed out of the tub and toweled herself dry. She didn’t spend a lot of time with makeup, since she wanted to be in character for Gary. She put on a simple, white push-up bra and dressed in the blue medical scrubs she bought for the occasion. A white lab coat completed her outfit. She checked the clock and saw that it was only 4:40. Damn! She still had nearly an hour to wait.

Finally, 5:00 came. Gary had cleared his desk early, so he grabbed his briefcase and hurried to the car. He had a hard canlı bahis time keeping to the speed limit on the drive home, but somehow he managed to make it without getting into an accident. The dash clock read 5:27 as he pulled into the driveway. He grabbed his briefcase and walked in the front door.

Theresa greeted Gary in the foyer with her right hand extended. “Good afternoon, Mister Neal,” she said. “I’m Doctor Wells. I’m glad you’re on time. You’re my final appointment of the day.”

Gary reached out and took “Doctor Well’s” hand. He took in her outfit as they shook hands. Not quite the hot nurse number he pictured, but it was her role play after all. She had him put his briefcase next to the door and led him to her “office.”

“I see you’re here for a routine physical,” Theresa said. “If you’ll just remove your clothes, I’ll be back in a few minutes to start. I’m afraid our laundry service didn’t show up this week, so we’re all out of gowns. I hope that won’t be a problem.” She turned and left the room, not waiting for an answer

Gary undressed quickly and folded his clothes, laying them over the back of a chair. He sat down and waited for Theresa to return. After about five minutes, he started fidgeting. He felt strangely uncomfortable sitting alone, stark naked in the dining room.

Finally, Theresa returned holding a clipboard. “I’m sorry for the delay Mister Neal,” she said. “I was just letting my nurse know that I wouldn’t need her any more today. I see it’s been some time since your last physical. Do you have any particular concerns?”

“No,” Gary answered. “Nothing out of the ordinary. I feel generally pretty healthy”

“Good,” she said. “Let’s go ahead and get started then. I have to get your vitals. If you’ll just step onto the scale.” Gary stepped onto the bathroom scale next to the table and watched as the numbers came to a stop at 170 pounds.

“Well, with your height of 5’10” that’s a good weight,” Theresa said. “Take a seat on the end of the table and I’ll get your blood pressure.” She slipped a blood pressure cuff over his left arm and turned it on. When it stopped, she noted the reading on her clipboard. “120 over 77, that’s just about perfect,” she said.

“Now I need to get your temperature,” she said as she removed a glass thermometer from the pocket of her lab coat.

Gary opened his mouth as she shook down the mercury in the thermometer, and Theresa laughed. “I don’t think you’d want this in your mouth if you knew where it’s been,” she said. She held up the thermometer in her fingers and he saw the pear shaped bulb at the end. “This goes in the other end,” she chuckled. “Just bend over the end of the table.”

Gary climbed down from the table and bent over the end, laying his chest flat on the table. He heard Theresa snapping a glove on her hand behind him. She squirted some lube on the bulb of the thermometer and spread his cheeks with the fingers of one hand. Gary flinched when the cold, lube-covered glass bulb came in contact with his anus.

“Take a deep breath and let it out,” Theresa told him. As he exhaled, she slipped the cold glass into his rectum and let his cheeks close on it. She left one gloved hand across his cheeks, holding the thermometer between her fingers. “We don’t want to lose this,” she joked. “It would be an embarrassing visit to the emergency room.”

Gary waited a very long five minutes with the glass thermometer sticking out of his ass. Theresa twirled it between her fingers every minute or so while they waited for it to register. When she did, it tingled pleasantly. Finally, she pried his cheeks apart again and withdrew the thermometer, handing him a tissue to wipe off the messy lube. “99.6 degrees,” she said as she noted the temperature on her clipboard. “Correcting for rectal temperature, that’s right at normal.”

As he stood and turned around, Theresa placed her clipboard on the card table and pulled a chair up close to him. “Now I need to examine your genitals.” she said.

She cupped his scrotum in a cold, gloved hand, causing it to tighten and wrinkle in her palm. She ran her fingers over his testicles, feeling for any lumps. Once she declared his testes normal, she lifted his penis and retracted the foreskin. She pulled his foreskin back and forth over his glans a few times, causing his cock to start swelling, and lightly probed his urethra with a gloved fingertip, smearing a drop of precum over the head.

“Your penis seems normal,” she said. “It’s not uncommon for my male patients to become a bit aroused during this part of the examination. Frequently they become fully erect, but I noticed you have not. Have you had any trouble with erectile function?” She managed to maintain a convincing clinical detachment.

Gary answered “Not normally. This is just a bit of an embarrassing situation.”

“Good,” she replied. “And do you know what your penis length is when fully erect?”

Gary had to admit that he didn’t know exactly how long it was. “I suppose it’s about average,” he said.

“Well, bahis siteleri I need to know the exact length for your record,” Theresa told him. “If you’ll just get it hard, I can go ahead and measure it.”

This caught Gary off guard. Of course he masturbated fairly regularly, but he had never done it in front of his wife, or anyone else for that matter. He never even admitted to her that he ever masturbated. “Umm, can’t you do that for me, doctor” he asked.

“Mister Neal, I am a doctor, not a prostitute.” Theresa scolded. “You’ll just have to take the situation in hand for yourself, so to speak.”

He dropped his eyes toward the floor. She clearly expected him to masturbate himself to erection while she watched. He found the situation quite humiliating.

“Mister Neal, we don’t have all day,” she snapped. “Just masturbate your penis until you get an erection.”

Gary reluctantly wrapped his right hand around his cock and started rubbing it lightly. It started to swell slightly, but wasn’t anywhere near fully hard.

“Are you sure you don’t need a prescription for erectile dysfunction?” Theresa taunted as he tried to coax his reluctant cock to hardness.

“No Doctor, I’ve just never tried to masturbate with anyone watching before,” he answered.

“Well, maybe it would help if you tried to visualize having sex while you fondle yourself,” she said.

Gary closed his eyes and tried to visualize his wife kneeling in front of him taking his cock into her mouth. After a couple of minutes of stroking, his cock finally began to stiffen.

It was all Theresa could do to keep her hands out of her panties as she watched Gary breathlessly. She never thought she would get him to go through with masturbating in front of her, and the sight of him standing there rubbing himself and moaning had her pussy dripping. She picked up a ruler and said, “Alright, you seem to have a fairly decent erection now. Is your penis at its full length?

Gary opened his eyes and looked down. “I suppose it’s pretty close,” he said.

Theresa moved in close, wrapped a gloved hand around his shaft and stroked it a couple of times. He felt her breath on the head of his cock as she examined it up close. He thought she was about to take it in her mouth, so his cock got even harder. Instead, she laid the ruler against the top of his cock and measured it from base to tip. “Five and three quarters inches,” she declared. That’s not porn star material, but it is well within the normal range for an adult male, and now at least we know that you are capable of getting an erection.”

She put her ruler on the card table as she noted the measurement on the clipboard and ignored his erection.

“Alright Mister Neal, I need to perform a rectal examination now,” she declared. “I’ll need you to bend over the table again.”

Gary reluctantly bent over the end of the table again, resting on his elbows. Theresa was moving around behind him, but from his position, he could not see her or what she was doing. He could hear her moving around the room, and a drawer opening and closing. Finally, he heard her footsteps as she moved up behind him. She placed a cool, gloved hand against his ass. “Reach back and spread your cheeks for me please, Mister Neal,” she instructed.

Gary grasped a cheek in each hand and spread them wide. This was exactly the humiliating position he most hated about doctor’s visits. Theresa probed the edge of his anus gently with a fingertip, looking closely at his brown star. She pulled lightly to one side, the rubber of her glove stretching his anus slightly. She leaned in so close that he could feel her breath on his ass and scrotum. His sack tightened and he let out an almost inaudible moan. She patted one cheek firmly and stood up.

Theresa stepped away from the table for a moment. Gary heard her fumbling with something before she moved up behind him again. Suddenly, her fingertip returned, coated in cold, slippery gel. She rubbed it in small circles around his puckered hole, then pushed it smoothly into his ass. The bundles of nerves in his anus sprang to life, tingling warmly. His sack tightened further and drew his balls upward into his body.

She removed her finger before he got a chance to adjust to the intrusion. She squirted more jelly onto his anus, allowing its coldness to slide down onto his balls.

She pressed her gloved finger back into his anus, this time pressing it all the way in. Her fist bumped into the softness of his ass cheeks repeatedly as she continued the “examination.” With each forward stroke she twisted her finger, picking up the pace as she continued drilling it into him.

Next she added a second finger pushing into his hole. She pulled one cheek to the side with her other hand. Soon she began to get the reaction she was looking for. Gary was groaning as she pumped her fingers in his backside. She told him to hush, and spanked his cheek lightly. She reached down and wrapped her hand around his cock. It was stiff and red.

She squirted bahis şirketleri a large glob of lube into her palm and stroked his cock as she continued pumping her fingers in and out of his ass until he started to rock his hips in time with her thrusts. He was getting close to climax, but she wasn’t ready to let him finish just yet. She released his erection, noting with satisfaction that it was an angry red, and hard as a rock. She had stopped just in time to prevent his impending orgasm.

Theresa spoke up, “I think it’s time to show you how much I appreciate a good patient. ” His heart was pounding, his hips bucking and he was gasping for breath, when she abruptly withdrew her fingers from his ass. “Don’t move,” she ordered.

Once again, he heard her moving behind him, and the rustle of clothing as she untied the drawstring at her waist and pulled down her pants. He shut his eyes, wondering what was next.

When her hands returned to his cheeks, there were no gloves this time. Her warm fingers dug into the flesh of his cheeks. She kneaded the mounds of flesh appreciatively, alternately stroking, lightly spanking, and squeezing. She spread his cheeks apart, and he felt a hard object move in between them. Under her scrubs she had been wearing a leather harness with a slim, realistic dildo attached. At six inches long, her tool was a fraction of an inch longer than his own, but quite a bit more slender than his plump shaft.

She shifted her hips, sliding her fake dick up and down the length of his crack. She moved her thumbs to the rim of his anus, stretching it wide. Finally, she picked up the lubricating jelly and squeezed it over her dildo. He heard the wet squishing sound as she slid her lubed hand wetly up and down, liberally coating the shaft.

With her tool lubed up, she reached down and spread his cheeks wide. The withdrawal of her invading digits had left him feeling empty and anxious. He raised his hips toward her, not entirely without trepidation, but wanting more.

Theresa placed the glistening tip of her dong against Gary’s already slick, puckered opening and paused. She subconsciously took mental snapshots of the incredibly hot scene unfolding before her, images that would no doubt replay in her mind during her masturbation sessions for years to come.

She took her time. She didn’t want to cause her husband any unnecessary pain, and she wanted to revel in her role while giving him time to experience each new sensation. She applied only the slightest forward pressure, causing the rim of his virgin anus to retreat inward before stretching to accommodate the tapered tip of her hard rubber cock.

She wanted to draw the experience out as long as possible. She allowed only half of the head, perhaps 3/4 of an inch, to enter her husband before allowing his tightening sphincter to push it back out. She repeated the tentative penetration over and over until his pucker relaxed enough that her prong slipped wetly and effortlessly in and out.

Gary found the slippery friction incredible. At first, the prospect of losing his anal cherry had been almost terrifying, but Theresa’s slow, patient pace was bringing him exquisite pleasure. His rubbery hole repeatedly stretched and tingled as it accepted the invading tip of her cock. He started to moan contentedly, almost cooing as she teased his opening.

When Gary started to moan, Theresa knew he was ready. On her next forward stroke, she gave her hips a slight extra push and the flared glans of her dildo popped past her husband’s sphincter all at once.

The sudden penetration caught Gary completely by surprise and caused him to yelp and jolt as if she had touched him with a bare electrical wire. Theresa held his hips tightly so he couldn’t retreat from her invasion. The image of his asshole stretched tightly around the shaft of her dildo seared itself into her memory. The normally brownish, puckered skin was stretched so tight that it appeared pink and shiny around the flesh-colored rubber. She remained motionless to allow him to adjust to the object stuffed in his ass.

Pinned to the table and held tightly at the hips as he was, Gary couldn’t escape the obscene invasion of his most private passage. A light sheen of sweat broke out on his forehead as he concentrated on the new sensations. There had been a sudden, fleeting jolt of sharp pain as the widest part of the dildo’s flared head pushed past his sphincter. The pain was quickly replaced by a burning hot, tingling sensation where the tight muscle tightly squeezed her shaft.

As Gary concentrated on the new sensations in his ass and tried to relax, Theresa stroked his hips and backside while offering him gentle words of encouragement, momentarily slipping out of character. “Oh my God,” she said. “You look incredibly hot like this, baby. This is even better than my fantasy.”

The volley of new sensations overwhelmed Gary’s consciousness. Soon, the burning and tingling subsided, replaced by a spreading warmth as his stretched asshole relaxed around his wife’s invading shaft. No sooner had he adjusted to the radiating warmth, than he was consumed by an amazing feeling of fullness. He was astounded by the range of intense new feelings emanating from his ass and tried to relish each one.

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