Black and White Ch. 02

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This story is a figment of my imagination. It has been dancing in my mind for too long and I finally decided to write it down. Hope it serves as a good read.


Episode 2

“Steve.” Aiden whispered to the sleeping form. “Hey buddy, get up.”

Steve rolled towards one side and half opened his eyes to see who was disturbing him.

“Hey C’mon, let’s play some tennis.”

“What’s the time?” Steve inquired groggily.

“It’s 5:40.”

“And it’s Sunday morning right?”

“Yeah, so do you wanna play?”

Steve opened his eyes fully. Aiden was never one to get up early on Sundays. He shot up and sat vertical with a jerk.

“Ok, let’s go!”

Aiden hurriedly got up and started to assemble his tennis gear. Yesterday he had returned back to the frat rooms after 1 O’ clock and had hardly had four hours of sleep. Yet remembering Will and the kiss, he hardly felt tired. In fact he felt all pepped up and like a hot fudge sundae with nuts. The world seemed like an awesome place to live in. But Aiden reminded not to get his hopes up to high. “Will might never call me again, and it’s not like I have any contact number of his.” Aiden would have to try and keep his exuberance under control or severe disappointment could be heading his way.

Aiden looked towards Jason’s side of the room. Jason was snoring slightly but his lips were shaped into a slight smile Seems like Jason had had a great time with Aditi too.

Three sets of tennis later an exhausted Steve called it a game and slumped down on the benches adjacent to the courts. Aiden was still prancing about not a bit debilitated. Steve had managed to beat him 2-1 but Aiden had almost beaten him in the last set losing 5-7. This was the farthest he had ever come in a tennis contest with Steve.

“So where did you suddenly get all this energy from?” Steve had a questioning look on his face.

“Don’t know man.” Aiden replied though he possessed some inkling where it all came from. It was the newness of discovering someone. The newness of being enamored by someone who was so out of league, but yet seemed very interested in you.

Aiden made his way towards where Steve had settled down, still swinging his racket and practicing his strokes till he too flopped down beside Steve.

“So how did it go yesterday night with Jason and that Indian chick and all?”

“Oh it went pretty well,” Aiden replied still smiling at the events of the day before.

“Jason handled himself well with a girl around?”

“Yeah, although with a little help from me and Tinka, but I think he managed well on his own too.”

Steve gazed at Aiden who knew that Steve already understood that there was more to tell about the previous day’s events. Aiden cleared his throat.

“I sorta… um, met someone myself yesterday.”

“Some guy?” Aiden was uncomfortable once more. What was it about Steve that could put him at unease so easily when it came to this topic. He was usually never unnerved about his sexuality when it came into light.

“Yeah, his name’s Will Black. He’s 27 years old.” Aiden knew that this was all the information Steve would want from him. “And he’s a social worker who runs a retirement home.” Aiden quickly added the last bit as if it compensated for his apparently aberrant tastes in men.

“Cool.” That was all Steve replied. Aiden surmised that since Steve knew he had slept in the frat the night before, he would reckon that this was something better off than a one night stand. Somehow Aiden felt like he had passed a test.

“I’ll go get some water,” Steve stated as he rose up and walked towards the filters. Aiden sort of wished that he could make Steve meet Will. He was sure that anyone would be impressed by his personable self and he would get to show him off a little or something like that. Will was such am awesome person. His face, his eyes, his body, his personality, his manner; his overall bearing. “I just hope I am not a charity case that he had decided to please for an evening or so,” Aiden was trying to calm himself. He wished he could talk to Will again, but then stealing a glance at his watch he realized that Will most certainly would not be awake at 7:30 in the morning on a Sunday.

Just then his cell phone buzzed on the bench beside him. Aiden lifted the set not recognizing the number.


“Yeah Hi,” replied a voice from the other side. Aiden at once knew who it was.

“Will, is that you?”

“Yup, Will here.”

“Shit! I was just thinking about you!”

“I know!” replied a cheeky voice from the other end.

“So you’re awake so early on a Sunday morning?”

“Yeah, awake and thinking about you!” Aiden blushed thankful that Will would at least not be able to see his crimson face.

“Listen,” Will stated, “Hey how about meeting up and going bowling or something?”

Aiden had hardly ever bowled in is life before. He knew he would probably find the sport interesting if someone would just push him a little into it.

“Bowling, bahis firmaları er, yeah why not?”

“Cool, can I meet you at 8:30 at the same coffee shop then? We’ll grab a bite to eat and then head towards the alleys. The bowling alley opens at 9 o’ clock”

“Fine by me.”

“Ok, meet you there then.”


There was a pause on the other side before Will’s voice stated, “I’m really looking forward to meeting you.”

Aiden face was positively roseate by now, the smile on his face bigger wider had been in a long time.

“Bye.” The phone clicked. Aiden kissed his phone and leaped up in the air with joy screaming “Yesssss!”

An amused Steve was staring at the bouncing form of Aiden. Aiden immediately stopped hopping when he saw Steve staring at him.

“Err, that was Will, the guy I told you about.”

“I guessed as much.” Steve replied grinning. “C’mon, let’s get back to the room.” Aiden followed Steve out of the courts.

“And stop grinning so much. You’re beaming like a house on fire!”


Old wooden floor boards creaked as a large Doberman padded across the room and settled down for a nap. It knew its master would not be back for quite some time from now. It shut its eyes and slowly drifted off into doggie dreamland. Suddenly its ears twitched as something awakened it from its vigilant slumber. The large canine opened its eyes and suddenly shot up. It stared into the atmosphere before it and let out a guttural noise. The air ahead of it started to slowly deform and turned turbid. The turbidity got more and more intense until it exploded in white fumes. Another powerful perpetual had just entered the material plane.

White’s unclothed human form emerged from the white vapors. White looked down at his nude form. He would need to have garments to mingle with the humans and find the alchemist. Then he looked around at his surroundings.

Had that much changed since he had last been here? The last time he was here, these coordinates comprised of a deserted location. Now he was apparently in someone’s home as he looked down at his canine friend growling at him, its mouth showing pointed white teeth. Suddenly the animal balked and fled yelping.

White smiled and spread out both his arms in a crucifixion pose and spoke out. “Assorted Ability 4; Fabric Habiliment.”

Rings of white and azure lights appeared around both his wrists. The rings moved towards each other, expanding and contracting in shape as they hovered above the muscles beneath them, leaving cloth in their wake. They reached till his biceps on either side and then suddenly frittered away. White stared at the cloth that covered his alms halfway up to the biceps. He had just entered the material plane and it would be some time before his abilities recovered. He firmly held his alms perpendicular to his body, concentrated within himself and repeated, “Assorted Ability 4; Fabric habiliment.”

The rings of light appeared again and started their motion along his alms. They covered the muscles in his alms and moved towards the torso and neck, slowly floating over the ridges and contours on his abdomen and the taut and varied muscles on his back leaving a trail of cloth along. They moved across his nether regions and then to the doughty pillars that were his legs. Completing the entire path along his impressive frame, they reached his ankles, and then slowly dissipated, their task complete.

White now had to search for the alchemist. He brought his palms together in front of his chest, holding them about a quarter feet apart. “Ability of the Light 84; Quarry Seek.” A narrow beam of laser-like white light emerged from his chest and pointed towards the South West, continuing through the walls of the house. This light would lead him to the Alchemist. White walked over to the door and exited the apartment. He wondered what he would say to the alchemist once he met him.


Aiden was happy. Happier than he had been in a long time. He sat grinning opposite Will who was grinning back at him. Aiden had gone bowling with Will, almost a first for Aiden; he had never formally bowled in his life before, just accompanied friends who bowled and Will had given him a time to remember. The two sat outside the bowling lanes, Aiden holding his arm which seemed to be burning now that he had given it so much strain; tennis in the morning and now this.

“What? Why are you smiling?” inquired Will.

“What me? And what about you? You’re grinning too!”

“Well, let’s just say I found your bowling abilities exceptional!” Will was referring to Aiden’s bowling ‘techniques’, and in particular to the time when he had tried to get Aiden to improve his stance. Aiden, totally enraptured in the ‘I-am-gonna-knock-all-those-pins-down-with-this-strike’ mood had stepped forward and swung the bowling ball with force. The next moment Aiden slipped and crashed down to the floor beneath skidding to where the ball ought to have gone while the ball went flying two lanes to the left. Fortunately kaçak iddaa no one was hurt, except Aiden’s pride that is. Will soon resolved his pride issues with a smile.

Aiden showed his tongue to Will and stated with a mock frown on his face, “If you’re referring to the incident where I goofed up and slipped, it’s not my fault that they tell you to take of your shoes outside and play only in your socks.”

“They never told you to wear your socks and play! You should have taken them off too!” Will was guffawing by the time he finished. Aiden glared at him angrily.

“Yeah yeah, whatever!”

“Seriously! You should have seen yourself! I still don’t understand how you ended up in the lane and not the ball!”

“Ok, ok, I get the idea.”

Will continued laughing. Aiden was still staring at him thinking he looked so beautiful when he laughed. Then he decided the guy was so damn good-looking that he would look drop dead gorgeous even in a bloated fancy-dress frog rubber costume.

Will finally stopped laughing. “So, you wanna hit the video-game arcades?”

Aiden just looked at Will for a moment thinking wasn’t this 27 year old dude a bit too old for video games?

“What, you think I’m too old for video games?” Black was reading Aiden’s thoughts and had been doing it since morning when they met.

“No!” said Aiden forcefully surprising even himself. “Let’ go to the arcades!”

At that moment Aiden’s phone buzzed. He looked at the phone screen. It was Tinka. Aiden answered the call.

“Hey what’s up?”

“Don’t act all ignorant with me!” she yelled before he could get in one more word. “What happened with that Will dude yesterday night? I want all the minutest details.”

“Hey, Tinks. Sorry, can’t talk right now, will call you later.” Aiden was eager to put down the phone. Tinka apparently had other plans.

“Can’t talk? Omigod! You’re still with him aren’t you?”

“Not still,” he stated looking at Will, thinking his cryptic way of talking would not allow Will to understand that he was being talked about. Little did he know otherwise.

“You met up with him again today?” an incredulous Tinka asked.

“Yes.” Aiden answered, “Ok now bye, gotta go!”

“Wait you moron… did you or did you not sleep with him?”

“No!” Aiden replied haughtily. Will was still standing in front of him, patiently tapping his foot.

“Ok, go for now, but you better have time to tell me everything later!”

“Sure, bye!” Aiden clicked off the phone and looked apologetically at Will for keeping him waiting so long.

“It’s the girl from yesterday, Tinka right?” Will enquired.

Aiden looked at him dumbfounded. “How’d you know?”

“Lucky guess!”

“Yeah it was her. She was asking about how things went between, err, with us yesterday.” Aiden admitted sheepishly.

“And you never told her things were rocking?!” Will was looking at Aiden indignantly.


“Well anyway, let’s head to the arcade!”

Aiden followed Will wondering what the hell he had done to deserve such a person. He hoped it was real. That their friendship or relationship or whatever this was, was real. Then he tugged at his cargos to make himself comfortable. They were Steve’s cargos. He had been exasperated in the morning after getting Will’s call to meet up for bowling. “What the hell should I wear?” he had lamented. Bowling meant casuals and his favorite cargo’s were in the wash. He had borrowed Steve’s good pair but Steve was a size smaller than him. He was sure these cargos would leave marks and grooves along his waist.

Will on the other hand, Aiden observed, was dressed smartly in black denim cargos and a green turtleneck shirt. “He looks gorgeous” Aiden had thought many times. Even as Will had been bowling his turns and Aiden had wistfully admired his posterior. Apparently the girls in the neighboring lane had noticed him too, and were clapping and applauding whenever Will bowled. But they had all suddenly disappeared when Aiden had started finding them irritating and things were perfect after that.

50 minutes of frenzied video-gaming later, Will lead Aiden to a burger joint. The pair ordered their meals. Will haggled with Aiden for paying for his meal but Aiden declined it like always. The two settled down with their meals.

“So, what’s the plan after this?” Will asked raising his eyebrows.

Aiden instantly thought about all the work he had lined up for the day. And he thought about how Will could just goof off like this when he must be having tonnes of work and all, but then he surmised that since it was a Sunday, he was probably relaxing and enjoying. Before Aiden could come up with an answer, Will interjected.

“I have some work to be done during the day, but I’m free in the evening. I would love for you to come and see the retirement home.”

Aiden was pleased. He would have time for his academic duties as well. This guy was just too perfect.

“Ok, so what time should I come?”

“No, I’ll pick you up kaçak bahis around 6:30. That fine with you?”

“Won’t that be a little too late in the evening or something?”

“No, no. It will be perfect. It’s a retirement home; it’s not like the people are in a hurry to go somewhere.”

“Ok then, 6:30 is perfect.”

“And we’ll go someplace for dinner after that. And I will be paying for the both of us.”

Aiden gestured at him helplessly but before he could say anything else Will interjected once again.

“We’re just going for pizza cause I got free coupons!” Will held out a pair of coupons in his hand, rubbing them against one another.

“All right then.” Aiden finally relented. “That means I have breakfast, lunch and dinner with you today!”

“Yup, and I am really sorry I can’t spend any more time with you.” Will smiled as he said this.

Inside, Black seethed at the amount of effort he had already put into this endeavor. He was surely fucking the alchemist tonight, and hopefully his mission would be complete.


Aiden looked at the address that Tinka had given him, The number on the building stated that it was the one she had asked him to go to, but where was the optician shop she had referred him to. All he saw was a shop with a small sign saying “Horoscopus. Fortune Telling.” Aiden made a weird face thinking of the lack of taste with the jarring black and red colors used in the signboard and strained his eyes to read the finer print under the main title. ‘Future predicted for lowest prices.’

Aiden looked around helplessly. This was certainly not the place to consult an optometrist. Was Tinka getting exacting revenge for the toothpaste biscuits prank by sending him to a bogus location? Just then he looked up. There it was; ‘Optical Palace’. This was the place Tinka had asked him to visit. “Cheesy names around here,” Aiden thought to himself.

Aiden had decided that he had had enough of his bespectacled look and would try wearing contact lenses for a while. “I can always revert back to my glasses if I don’t find lenses any good,” he had reasoned. Aiden climbed up the narrow spiral steps leading up to the shop and entered it. “Okay Aiden,” he said to himself, “Time for a new you!”

8 feet below Aiden’s feet, a petit Japanese lady was having great trouble entertaining a customer. The irate patron was annoyed as the fortune telling Japanese lady had been telling him to hold on for she was facing some psychic disturbances. After 10 minutes of petulant waiting, the customer stomped off cursing why he had ever come here in the first place. The Japanese lady was still trying to figure out what was wrong with the 12 sided dodecagon shape board she used to predict her patrons’ fortunes. She knew she was not very good at fortune telling; she would never be as good as her mother had been at it. But right now something was wrong and she could hardly understand it. Suddenly she saw a vision in the crystal placed at the centre. A vision of a strapping young man who was the devil. And a vision of a boy who would be used to serve the devil’s purposes.

Aiden’s nearby presence had triggered this reaction though he and the Oriental lady would never know that. The fortune teller was witnessing the most vivid vision of her life. It worried her and made her sick to the stomach to look at the consequences of the devil’s deed.


Aiden stole a glance at his watch as he reached the main entrance of his college. It was 6:26 PM. Will had said he would pick him up from the main gate. Aiden made his way towards the granite benched to settle down and wait.

Just then a black sleek car drove up and halted beside Aiden. Aiden raised his eye brows staring at the streamlined body of the car. Yup, it was a Lamborghini though Aiden had no idea which one. Who the hell was driving this beauty?

As if on cue, the door of the car disengaged from its position and rose up. Will sat in the driver’s seat in a tight red T shirt that showed off his perfect body. He was wearing glares that made him look super hot to Aiden.

“So you wanna get in or not?” asked Will. Aiden’s mouth was still agape.

Aiden finally composed himself. “You own this car?!”

“Yeah, I do, now just get your butt in here!”

Aiden stepped into the svelte vehicle and sat a little consciously into the leather seat. “Shit! Too much!” Aiden exclaimed, glancing all around at the design of the car. The dashboard, the seats, the glowing buttons. “I’ve never sat in anything like this before!”

Will took of his glares and winked at him. “Well now you have.”

Aiden was still staring wide-eyed at everything. “Ok, buckle up buddy, and we’ll head towards the Joe Black retirement home.” Will changed the gears of the car and zoomed off.

Aiden was still thinking about telling all his friends about the car and what their reactions would be. Shit! this guy was probably loaded! Where the hell did he get all this money from?

“So you thinking, how a person like me who runs a retirement home, gets to own a car like this? Are you charging me of embezzlement of social funds in your mind?”

Aiden looked back at Will with a deer caught in the headlights expression.

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A Voyeur , A Virgin

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Sarah was a single mother of one, an 18-year-old son named James. At only 36 herself, most people who did not know her assumed she and James were brother and sister. Pregnant at 18, Sarah’s world was forever changed when she got pregnant accidentally and her boyfriend, who was not the love of her life as she then thought, walked out on her leaving her to raise the child alone.

It was a sunny afternoon in the small town in which Sarah lived; the same town where she was born and raised. She had been out running errands and had just returned home. James was upstairs in his bedroom. James had headphones in and didn’t hear his mother as she came inside. Sarah called out to tell James she was home but, receiving no response, assumed he had gone out.

Sarah worried about James. He only had few close friends and as far as Sarah knew he had never had a girlfriend. She was almost sure he was still a virgin.

“Pity,” she thought to herself, “he isn’t a bad looking boy. I’m sure he could make a young woman… Very happy.”

Sarah proceeded upstairs to her bedroom. James’ bedroom door was closed. Not unusual. He was a private person and Sarah respected that. Sarah, thinking she was home alone, decided that a little relaxation was in order. She began to undress. Her long red hair fell down to her shoulders as she released it. She removed her shirt. Her creamy white breasts gently sagged as she released her bra clasps. Her nipples were pink and average size she thought. She was wearing a black skirt which she undid and promptly dropped to the floor. She wore a thong underneath, a sexy secret to only herself. She slipped out of her thong and felt her bare mound above her vagina. It felt so soft she was dying to explore further.

“Save it for the bathtub,” she thought and headed out of her room to the bathroom down the hall.

Thinking she was alone she felt no need to cover bedava bahis herself and walked completely naked through her house. On her way to the bathroom she passed her son’s room. She heard what sounded like soft moaning.

“James?” she said, “Hello?”

No reply. James still had headphones on and couldn’t hear her calls.

Sarah reached for the door and gently opened it. What she saw next made her stop dead in her tracks. Her son was vigorously masturbating. From her angle, James was facing away from her enough that he didn’t notice her but turned enough that she could see his erection in his hand. It was longer than she expected; about seven inches by her estimate, and thick. It glistened as James massaged it, fully engrossed in the video he watched of a woman getting pounded from behind by her extremely well-endowed male partner.

Sarah backed out of her son’s room slowly. She closed the door. James never noticed her. Sarah had no idea what to say or how to react. Her body, however, knew exactly. She felt a warm wetness between her legs and could see her nipples harden by what she just witnessed.

Sarah proceeded to her bath. She couldn’t stop thinking about James. She wasn’t mad. It was normal, of course. She had invaded his privacy. But what really troubled her was that she couldn’t get the image of her son’s cock out of her mind. She couldn’t resist. She spent her entire time in the bath furiously pleasuring herself. She started by rubbing her clit. Then she put a finger inside herself. Then two. Then three. She finally got her vibrator and began using that on herself. She had to have more. She wanted so badly to have her son’s cock inside of her.

By now James had finished what he was doing. Unaware his mother had returned from her errands he went to the bathroom to clean himself up. He walked naked through the hallway in much bedava bonus the same way his mother had done just a little while before. When he got to the bathroom he threw open the door.

James stood at the doorway, mouth wide open. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing was real. There in front of him was his own mother, naked on the edge of the tub, with a sex toy lodged completely inside of her, rubbing her clit with her other hand and moaning with her head thrown back.

“Mom! I’m… Uhh… Sorry. I was just…” James couldn’t get the words out. He was literally speechless.

Sarah was on the brink of her orgasm. She wasn’t thinking about anything but her son’s cock buried inside her. She didn’t cover herself or remove the dildo from inside her vagina.

“I saw you playing with that in your room,” she said motioning to her Son’s hanging cock which was quickly becoming erect again.

“You haven’t had a girlfriend yet, have you?” Sarah knew the answer but wanted to lead him into something. James shook his head.

“So you’ve never gotten to put that beautiful thing where it really should go? Inside a woman?” James shook his head again.

“What would you say to me giving you your first lesson?”

James couldn’t believe what was happening. He walked closer to his mother and was about to say something halfway coherent when Sarah grabbed his cock and began stroking it. James was at a loss for words again.

Sarah worked James’ cock until it was fully erect again. When it was restored to its full size and girth she took it in her mouth and began to taste her son’s cock. It tasted so good. A little salty with a musky masculine scent to it. James didn’t think he could hold out much longer.

“Mom… Oh God. That… Amazing. Oh God.”

Without warning Sarah abruptly stopped sucking. James looked disappointed.

“I deneme bonusu need you. Inside me. Right now.”

James didn’t need to be told twice. Sarah stood up and spun around. Bent over the bathtub she grabbed a ledge and decided to show him what his movies were like in real life.

“But mom… Couldn’t I get you pregnant this way?” James managed to blurt out.

“Hmmm I hadn’t thought of that until now,” Sarah replied, “but now that I am thinking about it I want you to come deep inside of me. I want your seed to fertilize me and make me round with your baby.”

James grabbed onto his mother’s hips and wasted no more time. With one thrust he penetrated her and went all the way in until Sarah felt his balls resting against her body. James thrust in and out of her. He had never had sex before but he imitated the videos he had seen. Back and forth he went with increased sounds of lubrication as their fluids mixed and created an intoxicating smell of their mutual arousal. James knew he couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Mom… I’m… I’m almost!”

“Do it! Fill me with your seed. Make my stomach round with your baby!”

With one final thrust James ejaculated into his mother. Sarah felt a feeling which she had not felt deep inside of her like that for a long time. She felt James’ seed moving inside her. It was warm and she had a feeling of complete fullness. James stood, panting, with his cock still inside Sarah as it slowly returned to normal.

“I know that was wrong. You’re my son and I shouldn’t have done that, Sarah said as James’ semen dripped from her still throbbing pussy, “but I enjoyed that more than anything and I’d be a fool to not let you have me whenever you want.”

James and Sarah continued to remain intimate. Even when James did get a girlfriend he still made frequent trips to his mother’s bedroom to satisfy her. Shortly after their first encounter, Sarah did become pregnant and her sex drive increased even further than before. James lived with Sarah from that point on. The two eventually moved out of their small town and into a city where they could live as lovers and enjoy their years together.

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Bitten Peach

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Jang had known it was coming. He just didn’t fully know what “it” was. His parents, no his whole village, had been honored when, as a particularly small and well-formed and fair-of-face child, he had been selected to train for the emperor’s Cut Sleeve troupe, a very special troupe of actors who only performed for a very select group at the Imperial Court in the Forbidden City. He had been taken from his parents at the age of twelve and had trained for many years in playing the female parts in the troupe’s highly refined and specialized dramas shown only in the Forbidden City and only at the pleasure and invitation of the Emperor.

He had now learned all there was to know of the dress and of the walk and of the positioning of hands—and of the facial expressions that went with each of the traditional symbols of the traditional stage scenarios. He learned to smile demurely and look away in embarrassment, he learned to slit his eyes and wet his lips with his tongue, and he learned to open his mouth wide and lift his eyes to the heaven—and even how to swoon in this, the wu, or fifth, movement of the basic play form he was being taught. He practiced the sounds the female characters made—the sigh, and the little giggle, and the long moan. And he learned to dress. The special kimono of heavy brocade, cinched with the tight, breath-taking obi. The two-sectioned white sock slippers and the wooden platform sandals that gave the Chinese imperial female her peculiar gait. He at first had thought it strange there were no foundation garments, but he was told that the brocade was so heavy that to wear too much during a performance would cause his white pancake makeup to run.

He was taught all of the expressions and movements and sounds he was to make in the female role in Cut Sleeve productions. But he only learned these in theory and in solitary practice with his tutors. He had never practiced with any of the other actors of the troupe—indeed he never had met any of them. He himself was not privileged to watch a Cut Sleeve performance. They were so special that they were meant for the eyes of only a few.

He had begged Hsiang, the troupe master, to declare him ready to perform—he had perfected everything.

“And have you perfected the knowledge that you represent your parents, your very ancestors, and your village in this role and that how you deport yourself, how well you stay within your role, no matter what, will determine either the reward or punishment of everyone you know down two generations?”

“Yes, yes, Shenshen,” Jang answered, using the revered words for master for the one man who controlled not only his destiny but that of his entire village and extended family.

“Then I will look for a time when you can perform your first play. You must perform that well, with no deviation from role, and you must fully satisfy your audience, or you will have failed. And you understand what failure means, don’t you?”

“Yes, Shenshen.” He knew this was a serious point, as Master Hsiang kept returning to it. Of course he would do well; he had trained for this female role in the imperial dramas for years. “And what play will I be performing, Shenshen? I must practice that one especially hard.”

“Always the first Cut Sleeve troupe play for the female role is ‘Bitten Peach.’ I presume you know that one well.”

“Yes, yes, of course,” Jang said. He knew the play, but it was one of the sadder ones. It was a play where two actors are playing opposite the female role on the platform outside a pavilion in the jade garden at night, while the breeze whispers through the maple trees surrounding the koi pond and singsong girls play on the lute and sing sad songs behind the diaphanous curtains of the pavilion. One man tells the female a sad story of a fallen family, shown in the images on a scroll he shows her while weaving his story. She is sitting very close to him and feels overheated by the warm night air and by the sadness of the images depicted as the chronology of the scroll unwinds. She moans her sadness and her faintness from the close air, and the two men console her.

It was a mournful tale, and the older, long-past retired female role actor who had taught the role to Jang had told it with emotion and trembling hands.

At last it was the day of the performance. Jang was primped and trimmed throughout the day—bathed thrice in highly scented baths, and all of his bodily hair except that on his head plucked away. He was told that nothing could impede the smooth rustling of the brocade on his body as he went through his highly stylized movements. Two hours before the performance he was given a potion in strong wine. This was to make him slightly faint to aid in the realism of playing out this highly important, crucially significant first performance. This too he had practiced for this play before, so it came as no surprise to him.

When he was bid to flutter out onto the stage, and to move toward the two men seated canlı bahis şirketleri behind a low tea table on large, raised pillows, the setting was just as Jang had imagined it would be—everything was just where it was supposed to be. The table and cushions were set out on a polished-wood platform beside a koi pond and under a full moon. A slight breeze was rustling through the maple trees. Soft light filtered out to encompass the area of the tea table from a curtained pavilion. The front section of the pavilion, toward the stage, was open to the platform. Five men, in magnificent silken kimonos, with many different-colored layers of undergarments, were artfully settled on cushions in a ring around the covered pavilion section, all facing the stage area. They each had a low table beside them on which various drinks and delicacies for the pallet were positioned, and they had cushion backs they could lean back on as they watched the play. Kneeling beside each was a young, handsome youth, none much older than Jang, who were dressed only in diaphanous billowy trousers held up with a golden waist chain. Silken panels of cloth, each of a different color, were tucked into the waist chain front and back to clothe their privates.

Somewhere in the curtained-off portion of the pavilion behind where the dignitaries were lounging were the singsong girls, playing their lutes and singing their sad songs in soft, whispery tones.

The two actors Jang minced toward, in studied, slow movements, on his precariously high wooden platform sandals, were quite different from one another. And, to Jang’s surprise they did not wear the white pancake makeup that had been carefully applied to his face in the forming of his countenance into the epitome of female beauty before the black stiff-haired wig was set on his head.

The one actor, who was holding the partially unrolled scroll out in front of him was fairly young and was robust looking. He was wearing a shiny black kimono of trim cut, and his arms were bare, showing heavily muscled biceps and forearms and the intricate lacing of black tattoos in the design of a spider web. He had the face of a seasoned warrior, and Jang would have guessed he was an acrobat and decided to think of him as such.

The other actor was elderly, with stark white hair and a long, wispy beard. He was heavier than the first man, but not exactly fat. But of the two, he was the one who commanded attention. His kimono was deep purple in color, which identified him to anyone in the land as imperial, not more than two removes from the sitting emperor. Jang gasped at being in the presence of someone like him. Could it possibly be that a member of the imperial family acted with the Cut Sleeve troupe? Perhaps that was why Jang had not been told of the other actors, he thought. Was he in the presence of something far greater than he had ever imagined? Even if he had not been wearing purple, Jang would have known this man was the most commanding figure anywhere in the vicinity. He was obviously a warrior of old, proven by a slashed cut on his face that went from ear to chin and that was only partially hidden by the wisps of his white beard. Indeed, Jang got the impression that the imperial elder didn’t want the cut to be hidden. The slash had caught the corner of an eye too, and that eye drooped a bit, certainly more than the other one.

But those eyes caught Jang’s attention. The old man was watching him intently as he minced across the platform, and a shiver ran down Jang’s spine. He didn’t know what the stare meant, but he felt like he was being eaten alive. And Jang continued to be confused that the imperial elder was there at all. This was the stage; this was a Cut Sleeve performance. Upon even the slight reflection he was permitted, Jang could not believe that this imperial elder was one of the actors. Why wasn’t the elder watching from the pavilion?

The younger, dark actor, the acrobat, motioned for Jang to sit on the cushion between him and the older actor, and, as if on cue, the music rose in volume from behind curtain at the back of the pavilion.

Looking back over at the elder actor, Jang noticed that there was yet another youth there, like the ones kneeling near the dignitaries in the pavilion. He had been hidden behind the billowing purple robes of the elder.

As woozy as Jang was from the potion he had been given, one that made him feel loose through his body, Jang fought hard to maintain his role. The acrobat was starting his melodious recitation of the story of the scroll that now was unrolling from one side and being rolled back up from the other side immediately in front of Jang’s eyes, and he immediately went into shock. The acrobat had an arm around Jang’s waist on the side from which the chronology of the scroll was appearing. This was all according to the play. Jang was playing the female role. He was supposed to be emotional and to begin to tremble and give little gasps.

That canlı kaçak iddaa Jang didn’t really have to act this out but had had it drilled into him so deeply that he was naturally living the role he was trained to didn’t prevent him being shocked by what he was being forced to see.

It wasn’t just the story of one family’s tragedies. It wasn’t a Chinese scroll at all. It was a scroll of a Japanese art Jang had only heard about in passing, behind twittering fingers, spoken in the dark of night and only between young friends who were taking risks and practicing coming of age far earlier than custom dictated. These were Shunga images, the pillow images of the Japanese underworld. And not just any Shunga images. These were images of men in exotic sex positions with each other.

Jang felt like he might swoon. Which was very interesting, because this was exactly where he was supposed to half swoon in the play script. He was also supposed to let out a little moan, which he did on cue.

And then on cue, the younger, dark actor set the scroll down on the table and lifted Jang onto his lap. He enfolded Jang inside his arms and picked up the scroll and began to roll through the increasingly suggestive images again. The images of the sexual positions were becoming more and more explicit. Less and less clothing was in view. The sexual act was progressing further, the takers in the images becoming bolder, more insistent.

Jang groaned and looked away from the scroll, just as he was trained to do at this point. And the acrobat encasing him lifted a hand, took hold of Jang’s chin, and forced his eyes back on the scroll. The scroll had reached a point where a smaller man, completely naked, was being held to the front of a larger, heavily muscled, fully tattooed man’s middle, as the larger man paraded around in a circle. Jang could see what was transpiring, as a half-buried phallus of the larger man could be seen up the hole of the younger one.

Jang gasped, just as he was supposed to at this point. His gasp was involuntary, though, because he suddenly could feel the strength of the other actor’s manhood beneath him through the one layer of brocade he worn. This wasn’t in the script, but the partial faint that followed it was. And, as in the script, Jang came around shortly with the strong scent of a reviving potion under his nose, being held by the acrobat. The actor’s other hand, however, had entered the folds of Jang’s kimono and found and encircled his member.

Jang gasped again and moaned and groaned, just as he had been taught to do at this point in the play. He was no longer being forced to look at the scroll, because the actor’s two hands were now engaged in other activities. The one was teasing Jang’s cock to erection and the other had slipped in above the obi and as pinching at one of Jang’s nipples. Jang was also being moved around in languid circles on the actor’s lap, and the actor’s member was much more evident and much more in play between the crease that separated Jang’s slim moons.

Jang looked around wildly for escape or help. Strangely enough this action fell right into play with the script of the “Bitten Peach,” and Jang was beginning to more fully understand what he had learned—and why.

The elder was still sitting there close to him, his eyes boring into Jang, drinking in each violation Jang was experiencing. But now there was a bobbing head in his lap. The young attendant who had once been behind him now had lowered his face and both of his hands into the imperial elder’s lap, the kimono spread just enough to give the attendant entrance. Jang could see the pink skin of a long phallus that was largely flaccid but that was showing some signs of hardening. The elder was breathing heavily, and he had a heavily ringed hand on the back of the young attendant’s head, but his eyes were still drinking in Jang, savoring every awakening of Jang’s senses and realization.

Jang looked wildly out to the audience of five for some sign of succor and reason, but each of the five now was already in some stage of being sucked by his personal attendant or in full-blown servicing, having easily pulled away the colorful loin cloths and gained quick entry to their attendant’s privates. The attendants were in various forms of compliance. The two attending the dignitaries in the middle had begun riding the cocks of their assigned master already, both barely started in taking in the poles they were riding, and were leaning in toward each other and kissing and running hands along hard, aroused flesh. Two others were still giving suck. The fifth was being ravished, almost as if against his will. He was crying out loudly, which could have something to do with his very small size and the very large cock that was pushing into him as he was half kneeling in the cushions and having his face pushed down by a large hand while his tormenter crouched behind him.

All but this fifth dignitary were still watching Jang, canlı kaçak bahis though, interested in following the first bite into that peach. And except for the one who had lost control, the impression was given that they were gauging themselves to the rise and release of the imperial elder.

About the time that Jang thought that the actor manhandling him was going to sweep the thin layers of brocade between them away and bite the peach himself, the attendant servicing the imperial elder lifted his head in triumph to reveal a long, strong cock rising out of the folds of his master’s kimono.

The attendant drew away as the actor holding Jang stood, bringing Jang with him, and took two steps toward the imperial elder and lowered Jang’s moons into his lap. The attendant held the root of the old man’s cock straight up and made sure his bulb aligned with Jang’s hole. Then the acrobat actor and the younger attendant each was holding one of Jang’s thighs out wide and had laced their other arms around Jang’s back and were pressing him down onto the imperial elder’s phallus with hands on his shoulders.

Jang was beyond the script now and wailing his pain and taking for all to hear. The music had stopped. All of the fucking stopped in the pavilion except for from the dignitary who had lost complete control of himself, and he was quickly swept out of the scene by two burly soldiers, probably never to be invited to a special Cut Sleeve performance again, possibly never even to be seen anywhere again.

For several minutes the attendant and the acrobat slowly pumped Jang up and down on the imperial elder’s member as it dug deeper inside the virginal territory. The imperial elder hummed and grunted in appreciation, and Jang, remembering at last that this was a performance being assessed against the every existence of his family and village, subsided into sobs interlaced as he was able with sighs and moans of enjoyment and admiration for the imperial elder to benefit from.

Jang had lost his wig when the acrobat had raised him off of the cushions, and now he was being stripped of his kimono as well. The imperial elder having gained purchase deep inside him, the attendant let loose of Jang and knelt in front of him and gave him suck until Jang jerked and released his seed. The other actor took possession of Jang’s lips. Both of these attendants were doing what they could to help Jang make the best impression he could on the old man. Proving that he hadn’t lost his strength, the elder was holding the diminutive Jang by the waist with two gnarled but strong hands and was now pulling the young actor up and down on his gloriously rejuvenated, if only for a short time, member.

With a cry of victory, the imperial elder came inside the virginal offering in two weak, but not-to-be-taken-for-granted flows. The four remaining dignitaries also gave a restrained cheer of approval and returned to their fucking. Now they were free to ejaculate as well. And now the attendants were groaning under the fully self-centered rutting of the aroused dignitaries.

The elder waved his hand and the young actor shed his black kimono, revealing his body to be that of the magnificent acrobat Jang had thought he might be. He was covered nearly shoulder to ankle in intricate black-ink tattoo lacing, and he had a magnificently thick and long—and fully engorged—cock.

As the elder’s attendant moved in close so that the elder could wrap an arm around his waist and undo his loin cloth and begin to suck the young man’s cock while pulling hopefully on his own now-diminished member, the acrobat picked a swooning Jang up, turned him to face the dignitaries crouched his knees slightly, and slammed the newly bitten peach down hard onto his cock. Jang flung his appendages out wide and cried to the full moon at the rough slide of the cock, much longer and thicker than the one that had taken the first bite, and he just flopped around like a rag doll, skewered solidly to the acrobat’s pelvis as the actor marched around the platform and jostled his newfound friend up and down on his virile member.

Jang recalled in horror that this was precisely the last image he had seen on the forbidden scroll. He was only reminded of this though, because in his last pass by the low table, the acrobat took up the scroll and tossed it to the dignitaries, all of whom were now finished with their first taking and ready for more entertainment from the platform.

The four dignitaries huddled over the scroll and sang out sexual taking positions they were interested in seeing, and the muscled acrobat, the real center and star of the Cut Sleeve troupe, showed that he could perform each position with the now completely limp and compliant Jang.

Later, much later, when Hsiang and the troupe’s attendants were sponging of Jang’s bruised body and the young man had come around to the smell of vinegar under his nose, he asked if he had satisfied and where his acting career went from here.

“Yes, you were very satisfactory,” Hsiang whispered in a lulling tone. “Your family and village will be richly rewarded. It is increasingly difficult to satisfy the emperor’s brother. He was well satisfied with what you drew out of him.”

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A Very Special Massage

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We arrived at the resort about eight in the evening. The flight had a two hour layover in Atlanta so actually we were late to check in. The three of us had planned the vacation months ago, but since our vacation times had to be arranged to coincide we were forced to cancel out twice before things worked out.

My name is Susan, Sue to most, and my two friends are Tammy and Tiffany. If age matters, we’re all about twenty and I think we’re all fairly good looking. Well to get on with it………. We were all sorority sisters in college and were here to visit another sister, Lisa.

Lisa had dropped out of college after her third year and was now a makeup artist for a small modeling agency. She had also opened a beauty salon at this resort and between the two jobs, was making out rather well. Anyway she had arranged for us to stay at the same resort where she had her shop and promised to show us around the island.

I should explain, although we’re straight, or maybe a little Bi, none of us ever really got serious about any one guy. We’d go so far and no further. I mean sure we’d give a little but as far as I know none of us ever let a guy screw us. If we really liked a guy, maybe we’d jerk him off or sometimes go down on him but that was about it.

So that is how we got our rep as being teases. As far as we went with each other, well that was a different story. We all roomed together so it was impossible to keep secrets from each other and we really made no effort to hide anything. I suppose it began when I found Tammy “tribbing” her pillow one afternoon. You know, fucking it and rubbing her pussy against it until she came.

At first she was embarrassed, but hell, I’d done the same thing ever since I could remember. Well things got more interesting after that. You know, a little petting and mutual masturbating, things like that. On special occasions, mostly when we were drunk we might do each other, but it never went any further. We were friends, never lovers.

Well back to today. We checked in and went to the bar in the lobby. A couple of drinks later, we had brought each other up to date on everything worth chatting about.

And as usual we did our scan of the prospects that were available. Mostly older guys who were either married or were losers. I was a bit disappointed. During the first three days we did the usual. Tours, sight seeing and all that, and by that point I was getting bored and was actually looking around for some guy to latch on to. Spending time around the pool was getting a bit much and we started going to the shore. That was a hell of a lot more interesting. At least the guys were younger.

Anyway, I began hanging out around Lisa’s salon and spending time between there and the pool. Lisa also was the masseuse at the spa and operated out of her salon, occasionally giving privates sessions in clients in their rooms. All strictly on the up and up she assured me.

When she asked if I had ever had a massage, I had to admit that I hadn’t so it began. I booked an appointment in her salon and the next morning I had my first body massage. To be perfectly honest, it made me so relaxed that I went to sleep. At first I was a bit uncomfortable with it. You know, getting nude with only a small towel to cover up, but after fifteen minutes of her hands working over my back I was addicted to it.

She was good and quite frankly Lisa was quite cute. She wore white short-shorts and a white blouse that didn’t hide too much. Add to that white sneakers and you have one very cute young lady. I figured that if anyone would know where to meet some interesting guys, she would.

So that afternoon things were slow and she joined me at the pool chatting. She tipped me off to two clubs in town that had some action on Friday nights so I got Tiffany and Tammy to go with me.

Sure the guys were hot but stupid. You know, Mr. Macho types who though they were god’s gift to girls. Real bummers.

By now Lisa was giving me massages almost every other day. My morning appointments became afternoon sessions and she did them in my room. And I had actually gotten quite close to her. Anyway, it was Saturday morning and again I was at the pool.

Lisa didn’t have too much to do so she took a break and sat next to me when I saw him. He took my breath away. Hell he took every girl in the areas breath away. God was he ever good looking. I stared.

“Have you ever seen him around here before, I asked.” She laughed.

“Glen? He’s my brother. He doesn’t work here but when things are slow he drops in and gets a little sun or if I’m over at the studio doing some makeup work, he takes over in the shop for me. Want to meet him?”

I checked myself out, straightened my hair and nodded Yes…. “Definitely, Yes.”

Have you ever met someone who took left you speechless? This guy had it all. Beautiful muscular body, a smile to die for, and a voice that sent chills down my spine.

For one of the few times in my life I didn’t have my wits canlı bahis şirketleri about me. He was congenial and I was a stupid stuttering blonde who couldn’t form a whole sentence without stumbling over her words.

He chatted with the two of us and thank god for Lisa, she carried on the conversation for me. When he excused himself and left I was breathless. And Lisa noticed it. I’d become so engrossed in him that I let my imagination take over, and at some point during our little chat, and my pale blue bikini bottom had a spreading darker spot form at it’s crotch. Although Lisa said nothing, I know she saw it.

Embarrassed, I said nothing but got up and quickly dove into the pool. At least now my whole suit was wet and a shade darker by the time I climbed out.

I wanted to ask so many questions about him and yet I didn’t want her to know how interested I had become in her brother.

She picked up on it and opened up to me. I would think of something I wanted to ask her about him, and she instinctively told me with out my even asking. Then came the shocker. She was his sister, but only his step sister.

And another confession….. She admitted that she had seduced him soon after her mother and step father had married. It wasn’t an on going thing, although he didn’t think it was appropriate, he continued to make love to her right up to the present.

I gushed over him as soon as Tammy and Tiffany joined me for drinks that evening and they practically demanded that I introduce him to them. Hell, I didn’t know if I’d ever see him again but I intended to get Lisa to do what she could to get us together some time.

Monday Lisa had an appointment at the studio doing some makeup work on the models for a photo shoot and when I went to the salon, I found Glen there. I sort of followed him around like a sick puppy dog and finally got up the nerve to begin a conversation.

It’s sort of different when you look at a guy and you know he’s fucking his sister. I mean it gives you some courage you normally wouldn’t have. So the conversation began safely enough as we discussed the business.

At one point I finally blurted out that Lisa had been giving me massages and how wonderfully relaxing I thought they were. Then on impulse, I asked: “when she’s not around, do you take over that part of the business for her?”

He smiled before answering… “Sure, I’m the one who taught her and sent her to school to learn all about it.”

I swallowed hard… My mind conjured up an imagined scenario in which he had his hands on my body and I began to weep just a bit down below. For some reason my nipples began to swell up and each time I moved my arms, my bra teased them until I thought I’d lose my breath.

A half hour later I had a date. Or at least a sort of rendezvous by the pool later that evening. He couldn’t close the salon until ten that evening but around ten thirty he came to the pool and we splashed around between visits to the tiki bar. By eleven thirty the place was closing down and I was getting fairly loopy and more daring.

I had brought a wrap but he had come to the pool with nothing on except those tight spandex trunks. Taking my hand he walked me to the lobby and started to say good night. I panicked.

“Where are your clothes,” I asked.

“In the shop. I came straight from there out to the pool. I usually change in there.”

I took his hand and we walked back to the Salon. He unlocked the door and I led him in.

“Don’t turn on the lights. Please? Would you consider giving me a complementary massage tonight? I mean if I asked really nice?”

I heard him chuckle before he squeezed my hand and led me to the back room.

The room was very dimly lit by the light in a display case in the other room. I turned to him and sliding my arms around his neck drew his lips to mine. He wasn’t the aggressor, I was. I stabbed my tongue between his warm lips and he began to respond.

Taking my arms from around his neck I reached back and unfastened my bra. Now my breasts were pressed against his bare chest and I began panting. Without even asking I unfastened my bottoms and let them drop to my feet before swiveling my hips forward, pressing my smooth pussy hard against his thigh.

Without a word being spoken, I crawled up on the massage table and lay on my tummy. He moved closer and he drizzled scented oil on my back and began. So help me god I was swaying between that point where reality and dreams meet. As his hands caressed my shoulders and neck I began to moan lowly.

When his warm hands moved lower to the hollow of my back I was beginning to squirm and roll my hips back and forth. He moved his hands and suddenly his palms were gently kneading the cheeks of my ass. I had expected it, wanted it, but still I let out a loud gasp.

He paused as if he’d done something wrong when I whispered, “more, do more just like that. I love it.”

My legs inched apart until my feet were almost hanging canlı kaçak iddaa off the sides of the table as he began to knead the backs and insides of my thighs. I wanted more. I wanted him to be more daring but I didn’t know how to tell him.

I suppose he knew. My body was beginning to tremble as he began to move lower. I really didn’t want him to go any further. He was moving down the backs of my legs and over my calves and I gasped. “Higher. Go back up. Don’t leave my buttocks I want more there.”

His hands quickly slid up the backs of my thighs and again rested on my ass. More warm oil and his fingers slid from the hollow of my back slowly down. His fingers moved between the cheeks of my ass and still lower. Up and down he massaged and his middle finger began to glance over my little tan portal. I was becoming frantic.

Between the teasing sensation of his index finger stroking my most private part and the occasional moments when he would gently let his finger drift between the weeping folds of my pussy I was ecstatic.

My pussy began to throb. Actually ache with the slow contractions and I continued to shiver. I finally couldn’t stand it any longer and rolled over onto my back.

He probably expected it but pretended not to. He reached for the oil again and began to drizzle it just under my throat.

“NO! Take off your trunks Glen. This isn’t fair. If I’m nude, the least you can do is join me. Please take them off.”

I think that caught him by surprise. He began to stutter something but gave it up. Reaching to his hips he shrugged out of his bathing suit and returned to the table.

Again reality became a misty shadow of sensations. At some point it was no longer a massage. He was making love to my body with his hands. He knew everything my body was telling him. He would cup my breasts and ever so gently knead them between his palms.

His fingers danced across my nipples, sometimes holding them between his thumb and forefinger as if rolling a grape then he might move on. Sometimes sliding the ball of his fingers along their taunt surface and at other times drawing his fingers around the aureoles that had given birth to a pattern of small bumps. He was playing with my body and I was going insane.

My breasts are sensitive. There seems to be some erotic connection between my nipples and my pussy. The more he taunted and played with them the harder they got and the more congested and swollen my cunt became.

When I felt his breath on my left breast I let out a gasp. I must have been holding my breath too but when his warm lips circled it and sucked I felt me pussy contract hard and start to weep.

He would suck first one nipple into his mouth, hold it there a second and lift his head until it slipped from between his lips. Again and again he did that until I was ready to scream.

When I couldn’t stand it any longer he took one nipple between his teeth, as his hand reached across and rolled the other between his fingers. His free hand slid slowly down across my tummy and rested, palm down on my throbbing vagina.

Like the tentacles of some seductive creature might, his fingers began to probe and move. Now just brushing my pussy, now parting my puffy labia, invading the soft slippery crevasse between.

I began thrashing. My need was him. I wanted to hold him. But bending his head over and suckling my breasts the way he was, I could only grab his buttocks.

Finally his lips left my nipple and followed his hand downward, kissing a pattern of warm tracks down until his mouth joined his hand.

When I felt his tongue dart out and stab at my clit I screamed. “Glen! Oh my god Glen. What are you doing to me? Oh damn don’t ever stop. I’m so close and I don’t want it to end.”

I was sure there was nothing more in life at that point. At last I could reach his cock and wrapping my hand around it I frantically tried to bring it to my mouth.

His fingers began to crawl within my pussy. One, two, three they slowly moved into my slippery opening and his mouth clamped over my clit.

He was masturbating my clit with his lips, sucking and relaxing and all the time his fingers were probing, curling, twisting and stroking in and out.

Rolling my shoulders to one side I trapped his cock in my mouth. Holding it there I fondled his balls and slowly moved my head back and forth, taking him in as deep as possible.

I didn’t feel it coming. I had been so close to orgasming for the past ten minutes that I should have expected it. Suddenly it felt as if I were being turned inside out. I screamed and thrust my hips up. His teeth brushed against my clit as I came in his mouth. And suddenly I found myself smearing my slippery wetness all over his face.

For a long moment I was lost in the most intense climax imaginable. Slowly it ebbed, but another always hung just out of reach. I wanted it again and for the moment it was elusive.

By now Glen was so hard and big that I was canlı kaçak bahis beginning to gag. I panted and begged. “Put it in! For god’s sake give it to me. Fuck me! I want it deep and fast! Oh god I want to cum again Glen. Fuck me baby!”

I rolled from my side onto my back again and as he knelt at the bottom of the table, I lifted my legs high and lay them on his shoulders. Perhaps I was too anxious or perhaps a little too demanding but I reached between my own legs and clutched at his rigid shaft.

The backs of his thighs were tight against the cheeks of my ass and it was a simple matter to slide the head of his cock up and down from my clit to my vagina. Finally he must have felt the soft opening slowly expand near the bottom of my slit and slowly edged his cock in.

It was a moment I will never forget. My first, and it was something I will never be able to describe.

I was already wet and rather sticky so there was only the sensation of being stretched open. But my god he seemed so big. I instinctively contracted but he continued to move deeper and deeper and I thought it would never end.

When I felt his cock nudge my cervix I let out a little gasp. I couldn’t let him stop. I went rigid and dug my chin into my chest, sobbing. “MORE. AGAIN. Don’t stop! Keep doing it! Keep fucking me!”

I don’t know too much what other girls do, but I know this. After the second or third thrust I seemed to open up. I no longer felt his cock pounding against the depths of my pussy. I felt his cock moving in and out and the heat as his balls.

His thighs continued to make that smacking sound against the underside of my uplifted legs. As his swaying balls continued to pat against the sensitive space between my cunt and my ass.

Gazing into his face, my eyes clouded with sensations and I had to reach up and clutch his biceps as I tried to pull him deeper inside me.

Tendrils of erotic thoughts streamed thru my mind and the feeling his strong thighs slapping against my butt and the methodical stroking of his cock moving in and out was moving me closer and closer to another orgasm.

He had reached around my thighs and was doing things to my nipples with his warm oily fingers. Where minutes earlier he had been dragging his teeth up along their sensitive surface, his fingers now were doing the same thing. And so help me god.. I turned into a mad woman. I had to be satisfied and he had me hanging on the edge.

I lost it. I lost any semblance of dignity or respectability. At that moment I was a whore. I needed him to satisfy me, and for some strange reason, I needed him to lose his control along with me. I wanted desperately to hear him call out my name and tell me he was going to cum with me.

Several times I think I came. Oh not the big one, but a staccato of mini climaxes that made my face flush and took my breath away. Then…. Almost as if he were within my mind I heard his voice.

“Sue? Sue, I’m gonna cum. I can’t stop it! I’m cumming!”

If there’s a trigger that was it. As soon as I heard his voice I felt my pussy contract hard and I was going over the top. And as his breath quickened and he tried to draw out I clutched his upper arms more desperately and held him.

“Give it to me! Fuck me Glen. Shoot for me. Mix it with me. I’m cumming too. Oh god don’t let it stop. Keep going. I’m with you, I need it bad baby. I need to feel your cock moving inside me. NOW! Gimmee it now!”

His body shuddered with each pulsating jet and I felt my ass lift up high. I was supported by my legs on his shoulders and my own shoulders on the padding. My back was arched and I was gurgling some incoherent sounds from deep in my throat.

It was amazing and I made him stay inside me for a while after we had both finished. Panting like fools I just stared at him and gasped. “Holy shit, that was wonderful. I never had anything like that happen before.”

When he smiled and began to draw out, I had another crazy urge. I wanted to put my lips around his cock and taste us. I mean I really wanted to taste our sex. It was a compulsion that I had thought about and suppressed until now. So sliding off the table I squatted at his feet and took his shaft in my mouth and drained him.

I never told Tammy or Tiffany about that night, and was determined to have other nights with Glen but then there was Lisa. I couldn’t stand the thought of him fucking her. I even thought about threatening to tell about their little arrangement, but the next day I abandoned that idea.

I went to the salon to have a chat with Lisa but as soon as I walked in the door Lisa came over and put her arms around me and we actually kissed on the lips. Backing away she smiled at me and gushed.

“You and Glen did it didn’t you? Oh he didn’t say anything but I know him so well. I’m so glad for you. He was fantastic wasn’t he? And the way he was all giddy and floaty this morning I knew it. He likes you Susan. I’ve never seen him like this.

I couldn’t even bring myself to nod a yes to her. She knew though.

“Look, I’ll butt out but if the two of you become an item, could you sometimes let me and my brother sort of spend some time together? It’s going to be hard to give everything up but I’ll do my best.”

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A Very Horny Birthday

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I’m a single father raising two teenage kids: Sara, who is 19, and Mike, 18. My wife Julie decided after three years of marriage that she wasn’t the family type and left us. It’s been just the three of us since.

For Mike’s 18th birthday I decided to rent a skin flick, buy a six pack of beer, and just have a “guy’s night” with him. Mike has always been a little introverted, always studying to get good grades, and shy toward the girls. I figured our celebration might loosen him up a bit and let him have some fun.

We were about ten minutes into the flick and had just finished our first brew when Sara walked into the room. Immediately I became uncomfortable because I didn’t know what she would think about what we were watching. She was the type who would consider a porno movie chauvinistic or immature. To my surprise, she just asked if she could watch too. I said sure and she plopped down on the couch next to Mike.

During the slow parts of the movie I glanced over at the two of them to see their reactions. Mike was riveted to the TV; I was sure he was a virgin and that this was the first time he had witnessed sexual acts. He studied every scene intently. Sara seemed nonchalant. Unlike Mike, I knew Sara had been sexually active because she had asked me to buy birth control pills for her since she was sixteen.

As the movie neared the end, Sara began to shift her legs around during each of the hot scenes. She had shared a beer with us and I figured the movie was starting to get her aroused. Mike’s face was still glued to the TV. It had an effect on him too: the lump on the inside of his left leg was growing quite long. Sara became increasingly fidgety and finally placed her hand on Mike’s leg. This startled him out of his gaze for a moment, as if he realized for the first time that his sister was sitting next to him. He immediately turned his attention back to the TV, not wanting to miss a moment of the action.

Undaunted, Sara slid her hand up Mike’s leg and firmly gripped the lump in his pants. He jolted to an upright position and looked at her with the most shocked expression I had ever seen. She just looked back at him, with a half “I need you” look and half sly smile, as if she was thinking “you have no idea what you’re about to experience.”

Mike looked at me puzzled, not saying anything. He was expecting me to do something to stop his sister. I just shrugged and gave him a “whatever” look. Surprisingly, Sara was acting as if I wasn’t even in the room. I was sitting in my recliner, separated from the two of them on the couch. I guess that gave her enough space to make her feel like they were alone, yet I was close enough to clearly see everything that went on.

Mike looked back into Sara’s face. Without removing her gaze from him, she took his right hand and placed it firmly on one of her tits. He recognized his cue and squeezed it gently, trying to gauge its size and firmness through her bra. As Mike continued to fondle his sister’s tit, she continued to stroke his throbbing rod.

“Stand up in front of me,” Sara said, as she grasped his upper arm, trying to help him up.

Her words jolted me out of what seemed like a dream. I suddenly realized I was watching my daughter come onto my son. Mixed emotions flooded in: this isn’t right. But the movie, beer, and the teens’ actions so far made me a little horny, and I wanted to see more. I decided to sit back and see what would happen.

Mike was standing and Sara had positioned him directly in front of her. Sitting on the edge of the couch, she unfastened his pants, slid her fingers under the waistband güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of his shorts, and pulled his pants and shorts down with a single jerk. Mike’s cock sprang out to meet her, pointing directly at her face. It was white and smooth, not having experienced the joys of sex. His balls were clearly swollen, probably from watching the movie and experiencing Sara’s strokes.

The movie ended. The TV was nothing but snow and hiss now. I didn’t want to shut it off for fear that my actions would break the chain of events. Sara caressed the inside of Mike’s thighs, being careful not to touch his cock or balls. She was teasing him, making his passions rise. While doing this, she stared at the youthful rod in front of her face, admiring its length and thickness. Finally, she let her hand slide up to his balls and cupped them in her hand. Mike let out a moan. His cock jerked up in a spasm. Sara could tell her brother wasn’t far from shooting his load so she wasted no more time. Grasping his cock firmly in her hand, she gave it a few strokes and then slipped it into her mouth. Mike let out another moan. My own member started to throb as I imagined what Mike must be feeling as his cock slides into a warm, wet mouth for the first time.

Sara worked Mike’s cock like an expert. She licked it up and down, then rammed it into her mouth a few times. She looked up at him with a smile on her face as her tongue flicked over the sensitive underside of his rod. When I saw his swollen balls suck up into his crotch I knew he was nearing orgasm. Mike started to look anxious. His voice cracked and wavered as he said, “I… I… think you should stop now!” Sara ignored his plea as her head continued to bob up and down on his rod.

“Aaaahhhh,” Mike yelled, as he unloaded his cum into his sister’s throat. Sara kept the throbbing member in her mouth as it continued to spurt form its steaming stream.

Mike’s cock quickly shrank and slipped out of Sara’s mouth. She gave it a kiss, then Mike collapsed on the couch, his legs and arms sprawled out.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, as his shriveling member oozed out the last few drops of cum. Sara giggled, then stood up.

“It’s my turn now,” she said as she began to unbutton her blouse. She quickly removed her blouse and jeans, leaving only her bra and panties on. She stood still for a moment, giving Mike time to survey her body. I realized that I was seeing it for the first time since she was very small. Sara had been athletic in school and she was a cheerleader. Her body was toned and smooth. She was at that perfect stage when her body was taking on the sexy curves of an adult woman, yet still maintained a youthful firmness and glow.

As she stood in front of Mike she placed her hands on her hips, then crossed her arms as she slid her hands across her belly. Her hands slid up her sides, arms still crossed, until they reached her shoulders. This made her tits squeeze together and it produced the most amazing mounds bulging out of her bra. She uncrossed her arms as she slid her hands up her neck, over her ears, and through her hair. She stretched out her arms over her head, clasping her hands together. Then she stood on her tip toes, leaned slightly forward and arched her back. It was a wonderful sight: her young body was stretched out, her wide legs were long and slender, her ass was hiked up and out proudly, her belly was sucked in, her tits were pushed forward, and her head was tilted back.

Mike just stared, his mouth hanging open. My cock began throbbing again. Sara held that pose for a moment, then stood güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri flat on her feet. She let her bra straps down, then held the cups over her tits as she slipped her arms out of the straps. After a short pause, she slowly peeled the bra cups down, revealing her ample tits. They were pointed, full, and sticking straight out. The little white triangles from her bathing suit and her bright pink nipples stood out like neon signs against her well tanned body. Her nipples were little pink mounds on the ends of her tits, like cherry halves on scoops of ice cream.

After removing her bra, Sara began rubbing her crotch. She pressed her panties into her slit and pulled them up slightly so that the shape of her pussy was clearly visible. Turning around so that her back was facing Mike, Sara leaned forward slightly, put her hands on her hips, then slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. She slowly pulled them down, revealing the finest heart-shaped ass I had ever seen. When her panties fell to the ground, I noticed they were wet.

Mike’s flaccid cock began to stir. My heart was racing. Sara spun around, leaned over Mike, and steadied herself by holding onto the back of the couch. This move placed one of her tits right in her brother’s face. Mike wasted no time taking her luscious tit into his mouth and sucking on it with abandon. He massaged her other tit vigorously. Still standing, Sara spread her legs wide, making her legs look like an upside down V. At this point, I had the most awesome view of her pussy. It was shaved around her slit, revealing a smooth, light colored mound. Her lips peeked out of her slit, pink and moist.

Sara took Mike’s hand that was massaging her tit and guided it down to her snatch. He groped around awkwardly, unsure of what to do. Sara took one of his fingers and parted her pussy lips with it. Then she guided it up to her clit and rubbed it for a while. Her hips swayed back and forth while she did this, giving me a wonderful show. She let go of Mike’s hand, letting him continue as she closed her eyes. My cock was aching as I watched Mike’s finger spreading her slit, exposing her opening to me. I wanted to plant my long hard cock deep in that sweet young pussy, and it took all the self control I could muster to remain in my chair.

By this time, Mike had a full erection again. Sara kneeled down in front of the couch and took his throbbing rod into her mouth. After getting it nice and wet, she stood up, turned around, and lowered herself onto her brother’s cock.

“Let’s see what you learned from that movie,” Sara said as she began sliding up and down on Mike’s shaft. Her tits jiggled playfully as she bounced up and down. Mike’s hands were on her hips, then he slid them up her sides until they covered her tits. He held onto them like handles. In the meantime, I was watching Sara’s snatch; it was hypnotic to see her soft pink lips glide up and down on Mike’s virgin white rod. Soon his cock was glistening from Sara’s orgasms; seeing it really turned me on. My cock was throbbing and straining to get out of my pants. I felt sure I was going to explode at any minute.

For the first time since this episode began, Sara looked over at me. Seeing the big bulge in my pants and the pained expression on my face, she motioned for me to stand next to her. I sprang from my chair and moved across the room. As I approached her, she reached out and stroked my bulge. Unlike Mike, I didn’t need to wait for anyone to undress me; I quickly dropped my pants, liberating my swollen, pulsing rod. Sara’s eyes widened. My cock güvenilir bahis şirketleri is much larger than Mike’s, and my balls were enlargened from watching all the action.

Mike looked at me briefly and gave me a strange expression. I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. It didn’t matter though, because he quickly returned to watching his sister’s ass bounce up and down in front of him.

Sara stroked my cock as she continued to fuck her brother. I was about to shoot my load all over her when she suddenly stopped. Panting from the workout, she let go of my cock and leaned forward. She raised herself up until Mike’s cock was about to slip out, then she began to slide up and down in small movements, not taking the whole thing in. I figured out what she was doing: she was letting Mike see his rod slide in and out of her pussy. Mike was taking it all in. As I watched, I realized that my daughter was a great fuck – no wonder she needed the pill.

Sara stood up and got down on the floor. She was on her hands and knees with her ass facing us. After arching her back so that her ass pointed up in the air, she spread her pussy lips wide open, exposing her gaping hole. My disappointed cock jerked at the sight.

“Come and get it!” Sara said to Mike. He walked toward her, his young hard cock swaying. Kneeling behind her, he took his rod in his hand and guided it into her soft, warm and wet hole. I was ready to cum again. How I wished that was my cock sliding in there!

Mike started pumping with long slow strokes at first, but it wasn’t long before he picked up the pace. Sara looked around at me and motioned for me to stand in front of her. As I stood in front of her she looked up at me and patted the floor directly below her.

“Lay down here,” she said. I sat down in front of her, letting my legs slip between her arms so that they were directly under her body. I leaned back, propping myself up on my elbows. My cock was directly below Sara’s face. As she began to suck on my swollen member I watched Mike fuck her from behind. His eyes were closed and he had an intense look on his face – I could tell he was really enjoying the ride. Sara pulled my cock out of her mouth.

“Fuck me harder!” she screamed at Mike. Mike picked up the pace some more. I slid over to my left a little so I could see more of Sara’s body. She continued to work on my cock.

“Ram me! Ram your cock in me!” Sara screamed again. Mike slammed into her with everything he had. Her ass rippled from the impacts and her tits were swaying wildly.

It was more than I could take – the recent years without sex, the porn movie, teens fucking… My balls were about to unleash the biggest load they’d ever had. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I sat up and grabbed Sara’s head as I felt teh warmth welling up inside me.

“Aaahhh,” I moaned as my cock exploded inside her mouth. Sara gave out a strained “Mmmmph” as she tried to contain the buckets of cum I was shooting down her throat. I watched my cock pulsate as it continued to deliver its long overdue load into my daughter’s waiting mouth. I laid back and closed my eyes, savoring the peacefulness of my release. I thought about what had just happened. Did Sara really understand my need? Where did she learn all this?

I heard Mike let out a yell as he delivered his final strokes. His pace slowed rapidly until he finally stopped and collapsed on Sara’s back. I thought about his hot cum spurting deep inside her sweet young pussy. What a lucky guy. I was satisfied though. Sara looked up at me and gave me a sly smile.

“Happy birthday, brother,”she said as she continued to look at me.

In the months that followed out little episode, nothing was said about it. It was like we had an unspoken understanding that it was a one time thing. Our lives have continued pretty much the same as before, except for one thing… Mike isn’t as introverted now.

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Campfire Kisses

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“It’s beautiful out here.” Sara said as she stood at the edge of the path staring down the beautiful mountainside. It had just rained so the normal dry golden hue was replaced with a field of bright green vegetation as far as the eye could see. Up above the sky was flawless blue with only a single lazy white cloud hovering aimlessly over head.

“Yes it is.” Rachel replied as she stepped up beside her. “I’m so glad we came out here today. I just don’t get nearly enough spare time, but with the holidays. . .” She smiled pushing her reddish brown hair away from her soft brown eyes. She was a beautiful mixture of black and Indian that gave her the best features of all races. Rachel’s eyes were beautiful a beautiful almond shape with sooty lashes that always looked made up. Her high cheek bones gave her the smile of a model and she was constantly smiling about one thing or another. She’d been gifted with a curvy body, full heavy breasts that always seemed to strain against whatever she wore and wide hips that swished with her every step.

“With the holidays coming up I get you all to myself.” Sara looked up at her friend and smiled before adjusting her khaki’s on her slender frame. Unlike her tall friend Sara wasn’t very curvy. She barely filled out the khaki shorts she’d chosen and her budding breasts were so firm they never needed a bra. Today her dirty blonde hair was pulled back into a hasty bun on the back of her head but normally she chose to wear it down around her shoulders. “We’re almost to the spot; we’ll set up camp there.” She replied pulling her backpack a little higher on her shoulders and then tugging on her plain white tee shirt.

A satisfied sigh escaped the taller woman as she stepped away from the cliff face and started back up the mountain path. She’d chosen to wear a pair of her old cammie trousers and an olive green undershirt for the hike. “I wish I had more time to do this sort of thing. I’m always so busy doing one thing or another at my job that I never get to do this.”

There was a slight pause as Rachel turned toward Sara and smiled. Sara started to speak but as soon as her lips parted Rachel responded by leaning towards her and pressing her lips to Sara’s. The two lovers gently embraced, Rachel’s arms gradually encompassing the smaller woman and pressing against her. “I love you.” She whispered breaking away from the kiss, just holding Sara close for a moment and staring güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri at the sky.

The response was physical, rather than verbal as Sara leaned up starting a second kiss. This time she slipped her tongue past her lips and into Rachel’s mouth letting her tongue slip into the other woman’s mouth. Sara brought her hands up gently caressing Rachel’s face as the kiss continued leaning closer for a moment before breaking the kiss. “Plenty of time for this later.” She whispered before stealing on last quick peck and backing away.

“Tease.” Rachel whispered before turning and following her up the hill.

It too the girls most of the day to get to the camp site but it was well worth the time they’d spent on the hike. It was just a few feet from a shallow stream and completely surrounded by tall trees. Rachel was former military and Sara had plenty of experience in the Girl Scouts so between the two of them it only took a few minutes to get the tent up and water boiling over a small campfire.

“You know I really love the outdoors.” Rachel mused as she lay back on her sleeping bag. She’d only agreed to set the tent up as a precaution for rain, if she had any choice in the matter she’d sleep out here under the stars which were out in full effect. A breathtaking sea of stars completely coated the sky, too many for anybody to count.

“Yeah me to.” Sara replied taking a stick and lazily poking at the flames then opening bag and pouring the contents into the bag. Sara had taken her khaki’s off as soon as she’d gotten her sleeping bag set up. She was still dressed in her white shirt but now she had a pair of plain white panties on as well. The way she was sitting with her legs crossed the fire dancing over her displayed slender thighs. “C’mere.” Sara cooed beckoning her lover over.

“What if somebody sees?” Rachel replied sheepishly pulling her sleeping back up around herself. There really wasn’t any need though; the only clothing she’d taken off was her boots which were sitting next to the fire.

“There is nobody out here.” Sara replied with a wicked grin as she pulled her shirt up and over her head tossing it aside. Beneath she was wearing a plain white bra; she smiled shaking her chest at Rachel. “Trust me; we’re completely alone out here.” She whispered reaching back and unhooking her bra to reveal her creamy white breasts.

One last nervous güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri look around convinced Rachel that the two were indeed alone. The dark skinned beauty crawled from one sleeping bag to the next finally pressing her lips to Sara’s. As always her lover responded instantly wrapping her arms around Rachel gently tugging at her shirt. There wasn’t much resistance from the larger woman as her olive drab shirt was pulled off and tossed next to her boots. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.” Rachel whispered softly, letting her tongue slip between her lips exploring Sara’s throat.

Meanwhile Sara tried to unfasten Rachel’s black bra. Normally it wouldn’t have been complicated at all but in the dancing shadows and her excitement she couldn’t work the clasp. “Rachel.” She gasped gently biting down on her shoulder and slipping her fingers beneath the bra strap. Instead of releasing the clasp she just pulled at the bra until Rachel’s D-cup breasts were released into the warm night air.

“Ooooh.” Rachel gasped as the warm air caressed her flesh. She could feel the blood rushing through her body hardening her nipples. The gasp melted into a moan as Sara’s lips abandoned Rachel’s shoulder and traveled down her chest. Sara didn’t go straight for the nipple, instead she slowly worked her way over the succulent flesh, licking and kissing over Rachel’s breasts. Her lips were so close that Rachel could feel her breath wash over her nipple but she kept her lips a few inches away.

“You like that?” Sara asked slowly trailing her tongue slowly over Rachel’s stomach, circling her naval then lightly dipping into it. A slight moan was enough of an answer for Sara, as she dipped her tongue into Rachel her fingers were busy unfastening the cammie trousers. The first button came undone with ease but cammie’s have a button fly that Sara had to claw and rip at before she could get them open. Beneath she was wearing a pair of yellow panties with green ducks walking all over them, normally Sara would have joked about a grown woman in Underoos, instead she just dipped her fingers into the elastic band and pulled them down and off. Rachel kept herself clean shaven other than a single stripe of trimmed hair right above her slight.

Her lips moved to Rachel’s ankle, kissing slowly over the soft flesh there and moving up over the well toned calves. Days of hiking and years of military güvenilir bahis şirketleri had sculpted Rachel’s legs perfectly for Sara’s tongue to explore. Her tongue moved behind the backs of her knees and between Rachel’s thighs teasingly close to her womanhood. Rachel’s legs parted in response, one lifted up over her lover’s shoulder, the other pushed out to one side. Sara let her tongue dance slowly closer, over her inner thighs and down closer to her lips. Each time her soft lips got closer Rachel moaned and squirmed trying to get hips in the right position. Sara’s tongue danced away though each time though, never quite letting Rachel get the pleasure she ached for.

“Don’t tease me.” Rachel gasped, her chest heaving with every deep breath she took. Her face was already starting to glow with perspiration as her stomach clenched up. Rachel arched her back pressing her juicy slit to Sara’s teasing lips. A final desperate moan was enough to make Sara relent, the tip of her tongue tracing Rachel’s moist pussy before parting her lips scooping her clit with her tongue.

Sara’s tongue moved expertly over Rachel’s clit, thrusting, twisting and spinning over her clit. She ignored Rachel’s legs slowly wrapping around her head squeezing each time Sara’s tongue grazed her just right. Rachel’s hands slowly slipped down over her body caressing her breasts and over her smooth stomach down to tangle in Sara’s dirty blonde hair. She tangled her fingers in Sara’s hair pulling her closer to her. Sara responded by holding her tongue firmly and thrusting it into Rachel wriggling it around inside her.

Rachel’s legs clenched as she felt the electricity down to the very tips of her curled toes. Her pussy clenched down around Sara’s tongue trying to pull her farther inside her. Rachel’s beautiful brown eyes were clenched shut like her teeth so the only sound escaping her lips was a suppressed moan. Finally her body collapsed down onto the sleeping bag and Sara’s hair slipped from her grasp. “Oh my god.” Rachel smiled looking down at Sara’s smiling face.

The blonde gave one last parting lick before moving up into her lover’s arms and kissing her cheek gently. “You’re yummy.”

“Don’t say that!” Rachel said slapping Sara’s arm playfully.

“Why not you are.” She answered playfully slapping her back.

“Is the food done?” Rachel asked putting her hands behind her head. The sound a twig snapping caught her attention before Sara could respond though. “You hear that?”

“Hear what?” Sara responded leaning up over the pot and dipping a spoon into it slowly stirring the soup.

“It was probably nothing.” Rachel replied gazing up at the stars. “We should do this more often.”

“We should.”

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karimi siktirdim 2

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karimi siktirdim 2

slm arkadaşlar bu ikinci anım olacak.bir gun yine telden bulduğumuz bir arkadaşı karım eve davet etmişti adam bize uzak bir ilden gelecekti 5 6 saatlik yoldu.eşim yine hazırlandı ama bu sefer daha seksi idi siyah mini etek bodykırmızı altında da kırmızı tanga ve sütyen vardı ama adam cok gecikti yolda tekeri patlamış

gece saat ik**e geldi.ben almaya cıktım ve eve geldik eşime kocaman bir çiçek getirmişti ben adamı görünce eşimin beğenmiyeceğini anladım adam yaşça biraz buyuk ve biraz kellik vardı eşim saklanmıştı evde oyun oynamak istiyordu. adam onu bulamadı sonra eşim kendi çıktı adam eşimi görünce cok şaşırdı çünkü eşim çok güzel ve çok seksi idi. neyse biraz sohbet falan derken ortam ısınmaya başlamıştı.

dans etmeye falan kalktılar adam eşimi öpüyor kalçalrını okşuyordu ama eşim isteksizdi daha sonra eşimi koltuğa yatırdı üstüne abandı eşim kalk üstümden falan diyordu ama adam tınmıyordu bacaklarının arasına girdi ve abandı karım sikini hissediyorum kalk falan diyordu ama bir yandanda tahrik olmaya başlamıştı inliyordu adambir süre daha üstünde baskı yapıp boynunu emip yere oturuyor karım hala koltukta adam

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üzrinde oturup kalkıyor bir ara kalktı bir baktım prtezervatif karımın amında kalmış ve çeşmede akar gibi amından döl akıyor ama adamın siki yinede dimdik o zaman kadar adam hiç çıkarmadan 3 kere boşalmış temizleniyorlar ve devam ben uyumuşum bir ara karımın inlemesiyle uyandım karımı domaltmıştı bir ara uyandım karımın

üstünde başka bir sefere karım onun üstünde sabaha kadar sikti karımı sabah olunca baktım uyuyorlar adamı kaldırdım banyo teklif ettim ve artık gitmesi gerektiğini söyledim o yolda hamam gideceğini söyleyince ben bayoya girdim. çıktım ne göreyim eşimi yan yatırmış gene sikiyor anladımki banyoyla gecireceği zamanı eşimi sikerek geçirmek istiyormuş adamda da ne yarak var bütüün gece sikti inmedi

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Boynuzlu Sevgili

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Boynuzlu Sevgili
Burak’la beş yıla yakın süren beraberliğimizi birbirimize sadık kalarak geçirdik. Öyle ki etrafımızda bizi tanıyan arkadaşların “örnek gay çift” olarak gösterdiği bir ikiliydik. Fakat geçen o beş yıl Burak’ın ve benim bir çift olarak gerçekleştirilebileceğimiz tüm fantezilerimizi gerçekleştirmemize yetmişti, artık yatağa girdiğimizde aklımıza boşalıp rahatlamaktan başka bir şey gelmiyordu. Yatakta sürekli aynı şeyleri yapar hale gelmiştik: Önce Burak’la biraz altmış dokuz yaptıktan sonra Burak beni sırt üstü yatırıp arkama geçiyor, ta ki boşalana kadar sikiyordu beni. Burak epeyce de geç boşalan bir adamdı ama zaman içinde bu süre sanki giderek daha da uzamıştı. Ben de bir an evvel boşalıp rahata kavuşmak için yüzükoyun yatıp onun içime boşalmasını bekliyordum can sıkıcı bir şekilde. Bazen iç çektiğimi duyup “Bırakalım istersen”, diyordu. Sonra da dayanamayıp ikimizi birden elle boşaltmam için beni sıkıştırıyordu. İkimiz de bir defa boşalınca birbirimize sırtımızı dönüp uyuyorduk. Bir zamanlar yapabildiğimiz şeylerin yanında bunlar seks bile sayılmazdı.

Gürkan diye yakın bir gay dostuma durumumuzu anlattım. “Eren, sanki sizin ilişkinin son kullanma tarihi geçmiş”, dedi, “Bu durumda sizin bir an önce yatak hayatınızı renklendirmeniz gerekiyor, bebeğim bu ilişkinin birkaç aylık bir ömrü kalmış ne yazık ki”. Burak’ı seviyordum, yani gerçekten de herşeyiyle seviyordum. Sadece seks üzerine kurulu bir ilişkimiz yoktu, aynı zamanda çok iyi arkadaştık da. İlişkimizin ilk aylarında ikimiz de bir ilişkiye başladığımızın farkında bile değildik. Başkalarıyla da seks yapıyordum ama Burak’la aldığım hazzı yaşayamıyordum kimseyle. Çünkü sadece seks yapmıyorduk, ikimizin de hoşuna giden birçok şeyi yapıyor, dertleşiyor, birlikte gezip tozup eğlenebiliyorduk. Zamanla mıknatıs gibi birbirimize çekildik ve hayatımızdaki gereksiz insanlara da yol verdik. Burak bana, ben Burak’a yetiyordum. Cinsel olarak da böyleydi. Gerçekten de cinsel anlamda hoşuma giden ne varsa Burak’ta vardı. Onun da aynı şekilde olduğuna emindim. Ama işte zamanla o tutkuyu yitirdik, bizi bir arada tutan belki de birbirimize olan saygımızdı artık. “Ne yapayım Gürkan, tanga filan mı giyeyim, crossdresser mı olayım bu yaştan sonra?…”, diye dalga geçtim arkadaşımın söyledikleriyle. “Senin hamurunda yok öyle şeyler, olsa belki derdim”, dedi Gürkan, “Ama belki bunu senin için yapabilecek birini aranıza alabilirsiniz”. “Hayatım, bir kere Burak kadın sevmiyor, sevse benim gibi sakallı bıyıklı adamla ne işi var?”, dedim gülerek. “Adamlık sakalla bıyıkla mı oluyormuş, aaa enteresan!”, diye laf soktu Gürkan da bunun üzerine.

Açıkçası Burak’la hiçbir zaman kıskançlıklar, kaprisler, gereksiz tripler yaşamamıştık. Mesela o hoşlandığı biri olduğunda bana gösterir ya da söylerdi, ben de aynı durumda ondan gizlemezdim. Beraber yapardık kritiğimizi. Fakat üçüncü bir kişiyi alıp da beraber yaşadığımız eve, yatağımıza seks yapmaya getirmeyi hiç düşünmedik. “Seven sevdiğini paylaşmaz” mantığı vardır ya, bu konuda o kadar at gözlüğüyle bakmıyordum. Yani sevdiğim insanı mutlu görmeyi isterdim, ayrıca cinselliğin neden bu kadar abartıldığını ve insanların neden birbirlerine böyle “sahip olunacak” birer eşyaymış gibi davrandığını da anlayamamışımdır. Eve döndüğümde yemekten sonra internette takılan sevgilime Gürkan’ın ortaya attığı fikri nasıl açarım diye düşünüyordum ki aklıma bir fikir geldi. Beraber grup seks pornosu izlemeyi teklif ettim. “Canım istemiyor Eren”, dedi Burak hemen. “Porno izlemeyi mi? Grup seksi mi istemiyor?”, diye sordum. Yüzüme sırıtarak bakarak, “İkisi de aynı şey değil mi?”, dedi. “Cıks, değil”, dedim, “Grup seks yaptın mı sen hiç hayatında?”

Burak ilişkimiz başlamadan seneler önce bir arkadaşıyla beraber küçük bir grup olayına girmişlerdi. Ortaya aldıkları bir pasifi “evire çevire” yaptıklarını filan anlattı böyle neşeyle. “Aaa bak sen”, dedim, “Sende de ne cevherler varmış. Hiç arada aklına geliyor mu bu şeyler yapmak?”, diye sordum sonra da. “Nasıl yani? Seninle mi?”, dedi Burak tek kaşını kaldırarak. “Yok ebenle”, dedim sırıtarak, “Aşkitom, belki de denememizin tam zamanıdır. Hem bu daha önce yapmadığımız bir şey”. Burak ciddi olup olmadığıma emin olamıyor gibi gözlerini kıstı. “Nereden çıkıyor bu fikirler birden?”, dedi. “Nereden çıktığı değil, neden çıktığı önemli bebitom. Halimize bak, kırk senedir evli yaşlı çiftler gibi olduk. Esk**en neler neler yapardık. Hatırlıyor musun bilmem ama bazen günde beş altı defa farklı farklı pozisyonlarda yaptığımız olurdu, şimdi en fazla bir kere şey ediyoruz…” Burak somurtuyordu, “Beni mi suçluyorsun?” “Yaa hayır tabi ki suçlamıyorum, seni hala ilk günkü kadar seviyor aşkitom ve istiyorum da ama sanırım artık o tutkulu günlerimiz geride kaldı ve bu konuda bir şeyler yapmamız şart”. “Boynuz mu takacaz birbirimize şimdi?”, diye gülüyordu Burak ama baktı ki ben gayet ciddiyim, “Ya nasıl yapacaz bu işi o zaman?”, diye sordu.

O gün epeyce konuştuk bu konuyu ve Burak’ın da aklına yatar gibi oldu. İnternetteki gay sitelerindeki profillerimizi sileli uzun zaman olmuştu ama artık ortak bir tane açmamız gerekiyordu. “Bu işi sana bırakıyorum”, dedi Burak her zamanki gibi. Bana böyle güvenmesi çok hoşuma gitmişti. Neyse uzatmayayım ben de bir tane profil açtım bize, “Seks partneri arayan a ve p gay çiftiz”, diyerek. Tabi bir sürü dengesiz gerizekalı mesaj attı, doğru adayı bulmak için bütün bu gerizekalıları taramak epeyce uzun bir zaman alıyordu. Akşamları bir saat bu işe ayırır olmuştuk. Mesajlara bakıp “Bu olmaz!”, “Bu da değil!”, “Bu hiç olmaz!”, diyip duruyorduk. Derken adının Murat olduğunu söyleyen birinin mesajı düştü: “Merhaba ben Murat, 36 yaşındayım. 182 boy, 76 kilo ap’yim. Emdirmeyi çok sevdiğim güzel ve 19 cm bir aletim var. Ben de yalamayı severim. Jigolo değilim, sadece keyif için birlikte oluyorum. Çiftlere üçüncü olmak özel zevkimdir. Sadece uzun saçlı, göbekli ve aşırı şişman tiplerden hoşlanmıyorum. Yeriniz varsa, uyarsa görüşelim”. Ben ciddiyse vücut resimlerini görmek istediğimizi söyledim, fazla sürmedi bir sürü fotoğrafını açtı bize. Yani jigololuk yapmak istese yapacak tarzda hoş bir adamdı.

Nihayet Burak’ın telefonundan arayıp buluşmak için sözleştik. Oturduğumuz eve yakın büyük bir alışveriş merkezindeki bir kafede buluştuk. Murat çok şık ve tarz giyinmişti, üçgen vücuduna ne giyse yakışacak tarzda bir adamdı, bu ikimizi de etkilemişti. Kahvelerimizi yudumlarken arkadaşça havadan sudan konuştuk. Murat’ın oldukça iyi bir mesleği vardı, iyi de kazanıyordu, yani paraya ihtiyacı olan sürüngenlerden değildi. Birkaç yıldır genelde çiftlerle beraber olduğunu söyledi. Çok açık bir şekilde bizi beğendiğini ve en kısa sürede evimize gelmek istediğini söyledi. Murat tuvalete gitmek için izin istediğinde ben Burak’a “Ya şimdi, ya da hiçbir zaman”, dedim, “Böylesini bir daha bulabilir miyiz sence? O kadar mesaj geldi, bir tane adam akıllı insan yok”. Kimisi daha gay çift olduğumuzu idrak edemeyip “İstersen karını da sikerim” diyordu, yani cidden gerizekalıydılar. Burak, “Ya ben utanırım böyle, sen davet et”, dedi. Evet böyle de utangaç adamdır sevgilim Burak. Neyse tuvaletten dönünce, “Murat, istersen şimdi beraber kalkalım, bize gelebilirsin”, dedim. Kalkıp eve geldik hep beraber.

Burak birer kadeh viski koydu üçümüze, biraz daha sohbet ettik. Murat bizi gaza getirmek için daha önceki tecrübelerini anlatıyordu. Murat tekli koltukta otururken biz de yanındaki üçlü koltuktaydık. “Çift olarak ne yapmaktan hoşlanıyorsunuz bana gösterir misiniz?”, dedi Murat. “Haydi soyunalım”, diyerek soyunmaya başladı. Biz bir yandan soyunurken onun soyunmasını büyük bir keyifle izliyorduk çünkü harika bir vücudu vardı. “Düzenli spor yapıyorsun galiba…”, dedi Burak. “Evet”, dedi Murat, “Hem sağlık için, hem de sex için. Beğendiğinize sevindim”. İkimizin de ağzının suyu aktığını fark etmişti haliyle. Çırılçıplak kalmıştık. “Haydi başlayın, ben sizi izlemek istiyorum”, dedi Murat. Ben hemen Burak’ımın kucağına eğilip yarrağına yumuldum. Murat da bizi izleyerek otuzbir çekmeye, yarrağını kaldırmaya başlamıştı. Ben Burak’ı bir süre emdikten sonra sevgilimle öpüşmeye başladık. Murat yanımıza gelerek Burak’ın yarrağını ve taşaklarını yalamaya başladı. Burak’ın çok zevk aldığını görebiliyordum. Murat, Burak’ın taşaklarını yalarken ben de kafasını emiyordum. Burak şimdiden inlemeye başlamıştı. “Öyle hemen boşalma sakın”, dedi Murat. Burak’ın geç geldiğini bilmiyordu tabi bu derken, ama bir baktım ki Burak fışkırtmaya başladı bile. Ben tabi zevkle yaladım yuttum.

“Neyse sorun değil”, dedi Murat. Burak’la öpüşürken kalkmış yarrağını ağzıma verdi. “Haydi Eren, beni de çarçabuk getirme sakın. Çok fazla emmene gerek yok, sadece yavaşça yala”, dedi. Murat’ın penisi de kalkınca oldukça heybetli bir organa dönüşmüştü ve ben yalarken, Murat da onun kalçalarını ve kaslı göğüslerini okşuyordu. Murat, “Haydi şimdi sıra bende”, diyerek beni koltukta domaltıp popomun yanaklarını ayırarak deliğime ve taşaklarıma dil atmaya başladı. Bir yandan da kalkmış yarrağımla oynuyordu. Aşkitom Burak ayağa kalkarak önüme geçip yarrağını tekrar ağzıma verdi. O kadar çok zevk alıyordum ki boşalmamak için kendimi zor tutuyordum. Murat da ayağa kalkıp deliğime aletini sürtmeye başladı. O anda “Daha fazla dayanamıyorum, geleceğim”, dedim. Murat hemen eğilip yarrağımı ağzına alarak beni ağzına boşalttı. “Nefis bir tadın varmış”, dedi bana. Sonra da, “İkiniz de bu kadar çabuk boşaldığınıza göre demek ki epeyce zevk aldınız”. Gerçekten de bu kadar heyecan duyacağımızı ve çarçabuk boşalacağımızı tahmin etmemiştim.

Murat, Burak’ın yeniden kalkan penisini kavrayarak, “Şimdi sıra bende o zaman”, dedi. Burak’ı sırt üstü yatırarak üzerine uzandı. Onlar sevişirken bir süre izledikten sonra Murat “Yüzün bana dönük olarak deliğini Burak’ın ağzına ver, ben de onu içime alacağım”, dedi. Dediği gibi yaptık. Burak deliğime dil atarken ben de Murat’la öpüşüyordum. Murat da Burak’ın penisini içine almıştı. Murat bir süre sikildikten sonra, “Haydi yer değiştirelim”,diyerek beni Burak’ın iyice sertleşmiş penisine oturttu. O da karşımda durarak koca yarrağını gırtlağıma kadar sokuyordu. Burak bir yandan Murat’ın kaslı bacaklarını okşuyor, bir yandan da bana otuzbir çekiyordu ben kucağında hoplarken. Burak, artık boşalmak istiyorum dediğinde Murat beni kaldırıp yeniden koltuğa domalttı, ikisi birlikte yarraklarını okşayarak kalçalarıma attırmaya başladılar. O an aldığım zevk inanılmazdı. Tam bu sırada inanılmaz bir şey oldu ve Burak kalçalarımdan ve deliğimden süzülen spermleri yalayıp yutmaya başladı. Burak’ı uzun zamandır bu kadar azgın görmemiştim.

Aldığım zevkle ben de boşalmak istiyordum. Murat beni sırt üstü yatırıp bacaklarımın arasına uzanarak oral yapmaya başladı. Bu sırada aşkitom da memelerimi ısıra ısıra yalıyor, meme uçlarımı jelibon gibi emiyordu. Fışkırtmaya başladığımda Murat’ın hepsini diliyle silip süpürdüğünü görmek çok zevk vermişti bana ama hala sikilmeye doymamıştım. “Haydi yatağa uzanalım”, dedim. Hep beraber gidip bizim king size yatağımıza uzandık. Ben ortalarına uzanmış bir aşkitomun yarrağını, bir Murat’ınkini yalıyordum. Onlar da bu sırada öpüşüp sevişiyorlardı. Murat’ınki iyice sertleşince, “Doggy istiyorum”, dedim. Murat,”Tamam, çok severim”, diyerek arkama geçti. Ben dizlerimin üzerine başım Burak’ın kucağında nihayet sevgilimden başka biri tarafından sikilmeye hazırdım. Murat, koca aletini bastırarak içime sokarken ağzımda sevgilimin yarrağı çelik gibi sertleşmişti. Murat bana arkadan vurdukça Burak’ın sert yarrağı adeta boğazımı yırtacakmış gibi dibine kadar giriyordu. Aldığım zevki tarif edebilmem imkansızdı.

Murat kalçalarımdan tutarak ritmik bir şekilde giderek sertçe sikmeye başladı, içime geleceğini düşünürken aletini birden saçlarımdan tutup çekerek ağzımdan çıkardığı Burak’ın yarrağının üstüne attırmaya başladı. Murat’ın spermlerini sevgilimin yarrağından yalayıp yutarken Burak da fışkırtmaya başladı. Murat da eğilip sevgilimin yarrağını ağzına aldı. Ben Burak’ımın taşaklarını emerken Murat da fışkıran spermlerini yutuyordu. Muhteşem bir final yapmıştık. Yatakta uzanıp bir süre dinlendik, Murat’la ben başımızı Burak’ın göğsüne koymuş onun meme uçlarını yalıyor, bir yandan da öpüşüyorduk. “Tekrar buluşup sevişir miyiz?”, diye sordu Murat. Burak’la aynı anda “Tabi ki” dedik. Tekrar oturma odasına döndük, üzerimizi giyindik. Dışarıdan yiyecek bir şeyler sipariş verip sohbet ederek beraber yemeğimizi yedik. Yemekten sonra Murat kalkmak için izin istedi. Burak, “İstersen bir gün de kalmaya gel”, deyince şaşırmıştım ama hoşuma da gitmişti. Murat kapıdan çıkmadan önce ikimize de ateşli bir şekilde öptü. “Hoşçakalın şimdilik”, diyerek gitti.

Kapıyı kapattıktan sonra Burak’ın yorgunluktan oturduğu yerde uyuyacağını düşünüyordum. Ama bakışlarından anlamıştım, hala doymamıştı. “Bir posta daha ister misin bebeğim?”, dedi bana. “Yorgun değil misin?”, diye sordum neredeyse sertleşmiş penisine bakarak. “Yoo ne yorgunluğu, istersen iki posta daha atarım”, dedi. “Yok artık daha neler”, diye güldüm. Ama Burak o gece dediği gibi beni iki posta daha sikti. Bu defa uzun uzun sevişerek, dinlene dinlene sikişmiştik. Sonrasında Murat’la buluşmalarımız ayda bir defa filan oluyordu ama bu ikimize de iyi gelmişti. Murat, yurt dışından gelen bir iş teklifini kabul edene dek iki yıl kadar görüşmeye devam ettik. Sonra Murat’tan başkaları da girdi yatağımıza ama ondan aldığımız zevki aldığımızı söyleyemem. Bu aralar daha genç birilerini arıyoruz. Bize katılmak isteyenleri her zaman bekleriz.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Seks üzerine 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Seks üzerine 2


Sağ elinin işaret parmağının dışıyla hatunun yüzüne dokun. Sürekli bir dokunma olacak bu. Parmağı kaldırmak yok. Şakaktan başla. Parmağını kaydırarak, yumuşak dokunacaksın. Kedi sever gibi. Dudakların üst ve alt kenarları hassastır. Dokunur dokunmaz arası dokunursan huylandırabilirsin. Yapma. Maksat huylandırmak değil, sulandırmak. Yüzünde, dudak kenarlarında, kulakların altında yeterince vakit geçirdiysen çeneden aşağı in, boyunda da gezdir o parmağı. Hatunun boynu güzel. Bakıyor musun hatunun yüz ifadesine. İzle onu. Gözlerine bak. Nefesini takip et.

Çıkık köprücük kemikleriyle boyun arasındaki boşluğu görüyor musun? Öpmeye oradan başla. Senin tarzını bilemem. Ben, tek tek ve yumuşak başlarım öpmeye. Arada bir şiddeti daha yüksek, emer-öper arası öpüş iyi gider. Hatunda olsun bir gözün. Ona göre ayarla öpüşlerini. Omuz başından kulak arkasına kadar olan bölge favorimdir benim başlangıçta. Severim.

İki elinin işaret parmağı marifetiyle, askılıklarını indiriver geceliğin. Gögüsler biraz küçük gibi sanki. Olsun, küçüğü de büyüğü de makbuldur bunların. Yeter ki, kul yapımı olmasın. Elleri yapıştır duvara; sağ elin hatunun sol elini, sol elin de sağ elini tutsun. Can yakmak yok daha. O birazdan.

Yapış dudaklara. Acele etme, sakin. Kedi sever gibi. Şiddeti birazdan uygulayacağız. Elli kere söyletme bana. Hatunu yeterince hazırlamadan şaplağı basarsan, tokadı yiyebilirsin gözüm. Demedi deme. Yapıştın mı dudaklara? Öpüşmek dediğin, dilleri değdirmeden, alt üst dudakları emmeden, çekiştirmeden olmaz. French kiss diyor gavur. Öğren. Tükrüğün karışsın dili emerken. Hem, dil emmek zevklidir gözüm.

Tuttuğun elleri duvarda kaydırarak hatunun başının üstünde birleştir. Gergin olsun kolları biraz. Sonra, her iki elini tek elinle tepede tut. Diğer elin, her zaman boşta kalsın gözüm. O boş el çok işe yarar; şaplak vurur, tokat atar, saçları geriye çeker, ağzı kapatır, başı bastırır, bızırla oynar, meme sıkar…

Hatunun ellerini bırakmadan az geriye çekil. İzle. Kızarmış mı? Nefes? Gözler? Aferin sana.

Benim çok seksi bulduğum şeyler var: Bir tanesi yüzde çil. Diğeri gamzeler; yüzde de olur, belde de olur. Bir de benler. Benli hatunları severim; kiminin yüzünde olur, kiminin göğsünde, kiminin kukusunda. Gördüğüm zaman illa dokunurum, öperim. Bir de, etek sıyırmak, don sıyırmak hoş. Çıkartmaktansa, sıyırmak daha keyifli geliyor bana.

Bunların üçünü de aynı anda yapacaksın; hatunun ellerini yukarıda tek elle kenetledin duvara, kolları gergin olsun, biraz can acıtılabilir gererken. Mübahtır. Göğüsler emilmede, boşta kalan elin, hatunun kasıklarında ve kukusunda geziniyor. Göğüs uçlarından ısırıklar al. Korkak alıştırma ağzını. Memelerin alt kenarlarını uzun uzun emmeyi de pas geçme. Tepkiyi ölçerek git, ona göre ayarla şiddetini. Boşta kalan elinle hatunu okşamayı bırakmadan, dudaklara yapış gene. Şiddeti artsın öpüşlerinin. Em dilini. Em. Em. Güzel değil mi? Demiştim sana.

Elleri bırakmadan biraz geriye çekil gene. Hatuna bak. Gözlerinin içine. Bekle biraz. Bekle, bekle. Eğer azdırmayı becerdiysen, hatun sabırsızlandığını belli edecektir. Elleme sabırsızlansın. İyidir. Yeterince beklersen, sabırlı olursan, semeresini alırsın. “Ne yapayım sana”? Bir sor bakalım. Belki coşkun cevaplar verir. Hatunların bir kısmı pek utangaç gözüküyor ya, yalan o!

Hazır mı hatun? Aferin sana.

Hatunu direkt yatağa götür. Yeterince geniş kanepe de olur. Yüzükoyun yatıracaksın boylu boyunca. Vücudunu sana dönmesine izin verme. Bir elin, hatunun kafasını bastırsın yatağa. Öbür elinle, geceliğin eteklerini aralayıp donunu sıyıracaksın. Çıkartmak yok tamamen. Dizlere kadar sıyırsan yeter. Kalsın orada. Kuku arkadan ne güzel görünüyor değil mi. Haklısın. Sev biraz kukuyu parmaklarınla. Baş ve işaret parmaklarını kullan. Aşağıdan yukarıya, yukarıdan aşağıya. Çok hoyrat olma. Çok yumuşak da olma. Elin korkak alışmasın.

İlk giriş, önemlidir gözüm. En zevklisidir. Ben bazen yavaş girerim, bazen biraz hızlı. Hatunun kollarını ileriye doğru uzat. Bacaklarını ayır bacaklarını kullanarak. Görüntü harika değil mi? Hazır mısın?


Yavaşşş. Hissettire hissettire gireceksin ama. İlk girişte biraz can yakmazsan, günah yazarlar sana. Bağırsın biraz. Debelenirse, fazla aldırma. Alışacak birazdan. Girdin mi sonuna kadar? Aferin sana. Çekme geriye kendini hemen. Bekle. Bekle. Bekle. Alışsın hatun. Hissetsin. Vücudunun üst kısmını, hatunun sırtına bastır. Biraz ezebilirsin. Fazla abartma. Ağırlığını hissetsin yeter. Kolları tutmaya devam ediyor musun ellerinle? Sakın bırakma! Bacaklarınla bacakları, ellerinle kolları tut. Hareket edemesinler.

Gidiş gelişlerin ritmini sana bırakıyorum. Hatuna göre ayarla. Sert ve kesik kesik mi girip çıkacaksın, yoksa ağırlığınla ezerken yumuşak mı hareket edeceksin, sana kalmış. Ben olsam, yumuşak yaparken bile arada bir sert vururum. Bağırtmak da zevklidir. Söyledim mi daha önce?

Hatunun içinden hiç çıkmadan ters döneceğiz şimdi gözüm. Hazır mısın? Hatunun belinden kavradığın gibi döndür kendini. Sen altta, o üstte. Zamazingo kukuda. Boylu boyunca uzanıyor hatun üstünde. Bu pozisyonun en önemli kısmı, açıyı, duruşu iyi ayarlamaktır. Ayarlayabilirsen, harika bir pozisyondur. Tüm kontrolü sana verir, birazdan anlayacaksın. İster hızlanırsın, ister yavaşlarsın, ister bızırı seversin, ister memeleri sıkıştırırsın, ister hatunun ağzını kapatırsın. Kukudan çıkmadan, ufak düzeltmelerle hatunu tam yerleştir üstüne. Tamam mı, oldu mu? Aferin sana. Hatunun ileri geri gitmesine izin ver biraz. Ama sırtını senin göğsünden ayırmasına asla izin verme. Gerekiyorsa, bastır zorla kendine. Hareketleriniz ahenkli olsun.Yumuşak dalgaların üstündeki bir kayık gibi düşün hatunu. İleri, geri. İleri, geri. Sakin.

İki elin de boşta. Dilediğin yeri sıkıştırırsın. Memeleri iki elle arkadan avuçlasak mı biraz. Uçlarını, böyle iki parmağın arasına alıp biraz ezsek mi ya da. Ya da, tek elinle her iki memeyi de severken, diğer elle kukuyu mu yoklasak. Hepsini yapalım bence. Az hızlanıp, şiddeti de arttıralım artık.

Yalnız, hızlanmaya başlamadan önce, hatunun bacaklarını bacaklarınla yatağa yapıştıracaksın. Bacaklarının dizden aşşağı kısmını, hatunun ayak bileklerinin üstünden geçir. Yapıştır onları yatağa. Kaçmak isterse kaçamasın. Pozisyon değiştirmek isterse değiştiremesin. Anladın mı pozisyonu gözüm?

Aferin sana.

Tavanda bir ayna olsaydı da izleseydik hatunun halini. Ellerin ne güne duruyor? Çevir hatunun yüzünü yarım kendine doğru. İster dilini em, ister elinle ağzını sıkıştır. Bana sorarsan da, hatunu nefessiz bırakana kadar dudağını dudağından, dilini dilinden ayırma derim. Bir el daha var boşta, onu ne yapacağız? Serbest takılsın o el. Canın nereyi çekerse, orayı seversin.

Hatunu takip etmeyi ihmal etme. Ondan hemen sonra -ya da aynı anda- sen de geleceksin gözüm. Ben, prensip olarak faz farkıyla hatundan sonra gelmeyi tercih ediyorum. Niye? Hatun kişinin o kasılmalarını, kızarmalarını, gözlerini kapatmasını, ağzını açmasını seviyorum izlemeyi de ondan. Hatunun geleceği anı tahmin etmen lazım. Kendini de kontrol etmeyi unutma. Duruma göre ritm tut, yavaşla, hızlan, bızır sev, meme sıkıştır. Kontrol sende gözüm.

Gelmek üzere mi? Aferin sana. Görüyor musun o ağız nasıl aralanıyor. Sakın bacaklarını kurtarmasına izin verme. Verme. Sakın! At bir eli kukuya, kapat ağzını da diğer elinle yarım. İzle. İzle. Çok güzel değil mi? Nefis.

Sen de gel artık. Ben senin yerinde olsam, pozisyonu hiç bozmadan hatunun içine gelirim. Pozisyonun gidişatı buna daha uygun. Yalnız zamanlamanı iyi ayarla. Bazı hatunlar rahat ettikten sonra elleşmeye pek devam etmek istemez. Arayı uzatma çok. Geliyor musun sen de?

Aferin sana.

Kalsın hatun üstünde öylece. Sakinleyene kadar. Nefesler normal seyrine insin. Kalp sesi duyulmasın. Sarıl hatuna. Terler birbirine karıştı değil mi. Tuzlu tuzlu. Güzel işte ulan.

Bahar geldi, güneş çıktı, hormonlar tavan yaptı. Haydi bakalım, sevgilileri, eşleri, fuckbuddyleri sevelim, memnun edelim.

Beline kuvvet gözüm.

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Nylon Passion 4

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Nylon Passion 4

Oğuz monitörün ekranında gördüğü görüntüler yüzünden az önce büyük ihtişamla boşalan aleti tekrar sertleşmeye başlar. Ereksiyon durumuna geçen Oğuz ile monitörün ekranına kitlenen Melis in oluşturduğu tuhaf atmosfer Ayten in alaycı ses tonu ile bozulur…

Ayten : E hadi film izleme keyfiniz bitti ise toparlanın okula geç kalmayalım
Melis : Şeyy Ayten yedek çorabın var mı ? Ben yine unutmuşum…(Mahcup bir şekilde)
Ayten : Var var. Oğuz hatta sende gel de bugün okulda giyeceğimiz çorapları seç.

Oğuz bu sözlerin ardından kalp atışları tekrar hızlanır. Yatak odasına vardıklarında Ayten yatağın ucundaki şifonyer in çekmecesini açar. Oğuz gördüğü manzara ile nefes alış verişi birden artar. Çünkü çekmecede gördüğü manzarada ince opak likralı renk çeşitleri ile bir hazine vardır.

Ayten : Hadi seç bakalım Oğuz.
Oğuz : Hımm kem küm..
Ayten : Hadi ama okula geç kalıcağız
Oğuz : Melis ince ten rengi sende kızıl ten rengi olanı giy…(Yutkunarak)

Melis Ayten den aldığı süper ince ten rengi çorabı ile salona geçer. Oğuz Melis in zarif bacaklarına geçireceği ten rengi çorabı görebilmek için salondaki yerini tutmuştur bile. Melis kırmızı ojeli ayak parmaklarına ince çorabın burun kısmını geçirdiği an Oğuz un seri kalp atışları küt küt atan bir ritme ulaştı. Melis yavaş hareketlerle minyon ayaklarından zarif bacaklarına doğru çorabı geçirirken Oğuz kazık kesilmiş aleti ile önünde diz çöker…

Oğuz : Bir daha yapalım mı ? (Yutkunarak )
Melis : Olmaz fazla vaktimiz yok.
Oğuz : Ne olur bir daha yapalım (Yalvarır tonda)
Melis : Peki ama boşalırsan ayağımın tabanına doğru boşal çorabım fazla kirlenmesin

Melis hafif bir gülümseme ile ince ten rengi çoraplı ayağını karşında kazık kesilmiş penisin üzerine doğru uzatır. Ayağı yavaş ve yumuşak hareketlerle Oğuz u yine kendinden geçirir. Oğuz penisine temas eden yumuşaklığın etkisi ile öyle dalmıştır ki arkasından usulca yanaşan Ayten in farkına varamaz. Oğuz aniden aletinden hariç testislerine temas eden farklı bir yumuşaklığı hisseder. Ayten oturduğu taburenin üstünden Oğuz arkasına geçerek kızıl ten renkli çorabı ile karşısında sallanan topları okşamaya başlamıştır. Oğuz katlanan bu zevki karşında iniltiler çıkarmaya başladı. Ayten biraz daha öne hareket ederek çoraplı ayağının üst kısmını aletin alt kısmına gelecek şekilde hizaya getirdi. Bu 2 çıtır sanki sözlemiş gibi aletin başını hem alttan hem üsten ayak parmakları ile hafif darbeler eşliğinde ezmeye başladı. Melis bir piyano virtüöz ü gibi ayak parmaklarını aletin tepesinde oynatırken diğer yandan Ayten ince ayak bileği ile Oğuz un toplarına arkadan baskı yapıyordu. Şehvetin doruğuna ulaşan Oğuz un aleti daha fazla dayanamayarak içinde zevkten birikmiş menilerini Melis in ince ayak bileklerine kadar fışkırttı…

Melis : Of ya…Yine mi ( Ayak bileğinden damlayan menilere bakıp pişmanlığı andıran tebessümle)
Ayten : Sanki bu ufaklığın yaptığı yaramazlıklardan haberin yokta ( Manidar ve Alaycı tonda )
Melis : Kısa spor çorabın var mı? Bari belli olmasın ince çorabın üstüne bulaşanlar…
Ayten : Tamam hemen getireyim sen rahat ol spor çorabı üstüne geçirirsen belli olmaz ( Sırıtarak )

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32