First Time

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Let me set the tone for the story, when I was about 18 I had a friend Frank who lived in the same apartment complex as me and my mother. I was a chubby kid and wasn’t that great with girls my age so I was still a virgin. I used to go over Franks apartment a lot to just hang out and talk and play guitar now and then. He was nice person who let us kids hang out there so to keep us out of trouble, but this story isn’t about him, it is about this new neighbor he got, her name was Liz.

Liz was older than me, she was about 38 or so, but she didn’t look like she was more than 28. Liz had beautiful blonde hair and a smile that won’t quit with sexy succulent lips. Liz had become friends with Frank and the rest of the kids that used to hang out there. I used to love to talk to her and flirt with her every chance I got, needless to say I used to fantasize about her at night when I did my nightly routine of masturbation. I used to try to think of all different ways that would spark my interest for that nights festivities. Then one winter day we had a terrible snowstorm, we had at least 18″ of snow so me being the business man I was at that age it was an opportunity for me to make some cash.

I went from parking lot to parking lot in the complex digging peoples cars out of the snow, then I came across Liz out there digging hers out, I think it was a Bonneville or something like that. Anyway I went to her and started helping her dig her car out, by the time we were done I was chilled to the bone so she asked me if I would like to come in for a cup of hot chocolate. Of course I said yes and we went in her apartment and took off my coat and boots, but my pants and socks were soaking wet from the snow. It was hard to get warm with canlı bahis the wet stuff on so Liz handed me a robe and told me to go in the bathroom and get out the wet stuff and that she was going to do the same. When I came out of the bathroom she was sitting on the couch and she was wearing just a long tee shirt with panties, well of course I couldn’t see the panties because the shirt covered them. I looked kinda funny in a pink robe but that doesn’t matter.

Well as we are sitting there drinking our hot chocolate we are talking about stuff like friends and things we like to do. But all I could do is just stare at her bare legs and where the tee shirt stopped, I was just wondering at that point what she had on underneath when she caught me staring. She asked me if I liked what I was staring at and I said most definitely which was no surprise because we always flirted anyway. Then I got the surprise of my life, my fantasy was starting to come into reality, she placed a hand on my leg and started to rub my thigh. Liz asked me if I wanted to touch her leg and I just nodded yes. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her thigh

and I started to rub it lightly up and down. I leaned over to her and stared into her beautiful eyes, we only about 2 inch’s face to face. I could feel her hot breath on my face and it was giving me an immediate erection. I finally leaned further and kissed her, just lingering a few seconds just with a pucker. I pulled back and looked at her and she smiled and I just went back and gave her the most passionate kiss I could. It seemed like we were kissing for hours but it was only minutes, I was in another world a world of dream. Her mouth tasted so sweet and it was so moist I didn’t want to stop.

As bahis siteleri we kissed I moved my hands to her back and rubbed as we kissed coming around and rubbing her arms and the sides of her breasts. We parted for a second and she said lets go get more comfortable, so she got up and put her hand out to lead me to her bedroom. We stood by the side of the bed embraced in a deep passionate kiss as I reached down to and grabbed the end of the shirt and slowly lifted it up and over her head revealing the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. Of course I have only seen a few but never really in this state of passion. I had never been this far with a woman before but it seemed so natural with Liz that I knew what to do.

I was kissing her on her lips then worked my way to her neck all the time felling her naked back with my hands. She had such soft and warm skin I thought I would explode then. I work my way from her neck to her breast and I tease around the nipples with my tongue, I feel her nipple are really hard and I teasingly squeeze her nip between my lips. I keep kissing my way down to her navel then to the rim of her panties. Now I finally notice the panties with a little bow on the waste band and I hook my fingers in the band and slowly pull them down as she steps out of them. I can smell her sexual arousal and can tell how turned on she must really be, I know I am at my peek arousal at this point.

I kiss her outer thighs and slowly work my way to her pubic hair and I nuzzle my face into it and I bring my hand up and place it between her legs and rub all the way up till I can feel her wetness. As I gently lay her back onto the bed she spreads her legs to give me better access and I kiss her from her feet making my bahis şirketleri way up her inner legs. I reach her pussy and I take a teasing lick from her anus to her clit as I look up to see her expression on her face which she has her eyes closed and biting her lower lip.

Now I start to lick her some more and I take my tongue and place in as deep as I can get it tasting all of her juices. I gently trace back to her clit and start to gently lick it back and fourth, it is so engorged now and I place it between my lips and gently suck it into my mouth while licking it at the same time. She starts to thrust her hips around now and I can tell she is getting ready to orgasm. She tells me to do it faster lick me faster just then she lets a loud moan and thrashes her hips as she’s cumming.

As she’s coming down off of that one I reach a finger into her pussy and find the little g-spot and i start to rub this and right away she starts to go into another orgasm.

After she has that one I lay down at her side and just caress her face and kiss her. She then pushes me onto my back and climbs on top of me and slowly lowers her wet pussy onto my hard cock. I can barely hold back because of the wetness and tightness of her pussy and the way it is contracting around my member but I do.

Slowly she picks up her pace of going up and down on me as I reach up and roll her nipples gently between my thumb and forefingers. Faster and faster she moves, harder and harder as I’m ready to explode she arches her back and I can tell she’s gonna orgasm again. All of a sudden I feel a wave moving through me and I start to cum, as I spurt for the first time Liz starts to orgasm too and we cum together. She just plops right on top of me and we lay like that for a few and she rolls off and we cuddle and fall asleep. We wake up a few hours later and do it all over again and again. That is the first of many times together.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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