Daddy Landlord – Prequels , Sequels

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3 years ago…

Sweat dripped off his nose as he thrust into the blonde beauty from behind. He knew he was getting close and wanted to finish into his wife first, and had just switched out of the redhead. She scrambled up to the head of the bed, lay back and opened her fit legs. The blonde dutifully crawled to the center, displayed her ass and spread her legs, revealing a slightly gaping pussy as his target. It had been her idea to bring her redheaded friend into the mix, and the redhead seemed to enjoy- maybe a little too much- the blonde’s tongue lapping her juices. The blonde, Tina, let out a muffled moan as she took Nate’s load. Jessie, the redhead, reached up and rubbed the blonde’s mane as she closed in on her own climax. “That’s it, Baby, enjoy it. Yes, lick my pussy as you take his cum…”

Nate couldn’t believe his luck. Judging himself as a “7” at best, the police investigator couldn’t believe he was lucky enough to marry the beautiful woman that he had. Tina was fit, smart, driven, and successful. They had been friends who had gone out together in high school and had dated their senior year of college and gotten married after graduation.

Jessie had been Tina’s roommate all through college. Jessie now ran her own chain of gyms and fitness stores in Des Moines, but came to Omaha frequently to see about expanding. She hadn’t opened any stores in Omaha or Council Bluffs yet, but she always seeemed to open her legs for the two of them.

Flopping over on the bed between the two lovelies, Nate breathed heavily. Fit, handsome and rugged, the three of them looked like a cast that Central Casting sent over for a high budget threesome scene in a blockbuster movie. The women graded him much higher than a “7”. Almost every man graded the ladies a “9” on their worst days.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Jessie said. “I get a load, then you can rest for a bit!”

His softening cock stopped and immediately reversed direction, expanding before their eyes. Jessie scooted down and started licking it, taking Tina’s cream off of it. Nate let her suck it a bit longer than he usually let his wife suck it because Jessie’s skill was world class. The worst blowjob he had ever had was still awesome, but what Jessie could do was indescribably fantastic.

“Don’t you dare cum in my mouth yet. I want to feel you flood my pussy,” Jessie said. Tina was fingering Jessie’s pussy at this point, and stuck her thumb in her ass. Tina did not like her butt touched, but yet she loved to feel Jessie’s ass constrict as she came.

“Uh, god, I need your dick in me NOW!” the redhead growled.

Nate was hard and shoved in all the way. “God, your dick feels so good!” she said.

Nate thrusts as Jessie lay on her back, playing with the beautiful breasts of Tina until Jessie told Tina to sit on her face.

As Nate thrust into Jessie, Nate’s creampie dropped out of Tina and into Jessie’s mouth as she licked her best friend. Such depravity, but Nate was addicted. How could he ever be so deserving of such luck?

He came, releasing a load into Jessie as she flexed her strong Kegel muscles almost as if she was trying to get the last of the toothpaste out of it’s tube.

He dozed of shortly thereafter, not knowing what the women would do, but he hoped they would have fun and be ready again when he was…

All three were asleep in the king sized bed when Tina’s phone rang. They didn’t answer it, and then Nate’s phone rang. “Someone is trying to reach us,” he said.

“Fuck ’em, they’ll call back,” Jessie said.

And Tina’s phone rang again, so she answered it. “Hi, Mom. Mom, slow down! MOM! I can’t…What do you mean, ‘he’s gone’?”

Tina listened, started to cry, and as she hung up, she told her two lovers that her dad had a massive heart attack while on the golf course. He was gone.

Nate opened his arms for his wife. Having lost his own dad at a young age, his father-in-law had been his surrogate for many years and now he was gone. Tina ran toward him- ran past him and into the open arms of Jessie…


The funeral had been tough. Nate loved his father-in-law, Steve Tabernacle, as a father figure and great friend. Now he was gone, and he knew it would be up to Tina and him to take over his vast property holding in and around Des Moines. He was not sure how he could leave behind his police work, move, and change careers. But he knew he would adapt. Not for him- he owed it to the Old Man.

A few months later, the divorce was actually easier to handle than the funeral had been. For some time Nate had feared but suppressed that fear that Tina and Jessie were more than former roommates and close friends. And when Tina went to Jessie and not Nate the day they learned about Tina’s father, it was the final straw for their childless marriage. That being the case, the three lovers actually had a good relationship post-divorce.

Mr. Tabernacle left most of his multi-million dollar real estate empire to Tina- his only child- and canlı bahis her husband. In case of divorce, the will had stated, it would be divided 49% to 45% in favor of Tina over Nate. Mrs. Steven J. Tabernacle would control 6% but would also never have to worry about money again.

Over the next two years Jessie was brought in after Tina gave up control to Nate of the out of town properties. Tina and Jessie invested heavily in and around the Court Avenue District, making all three of them more than enough money. With his little slice in Ames, Nate was able to live comfortably and spend more time establishing a Private Investigation service, getting closer to the life of the police detective he still craved.

He wished he had a business manager to handle the day to day things, and then Corona Virus and Monica changed everything…


18 Months ago…

Monica’s dad had died a hero, but that folded flag couldn’t make her feel as loved as he had. John “Not the Football Coach” Madden had been a firefighter in Des Moines. His sacrifice that fateful day had saved several people, but he was still gone and would never come back. Her stepbrother Craig was away at college, her other stepbrother Cory was almost a graduating senior. Monica- adopted at age 2 by John when he married her mom, Audrey- had never know any other family. She also had a sister, Jacqueline, that was 15.

Monica’s mom had become pregnant her freshman year of college, and the sperm donor had returned home to Spain, sent a large check and implied- no, stated- he wanted no contact and to never bother him again. Aubrey had been able to finish college raising a daughter and on her way to becoming a physical therapist had met John, a widower.

Cory and Monica had been very close in a non-sexual way until recently. He started calling her “Mons”, short for mons pubis, and she could swear she was missing a couple of pairs of panties.

Monica was pretty, but timid after her dad’s death and did not date even though just about every boy at school desired her. She was a rare beauty who was nice, smart, atheletic and modest.

Monica and her younger sister had both showered at the rec center just to rinse off, but she really wanted to get home and wash and condition her hair after swimming in the pool. She went into her room, stripped out of her clothes and went into the “Jack-n-Jill “bathroom she had shared with her brother- actually her stepbrother- before he went off to college.

Jackie had a similar setup down the hall where two bedrooms shared one bathroom, but with the two brothers out of the house the sisters each now had their own bathrooms.

Except this time, Monica wasn’t the only one who was using the bathroom. For some reason that morning Cory was home, and a naked and startled Monica walked in on Cory, beating his rod with a pair of Monica’s panties.

She let out a startled cry as Cory opened his eyes just in time to get an unobstructed full frontal view of his sister- technically his stepsister- and cried, “Mon! What are you DOING in here?!”

“What am I doing? What the hell are you doing? Why are you home?”

She was too shocked to cover herself up, which didn’t help Cory’s situation at all.

“What the hell are you doing with my- have you been STEALING my panties?! What the fuck, Cory!”

Cory tried to stand up and run out, but Monica blocked his retreat, which was hindered by his pants around his ankles.

Monica, surprising herself, went full minx. To this day she still doesn’t know where this next move came from, but she closed the gap between her and her stepbrother- the man currently stroking himself into a pair of her panties. “So, Cory, what are you doing with my panties?”

Cory tried to answer, but couldn’t. What could he say?

Monica took his hard cock and touched it. It jumped in her hand. It was hard, but not hard like plastic. It was still fleshy, slick, and almost fluid. No, that’s not quite it…So she kept playing, trying to unravel the enigma in front of her. She’d seen the movies in school and online, she knew what would happen if she kept it up.

She moved it next and rubbed the tip of it through her pubic hair, then lower, along the slickness of her womanhood. She wanted to put it in…

But she couldn’t.

“Mon, oh god, Mon I’m gonna…”

“What, Brother?” Monica said, pushing it back just enough so he couldn’t thrust into her, and she started jacking faster. She assumed she was doing good based on his breathing and moaning.

Cum shot out of him, startling her. Several spurts shot out and coated her from her pubic hair to belly button, and she kept it up until his knees started to buckle and he broke away.

Cody was embarrassed and ashamed. Monica wasn’t sure. “Keep the panties,” was all she could say as she walked back into her room and shut the door. She went over to her bed and collapsed. She felt empowered and yet she felt dirty and wanted to cry. Why?

She bahis siteleri ran her finger through his semen and tasted it. She didn’t hate it and wondered if she missed her chance to lose her virginity.


Later that night, after supper as she lie on her bed texting her best friend, wondering how much to share, she heard a soft tap on the door as Cory quickly came in.

“Mon, that was not fair,” he charged.

“I agree, you should not steal my panties,” she replied.

His face turned red, but he said, “You technically raped me,” he tried, softer in tone.

“Hmm, maybe ‘sexually assaulted’, but I think you liked it,” she said. “Did you, Cory? Did you like it?”

“Yes,” he gasped, and barely above a whisper he asked, “Would you like me to return the favor?”

“Yes,” she gasped, as she tossed her phone aside. Cory came to her bed, already tenting in his shorts, and Monica lie back, spreading her legs but keeping her pajama shorts on.

Wasting no time, Cory ran his hand up her bare leg and went right for her pussy- the very lips that had briefly kissed the tip of his cock several hours earlier. Monica was tight- never having been penetrated by a man before, but extremely wet now, in anticipation of what lie ahead.

“Cory- I’m…I mean, I never…”

“We will go at your pace then,” he promised.

His pace caused her to go along when he pulled off her shorts and curled her panties down over her hips. She briefly cried out when his finger touched a super sensitive spot on the front wall of her opening. She moaned louder when his tongue entered her hole and briefly screamed as she had her first orgasm.

Luckily the door was locked.

“Monica, are you okay?” Jackie asked through the door.

“Uh, um, yes,” Monica said, “I, uh, I stubbed my toe…” Then she whispered to Cory, “Go back to your room! Maybe later,” she half heartedly promised.

Cory went back through the bathroom into his own room. Both were left frustrated.

When Cory heard Monica in the bathroom the next mornimg he quickly rolled a condom on and walked in on her. She was in a bra and panties- sexy ones, not pajama ones- and asked what he was doing.

She knew by the look in her eyes he wanted what they hadn’t finished last night. And he hoped by the sexy underthings she wanted it, too.

Without a word, she sat her ass up on the sink and beckoned him to come closer. This was more about speed and lust than reward and passion, and Cory had no problem going after her prize.

As he started to push in a litttle too harshly, she whispered, “Go slow until I get used to it.”

He slowed down and the pain was pretty severe for 30 seconds or a minute in reality, but it felt like a lifetime at first. Then her canal adjusted and they hit a pace just as she felt Cory’s cock twitch and convulse as he let out a moan.

For Monica, it felt so good to be so full, but she felt like her body didn’t respond with that warm, euphoric feeling of an orgasm that she had when he had used his tongue last night. Bit she still enjoyed it.

Over the next several months, their trysts became much more frequent and pleasurable. Always with a condom still, Monica got on the pill and when they could, they would use one of their beds. Or the sink if they were in a hurry.

Monica didn’t feel bad about sleeping with her stepbrother until midway through her first semester of college when she knew Cory was coming up to Ames for the weekend, and she came back from class and found Cory plowing away into her roommate. That hurt. But when he asked if she wanted to join them, that was fatal. Cory was dead to her. She went and hid on campus until she was sure Cory was gone.

And she spent the night with her roommate’s brother in retaliation.


Monica slept with only two other guys- both boyfriends at different times. Then a pandemic and panic hit, closing down the restaurant where she worked and leading her into the arms of Nate, her new boss.

This felt different, but she found out he had a date with her mom set up.

What a small, small and unfair world!


Monica’s mother, Audrey, had her hands on his shoulders, pinning the man to the bed as she slowly ground her hips on his hips, trying to position his cock in the most favorable spot she could. When she found it, she let out a moan of long-overdue satisfaction.

“Ugh, god that feels SOOOO good,” she said.

He tried to thrust deeper but she stopped him, “Oh no you don’t,” she warned.

Leaning back, freeing his shoulders, she rubbed her breasts with her left hand while her right drifted down to her clit.

At 38, Audrey Madden was a fine physical specimen. Neutral skin- not too pale but not overly tanned- dirty blonde or sun- lightened brown hair and hazel eyes, she easily looked to be in her mid-twenties and not in her late thirties. Her breasts still had perkiness and no sag naturally, her bahis şirketleri abs were tight and her skin was young. Brains, looks, vitality and everlasting youth seemed to bless her physical appearance. Loss had overwhelmed her and by tomorrow shame and guilt might do the same. But it had been over a year since her husband had died and she needed to get back out there. Her children had encouraged it and slowly her rebirth had caused her womanly desires to awaken from their slumbers. The man currently lodged in her thighs reminded her of her late husband, for better or for worse.

Having fucked her daughter repeatedly, he was in heaven fucking the mom. Similar in build and looks to Monica, Audrey’s vaginal control and sexual experience was way more advanced than the younger woman. He had to be careful not to fall in love. Audrey would never fall in love with him and he’d give just about everything to keep sleeping with this cougar.

Riding him slowly, she leanded down, bit his earlobe then whispered, “Is it everything you imagined?”

Trying to control his breathing he said, “You have no idea.”

Getting close herself, she told her lover to hold off and not to cum yet. Her chest started to flush, her breathing started coming in ragged gasps, and as he reached around, cupping her ass his left index finger worked its way into her butt, setting off a wet and explosive orgasm. Her eyes rolled back as she made unintelligible sounds. Sensing his turn was close, he didn’t know if he was allowed to cum inside her or not.

As she regained control, she smiled and looked down, knowing he was close and knew what was going through his mind. “Don’t you dare…”

“Why not, ‘Mommy’?” he teased.

With that, Audrey pulled herself off of Cory’s cock. “Because I have a date with Monica’s boss and if it goes well I don’t want him to find your seed in there,” she said.

“But…but…” he started to protest. “I didn’t…”

“Because of the ‘Mommy’ crack you can finish yourself off.”

Audrey went to her room and locked the door and lied down on the bed, where she started to cry. She had been blessed with a wonderful husband who had two fantastic sons she had been lucky enough to help raise. She had a daughter from a college romance and another daughter with her husband who had died too soon. Four wonderful kids, and she had just fucked one of them. Slept with the one who reminded her so much of her husband.

Slept with the one who had fucked her daughter also. She knew- of course she did. Did they really think they could hide that? They had grown up together as siblings but as they got older and hormones took over, it was only a matter of time before Nature took over. At least they often had used condoms. They had tried to hide that fact, but she was The Mom. She just knew.

And once again her Mother’s Intuition told her the man who was going to cook for her tonight was sleeping with her daughter also. Having met online before the Covid-19 shelter-in-place, their first date had been cancelled. She still hadn’t met him in person but Monica raved about him. She wanted to cancel the date, but it just didn’t seem polite. So she would go, and hopefully they wouldn’t have a spark and she would feel secure knowing he wasn’t some cradle robbing perv, fucking a young, innocent girl…who had fucked her stepbrother. The same stepbrother who was her stepson and she had just left her DNA all over his cock.

What a mess. How had it come to this?


Damn. Audrey knew why Monica had jumped into bed with Nate. He was sexy and didn’t know it. Talented in the kitchen, confident but not cocky, and easy on the eyes, Audrey wished they had met before Monica had slept with him. Sure, neither had announced to her that they were sleeping together, but she knew. Damn, she knew, and couldn’t do that to Monica. She wanted to let him have her way with her and be his plaything, but she couldn’t.

Damn, life had been dealing her bad hand after bad hand lately.

“So, that was very nice of you to give Monica a job, Nathan,” she said. Approach the unapproachable and maybe Audrey would find out that her Mother’s Intuition was wrong- that it was just a work relationship and Nate would be free to do whatever he wanted to her.

“She’s a great young lady,” he beamed a little too much. “I hate what became of her last job- with this closing down of everything, but Reno’s loss has been my gain!”

Damn, she knew they were sleeping together and there were feelings involved.

A little more small talk and Audrey felt like she might as well break it off. “Nathan, how do you feel about Monica?”

He shuffled a little too uncomfortably and said, “I am lucky to have her as an office manager…and friend.” A fairly neutral statement he thought.

“And…lover?” Audrey asked.

He said nothing but his face betrayed the answer.

“Nathan, she’s a big girl, and I was a mother at her age. If you and I had met 3 weeks ago, or with no baggage in 6 months, or even right before I met my husband, we may have made a wonderful couple. But I hear what Monica doesn’t want me to hear and what you are afraid to say. I love my daughter, Nathan. Don’t hurt her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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