Better Than Disney Land Pt. 03

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Better Than Disney Land Pt. 3

From my memoirs The Summer of 1986

Part III of IV as our adventure into partner swapping moves forward. My girlfriend Maggi and I met up with Kat and Matt on Mission Beach and the sexual exploration continues as we end up pushing the boundaries of our relationships. Only nineteen years old my girlfriend Maggi desires intercourse with multiple male partners. Kat only eighteen, wants to get extreme.


Saturday morning we all were at Mission Beach deciding where to eat and hang out. Maggi was radiant, her tan was glowing and she had an air about her that exuded confidence. Maggi being six feet tall and in top physical shape did runway modeling in her early teen years, she really knew how to walk down the sidewalk and make every man’s head turn. She grabbed Matt by the arm and walked proudly. More than a few people took second and third looks. Matt was in fantastic shape, had blond hair and blue eyes but was only five foot six inches tall. Seeing them walking together was an attention getter. I’m sure many men were thinking what the hell does this guy have?

Kat looked hot as usual and was giddy to be back together as a group. Her blond hair was so soft and straight, I really know where the term Angel Hair comes from. Her skin was lightly tanned and her brown eyes were shining. She had a great smile too, perfect teeth, I knew her parents must have spent some money for that smile, just like Maggi’s did. Maggi had braces when we met, they were removed when she was eighteen, her teeth were beautiful. Kat’s walk was always springy, she was only five feet tall, she was smoking hot and she knew it. I found out that her maternal grandmother was Vietnamese, this explained her Asian eyes.

As we walked, Kat was holding my hand and would throw her arms around me every chance she could, me being six foot four inches tall and her being five foot tall must have been attention getting but I didn’t notice.

At breakfast Kat kept putting her hand on my thigh and sliding it up to my crotch, she was horny and wanted me to know it. Matt and Maggi were flirting and it easy to see Matt was totally infatuated with Maggi, since our last get together when Maggi and Matt spent nearly an hour in Matt’s bedroom with the door closed. I know Maggi did that because she didn’t want to make Kat jealous. Maggi was great at fucking, she did it all, had the most awesome moves. I’m sure she rocked his world.

Maggi loved to talk dirty when we were alone in bed, she would talk about my cock, her pussy, sucking, licking and coming I’m sure Matt was treated to that as well.

We headed back to Matt’s apartment around one o’clock, the beach was getting over crowded and the aluminum miners were obnoxious. Once there we all laid out to take a nap, me and Kat on the huge sectional sofa, Matt and Maggi in his bedroom on his king size bed. Kat kept kissing me and telling how much she liked me, I was certain she was going to tell me she loved me again, which would have been awkward. She didn’t say it but it was clear she was infatuated with me. We drifted off to sleep.

I woke up three hours later to see everyone else awake and naked, sitting around talking; they didn’t have to muster at 0430 and run seven to twelve miles a day like I did. I was greeted by Maggi and Kat kissing me and telling me I snore and fart in my sleep.

“Great” I said, looking embarrassed. canlı bahis

Maggi said, “Don’t worry, I told them even you guys are human.”

Maggi brought me a glass of water and rubbed my neck as Kat rubbed my legs to get my blood going and to clear my foggy mind. Maggi suggested I take a shower, I grabbed my duffel and headed to the shower, for me, by myself, a shit, shower and shave was quick. I was into my fourth year in The Navy and one thing you learn is how to get things done fast.

I emerged from the bathroom a new man, Maggi was sitting on the sofa one leg up so her pussy was totally in view for Matt, Kat was laying down with her head on Maggi’s thigh and her legs relaxed and spread, her hairless pussy was quite visible, Matt was sitting across from them, arm over the back of the sofa and his leg up looking at Maggi and Kat. For once his cock wasn’t rock hard. I was naked and asked Maggi if she would dry my back, Kat jumped up and took over, I had to bend down for her to dry my head.

When she finished she sat me down and said we’ve been talking. I was smiling and getting self conscious.

Kat said, “I want you to wreck my pussy like Maggi’s the other day.”

Kat fisted Maggi and after coming three times Maggi exclaimed, “My Pussy Is Wrecked!”

Matt was smiling and said, “You have the biggest hands hear, what do you think?”

I answered, “Sure, but are you sure, Kat?”

“Oh I’m sure Pete, I want to do it again,” Kat said before threw her arms around me.

Kat experienced being fisted for the first time from Maggi last Sunday. One thing I learned, (not so much from personal experience but rather from stories my ship mates told me) every woman can be fisted, it just takes a lot of lube, albeit natural or artificial and the woman must be totally aroused.

I was just sitting there, Kat jumped up and pulled out a new tube of K-Y Jelly from her beach bag.

She said “Maggi told me to buy this at the drug store if I really wanted my pussy stretched.”

I said the stupidest thing, “I could have got that on base real cheap,” I shook my head and thought, “Yea I’m going to buy a giant tube of K-Y, they’ll think I’m weird.”

Matt came over sat next to Maggi, Kat laid back with her legs spread and a large towel under her ass.

Matt reached over and started rubbing Kat’s clit and said, “Are you ready babe?”

Kat reached down and spread her inner lips and said “My pussy is ready, willing and able.”

Maggi took the lube, put a large dollop on three fingers and began to smear it on Kat’s pussy, Kat shuttered, “it’s cold!”

Maggi pulled back and apologized, “I know the feeling, Pete shocks me some times when we use lube, it’s always cold,”

Maggi and I seldom used lube, a couple of times when she wanted to try a big dildo (she hated it) and a couple of times in a failed attempt at anal sex. (I won’t go there, suffice to say neither of us like the Hershey Highway). We did have some incredible fisting sessions with copious amounts of lube and a lot of wine.

Maggi and Kat laughed out aloud and at the same time blurted out, “Gynecologist!”

Kat said, “Everything they touch you with is freezing,” Maggi nodded in agreement.

I took over the lubing and asked, “Do you want to come while Matt and Maggi watch?”

Matt was cuddled with Maggi, she took his hand and put it right on her pussy she like the bahis siteleri rest of us were getting very excited.

I began, as if I was performing some medical procedure, not very arousing until Kat started talking dirty.

“Pete I want you to wreck my pussy, Pete your cock is the biggest I’ve ever seen, Pete my pussy is yours,” she went on and on, I loved it, so did Matt and Maggi.

Matt would chime in asking “Are you ready Babe, do you want to watch me fuck Maggi again?”

Kat was getting really turned on as I was knuckles deep into her pussy, this is a critical point in fisting and must be done carefully. I was in tune with her breathing and her natural relaxing and contracting. When I sensed the moment was right I curled my fingers and made the plunge. Kat gasped like she just surfaced from underwater after nearly drowning. She was breathing quick and shallow and her hands were stretched out with her fingers spread apart.

She screamed, “I LOVE IT,” and let out a big exhale.

Matt was encouraging her, “Kat your pussy is maxed out, you look great babe, you’re going to come babe,” and so on.

It really did look like she was giving birth as I drew my hand back.

Maggi touched me and said, “Be careful Pete, she’s small.”

I acknowledged and made sure Kat was still willing, she said loudly, “Don’t You Dare Stop!”

She started directing my movements, “Ok, More, Deeper, Slower, Faster, Fuck My Pussy!”

These were her commands. I knew from Maggi how to hit her G-Spot with my thumb knuckle and it was working perfectly.

Maggi touched Kat’s swollen clit and she came, “Don’t Move,” she said as her pussy spasmed.

“I’m Commming!”

I waited and then started the rhythmic in and out, Maggi knew when Kat was about to come. Matt was encouraging Kat while his had was rubbing up and down Maggi’s wet pussy.

Matt cried out, “Shit, I’m going to come!”

Maggi reached to touch Kat’s Clit again and as soon as she did Kat’s pussy went into spasms again and then again, she had three orgasms back to back to back.

Maggi looked at Matt and said, “Oh Matt are you ready honey?”

“I can’t hold out any longer,” Matt exclaimed.

Maggi moved with Matt to the end of the sectional and gripped the base of his cock hard; (this was a trick I used to prevent myself from coming too soon) Maggi was an expert at it with me. She eased Matt off the sofa and onto the carpeted floor, his dick was throbbing and Maggi was wanting to ride it.

She sat next to him and held his face saying, “Shhhhh, just relax,” then kissed him softly.

Matt’s breathing slowed and Maggi straddled his mushroom headed cock, she eased herself down guiding it in to her waiting pussy.

As I was getting ready to pull my hand out of Kat’s pussy she said, “NO, I’M C-C-C-OMING.”

Again her pussy spasmed and I held perfectly still as she bucked and rode the fist.

She laid back and let out a huge gasp and said, “Oh MY GOD PETE, I”M IN LOVE WITH YOU!”

I leaned forward and kissed her, her mouth was dry from breathing so hard.

I slowly relaxed my hand and pulled out, as it crowned she screamed “MY PUUUUSY IS WRECKED, MY PUSY IS WRECKED – DESTROYED!”

She was so proud, I couldn’t help but to laugh out loud and say, “So what’s next, child birth?”

Kat answered, “You bet, I want to have your babies Pete.”

I used bahis şirketleri a towel to clean my hand and arm and gently patted Kat’s swollen and bright red pussy, it looked like it just ran a one mile sprint.

I went next to Kat and asked if I could get her anything, “Water,” she whispered.

I got her a glass of water from the kitchen noticing Maggi getting ready to turn around on Matt’s cock. I rushed back to Kat, she sat up a bit, sipped some water and kissed me, together we watch Maggi and Matt.

Maggi was very athletic and very flexible, not to mention strong. She spun a 360 on Matt’s cock, then again and again. Matt was breathing as if he was about to jump out of an Seahawk for the first time. Maggi was reversed on his cock and her asshole pointing towards his face,

“Do you want to stick your finger in my asshole?” Maggi asked.

Matt reached out and then came. His muscles locked and he thrusted up hard driving his swollen cock as deep as it would go in to Maggi’s sopping wet pussy. He pumped five or six times, semen running down his cock and onto his pubic area. Maggi moaned with delight, I could tell she was coming by her face, her cheeks blushed and she opened her mouth wide making a weird smile. She stayed still until Matt’s cock went limp. Maggi rolled off of him and laid down in missionary position and motioned to me, I was hard and ready.

I entered her wet warm semen coated pussy and began to fuck her, she said, “Don’t be gentle,” as she dug her nails into my back.

Kat came over next to us where Matt was and started licking the juices off his spend cock and pubic area.

Maggi and I were only a few inches away, Maggi looked at Matt and Kat and said “I’m Coming!!”

I was pounding my thick cock in her as hard as I ever have, her hips were in the perfect position for maximum penetration. I pumped and could feel the tip of my cock hitting bottom; she grabbed my arms and I exploded deep into her pussy.

She said with a surprised look on her face, “I’m coming again” and arched as I tried to keep my spent cock in her.

We collapsed on the floor and I rolled over. Kat climbed over Matt, laid across Maggi and started licking the the coating off of my cock, then she went down on Maggi and cleaned her entire pussy.

“WOW,” Maggi exclaimed you really do like the taste of it.

Kat smiled and said “I love it.”

Maggi exclaimed, “One huge fantasy checked off my list, now I have to think of another one.”

I thought to myself, “I would love to see Maggi doing this, that’s one of my fantasies.”

We recovered and talked as we cleaned up. Most of our conversation was the four of us sharing our feelings, we really opened up to one another.

later we went out to eat, Kat was walking quite a bit slower than usual, she kept telling me, “You did this and I want you to do it again when I’m ready.”

We all went out to eat in San Diego to a pretty expensive restaurant, Maggi said, “Matt we can’t afford this, me and Pete I mean.”

Matt pulled out his wallet, opened it and showed us it was full of large bills, probably three hundred dollars or more, “Pete, Maggi, you’re my guests, I’m paying, I just got my allowance from my parents.”

Maggi said, “Matt you need to careful carrying that much cash.”

He laughed, “Shit, I have one of the most lethal weapons on the planet standing right next to me and he’s my best friend, I know Pete has my back.”

I patted Matt on the back and he returned it, as I thought to myself, “Shit, I’m not bullet proof.”

But I was proud that he thought of me that way.

End Part III

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