Fly From The Inside

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I apologize, again, for the loooong delay! I’ve been super busy with school and work and life! I am seriously so excited to be writing this new series for you. The title is from a song I was listening to whilst thinking of the story, so please, don’t mind it. Seriously though, I just started writing and I loved the way it turned out. I never really thought I would ever get around to writing about Sean’s daughter, Sophia, but she finally backed me into a corner and demanded her story be written. Well, not really. But I hope you all enjoy and more stories, I swear and promise, are on the way! Enjoy.

Yours truly,


Sophia True McCauley nervously bit her nails as the plane landed in Ireland.

She had developed her fear of flying from her mother and she had never been on a plane before, so that didn’t help.

Oh hell, what was she doing? She had never even left America before and now her father expected her to run his other pub while her grandfather was sick? Was he seriously that fucked up or just plain old stupid? Sure, she’d agreed to it but she didn’t think they were actually going to make her go through with this.

Oh Jesus, Mary, and Joseph she wasn’t sure how this was going to work. Fresh out of college and never having run anything in her entire life, she didn’t know what to expect. Yeah, she had the credentials, internships, and certifications behind her name but not experience. And poor Grandpa Sean suffering from emphysema, he was stressed enough with the pub not doing well.

Blasting some Avenged Sevenfold, she stood and waited near the baggage claim for her grandfather’s caretaker to come pick her up.

She was humming the lyrics to “Bat Country” when a woman about her mother’s age, around fifty or so, walked up to her all smiles and light making the music she was listening to seem like the Devil’s music. Great, she thought. She had her father to thank for that one.

“Hello, Sophia?” The woman greeted, taking Sophia in a bear hug.

She nodded while trying to breathe. “Yes, Mrs. …?”

The older lady let go, realizing she was crushing Sophia with her grip. “Oh! Ms. Ingrid Farrell. I’ve been taking care of your grandfather,” she grinned and the laugh lines were evident on her aged skin. Sophia noted the tell-tale sign of her thick accent that she had grown accustomed to while growing up.

The gratefulness that Sophia portrayed was genuine and heartfelt at someone devoting her time and effort to making sure her grandfather peaceful at all times. “Nice to meet you and thank you for everything you’ve done. Seriously, my family can’t thank you enough.”

Ingrid nodded and they chatted a bit before it got too late.

Sophia was eager to see her grandfather and anxious to check on the bar. So, they loaded everything, only a carry-on and two suitcases, into a small taxi that took them to the edge of town.

Sophia had never been to visit her kin in Ireland but they had made a few trips to the melting pot country a time or two. So, when she was brought up to an older house that looked like it belonged in a storybook down a grassy lane with stone walls, she was quite in awe. After packing her things in and settling in the guest room, she wasn’t sure if her grandfather was able to see her but she opted to go ahead and say hi.

The resemblance between her dad and his dad was striking; same strong jawline, straight nose, bright blue eyes, and dark hair, all of which she inherited, well, except for the nose and jaw. Her mandible was softer with a gently sloping nose matching that of her mother’s. Sophia’s dark red hair was a little lighter due to highlights she thought would give her an edgier look. But upon seeing her grandfather, she second guessed her body modifications and decisions.

Grandpa Sean didn’t miss the silver hoop in her left nostril nor the stretched earlobes that barely surpassed six millimeters. Yeah, they weren’t large but they were noticeable. She also had several earrings in each ear including an industrial in her right and a tragus in her left. He must be thinking she was some sort of delinquent, a ne’er do well raised up by her father, who had somehow received several more tattoos as she’d gotten older. It was obvious the older man disapproved but she was young and no longer a child.

But judging by the way his eyes lit up when they fell upon hers he didn’t care about any of that.

“Sophia! My dear, so good to see you! It’s been, what, four years now?” His accent was hindered by the gruffness of his voice.

“Grandpa!” She eagerly collapsed into his open arms.

It had been a few years since she’d last seen him. When she graduated high school, at the same time Robbie, her older brother, finished college, he had made the trip to the states to witness this mile stone. But when she got her degree in Marketing, he was unable to make the plane ride due to his illness. Then, he was healthy and fit with tanned skin that matched his son’s and her own but now, now he was thinner, gaunter in the bahis firmaları face. His once blue-green eyes were now a dull cobalt, barely shining in the dim sunlight that filtered in through the large banked window near his bed. Her heart lurched at the sight of him, so helpless and weak.

Sophia sat next to him while Ingrid lingered in the doorway, unsure of what she should do.

“It’s okay, Ingrid. I’m fine,” Sean, Sr. smiled and nodded to his caretaker who hesitated for a moment before giving him an odd look.

Sophia crossed her brows but elected to drop the question as she left the room to leave granddaughter and grandfather alone.

“I’ve missed you,” he said, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Sophia half expected tubes to be up his nose and inserted in his elbows and wrists but there were none. She guessed he was doing far better than they thought. “I’ve missed you, too, Granddad.”

He sighed and ran a hand through his thinning hair. He was eighty-three, only twenty years older than her father due to having him at a young age, but he was still looking good. That was just the McCauley genes. “I’ve been well, but the pub, your father’s pub has seen better days. I tried, Sophia, I really did, but I’m not capable of running something like that. And with your father so far away, it’s hard.”

Their glances met and she could see her father in his eyes. Though, these eyes were weary and old, hardened with the burden and stress of being alone for so long with no help. “That’s why I’m here. So, you can relax and enjoy-.” What? The rest of his life? Which wasn’t much longer due to his worsening condition but what else could he do? She didn’t want him, in his old age to spend what little time he had left worrying about something that was out of his hands. “Do you have any of your retirement left?”

He nodded slowly, wondering where she was going with this, she presumed. “Enough to last a year, maybe two if the pub picks up.”

Sean, Sr. was once a profitable and successful musician but, in his old age, he settled down and took over his son’s second pub.

Sophia shook her head. “No, I want you to take that money and go on vacation. Go see dad and mom, just forget about the pub and everything here and have fun.”

Grandpa Sean started to protest when Ingrid walked in then. “She’s right, hon. I know you’re in pain and will have a hard time travelling but please, I want to make this as peace- ah- I want you to enjoy yourself. Please?”

As peaceful as possible, Sophia finished mentally. “Grandpa, dad misses you and it would do him and you a lot of good if you went to America. Plus, Robbie’s about to graduate law school and I’d like for you to be there.” She gave him a toothy smile.

Granted, Robbie’s graduation was about three months away but that should give her enough time to sort this whole mess out or shut it down. Depending on which half of the glass she was looking at.

After much consideration, tense words, and strange glances between Ms. Farrell and her grandfather, he finally acquiesced before inserting the supplemental oxygen he needed through his nostrils. It pained Sophia to see him like this. Granted she wasn’t that close to the man but still, this was her flesh and blood. And that’s why she was here, so he wouldn’t have this burden any longer. Though, her father’s friends helped out as much as they could they had lives of their own couldn’t always drop everything especially once the bar started heading south.

Yawning, Sophia decided it was time for her to get some rest. After all, she did cross over a timeline or two and she was super jetlagged. After biding her grandfather and Ingrid goodnight, she waltzed off to the guest bedroom, not really looking forward to the coming weeks. The possible firing of employees and redecoration. Talk about money.

Oh fuck, what had she agreed to?


Morning came all too quickly and Sophia found herself stretching lazily the covers slipping below her breasts that were hidden beneath her sheer camisole.

They weren’t overly large but they were full and plump. She was at about a thirty-six C and often found trouble buying clothes that fit her properly given her slim waist thanks to weekly visits at the gym. Her hips were womanly and jeans often hugged them promiscuously without her even trying. Yes, she was shaped like her mother but she resembled her father in looks, which wasn’t a bad thing considering he could have been a male model in his younger days. Yep, every man she came across wanted her body but not her personality. Sad, really, considering she was laid back, didn’t give a fuck about her image other than working out, which it was a stress relief.

Considering she’s only been with two guys in her whole twenty-two year life span, she was proud of herself for not whoring around, like most of her friends and coeds. Plus, both those guys were relationships but the one time she had sex with them, they gave her the boot and wanted out. But one had hurt really badly; kaçak iddaa the first one, Jake, who “loved” her but then cheated on her. Guess all men really do have one thing on their minds. Sighing, she rolled over and stared out the window, looking at the sloping hills behind the house. They were soft and green, just the right color for late Spring and early Summer.

She decided to take a shower, get ready, and then head down to McCauley’s Chamber.

Dressed in some tattered jeans and a black, quarter-length V-neck band tee, Sophia said goodbye to Ingrid and her grandpa before making her way to the bar. Her black combat boots clicked on the walkway making her feel like a badass and even less nervous. She was here to straighten shit out.

As she entered the cab, she thought about all that had happened in the past year with the pub. An older employee had been caught stealing money from the register each night, a barhop girl. Safe to say, she was lucky she was fired because there was no telling what all Sophia might do to her. Two bartenders now practically ran the place: Lorcan and Liam Callaghan. Of course they had to be brothers but how old or what they looked like, she couldn’t say. But now, ever since that little fiasco, and not to mention the quaint little café that opened up down the street, business had gotten slow and almost moot altogether.

Once the cabbie pulled up, Sophia noticed two dark blue motorcycles, both sleek and sexy, parked out in front.

The pub didn’t open until four and it was eleven but she had to see the place for herself and speak with the workers. She had sent an email to the brothers a week before to meet at this time on this day. And she was five minutes late. At least they’re punctual, she thought.

Sighing she stepped out of the cab, she clutched her messenger bag close to her chest to help hide her shaking. Oh boy, what was she going to find in there? Falling paint? Decrepit furniture? Stripper poles?

Pushing those worries aside, she opened the wooden door and walked into the cool interior. It was…nice. Warm colors: green, brown, and blacks with leather back chairs and barstools. Various soccer, or football, posters littered one side of the wall while the other was plastered with local and big name rock bands. Oh, she was in heaven. And there was even a small platform in the far corner with a microphone for live performances, though, no one had performed there in years.

“Um, hello?” She called out when she saw no one else was up front.

There was some rustling around behind the long bar. “We’re closed, sweetheart. Come back at four,” a deep voice bellowed out and she jumped, despite herself.

It was a nice velvety sound, rich and thick like chocolate or that of a fine wine, and with that accent, it crawled over her and caressed her innards. Hmm. “I’m Sophia M-McCauley,” fucking-A. Why was she so goddamned nervous?

The voice behind the bar belonged to a tall, broad shouldered man, who looked to be about twenty-six or so, popped up, straightening his clothes. Oh, holy hell, he was hot! “Sean’s daughter? Are you even old enough to drink?” He teased, a dimple appearing on the left side from his half-grin.

Sophia didn’t answer right away, too caught up in this dude’s appearance: muscular, tanned, shoulder-length brown hair, whiskey eyes, and a strong jaw. Hello, handsome, come to mama. “I’m um, I’m twenty-two.”

He laughed and winked. “Sure ye are. Hey, Liam get out here! Boss lady’s here,” he shouted over his shoulder.

“So, you’re Lorcan? Am I saying that right?”

He waved a hand as if to dismiss her pronunciation; she still had no clue if she was saying it right or not. “Call me Lore,” he said as he hopped over the bar to come greet her.

“Boss lady? I thought he was sending his son-,” another deep voice, but not too tenor, said as he rounded the end of the bar, coming from some unseen location.

“Nope, just me,” Sophia replied assessing Lore’s brother. He was still handsome but he sported blond hair that fell in his gray eyes. “I’m Sophia,” she held out her hand for one of them to shake.

“Well, pleased to meet you,” Lore took her hand and placed a light kiss on her knuckles that sent gooseflesh all over her. She squirmed involuntarily.

Liam elbowed Lore in the ribs. “Ever the gentleman. I’m Liam,” he shook her hand, squeezing it at the last second while his thumb caressed her wrist.

A shiver ran through her both from excitement and pleasure.

They both were wearing dark long-sleeved shirts that hugged their muscles delightfully. Sophia had to stop herself from licking her lips at the sight of them. But then, Lore scrunched his up and she saw ink: colored, black, and gray, etched onto his forearms. Growing up around tattoos, she didn’t mind them, hell, she actually found herself enjoying them and, if the customers didn’t like it, well they could go fuck themselves.

“These won’t be a problem, huh? I’ve never had anyone complain…” Lore looked down and away, tucking kaçak bahis his hands into the fronts of his black jeans.

Sophia felt her heart flutter at his abashed behavior; seriously, that was so fucking adorable. “No, I don’t care. Hell, look at me!” She pointed to her nose ring and stretched lobes.

Lore smiled at her and nodded.

Liam cleared his throat, evidently wanting some of Sophia’s attention as well. “So, I’ve been going over the books and we probably have about a month, maybe two at the rate we’re going.”

Jesus, those accents will never get old. Now she understands why her mom was so hot for her father. She felt something warm in her belly that pooled deep in her thighs, causing sweat to bead on her forehead and her heart to thrum against her chest.

The three of them sat at the bar to assess the situation: they were in debt. Badly.

And judging by only the regulars coming in, they weren’t going to make it. So, she figured they should start with the clientele and go from there. She started a new special: two for four, two shots for four dollars or one shot for three. It was a start but she also lowered the prices on the bottles and pints. Maybe this will get the word out and business will pick up. Maybe.


Lore Callaghan had never been in love but, judging by the way his jeans tightened and his heart swollen, he believes he just fell in love.

Sophia McCauley.

Man, she was beautiful with that perfect hourglass figure and her style. And those boots, oh they were so fucking sexy on her. Ample chest that pressed against her band tee called to him. He really couldn’t believe that this was the owner’s daughter. And she didn’t waltz in her like she owned the place. No, she was just as nervous as he was about the outcome of this situation. He’d been working at McCauley’s Chamber for about five years now and this was home. Literally, it was his home; he and Liam lived upstairs thanks to Old Man Sean and his gracious son, who’s still best friends with his father, Aden Callaghan. He wondered if Sophia would let them stay up there, rent free too…

His Apadravya was starting to itch from being pressed against the front of his jeans.

The moment he saw her, he had forgotten about all of his worries and troubles, focusing on her bright smile that radiated throughout the entire room.

“So, we ready to do this? I’m afraid it’s just going to be us three for a while until the budget picks up and I can hire new people. Are you both bartenders?” Sophia pointed to Lore and Liam.

Even her voice was like a melody; sweet and soft but husky and racy. She was going to be his undoing. “Yeah, but I’m the best,” Lore winked at her.

Liam punched his shoulder. “Yeah, okay. We’ve both been here going on five years, almost six. Sorry to hear about Mr. McCauley.”

Sophia’s face darkened a little the mention of ill grandfather. “Thanks. He’s doing great, honestly. He’s actually about to go to the states.”

Lore couldn’t help himself. “Is that safe?”

Sophia nodded. “Yeah, he’ll be alright. As long as Ingrid’s with him and once his doctor clears him, he’ll be on his way to see his son.”

Liam looked at his watch. “Well, it’s almost time to open the bar. Should we go ahead and set up?”

Lore and Sophia glanced at one another and Lore felt his chest tighten with something strange. They locked gazes for a few minutes before Liam cleared his throat and ushered Sophia to the back to show her the keys and storage items.

“Don’t fuck this up, Lore. She is not here for you, so off limits,” Liam fiercely whispered as he walked past him.

Lore rolled his eyes.

Everything was always his fault. Getting them kicked out of university, getting booted to the curb from their parent’s house. Well, the last one yes, but the first one, no. Liam had partied alongside him just as much as everyone else did. But alas, they were doing well without a decent education. They did have some higher learning but not enough for a real career. And for them getting kicked out of their former childhood home, that was his fault. After getting caught with drugs, Liam stood up for him and they both were forced out. But their parents still loved them; they just needed a good slap in the face from the famous bitch, Ms. Reality.

He sighed, wishing things could have been different for them.

But hey, life sucked balls and it didn’t get any better.

Sophia and Liam came back, laughing with Sophia’s hand lightly touching his arm, and Lore felt a pang of jealousy shoot through his chest. What the fuck? Ah, so that’s why he wanted her alone, so he could have her to himself and for Lore to get nothing. Well, fuck him too. Lore growled his displeasure and turned to finish stacking the clean glasses he had started before she walked in and disrupted him.

He tried to stay away from her all night but it was so fucking hard.

The way she would laugh and throw her head back when someone said something funny was proving difficult for him to keep his distance. Apparently, word had gotten around that Sean McCauley’s daughter was now running the pub and everyone wanted to see her. And boy did she draw an audience.

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