David’s Friend Vivian Ch. 01

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David’s Friend Vivian, Ch 1

My name is David Thornberry.

It happened when I was just 18 in 1958 and I have to admit that I still feel rather ashamed at what I did.

In 1958 one of my parents’ closest friends died. He was a well respected member of the village and was chairman of the cricket club, clerk to the parish council and treasurer of the village hall committee. His funeral was to take place at his place of birth which was at the other end of the country. My parents planned to pay their respects and to leave early and stay the night there.

Two of our neighbours decided to go to the funeral too, and booked the same hotel as mum and dad. My parents suggested that they should travel together and it was agreed that all four of them should travel up in our neighbour’s large Volvo estate.

Reg and Vera, the neighbours, had a daughter named Vivian. She was twenty years old, just two years older than me.

I had not seen Vivian for several years mainly because I had been away at school but also she lived only for television and hardly left her home.

I was completing my final year at an all boys boarding school and was home over the half term.

I have to admit that I was, at that time of my life, extremely frustrated sexually. There were no women at my school, except for Matron and the school secretary and the both appeared to be well into their sixties.

I led a typical celibate schoolboy life style which involved dreaming of women all day and wanking furiously at night in my room or whenever the coast was clear.

There were also dirty magazines in the sixth form common room but these all mysteriously disappeared at the beginning of term and found their way into my study bedroom. I had to ditch them eventually when the pages became stuck together.

My thoughts were always taken up with girls and women. I used to fantasise about them all the time. At any opportunity I would stare at their breasts and legs under their clothes and imagine what it would be like to see them completely naked. Hormonally speaking I was a walking time-bomb, ready to ‘explode’ inside my underpants at the least stimulation.


The Morning.

On the morning of the day of the funeral I heard the phone ring and my mother answered.

“It’s Vera, George,” she shouted up to my father who was still shaving, “Vivian’s coming here to stay as they have an electrical fault and it can’t be repaired for two days.”

“David, can you look after Vivian while we all go up to the funeral?” my mother said to me with an imploring look in her eyes.

Before I had a chance to reply she was telling Vera to bring Vivian and an overnight bag and that I would be able to look after her.

Secretly my mind was racing. This would be the first time in my life that I would be alone in a house with a girl, and she would stay the night. I was almost shaking with excitement and felt my penis stiffen.

I rushed to the back door and ran up the garden, through a gap in the hedge and into our large orchard which was some distance from the house. When I was out of range I dropped my trousers and underpants and masturbated wildly, and as I emptied my semen onto the grass I whispered “Vivian,” in a strangled gasp.


The Arrival

It was 9 o’clock in the morning when the big Volvo swung into our gravel drive and up to the front door. I peered out from my bedroom window and waited to see what Vivian looked like. I imagined her as the nervous tall gawky girl who used to spill jelly down her dress at childhood parties. I expected a scaled up version of her and I certainly wasn’t expecting the vision of loveliness which stepped out of the car.

I had to polish my glasses thoroughly as I watched the tall elegant young woman ease herself out of the rear passenger’s seat and stand fidgeting in front of our entrance door. She had a small valise in her hand and looked rather nervous. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a high pony tail.

“David, they’re here,” shouted my mother from the hall.

I leapt down the stairs in four giant steps and landed, as usual, with aplomb, at the side of my mum. I had been doing that since I was twelve years old and still got the predictable “You’ll break your neck one day,” remark from my father.

I grinned at him like a sheep and waited for Vivian Lloyd to make her entrance.

My mum opened the door and there she was, Vivian Alice Lloyd aged twenty,”

“Hello Vivian, do come in,” said my mother, smiling in her usual motherly way.

“Thank you Mrs Mrs. Thornberry,” she stammered nervously. I knew that she stuttered and stammered but had forgotten just how bad she was.

She saw me standing behind my mum and blushed and looked away. I stepped forward and took her small valise and grinned at her insanely not knowing what to say.

In the meantime my father was helping Reg to repack the back of the Volvo to make room for their suitcases. My mother’s suitcase was the largest as she always took too güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri much, even if it was for just one night.

Soon everything was ready for their journey and I watched them reverse down the drive and onto the road while Vivian and I waved as they drove off.


“Can I take your coat?” I said to the tall slim blonde girl standing in the hall.

It was only when she took her mackintosh off that I really noticed how incredibly beautiful she was. She reminded me of a French film star not only in looks but by the way she stood.

“Thank, thank you very much,” she said handing me her coat which felt warm and smelled strongly of her perfume.

“I’ll, I’ll just hang it up for you,” I stuttered nervously as I became aware that the mere fact of being alone with such beauty was having an effect on my normal ‘happy go lucky’ outlook.

I couldn’t tell who was more nervous of the other but I had a serious aim which seemed to suddenly cure my nervousness. I was determined to see her knickers.

As I returned I looked at Vivian with almost predatory relish.

She wore a knee length crisp cotton dress. It was basically pale blue and decorated with tiny red and white flowers. Over her dress she wore a white cardigan tightly buttoned up to her neck.

The skirt of her dress flared out in a wide circle and it was clearly supported by layers of stiff net petticoat. It swayed from side to side as she moved and appeared to deliciously exaggerate her hip movements.

She also wore black high heeled shoes and tan coloured stockings. I trembled in the knowledge that she was all mine for two long days.

“May, may I use your toilet please?” said Vivian and I led her through our large kitchen and towards the back door.

There in the old scullery was our downstairs loo and wash basin.

“Thank, thank you,” she said as she walked in and locked the door behind her.

I listened to her urinate and for some strange reason I felt my penis stiffen. I had a mental picture of her sitting on the toilet with her knickers around her ankles and secretly I wished that she was sitting on my face. I was almost trembling with excitement when I heard the lavatory flush and she reappeared in the kitchen.

“What would you like to do today?” I asked and looked into her large blue eyes which stared back at me in a fixed gaze.

“Last time I was here we played, played with your electric train set,” she said and smiled nervously.

I remembered that it must have been at least six years ago since I had shown her how to control my two miniature locomotives and operate the points and signals. I saw that she was looking forward to seeing them once more although clearly she was no longer a child of fourteen and I was no longer the boy of twelve.

My train set had been pushed under my bed on its fibre board base and had been gathering dust for years. I did not even know whether it still worked but was willing to try as this provided me with an excuse for getting Vivian upstairs and into my bedroom.

“OK Vivian, let’s go upstairs and see if we can get it going,” I said to her, shaking like a leaf.

I led the way and visualised her sitting on my bed with her petticoats on display. She followed me to the top landing and then along a corridor to my bedroom which faced the rear of our house.

“It’s, it’s very big isn’t it?” said the twenty year old passing three bedrooms, including that of my parents.

“I don’t notice how big it is nowadays,” I said and tried to laugh but I sounded too keen to be jolly and I ended up grimacing at her. She turned her head and looked at some framed photographs of my parents in Kenya.

“How, how long were your parents in Africa?” she asked and I told her that they lived there for many years while I remained at the boarding school. “Your mother and father are v v very friendly,” she stammered then blushed as if her remark had overstepped the limits of civility.

“Yes my parents are friendly; I forget how much I miss them when I’m at school,” I said as we entered my bedroom.

My room was a complete mess and smelled of dirty socks and sweaty sports gear. It had a typical school boy feel to it with maps and torn posters on the wall and tennis racquets and football boots thrown into a corner. I watched Vivian clunk across the room in her high heels and sit on my bed.

This was the moment that I had been waiting for and watched her spread her dress around her while revealing for a split second the white leader-lines of the hems of her net petticoats. I felt my face flush and felt obliged to look away as she pulled her skirt this way and that and smoothed it down about her.

She may have noticed me shake and blush but she said nothing.

Her dress lay perfectly around her and I saw nothing of her petticoats which lay tantalisingly out of sight concealed under the dress.

“Excuse me please,” I croaked as I fished around beneath the bed to find the edge of the baseboard güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to my electric train set. “It might take a while to set it up,” I stated in a matter of fact, off hand manner, and looked at her as she stared around my room.

Vivian’s teeth were perfect. For one who used to be so gawky and, I thought, clumsy and stupid, her face was amazingly attractive.

“My, my mother says that you are very kind to offer to look after me,” she said looking down at me and edging along the bed to allow me more room.

As she slid to one side her petticoats suddenly spilled out and temporarily remained on view before she covered them up again with her crisp cotton dress. My head was just inches from her leg as I groped about for the familiar fibre board base and dragged it out.

“Feet up Vivian,” I said as I pulled out the set of rails screwed down to the green painted base board.

Her shoes glinted in the sunlight and I stared at her three inch heels which ended almost at a point. I wondered how anyone could walk on such slender stilettos and I also wondered whether she knew that the mere sight of her cruel heels was making my penis stiffen solidly inside my trousers.

I pulled the board out into the middle of my bedroom floor allowing an equal margin of carpet around it to allow Vivian and I sufficient space to sit down adjacent to it.

I connected up all the wires and plugged in the transformer and placed one of the heavy little locomotives on the track. I switched the power on and watched the train crawl around the track. I was impressed that everything still worked.

“Ooh g g goody,” said Vivian.

“Do you want to have a go at controlling it?” I asked, hoping that she would stand up so that I could see her petticoats again.

“No it’s OK I can watch you,” she said and leant forward supporting her chin in her cupped hands. I watched her watching the train and saw her mouth open and a tongue poke out. Immediately I had a desire to kiss her.


The Train Set.

Vivian appeared to be mesmerised by the circular movements of the locomotive. I had hitched up some carriages and now it looked like a proper model railway.

“If you sit on the floor and lean against the bed you will be able to see it more clearly,” I said to her hoping that she would allow me to see up her dress.

“Alright Davy,” she said in a now over familiar manner.

She stood up and squatted down next to the track. I sat spellbound as she rearranged her wide skirt around her which seemed to stick out below her knees almost horizontally. From my vantage point opposite her I could just see under her dress. Her knees were apart slightly and I repositioned myself almost fat on my stomach as I pretended to watch the train from ground level when in reality I was looking straight up Vivian’s dress and at the underside of her thighs.

There were too many crisp layers of nylon net to allow me to see her knickers but I could imagine seeing them and waited for her to make herself more comfortable.

She squatted in front of me for many minutes while I crawled about uncoupling the train and working the points. Her legs kept me transfixed as I resumed my position on the floor. All my wildest fantasies were coming true and I thought that I just needed to bide my time.

“Davy, where, where is the other train?” she asked.

I was amazed that she had remembered that I had two locomotives. She did have a very good memory.

“It’s somewhere under the bed,” I said, still staring in the general direction of her legs.

“Can I have a go with it please,” she asked and in an instant I was crawling around the base board and groping under the bed for the locomotive in its box.

Vivian moved to one side and sat leaning against the bed. I smelled her perfume again and smiled up at her as I fished about searching for the box. To tell the truth I found the box relatively quickly but used my search as an excuse to be closer to the twenty year old.

“Found it,” I announced and held it up to her. She opened the box, leant forward, and placed the locomotive on the track.

I shuffled backwards to my place opposite her and just could not believe my luck.

There in front of me. Leaning against the bed sat Vivian with her knees pulled up to her chest. Her knees were together but her feet were splayed apart. She was clearly unaware that in that pose anyone sitting opposite her would have a clear view up her dress. She appeared to sense that something was amiss as my face turned a deep shade of red. Instinctively she pulled down her dress over her knees and gathered the wide hem around her legs but kept her feet apart.

I managed to recover from the first flush of excitement and took of my glasses and casually cleaned them on my handkerchief and returned to my prostrate position opposite her. To my amazement she had relaxed sufficiently to allow her knees to drift apart.

“My, my train is going quite well Davy, güvenilir bahis şirketleri isn’t it?” she said as if she had suddenly adopted the miniature locomotive.

Both trains span slowly around the track at opposite sides of the circuit. ‘her’ locomotive was going marginally faster and catching up with mine.

“This is super fun, isn’t it,” she said as she watched her engine follow mine.

I watched her knees and now her dress and petticoats had formed a distinct arc which draped down between her legs. Her knickers were tantalisingly lost in the shadows but I was prepared to wait.

Eventually her train caught up with mine as it wasn’t pulling any rolling stock. I stopped the trains and repositioned hers in front of mine. I set them both going again and lay there staring at the mass of white nylon net that peeped at me from under her dress.

Her eyes were gorgeous. They darted around the track and caught mine and smiled. Clearly she was enjoying the spectacle. I have to admit that I was enjoying the spectacle too and watched her legs splay outwards more and more.

In her enthusiasm she released all grip on her modesty and allowed her knees to slide outwards and I feasted on the lewd view in front of me.

Her smooth stockinged legs splayed apart and lay open and I gasped at such an overtly rich display of femininity.

I stared at her white nylon knickers which were pulled tightly against the cleft of her vagina. They were trimmed with a deep flounce of intricate nylon lace which matched the laciness of her suspender straps. The dark welt of her stocking tops appeared to frame the view, and I marvelled at the way her petticoat hems fell over her knees and thighs with her dress draped over them.

“Mine is catching up again,” she said.

Meanwhile my penis had grown so hard that I felt that I could have easily bored a hole through the bedroom carpet and through the floorboards to the dining room below.

I thanked all my lucky stars that Vivian was so beautiful and that her underwear was so feminine.

She had absolutely no idea the effect she was having on me.


Vivian Controls the Trains.

“Do you want a turn at controlling the trains?” I asked, staring straight at her gusset and up her skirt.

“Ooh yes, yes please,” she said and stood up, allowing me a split second view of all her underwear as she walked around the board and positioned herself next to me.

I was very much aware of her body heat as she stood next to me. Her dress and petticoats jutted out and hovered above me. I felt like turning on my back and asking her to sit on my face. I was in two minds just to ‘tell’ her to do this brazenly and to hell with the consequences, but I lacked courage so lay there on my stomach as she sat down with her knees drawn up to her bosom. I slid to one side and demonstrated the use of the controls.

“I’ll work the electric points and you control the speed of the engine,” I said trying to sound enthusiastic. Vivian giggled and ruffled my hair like an old dog.

I was completely surprised by this act. She clearly didn’t find be repulsive to touch nor to be near.

I laughed and turned my head to look at her and she again smiled down at me. I slid myself closer to her so that my shoulder touched her shoe. The atmosphere felt electric as she didn’t move away from me but sat there with her knees drawn up and her wide flared dress spilling onto the carpet all around her.

I worked the points and showed her how to reverse the carriages into the siding. I lay prone on my stomach with this living, breathing, perfumed and lipsticked woman sitting next to me. From the corner of my eye I noticed the hems of her petticoats, now exposed and crying out to be touched. I scratched my shoulders and felt the stiff caress of net on the back of my hand. My erection was rock hard and had an uncontrollable urge to masturbate.

“Davy, Can, can I sit on your back; the floor, floor is quite hard and my bottom is aching,” said the visitor.

I cannot really describe the utter excitement I felt on hearing her words. I suddenly experienced blood surging through my body at top speed and felt a tiny drop of precum flow into my underpants.

“Yes go ahead, I don’t mind,” I croaked, attempting to stifle my lecherous thoughts.

The truth was that Vivian was fulfilling every one of my schoolboy fantasies. She was far more elegant than I had ever imagined any woman to be. In addition she was wearing provocative clothes which any red blooded young man would gladly enjoy groping under, or removing, and paying for it too.

She appeared to be almost ‘gift wrapped’ in her wide flared knee-length blue cotton dress, white stiff nylon net petticoats, stockings, suspenders, lacy nylon knickers and high heeled shoes. I could not imagine a more erotic vision and here she was asking me if she could sit on my back. I was almost hysterical with excitement but ‘played it cool’ and decided to let things progress slowly and naturally. The last thing I wanted to do was to frighten her off.

Vivian stood up and I remained lying on my stomach where I was, more or less, but slid my body so that my head was central with the controls. I was hoping that I had allowed Vivian sufficient space to reach the speed regulator dial on the transformer.

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