Caught in the Act

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He told you to stay put in the chair, since he had an important call to make. And before he left you, he told you that it would take around fifteen minutes, and to be a good girl.

But now you are bored. He has only been gone for maybe five minutes, but your phone is already boring.

Worse, it has made you horny…

But you know that being a good girl means not masturbating…

Though he did say that he would be gone for a while, and you still have at least ten minutes left… That means two or three orgasmes…

Spreading your legs slightly and sliding your hands up beneath your skirt, you let your fingertips touch the front of your panties.

Completely soaked.

It would be pretty mean not to give yourself a release when you are feeling so hot and bothered, actually…

Scraping your nails over your panties, you start to shiver. It is almost painful, but slightly more pleasurable, and it gives you a taste for more.

Pulling your panties to the side, so that you can easily pull them back before he comes back, you run a finger over your slit. Instantly coated in your wetness, you start painting slow circles around your clit.

As your excitement grows, you feel your nipples start to harden, and you wish you had a certain someone here to help with them…

Imagining how he would suck on them, biting lightly to make the sensation even better, you start to feel an orgasm tensing your muscles.

“That looks sexy as fuck,” you suddenly hear from the doorway, and your eyes fly open.

Or, well, no, they do not really. With your mind still hazy from the desire flowing throughout your veins, you slowly open your eyes to look at him. Stilling your hand and biting your lip, you feel the heat rising on your cheeks, but you also notice the bulge in his pants, despite his nonchalant stance.

Standing leaned against the doorway and his arms crossed over his chest, one eyebrow raised, he looks like he wants to put you over his knee and spank you.

Something you would not mind right now… Actually, the thought of it goes like lightning to your core, and you gasp.

Unable to hold yourself back, you start rubbing yourself again. His eyes focus on the motion between your legs, and you spread them to let him have a look, hiking up your skirt slightly.

He stands in the doorway for a while longer, as if debating what you are doing, and then he starts walking towards you.

You feel a tingle, and you do not know if it is from fear, or anticipation.

Or maybe both?

But, he just sits down in the seat in front of you, leaning back and placing his arms on the armrests, a small smile on his lips.

“Well, then, show me what you got, princess…,” he murmurs, gesturing for you.

Princess? Apparently he decided not to take to harshly to you breaking his rules… And canlı bahis you will make sure that he does not remember, either.

Pulling your hand away and putting your panties back right again, you slide your hand down inside of them, so that he cannot fully see what is going on.

“I seemed to have left you in quite an aroused state…,” he say, and you know he means the quite obvious wet spot on the front of your panties.

You just nod, biting your lip and unable to answer him right now. His eyes on you as you bring yourself to an orgasm… Best aphrodisiac ever.

“That seems very… Complicated. Why not lose some of the clothes?” he suggest, and it feels like a good idea.

So, momentarily letting go of getting yourself off, you manage to struggle out of your bra, pulling it out from underneath your dress and throwing it towards him. He elegantly catches it and puts it in his lap, glancing up at you.

You slowly put one leg over either armrests, letting him get a full view of you. Well, for the exception of the panties being in the way, of course.

“Stop playing games and lose the panties, or I’ll rip them right away,” he growls, and you recognize the dark glint of desire in his eyes.

Right now, he is like a caged animal, ready to jump you at any moment, and the longer you can keep him on his toes, keep him on edge, the better it will be later…

So you pull down the front of your dress to expose one of your breasts, cupping it and massaging it. Instantly, his eyes are drawn to it, and you can see him grow bigger inside of his dress pants. It almost looked like it hurted… And you can think of another place where it would be much more comfortable… For the both of you.

Once more letting your other hand travel down, you start touching yourself on the outside of your panties, pressing in slightly over your entrance so that he can see where you want him the most.

“Since you seem so eager to tease me, let me see you cum without me helping,” he say, one of his hands going down to his erection. “Let me see your legs shaking, your toes curling and your muscles clenching, knowing I did nothing…”

Smiling back at him, you manage to remove your panties at least partially elegantly. Settling back, you once more let your fingers run over your slit to moisten them, before circling your clit.

Moaning, you reach down lower, circling your entrance, wishing it was him, about to enter.

You push a finger inside, then another, moving them in and out, thrashing in the chair as you build yourself up. But it is not enough.

Pulling your fingers out again, you start moving your fingers over your clit, faster and faster. Locking eyes with him, you see the raw desire and arousal in his eyes, and it hits you hard.

Gasping, you feel your muscles start to clench, as pleasure washes over bahis siteleri you, and your head lolls back, your mouth falling open. Toes curling, legs shaking, you pull your knees up against you as you feel the waves throughout your body.

Letting your head fall back down, you look up at him through your eyelashes, your breathing a bit labored.

Apparently, his is too.

“Quite the show, princess… Would you mind taking care of me now?” he asks, stroking himself on the outside of his trousers. “You did such a good job on yourself…”

Sliding off the chair, you crawl on all fours over to him, putting your mouth over him, dragging your teeth down his length over the pants. He growls silently, and you giggle, before pulling the zipper down and unleashing him.

Pulling back the foreskin, you let the tip of your tongue tease his frenulum, feeling him grow even larger in your hands. Taking only the head into your mouth, you let your tongue swirl around it, sucking on it like a lollipop.

Suddenly, there is a hand on your head, gently pushing you down lower on his erection. Muttering a protest around him, you take him into your mouth, but you are still unable to take all of him.

But that is what your hands are for!

Bobbing your head up and down, you wrap one hand around the root of him, and use the other to play with his testes.

Moaning, he clenches at the armrests, forcing himself not to push his body up. His breathing turns even more labored, huffing in time to your strokes.

And then you feel his sack lift closer to his body, and his erection growing even bigger, and you start to suck even harder.

Then there is a hand in your hair, pulling you back, and you wince at the pain, but it goes straight to your nipples. And from your nipples, it goes straight to your core, once again getting your juices flowing.

Leaning down, he gives you a deep kiss, turning your insides into wobbling jelly.

When he pulls back, he gives you a small smile, his cheeks flustered and eyes dark.

“Come on, princess, climb into my lap,” he murmurs, and you quickly scramble into his embrace.

As you pull your skirt up around your waist, he lifts you up slightly, placing a hand around his member. Slowly dragging the tip of him through your slit, drawing more wetness from you, he teases you immensely.

And then, after a whimper from you, he positions you just right, and then slowly lowers you onto him. Both of you moan as you slide down all the way, and your butt hits his thighs.

Throwing your legs over the armrests and putting your arms around his neck, you start bouncing up and down. Putting his arms around your waist, he helps you by lifting you and pulling you down again, over and over, in a rhythm that is quickly driving you crazy.

“Fuck!” he exclaims, before letting go of you and bahis şirketleri putting his arms beneath your thighs.

You barely have time to think of what he is doing, before he clasps his hands behind your back, forcing your knees up to your breasts. Suddenly, your legs are laying over his shoulders, touching your arms around his neck, and you look up at him in time to see the glint in his eyes.

All of a sudden, you are tipped backwards. You give a small scream as he first goes down on his knees on the floor, and then gently lies you down on the floor.

Before pulling back and ripping the dress in the front, exposing both of your breasts.

Cupping one of your breasts, roughly massaging it, he sighs.

“So soft and nice and warm… I want to see the colors bloom beneath your skin… But not right now, because right now I want to take you,” he murmurs, before leaning down to whisper in your ear. “Hard.”

You promise that your insides start to quiver at his words, and are surprised he does not seem to notice how bad you are trembling from the lust. It was like a fire, spreading, until you were a blazing inferno.

“Show me what you got,” you whisper back.

His arms curl around you as his teeth clamps down on your neck, biting you to the point of almost pain. Gasping as desire runs so thick in your veins that all you can see is deep red, all you can do is hold on to him as he starts to literally pound into you.

You know that you are probably making a lot of sound right now, but you cannot hear yourself over the stars exploding around you. You always thought feeling like this was the stuff of grandly written erotica, that it never happened in real life, but here you were, drowning in emotions as you are climbing to extraordinary heights.

Curling both toes and fingers, you know that you are probably breaking skin, but it feels so good, that moment just before stepping over the edge and falling into the land of orgasms.

All of your muscles clench up, before releasing for the first time, sending waves of pleasure throughout you. You know you are mumbling nonsense, your eyes rolling back in your head, but it is too good for you to even care about that right now.

You gasp again, your body actually going into a second orgasm, when he lets go of the skin of your throat to whisper a curse in your ear. Just a few seconds later, you feel him grow impossibly larger as he drives into you, before he starts to pulsate, filling you up completely with his seed.

“Wow,” you say with a breathless giggle. “That must have been almost two loads.”

Collapsing on top of you, he takes a deep breath, releasing it slowly.

“Yeah, I needed that… Just so you know, I’m not moving. Not even an inch.”

You turn your head to look at him. He has closed his eyes, and looks more peaceful than you have ever seen him.

“But, what if I need to go to the bathroom?” you ask.

As soon as you see the smirk form on his lips, you know what his reply will be.

“Guess we will try watersports for the first time, then…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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